It is not necessary to retrieve the items listed below if you are just adventuring for the sake of adventuring...but if you are planning on finishing the game (either one way or all ways) you will need these items.

THIS IS A LARGE SPOILER, so proceed only if you are having trouble locating a tapstone or a golden apple.



Aroblin The Blue Tapstone is here, in the very bottom level of the Dwarven Mines.  The mines are a blast to wander in, and many good things can be found in here before leaving.   The tapstone is located in the middle of the Lava Flow, and you must enter the flow from the north or south.  Sure hope you have some Dragonskin boots for all before walking in lava!!
Hatak In the Ruins of Gleng'l Zur is where you will come across the Orange Tapstone.   The trick to obtaining this stone is to "open" the ancient pyramid by pressing the stone levers in the columns at the top of the pyramid.  You will see an altar, and this will tell you that you are on the right track.  Look at the Lower levels of steppes for the doors each time!
Hethrallin The Blue Tapstone is located here, among the Drow of Ffar.  You must have a counter-weight of just the correct size and weight to release this stone.  Hint: this weight can be found on a 'similar' dais quite near the tapstone.  And it is barren of all flesh!
Karminac The Red Tapstone of Karminac is held in Roska's Castle on the far western reaches of Ffar.  You will have to fight through quite a crowd to get to it in the lower level of the castle.  Now don't forget to search the entire castle, there are more things to be found here!
Maldavith The Purple Tapstone of Maldavith has been hidden well, and is difficult to get to for the hyperactive adventurer.  You must have patience searching out and obtaining this one.  It is located just off Maldavith in the sunken city of Tamnath.  Pull various levers to release the water from the rooftops, and you will find what you seek in the first of them!
Mons The Yellow Tapstone of Mons is in the cold reaches of the north...trapped solid in ice.  How do you release it you ask?  Well you must search another close cave and find the Tek Hammer.  Only its power can shatter the giant's ice around the stone and free it.  And yes, this hammer is quite useless after this!
Pentere The Green Tapstone of Pentere was my favorite to retrieve.  You must search the city of Bilton and adjoining Pentere quite well to reach the underground lairs.   After defeating many a critter, you will emerge in the northwest corner of the city, and fight quite a horde of monsters!  The tapstone is then yours, and the Golden Tree will spring back to life!

What do you do with the seven tapstones you ask?  Well you will use them upon arriving at Sariloth's doorstep.  If you confront him before placing them upon their dais' - he will defeat you and rule over Ffar for eternity.



Irrasstikan This black dragon is located in the deep reaches of Amber Castle, and keeps a legion of undead guarding it.  You must fight and defeat Irrasstikan to obtain its Golden Apple.  Best of luck, a dragon's breath is death!
Kaidar Kaidar is one of the Drow leaders, and you must defeat him to retrieve his Golden Apple.  And as an afterthought, the guards 'may' not like you too much after you defeat him!  He is located in the Drow Cave to the south.
Roska Roska is but of course in his Castle to the Northwest reaches of Ffar.  You must fight through his annoying guards to get to him, and then defeat him to get his Golden Apple.

What good are the apples you ask?   Well they allow you access to the Underworld, which is the Realm of Sariloth, Thorolis's foe!  You want neither Thorolis OR Sariloth to defeat and rule Ffar - but a combination of the two!  If you cannot figure out where to place the apples, go to the statue you started at in Padavis, and look closer at it!


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