This chapter covers the features in the land surrounding Padavis. Features like sticks, fruit, herbs, mushrooms and so forth are not included as they are both common and not particularly useful. This chapter does include the following (in no particular order): Magic Fountain Cave; Big Rock Cave, Krone's Cave (Dark Elf Expedition), Dark Adept Cave, Rosewind, Gowin's House, Goblin Cave, House of Rifoss, Kobold Cave, The Cemetery, Gutzon's Bomb Factory, The Cave of the Blind Fish, Goblin Fort, Castle Jovanc, Bandit Cave, Obelisk locations, various campsites, locations of Traders and general observations about the countryside. The real Wizard's Cave (643/573) is omitted temporarily because it is too tough for beginning characters. The Demon-face Spell Emitter (blasting a magma bolt every few seconds) is your tipoff for that little tidbit. Each of the major locations are provided a location using the Sextant from Padavis, so, for all of you who are wondering what to do when you get tired of killing rats in Padavis, pick a destination and go. Enjoy!

Oh, and one last thing. Several of these locations are DANGEROUS. Save early, save often. Let's be careful out there...

Farmer John

Just outside the gates to the South of Padavis you will find Farmer John. This is just mentioned because characters are seldom seen outside of cities. He doesn't appear to have any functions...

The Cemetery 859/706

You may have seen the fences of the Cemetery from inside the Northern section of Padavis. It is a grim place, haunted by three Zombies who will regenerate every time you return to the cemetery (and sometimes while you're in the cemetery!). The Zombies are not particularly tough unless they mob a single character... There are some sixteen tombstones inside, each with their own inscriptions, including the final resting place of the left big toe of the great warrior Pylanthius, Goode (His Death Wasn't So) and one entitled "Flesh Wound, My Arse!" Check them out, it's worth a minute or two. Also worth a moment's time is the scroll of electric arc hidden next to a stone post on the top wall (2nd or 3rd post from the front).

House of Rifoss 927/843

"When among consenting adults, why not?" This befuddled oldster bears more than a passing resemblance to Kram the Mad... but no effect is gained from dropping Caldera on him... maybe he does something else... Don't bother killing him except to recover quest items you drop on him... he doesn't seem to give things back...

Kobold Cave 924/947

The Kobolds tend to attack en masse with light armor and rather inferior weapons. You can gain a scroll of surestrike, a steel greatsword, a bronze shortsword, a scroll of sun flash, bronze breast plate, bronze shield, violet mana and a gem stone (under the rock near the entrance) in addition to any loot from dead Kobolds.

Dark Adept Cave 653/883

The broken sword in front of the entrance ought to be a warning - BAD THINGS INSIDE! The dark adepts attack with violet (acid?) magic doing massive damage to all party members simultaneously. BEWARE. They can kill your group rather quickly if you are not careful. In addition to the adepts' gear you can get a scroll of surestrike, a bronze dagger and gold. Acid shield is the way to go...

Rosewind the Healer 690/890

In addition to healing the brothers for a fee, Rosewind has interesting information including: Argus in Maldavith has the best blades for sale in Farr; Saldonaa-ar sells magic items; Faa-tavel teaches spells to virtuous humans; armor can be purchased in Darnoc to the North or Pentere to the North-East. Lying about on the ground are a blanket, an empty leather pouch and Rosewind's Lute. No known use yet...

Gutzon's Bomb Factory 831/955

After Gutzon is dealt with (he doesn't appear to enjoy being disturbed) you will find a scroll of will barrier, parchment (How to Make A Goblin Bomb), several goblin bombs ("Don't stack goblin bombs - OUCH - Carla") a steel log sword, steel breastplate, and a parchment speaking of the Blind Fish Cave. Whee, time to blow up things!

Goblin Cave 701/932

The Goblins are basically cake - as long as you don't let them riddle you with arrows from a distance. his site is a perfect place to stock up on arrows, though, so long as you're taking them from goblins and not vice-versa. You can score a sack with five normal mushrooms, 12 gold, a scroll of cushion of air, and a blue mana, a tapestry (?) 4 Cyclone Arrows, a hide shield and goblin equipment. The funky-looking mushrooms will poison you. I didn't notice any gains from eating them... urp!

Gowin's House

Gowin appears to be a big Orc. He has good weapons and armor, though, so maybe he's a Troll. Or possibly an Ogre. In any event, he's unhappy to see you too, so you can take the following from the former homeowner's corpse and estate: empty beaker (x2), beaker of yellow acid (x2), steel greatsword, wood shield, steel breast plate, steel boots, steel gauntlets, gold and a cup. The empty beakers can be filled at the steaming yellow cauldron on the premises (for those of you of a more destructive bent). Oh, by the way, don't ever try to stack acid... oh dear, you didn't... oh, I wonder if those stains will come out...

Fountain Cave 613/803

It is a wonder that the goblins and oozes inside fight for this particular real estate, but the magic fountain inside can recharge wands used to blast the aforesaid protectors of the fountain... how odd. Of course, the standard corpse-robbing tactics will yield some return for this little venture.

Krone's Cave 636/918

The cave is named for Krone, the poor sap in front clutching a scroll entitled "Last Words of Krone the Miserable." The scroll speaks of the Overworld, but more interesting stuff lies inside the cave. After defeating bats and slimes, you will find what appears to be the remains of a Dark Elf expedition! There is a scroll entitled "Expedition Log" and it speaks of Kaidar's Gift, Hethrallin and the Dark Elves. The scroll is found inside an abandoned pouch along with a scroll of minor healing, gold and a DBP.

Cave of the Blind Fish 756/557

Drethnok Goblins inhabit this squishy excuse for a cave - don't mind the water, it's only shin-deep. The antisocial bum named Havelock will confront you in very short order, and once all of the Dreth (?) are dead, you will settle down for some decent looting: DBP, hard leather boots, bronze shield, scroll of minor healing, bronze long sword, 6 gem stones, a bow, scroll of Ironskin, and all of the blind fish you could eat (or build bombs out of, depending...). Don't forget to loot the bodies of your fallen foes!

Big Rock Cave 749/1019

This cave is named for the... big rock in front of it. The occupants are Orcs and Dire Wolves with a couple of Oozes thrown in for good measure. You will find a potmetal breast plate, some bronze cutlery, a pouch (with DBP and a Bluegill??) along with a chest containing a steel great sword, a scroll of sun flash, green mana, another pouch (DBP) and the regular assortment of used goods on the deceased.

Goblin Fort 600/661

"Bash skulls is what we do!" At last, major undertakings! A wooden palisade surrounds crude straw-thatched huts. Goblin guards surround the area and periodically shower the brothers with desultory arrows intended to harass, not kill. Goblins will emerge from the huts to fight you, some with bows, some hand-to-hand. They will keep emerging periodically, too until you get inside. There is one main gate to the fort and two gates inside. There is also a stairs down in the courtyard area. The left entrance leads to a rough-furnished area containing red mana, a "Device", a pot, 2 cauldrons (green and blue) 1 GSP and a Conch Shell (good sound!). The Right Entrance leads to a section with blue mana, skulls, bones, a chair, a scroll of arc shield and stairs down. Oh, yeah. before you can take the stairs down you're going to need an introduction to Krogatt (you may have killed him in the courtyard or on the other side) and Grima. Krogatt carries a steel short sword and a mithril dagger while Grima carries instructions on making a goblin bomb along with a beaker of yellow acid.

Downstairs from the inside stairway you will find a scroll of acid shield and several slimes. Eeek. An alcove on the left yields a skeleton, skull, rocks, a chest and a book and a scroll of Ironskin. The book is a set of field notes of Kwarrel and His Adventures (remember Kwarrel?) He swears that a secret door is in the lowest level of the sorcerer's lair in his office chamber... The chest contains a potmetal longsword, some gold, an axe, a hide shield and violet mana. Around the corner from the alcove you will enter a rather gruesome area with meathooks, gore and implements of ungentle inquisition. Several goblins will protest your entry and when they are silenced you can liberate the remains of Ma Kwarrel and Kid Kwarrel. A scroll also refers to an evil in the old palace in Bilton sapping the strength of people and causing the Blight. Hmm. Your final explorations here should yield fish, club, stool, chest, wood shield, DBP, mutton and bluegill. Whoopee. Return to the courtyard and return to your journeys, content in the knowledge that you have exterminated a nest of indigenous beings.

Bandit's Cave (Arthol's Hideout) 868/853

The bandits are not particularly tough and some good treasure can be gleaned here, including a scroll of minor healing, jade necklace, gold ring, scroll of cushion of air, bronze stuff, a composite bow (yowza!) a scroll of surestrike, 2 frostbolt arrows and a steel warhammer. By the way, look out for the bandit leader, Arthol. He swings a mean steel mace and wears a steel breastplate. He can hurt you bad, particularly if you come here soon after leaving Padavis. You should leave the bandit cave much better equipped and heeled than you came in.

Castle Jovanc 906/595

This is a big one, so don't expect the details. The short version is that this castle is chock-full of skeletons. Impact weapons do plenty of damage, edged weapons almost none, so make appropriate adjustments. There are many items and things of note. First, Rallo Jovanc, the small child-ghost, is significant. Don't blast him. Next, many items are found here and nowhere else, including a "gadget", 2 "devices" a brazier, 2 urns, a candle, Jovanc crocks (for Goblin Bombs), a teddy bear, various books and scrolls, a lot of gold just lying around and more. Also present is Bhimrao, wielding the magic sword Caldera (along with mithril gauntlets and a mithril greatsword) and a Health Kick. This little goody raises the health of one character by 35-40 points!!!! Choose carefully, there's only one. You can also gain the Staff of Life (a/k/a "BreadStick") here by fulfilling a minor quest (it's no great spoiler - give the teddy bear to the child, duh!). The Staff will raise one character from the dead (only ONCE - don't waste it) and appears to heal wounds which are non fatal. There is almost undoubtedly another or several other side quests in here, probably involving laying the dead to rest, but nobody has proven anything yet... The Irastikaan Scroll speaks of Amber Castle in the East and refers to the Network and the Cult. it is signed by Lord Thebe, High Priest of the Cult of Sariloth. In the process of killing everything skeletal, I do not recommend venturing into the Ooze area in the bottom right of the top level. They are tough opponents for beginning characters and regenerate at a very rapid pace. Later you can return to smack them around, but for now there's nothing worth dying for downstairs. Similarly, the Web-Blocked rooms can be investigated later once you have made a Web-Cutter, but there's nothing truly significant there right now.






1052/908 (no trader)




(For pity's sake don't go to the East signpost - Banshees are NASTY!)

I'm sure that some things have been omitted. Submit any new findings or notes to the board so that others can learn!

Boy, that was a lot of work. Who's helping me out here for Chapter 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on?

Walkthrough written by KIA

Addendum added by Pel

1. North-East of Castle Jovanc on the other side of the lake is a hobgoblin camp.

2. North-West of that at roughly 1052/593 is a cave with trolls, cave vipers, and spiders. In it are a good number of gems and an admantium mace! It was VERY hard getting in... I kept thinking, "I'll never make it out!" Damn that mace makes a difference.

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