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Warning and disclaimer - This Guide has been assembled through sheer game experimentation and is not endorsed by the creators, publishers or distributors. Any errors or omissions are... well, errors and omissions. Please hasten to correct them by submitting information to the Halls of the Dead board located at www.blanton.net/ssb/fta2


Important items are marked with an asterisk (*)
Critical items are marked with an exclamation point (!)
Directions are given in the unrealistic, but simple format of left, right, up, down, all in relation to your screen. This is done because North, South, East and West are somewhat tough to follow on the main screen.

General Note

One of the more successful tactics in the game is to "unband" then explore using a single character who carries the best equipment available while the other two wait in a safe location. This tactic is particularly effective once the spell "Rejoin" is learned, as the other brothers can then be summoned on a moment’s notice. In Padavis, one brother is more than enough and the others will probably not get into too much trouble... This appears to be a "take everything you can" game where there are no negative consequences for stealing, literally, everything you can pick up. In the beginning you will need to do this to get armor and weapons, but later, when you have found incredible riches, you may decide to be more noble.


Yea, verily, yea merrily, just plain yea.

You begin in the simple town of Padavis, home of rogues and cutpurses. Before you is the statue of the three horses with three conspicuously empty slots in the base. Behind you a rat scurries about and a rat-hole is easily seen. As the game manual suggests, you should go on in to the Inn. Doors on the left, no shoving.


Human occupants: Mrs. Riddenbutter, Gwen Riddenbutter, Moreton, Trafford
First level items: Oil lamps (2), Sextant *, Bellows (2), Scrolls (3),misc. food

The first scroll on the bar is the Song of the Golden Apple,talking about the theft and dispersion of the golden apples and the need to replace them (duh). The second scroll on the bar is the Glass Sparrow Drinks Menu and contains nothing of major importance. The third scroll,found in the bedroom on the first level is from Gwynnthelene. She is writing on behalf of her master and she refers to Kram the Mad and a Tesserect Key. The most important item here is the Sextant, which will give you your map coordinates when you use it. Keep it and do not abuse it.

The residents have a number of interesting things to say. Mrs. Riddenbutter refers to the "wizard's stronghold" and Gwen refers to the "man in the woods" who will trade with you "if you look right." Moreton speaks of a haunted castle. There is also a bulletin board containing notices about the following people, places and things: Caladrin's Blacksmith, Weapon Training, Moon Temple, Goblin Village, Castle Jovanic, Sorcerer's Lair, Spell Training and a parchment seeking volunteers to maintain the statue of the horses (Holy Pigeon Poop, Batman! What an ignoble fate!). The lower level of the inn contains a number of kegs along with food supplies, evidence of rat activities, rats and some supplies: oil lamp, light blue potion ("LBP"), a bow and twenty arrows. The rats will need to be killed. The rats stop moving when they hear flute music, so...

Second Level Human Occupants: Trelawny
Items: Book of Artifacts and Relics, Vanquish Graveborn, Minor Healing, dark blue potions ("DBP") (x3), LBP, The Book of Six and Ten (I of VI), Bellows.

Trelawny speaks longingly of the Flagon of Everpouring Mead, but the Book of Artifacts and Relics speaks much more authoritatively about Kram the Mad, his nemesis and the magic sword Cauldera. There appears to be something under the bed in the back room. For reasons explained later, I believe this may be the Map of Ages, but I may be way off, too. No known way to reach this yet...


The house next door to the Inn contains a sliver plate and two books. The first is the Diary of Jar Dighton and the second is a Log of Padavisian Crimes. Both reveal much about Dighton and Padavis, including the following points:
- there is a rat problem in Padavis
- Tessay is named a thief
- Dighton was involved with rebels over in Darnoc - he intended to organize a revolt
- Reference is made to Sariloth
- Jorl Sebrinak was abducted
- A tree bearing carvings about Keyser Sose was chopped down and sold to the peddlar
- Vakirin was robbed
- Wyverns circle near Padavis
- Birket Stonewheel annoys folks by singing love songs into the wee hours of the morning
- Cheryl Danby was abducted
- A shadow creature was seen within Padavis (and under a child's bed)
- Semink's Nectarine Orchard was looted
- Eric Shantipol killed Pylanthius Athentroch in a duel
- Egarsh has been caught pick-pocketing for the eleventh time (11 lashes... OUCH!)
- Notes re Dark Elves
- Theory that the Wizard was back from the dead
- Meeting with Wort to discuss the Rats.

So much for the theory of the quiet town of Padavis!

Dighton himself is a wanderer who can be found about town. He is the Sheriff of Padavis and was the Captain of the Guard in Darnoc. He will teach swordplay or shieldcraft for a fee - starting at 500 sovereigns and increasing as you become more skilled.

Behind Dighton's House
Several mushrooms may be found as well as a minor healing scroll.

House near inn (Lower Left direction from statue)
Contains a flute, bellows (x2), DBP, scroll. The scroll is the Legend of Venom, a magic sword, and it speaks of the sword's creator Shaman Frollo.

Next house down (Lower left)
Contains another oil lamp, a silver plate and LBP

Vakirin's House (Lower left, near lower gate)
Vakirin speaks of love potions and l'amour for reasons which will become clear later. Her house contains a crystal ball with no known use, a DBP and a caustic ward scroll.

As you walk in the area near the lower gates of Padavis, Kwarrel will approach, speak to you and croak. His wife and child were kidnapped by goblins and he wants your help. Since he's dead now, you can take his stuff to assist you. It consists of a broken sword, a goblin skull, a pouch, 6 gems, a flute and 3 gold. Don't use it all in one place...

Another wanderer, Egarsh has no kind words for anybody. If you feel like hearing the abuse, however, feel free to engage him in dialogue.

Peasants, Merchants and Children
Several generic types are wandering about. They all seem to share a similar set of responses, but more investigation is needed to see if the child who saw the shadow creature can be found...

House to Left of Lower Gate
Contains an acid beaker, DBP, pillow and, under the pillow, a scroll of minor healing


There are many inaccessible goods in the store, including cloth, pouches, plates and cups. The accessible items include 2 DBP, 2 LBP and a scroll of bounty of the earth. Caladrin himself is a personable chap who sells all sorts of things: DBP (25), LBP (30), Silver Potion (50), Sack (7), Empty Bottle (2), Small Steel Box (25), Chest (30), Steel Box (35) Pouch (12), Beaker (3). I do not recommend spending anything here because you'll get all of these and more later.


Above the general store the mill can be found. Its proprietor, Ulinarius, sells spell scrolls and training. Again, training is not recommended at start - save your money for those expensive spell scrolls. Scrolls available here include Freeze, Chill, Major Heal, Shocking Touch, Terror, Meteor Shower, Battle Fervor, Acid Spray, Falming Orb. Prices are steep, at least 525 gold each and some as much as 700.

MOON TEMPLE (Left of Mill)

Attached to the mill is the Moon Temple. The Moon Priestess is a healer who, in addition to offering to heal you for a fee (don't - you should have plenty of healing capacity yourself) refers to a "key to the astral plane" which is supposed to rest inside the sorcerer's lair to the south of town. She cautions you that demons guard the key, though... She also invites you to use her library Contents: Purple Mana, LBP, Vanquish Graveborn, Scroll re types of restore potions, scroll re enchanted weapons, fruit, plate, six books and two parchments. The books, in order, speak of the following: 1) the Three enemies and the theft of the fruit of the tree of life, 2) The Red Castle of Teeth to the East, 3) (Purple) History of the Moon Priestesses, 4) The Enemy who Burrowed, 5) The Legend of Attentroch, the Golden Rope and the Seven Beasts, and 6) the Tower of Malice in the West. The parchments refer to the dwarven mines and a stone that drained the writer. This writer exhorts the reader to "wade through a river of lava" if necessary to reach the stone. The second parchment speaks of joining order and chaos to the mortal realm to lead to an age of enlightenment. No literary analysis will be performed here.


Run by One-Eyed Wort, there are only two things of significance here. First, Wort wants the rats killed. Second, the lower level of the mill contains several rats and a chest which holds Blue Mana, a potmetal short sword, a bronze long sword and a scroll of icicles. All are worth having, even the chest. Wort does not seem to react to the death of the rats...


Despite Dighton's continued arrests of Hildebrand for drinking, starting fights and raising hell, Hildebrand appears to make decent weapons and armor. Actually, the only weapons and armor you won't have to kill people for in Padavis other than those in the Inn and Granary. Prices are not listed here but should be compiled by some enterprising soul. While you can get much better armor and weapons elsewhere, you may need to travel, and the countryside is rough. Forearmed is ... well, better than dead, so stock up, people!


The peddler here buys a wide assortment of items at ruinous rates. He's the only game in town, though, so at present you should probably buckle down, bite the strap and offload ANYTHING you don't have equipped (plates, cups, lamps, pillows, etc). You should be able to afford at least one decent potmetal breastplate, and probably more when all is said and done. See suggestions, below for an alternative, though. The trader has two scrolls lying on his counter. The first talks about the types of healing potions. The second appears to be a random set of notes to himself which is noteworthy only because he talks about getting the MAP OF AGES* from Riddenbutter's. Holy cow! Where's that map?


Birket Stonewheel can be found here and he will arrange travel for one or more of the brothers at any time. Note that it is cheaper to send only one brother than all three, and points farther away (logically) cost more. Costs have not been assembled...


Birket's home contains several goodies: DBP (x2), scroll - Ode to the Tesserect Key, a box and a secret love letter to Vakirin.


1) Kill the rats. No known reward at this time, but this may build up one of the brothers' skills.
2) Take love letter to Vakirin. She will give you a return letter to Birket, and you will have brought two people together.

Awwww =sniffle=. Now where's the cash? Birket gives you a coach pass as a reward. A coach pass? Big deal, you think. Ahhh, but wait! That pass will take you anywhere the Royal Coach travels. For free. You could go off to points unknown. You could go to Karminac to get superior armor. You could go to Maldavith to get good resale prices for your loot. You could go to Pentere to steal (oops!) talk to the nobles... There are many possibilities. Where will you go today?

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Chapter 2 will follow.

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