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Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers Walkthrough

by Walter DAO

  1. Introduction
  2. Day 1
  3. Day 2
  4. Day 3
  5. Day 4
  6. Day 5
  7. Day 6
  8. Day 7
  9. Day 8
  10. Day 9
  11. day 10
  12. References
  13. Letters


    This file is not a step by step ("click here then click there") but a guide on what to do on each day with solutions to the harder problems . Otherwise it would have taken a 1meg txt file to tell the whole thing . Remember this is a HIGHLIGHT ! (I'll go straight to the kill and skip the "talk about this and that") to get over with that particular day.

    Things to do everyday :
    Read the newspaper.
    Ask Grace about any new messages.

    Things to do if you are stuck :
    Ask Grace to do some research. (maybe something poped up).

    Miscellaneous :

    When you talk to anybody , read and ask about evrything on the list, talk about the same subject until what they say repeat itself or they dont have anything else to say on the matter.

    As the discussion progresses, new options for the dialog will appear. Remember that the (!) icon can be used to talk to the characters.

    Talk to everybody at every the locations present on the map. Also, look at everything present on the screen, try to manipulate the object present for some fun.

    Show your evidences to everybody for points and if it is appropriate (and logical) (no point in trying to give grandma a heart attack)

    Watch then talk : watch the cut scene then talk to whoever is there.

    I will not describe the cut scenes that happen after certain actions have been executed.

    Bug : (for version 1.0 all floppy disk based, not CD-Rom) -----

    The main game engine is bugged. It uses a sort of memory dump as game saves. The game is also very sensitive to your config -> boot from a boot disk with minimal config.sys and autoexec.bat . NO EMS,TSR,etc.... something minimal like "himem.sys and mouse.dev loader" Beyond that and the game will have bugs : old text not correctly erased and staying on screen, system error messages, crash on day 7.

    If you need more informations, just dial 411.

    Day 1 : -------

    Office :
    -talk to Grace.
    -get the tweezer, magnifying glass from the desk.
    -check the bookcase(s) and read the Poetry book, the book on snakes and the german-english dictionary.

    Bedroom :
    -get the flashlight from the dresser next to the bed and the gel from the bathroom.

    GrandMother Knight's house :
    -talk to her.
    -in the attic get the sketchbook and use the clock sitting on the chest. Set the dragon head (outer dial) to the 12 o'clock position and the time hands (inner dial) to 3 o'clock then manipulate the clock key.
    -show granny the new findings.

    Police Station :
    -talk to Frisk the front desk officer. (get the pix).

    Church :
    -pick a piece of clothing (black shirt) and a priest collar.

    Park :
    -go to the mime, have him follow you, go to the cop then manipulate his bike

    Murder scene :
    -copy the pattern onto the sketchbook, use the mag. glass to look into the grass and use the tweezer to pick the snake scale.
    -get some clay from the shore of the lake.

    Police Station :
    -talk to mosely for some more infos.

    Cemetary :
    -get the red brick and take down the message written on the grave.

    Voodoo Museum :
    -use the wall swith and see what happens.

    Bookstore :
    -Ask Grace to do some research (options available will show up).

    Day 2 : ------- Office :
    -get the gift certificate from the cash register.

    Museum :
    -talk to Dr John.

    Moonbeam residence :
    -ask her to dance, while she prances around, pick up the shed snake skin from the cage. (compare with the scale from the crime scene).
    -show her the message that was written on the tomb.

    Station :
    -increase the thermostat temperature (just outside of mosely's office).
    -go in then ask him for some coffee, then get his police badge.
    -get out ask (!) the female officer about the file.
    -get back in , ask for a group picture, ask to fix your hair, get out, get the file and xerox it and get back in.

    Gedde Residence :
    -use the police badge to get in.

    The Park:
    -look/talk to the painter and wait until he loses his painting.
    -go get a hot dog (trade with gift certificate), give the hot dog to the tap dancer and ask him to get the picture. Give the picture back to the painter and then give him the pattern you got from the crime scene and the xeroxed patterns.

    Dixieland Drug store :
    -watch then talk.

    Bookstore :
    -ask for some research.

    Day 3 : ------- -you'll get more messages and one page from a phone book.
    -when Bruno the girly-man comes in, just sell him the painting for some cool dead presidents.
    -Cabrit san cor will be important in your conversations here .

    Station :
    -watch then talk.

    Park :
    -get the reconstitued pattern from the painter.

    University :
    -watch then talk.
    -give the pattern to the Professor.

    Cemetary :
    -go to the back lot then watch.

    Park :
    -watch the gipsy ,"watch" as she dances (she'll dance with you).
    -get the veil and give it back to her.

    Office :
    -ask for some research.

    Bedroom :
    -use the phone and call the numbers from the phone page.
    -Then call the pet store (on the same page) and talk about her dancing dog.

    Cazanous Res. :
    -to get in use the priest clothings and use the gel to groom your head.
    -key word is cabrit san cor (defined by the university professor) and also voodoo honfoor.
    -as you look at the bracelet, use the clay on it .

    Dixieland :
    -buy the mask.

    Bar :
    -give the gambling oil to sam (one of the chess players)
    -watch then give him the clay pattern .

    Park :
    -talk to the gipsy again (!) then watch.

    Day 4 : -------
    Granny :
    -talk (key words are shatten jager, Wolfgang ritter)

    Bar :
    -pick up the bracelet.

    Station :
    -talk to Mosely.

    The park (haa ... I remember .. it's called Jackson Square) :
    -try to talk to Crash (!), then go to the overlook (binoulars) then watch him from there.

    Cathedral :
    -talk to crash by showing him the bracelet.
    -go over the topic list TWICE then watch.
    -look at crash and open his shirt, copy his chest tattoo onto the sketchpad.

    Museum and Cemetary :
    -talk about Marie Laveau.

    Office :
    -call Wolfgang (talking to granny MUST have been successfull).

    Day 5 : -------
    - you'll get a load of new stuff from Grace.

    University :
    -look at the professor, get the paper he was working on.

    Cemetary :
    -write down the new message on the grave. use the first decrypted message on the second message. A few letters are missing. ("dj keep and eYe on gk bUt do harM")

    Museum :
    -watch, as soon as you have control back, manipulate the swith next to the

    Office :
    -watch and then use the tweezers to get the scale from the ashtray.
    -compares all the scales you have (with the mag. glass).

    Station :
    -show mosely everything you've got (very important is the Prof.'s paper).

    Day 6 : -------
    -wait for the mailman.

    Park :
    -use the Rada Code book on the drummer guy. Decode it as "call conclave tonight swamp". (you'll hear a *ping* if it's correct).
    -talk to the donut guy and convince him to go back to Royal/Conti.

    Station :
    -watch (wait untill the 2 cops are out). use the key to open Mosely's office.
    -open his desk drawer and get the tracker system.

    Museum :
    -talk to Dr John, (key words Ogoun Badagis, Damballah). destroyer of men, snake
    -put a tracking device in the Sekey Madoule (coffin/briefcase next to the door).

    Cemetary :
    -put a new message on the grave using the 2 pages of translated code. something like "DJ BRING SEKEY MADOULE" (you can add more fluff to it, but hey !! you are not getting any younger and you have a S.O. to get back to in real life).

    Office :
    -show grace the Tattoo you got from crash (for her to tattoo you).

    Swamp :
    -use the tracking device on youto start it. Follow the bleep.
    -as you see the fire, use the crocodile head.
    -answer Dr John (brother Eagle) then watch.

    Day 7 : Bug warning (check note above) ! -------
    -call Wolfgang.

    Cemetary :
    -go to the Gedde crypt, go in, and use the flash light. open the center grave then watch.
    -open the center grave again and pick up whatever is in there.
    -look at your new wealth.

    Office :
    -call the travel agency (from the phonebook leaf). and book for a trip to Rittersberg.
    -then go to the airport. (now on the map).

    Germany :
    -talk to Gerde about your family,
    -get the knife from the wall.
    -go in the chapel and look at the panels.
    -go back to Gerde and talk again.
    -go back into the chapel and look at the panels 1 by 1.

    -get the salt (sitting next to Gerde).

    Bedroom :
    -open the bedroom window and use the snow to wash your hands.
    -pickup everything from the cabinet and get the scroll hanging on the wall.
    -cut your hair with the scissors.

    Chapel :
    -put the chamber pot on the altar, the the salt in the pot.
    -use the knife on yourself.
    -kneel at the altar.
    -use the scroll on yourself.
    -watch .

    Day 8: ------
    -use the key at the feet of your bed to open the library's door.
    -there are a few books to find. The first is about the "people's republic of Benin". Reading it will lead to finding a second book and so on and so on .
    click/watch around then if something is to be found, the prg. will tell you.
    Peoples' republic of Benin (Center back shelf)
    Primal ones (Right back shelf)
    Ancient roots of Africa (Left wall shelf)
    Sun Worshippers (Left back shelf)
    Ancient digs of Africa (right back shelf) *ping*
    -go to Gerde and show her the last book.

    Day 9: (tedious and a bit hard). ------
    -pick up every tiles (on the floor and on the wall) you can in one pass. get the snake rod also. (it is somewhere in the rooms.
    -2 of the tiles are nor removable. In all there are 12 tiles. They are to be put back in order. The 2 tiles will tell you the order. But the entrance (inside outside world) is tile #7 (has 7 snakes on it). and as you go "down" the screens the tile number goes decreasing. Put them back on pass 2. (like a 2 pass assembler). The arangement is like the numbers on a clock 1->12.
    -when done you'll hear a ping.
    -go to the room with tile #3.(I might be wrong here. but it's around here)

    -save the game .

    -use the snake rod on the tile hole , you'll hear ping and a click.
    -now time to haul ass. Go up screen as fast as you can .
    -you'll get to a room with *3* zombies. use one of the leftmost vines to pull an Indiana Jones.
    -you'll then meet Unc' Wolfie.
    -use the rod on a shaded tile then rush into the room.

    -use the rods (2 of them) hanging on the wall on the sacrifice table. Try to open it.
    -then use the knife on the inanimate zombie.

    day 10 : (dec 10 ? Doomsday ? .... Doomsday !!!) --------
    Office :
    -get the note from the cashier.
    -talk to whoever is there and devise a plan.

    Cathedral :
    -go to the Parlor furthest away and use the snake rod on the knothole.
    -leave a tracking device and the rod in the parlor.

    The Base :
    It is made of 2 wheels : Outer Wheel has rooms
    Inner Wheel is the Ceremony room

    -there are 12 rooms : In order

    T' :Elevator (you got here by using it)
    T" :Supply room.
    T"' :Locked -> Grace
    T"" :Empty
    TT :Zoo (pet the snake)
    TT' :Locked -> Surgical room
    TT" :empty
    ' :locked -> money, Money, MONEY !!!
    " :Dr John's room
    "' :Malia's room
    "" :Computer Room (business office)
    T :Computer Room

    -visit around.
    -go to the supply roomand pick up 2 costumes and 2 masks.
    -From one of the 2 computer rooms, you'll get a black code book with code names and their Rada code translation.
    -go in the inner wheel and use the 2 Rada code books on the Drums and code something like "Summon Bro'Eagle". leave by the entrance which is on the upper right portion of the screen.
    -Find Dr. John's room, and grab the Keys that are hanging on the wall.
    -leave and wait until you hear a *woosh* (DJ is back in his room).
    -visit around again, and use the card keys.
    -Visit Grace last.

    -use the medallion on Grace .
    -Give Mosely one of the disguises. use the other.

    -when you get control back, use the medallion on Malia/Tetelo.
    -then throw it to Mosely after he is with Grace.

    -Grab the little statue that has poped up.

    -you can either try to save Malia or run as a coward.
    -watch and savor the taste of victory.



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