By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Fallout 2 Walkthrough

Print this page in greyscale to conserve black ink and completely eliminate the use of colored inks in your printer.


  1. A Brief Tutorial
  2. Fallout 2 Hints
  3. Fallout 2 Cheats
  4. Read Al's Review
  5. Map of the Entire Area of the Adventure
  6. Arroyo
  7. Klamath
  8. The Den
  9. Modoc
  10. Vault City
  11. Gecko
  12. Broken Hills
  13. New Reno
  14. The Raiders
  15. The Sierra Army Depot
  16. Redding
  17. The New California Republic (NCR)
  18. Vault 15
  19. Military Base
  20. Vault 13
  21. Navarro
  22. San Francisco
  23. The Enclave
  24. Non-Player Characters
  25. Special Encounters
  26. Bugs
  27. References
  28. Letters

A Brief Tutorial

Remember the game plot is non-linear, the same thing may be achieved by many different ways.

This section will give you a brief tutorial on game functions and give you a head start at the beginning of the game. This tutorial assumes that you have already installed Fallout 2 and doubled-click on the Fallout 2 icon or ran it from the Win95 Start menu.

Start a new game by selecting NEW GAME from the main menu. For now, click on the TAKE button to select Narg, a combat-based character that is the easiest character to start the game with.

After the tribal elder tells you of your mission, you will appear standing in front of the temple of trials. Narg, your character, is standing on the steps in the center of the screen. Press F1 if you need a quick reminder of the basic functions and icons on this screen.

Equip Narg with a weapon, since Narg likes to kick a little bootie every now and then. Click on the INV button on the interface bar to open Narg's bag of goodies. Narg is pretty poor and only has a spear. That'll have to do for now. Move the cursor over the spear. Right-click once to change the cursor mode. Left-click on the spear to examine it a little more closely. Then right-click again to change the cursor back to the hand. Left-click on the spear and hold the mouse button this time. Notice that the cursor becomes the spear. The cursor is one with the spear. Drag the spear to the ITEM1 slot and release the left-mouse button. Narg is now wielding the spear. Click on the DONE button to return to the game.

Move the cursor to the corners of the screen. The screen will scroll to show you more of the map. This map is pretty small. About the only things of interest on this map are the actual entrance to the temple and that guy standing to the south of you. Go talk to that guy. Right-click to change cursor modes and left-click on the guy, er, guard. Narg will run up to him and start a conversation. See page 63 for full information about talking to non-player characters. For now, click on the "Just thought I'd say hello..." line and say good-bye to the man. If you move the cursor over the NPC for a moment, you will see a brief description of him in the display monitor.

Left-click to change back to the movement cursor and click in the dark entrance area of the temple. Good thing you pulled out that spear. There is a (somewhat) dangeous animal hiding in the darkness of the temple. Move Narg in the direction of the scorpion. Don't move too close. Wait for the scorpion to notice you and start combat. The scorpion should move right up to Narg. Convenient for Narg, bad for the scorpion. Left-click on the spear button on the inteface bar. The cursor will change to a targeting attack cursor and the scorpion will highlight. Left-click on the scorpion to attack it. If you miss, click the END TURN button. If you hit and don't kill the scorpion, left-click to change cursor modes and walk away from the scorpion. If you kill it, click the END COMBAT button.

Change the cursor to the action cursor (right-click until the cursor is an arrow) and left-click on the large door. This type action uses the item in question. In the case of doors, this action attempts to open them.

Walk north and take the first corridor on your right. Kill any scorpions that you come across. As a shortcut, you can right-click in combat to select the targeting cursor. Keep moving away from the monsters, as it makes them work harder to attack you. Narg only gets one attack with his spear each turn.

Continue on to the end of this corridor, until you come to a small room. Use the Pot in the north end of the room. Drag the bag of healing powder from the pot to Narg's inventory or use the TAKE ALL button. Click on the DONE button you are finished looting the pot. Then leave this room and continue back to the main corridor and continue to explore this level until you come to another set of large doors to the north. (If you want to move faster, hold down SHIFT while clicking to move. This will make your character run instead of walk.)

Notice this door is locked. You will need to pick the lock. Click on the SKILLDEX button and select LOCKPICK. The cursor will change to a yellow targeting cursor. Left-click on the door to attempt to pick the lock. Continue using the SKILLDEX button until you pick the lock. Then use the door to open it and proceed north.

This next corridor is trapped where it widens and opens up. Proceed slowly through the area. If Narg sees a raised plate, it indicates that a trap trigger has been found. Walk slowly to the west side of the corridor and then walk carefully to the north. Avoid stepping on any trap triggers.

If Narg gets hurt, either by the scorpions or the traps, open Inventory and use the healing powder. To do so, right-click to change cursor modes to the Inventory action cursor. Left-click and hold on the healing powder. A column of icons will appear. While holding the mouse button, move the mouse down to select the upraised hand (the Use icon) and release the mouse button. Narg will munch on the powder and feel much better.

From here, you should continue to have Narg explore the temple. Keep proceeding, killing hostile animals as you come across them and using your skills and wits to bypass other obstacles.

Good luck!

You have built the tool, by creating your character and learning how to use your alternate persona in the Fallout 2 world. Now it's time to trace some of the intertwined paths that will allow you to save your people. We will describe one path that will allow you to save your people, but it's certainly not the only path. Nor do you need to make the same stops along the path that we do. But, if you do stray and become lost, return to my description of the story of the Chosen One for guidance and direction.

The map on the following page, of the World of Fallout 2, shows where all of the areas are in relation to one another.

The World of Fallout 2

fallout2map.jpg - 23.70 K

  1. Arroyo
  2. Klamath
  3. The Den
  4. Modoc
  5. Vault City
  6. Gecko
  7. Broken Hills
  8. New Reno
  9. The Raiders
  10. The Sierra Army Depot
  11. Redding
  12. The New California Republic (NCR)
  13. Vault 15
  14. Military Base
  15. Vault 13
  16. Navarro
  17. San Francisco
  18. The Enclave

Moving Around in the Game Where to Go?
Some of these areas won't show up on your game-map until you've uncovered the information leading you to them. The idea is that a settlement is large enough for anyone exploring the area to find easily, but a small cave-mouth (in a square fifty-miles across) would be impossible to find if you didn't have some sort of additional information to lead you to it.

The lines between some of the areas (from Redding to the NCR, New Reno, and Vault City) represent trade caravans. Getting a job as one of a trade caravan's guards is a way to travel between areas with more safety than you'd have by travelling alone. Eating the dust kicked up by a caravan's draft-Brahmin isn't fun but, eventually, you'll get to where you're going.

In designing Fallout 2, we took a lot of pride in making the game as non-linear as possible. A few unique locations need to be explored in a specific order but they are the exception rather than the rule. As the player, you're free to explore the areas of our world in almost any order you desire. What I'll describe for you is one path that will allow you to save your tribe. Not the only possible successful path, but a successful path. You should feel free to use this ideal storyline when, and as, you see fit. Diverge from it whenever you wish. The Wastes are yours to explore.

The Legend
These numbered steps show an ideal path for the Chosen One. Again, not the only one, and certainly not the only possible successful path, but simply a path that will take you from start to finish.

Your quest is to recover the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) from Vault 13. The GECK is able to create a paradise out of a wasteland. To forestall the effects of a seven-year drought, you need to grab the GECK as soon as possible. If you don't, the people of your village will starve to death. Here's a broad overview of what you'll need to do.


  1. First you must complete the Temple of Trials, in your home-village of Arroyo, to prove your worthiness to be your village's champion (the Chosen One).
  2. Search the villiage thouroughly before leaving.
  3. Always attempt to talk someone out of items before you pay for them, and always offer the lower price first.
  4. You can take things from shelves, buckets, vases, desks, ice chests, footlockers and on the ground.
  5. The dog is found to the far north west. Go to the area to the northwest of the cave entrance in the north west of Arroyo to find the dog. Double click on the dog and he will follow you home. Return to your brother for your reward.
  6. Do not kill the geckos yet. Wait until you find out how to skin them in Klamath and return.
  7. Then you leave your village to go to Klamath. You're searching for Vic, a trader who knows the location of Vault 13.
  8. Repair the town well for experience.


  1. In Klamath you learn that Vic is probably in the Den, a hive of scum and villainy a few days away.
  2. Ardin Buckner is Smiley the trapper's wife who stays in Buckminster House. Ardin tells you that her husband is lost in the toxic caves. Rescue him and talk with him to learn how to skin geckos. Get the rubber boots in the gun shop in the rat area before going to protect your character against the spilled toxic wastes. Another set of boots is found through the door to the south with a locker within the toxic caves. Smiley is found in the far east part of the caves. If you can avoid most of the Geckos on the way in and get Smiley out without fighting too many, you can come back and skin them all for $125 each. The more you kill before Smiley teaches you to skinn the geckos will cost you money. Do this first before talking to Whiskey Bob.
  3. Whiskey Bob will ask you to fuel his still for $50 which is in the south west of the gecko fields to the south. Do this after you get armor, free Sullik and help Tor.
  4. In the west area they are having troubles with rats. A locked door leads to a maze full of rats. Jeremy, near the door, will give you the key if you talk to him correctly. Kill all the rats and the rat god. While in the rat caves, search them thouroughly for the fuel injection system needed for the car in the den. If you give the "yellow" dog some dried meat he will give you the Trapper town key also.
  5. Do not agree to talk to Tor and kill the scorpions at the Braman area until you sell your stuff in town and get some armor. You will be overloaded with scorpion stingers by this point, so leave inventory room for yourself, since you will not be able to return to the Braman area later to retrieve your stored gear if you get overloaded. If Tor's Bramin get rustled go one screen to the west and find a damaged robot who can be killed but is quite tough, to rescue Tor from the robot, run east and talk to him to get him to follow you while avoiding the robot and run away from the robot toward the green exit pad in the east of the level.
  6. Be sure to get Vic's radio from his hut on the east side of Klamath. You will need Vic's Radio in The Den to secure his release.
  7. The Dunton brothers in the north central part of the main part of town are apparently rustling and mutilating the town cattle. I could find no way to report them or catch them. The Golden Gecko bar seems to be the hangout for the evil elements in town. The Dunton brothers come here later in the day to hang out. While they are here you can steal everything out of their house. The items replenish every time this cycle is complete. If you are strong you can arm wrestle the Duntons for beers while they are in the Golden Gecko.

The Den

  1. When you arrive in the Den you learn that Vic is being held prisoner by the Slaver's Guild in town. You also find that you don't really need him as much as you had, at first, thought since many people here seem to know about the Vault.
  2. In the far west of the den you will find Smitty who has a car. If you search Den, Modoc, Haunted Farm (northeast of Modoc) Vault City and Gecko throuroughly, you will find the battery and the fuel regulator needed to get the car going. You will also need to pay Smitty $2000 for the battery and $1000 for the fuel regulator installations. The fuel regulator is in the rat caves in Klamath.
  3. Skeeter has a car battery in Gecko Junkyard. Get him what he wants and he will give it to you.
  4. Be sure to talk extensively with Karl in the northwest portion of the western part of the Den in Mom's restaurant. Karl is the farmer who was scared off the Haunted Farms and will be needed to patch things up with the Haunted Farm and the Modoc residents. Talking with him now will save you a trip back here later.
  5. The gang in the far southwest of the western part of the city wants you to run some errands to help them usurp a rival gang contract to guard some boxes in a church in the southwest corner of the eastern city.
  6. Eventually, you are going to want to free the slaves from the slaver compound in the far northeast of the eastern part of Den. I did this with five non-player characters recruited from all the northern cities.
  7. Anna the ghost can be seen at 12 midnight in the haunted house in the south west part of western Den. Anna is looking for her missing locket.
  8. Becky will ask you to collect a debt from Fred who just happens to be one of the drug addicts in the building just south of where Becky is. After this Becky sends you looking for Dereck who is just south of Mom's by the burning trash can. Dereck is nuts and I was unable to find the book.

Modoc and the Haunted Farm

  1. Modoc needs food and the Haunted Farm is looking for someone to trade their excess food to. It is a natural, but they dont trust each other. You will need to satisfy Modoc that Karl was not killed, that the impaled bodies on spikes are fakes, and that the missing boy from Modoc is safe in the caves and will be returned once they trust you enough to transport him safely.
  2. You will be asked to investigate the disappearance of Karl and strange happenings at the Haunted Farm to the northeast of Modoc.
  3. If you arrive at the haunted farm at night do not approach the guards unless you save your game first.
  4. You can obtain access to the subterrainian areas of the Haunted Farm by walking over the central plate in the farmhouse to the northeast of where you arrive. By walking over the north plate or the south plate you can get the two items on the ground at the far northwest side inside of the farmhouse. When you arrive at the caves, talk to the guards and they will take you to their chief.
  5. The missing boy from Modoc is found in the northwest portion of the subterranean caverns of the Haunted Farm. Look for the boy and talk to him the first time you get into the caves.
  6. After saving Modoc return to the Den and tell Karl that it is ok to come home.
  7. Farrel in northern Modoc needs you to clear his farm of vermin for experience. Later Farrel asks you to find his friend's gold gold watch. The watch is down the latrine next to the Bed and Breakfast, north of Farrel's house. Open latrine and descend the laddar. Tell your NPCs to wait upstairs. Set a bomb on the rockfall in the corridor to 3 minutes and go up the laddar, immediately. The whole area is full of gas which will explode. Kill the very large rat and get the gold watch in the rat nest full of bones. Return the watch to Farrel or Farrel's friend.
Vault City
  1. Following the directions to the Vault, that you learned in the Den, you make your way to Vault City.
  2. Do not take items from any furniture in a room with a resident of Vault City.
  3. Far in the northwest of the city is the first citizen of the vault who must be reached before you get the quest to fix the radiation leak in the Gecko Atomic Reactor.
  4. When you arrive in Vault City you find out that this isn't the holy Vault 13 but just a Vault. In order to gain access to the central computer, to search for the location of Vault 13, you must perform a task for the city council.
  5. You can take the examination to become a citizen at the council building in the far northeast of Vault City if you have high intelligence otherwise you will need to fix the Gecko Reactor leak to become one. Make sure you have your extra toe removed at the doctor's office in the southwestern most part of town before taking the citizenship test.
  6. You can steal the day pass to the northwest part of the city from the building just outside the gate to the north east (right) after dark with high lockpick skill or you can earn a daypass by going south to find the raiders camp.
  7. Other quests in Vault City include helping the women in the southeast of the city get her husband out of detention in the central east portion of the map within the city walls. You will need a daypass and at least $250 donation to obtain his release. Return to the reunited family for a reward.
  8. You can also purchase a plow from the arms dealer in the south of the city to give to the farmer who has no means of support without it for another gift.
  9. The little boy next to the tent in the lower right of the courtyard has lost his Mr. Nixon Doll. Mr. Nixon is just above the kid to the right of the bar. If you hang around long enough after finding Mr. Nixon and click on the kid repeatedly he will tell you that the wrench is to the right of the bar under a pile of stones.
  10. To repair the reactor you need a Hydroelectric Magnetosphere. Talk to the rat god in the tunnels below Gecko junkyard for a push in the right direction when stuck. Randall in vault city has the part but you need to get council member McClure to tell him to give you the part. Gordon in the northwest portion of the Gecko junkyard has the data tape or disk needed to give to councilman McClure. Festus in the reactor can put the part in for you if you talk to him or you may be able to do this yourself by giving the part to the repair robot, but I did not chance it, the reactor is dangerous.
  11. Thomas Moore is speaking against the isolationist practices within the walls of the Vault Inner City, near the entrance to the Vault. Thomas really works for the New California Republic. Save your game before talking with him and offer to help and he will give you a package for Mr. Bishop in New Reno.
  12. The doctor in the vault will pay you $1000 for one cannister of jet. Another way to solve this is to talk to Myron until he tells you how to bypass jet and cure it. If you return to the doctor in the vault studying jet, you will get vault city medical training (gives you doctor skill of about 80%) and you will also get more experience.

Raiders Camp

  1. The raiders are hostile and should not be approached without sufficient firepower, but don't let this stop you from looting the supplies from the boxes above the ladder where you entered their underground hideout.
  2. This is pretty much a slugfest. Kill them all.
  3. The dogtags of the three leaders contain the combination to the locked box with the incriminating documents that explain that Mr. Bishop is financing the raiders attacks on Vault City. Get this information to the First Citizen Lynette.


  1. Whatever you do, don't blow up the reactor. The Vault City First Citizen Lynnette is a xenophobic psycho.
  2. You find out that you must go to Gecko, just North of Vault City, to repair or blow up a reactor that's polluting Vault City's water supply. After dealing with the wayward atomic reactor, you gain access to Vault City's central computer.
  3. In order to repair the reactor you will have to find all three key cards: red, yellow and blue to access the inner core of the reactor and reach the repair computer which is still functioning but offline. If you enter the reactor level the computer will hit you for 10 hit points per step you take due to the leak.
  4. Skeeter will give you a holodisk that you must use on the main computer to get the component needed to repair the reactor. You will need to be a citizen to use the component on the main computer.
  5. Vault City's computer doesn't have information about Vault 13 but it does have information that leads you to a vault near Vault 13's location, Vault 15.
  6. You can obtain the 3-step power transformer that skeeter wants from the supply officer in the reactor. Just talk him into giving you the part with a parts requisistion form that he has.
  7. Skeeter will give you a battery if you give him a tool kit. You get the tool kit from Vic's Daugher in maintenence after you get her the tool (pliers) and wrench.
  8. Percy wants you to find his friend Woody the ghoul in The Den. Woody is in the coffin in the "genuine haunted house" exhibit in the southwest portion of the western side of the den. Simply pay the $25 to get to see the mummy and Woody will be released. Return to Percy in northwestern Gecko and receive the reward of the anti-radiation drugs.
  9. In the northern part of Gecko junkyard there is a manhole down to tunnels under Gecko, here ask to be renewed to see the "second rat god" who will guide you to repair and optimize the reactor that is leaking. Talk to The Vault councilman McClure about optimizing the reactor and the rat god, and Festus, inside the reactor, will give you a data tape to take to the Vault City main computer. Take the tape to the vault city computer and return and talk to Festus who will ask you to use the tape on the Gecko reactor computer, near the reactor with the blinking lights is the only computer that works. The vault city main computer is in the vault on the 3rd floor.
  10. To repair the reactor you needa Hydroelectric Magnetosphere. Talk to the rat god in the tunnels below Gecko junkyard for a push in the right direction when stuck. Randall in vault city has the part but you need to get council member McClure to tell him to give you the part. Gordon in the northwest portion of the Gecko junkyard has the data tape or disk needed to give to councilman McClure. Festus in the reactor can put the part in for you if you talk to him or you may be able to do this yourself by giving the part to the repair robot, but I did not chance it, the reactor is dangerous.

New Reno

  1. This is a tough complex area to play well. If you want to remain a good guy, you will have to be careful.
  2. Each of the main Casinos seem to be representing a different faction: The Vault, New Reno, or NCR.
  3. Get your assault rifle, magnum, FAL and flamethrower upgraded by the man hiding in the basement of the weapon shop. The owner of the shop upstairs can do everything but the flamethrower upgrade. You will need to talk the owner into letting you into the basement.
  4. Eldrich's Weapon Shop in the West End has a lot of high powered weapons for sale. You will have to kill his dogs to get into the basement or just talk him into letting you go down there. Try not to kill Eldrich since he is a good source of weapons and money exchange in Reno.
  5. Alcoholic priest on the west end needs a sermon book to perform divorces and will give you useless information about the families for a bottle of booze each.
  6. Jimmy J a pusher at the southern end 2nd street in New Reno tells you about Myron who makes his jet, and if you are careful in your conversation, he will mark the location on your map. Go to Jesus Marino on 2nd floor of the Desparado Casino and get a job to deliver a package to the drug lab, while you are there go to the back and down the manhole to find Myron. Chitsa can talk to the most southern guard and obtain entrance by charm. Otherwise your male character will have to charm Marjorie Reed into giving him an identification badge. Save game and talk Myron into joining your group. Avoid offending him except in the early conversation doubt that he created jet to get him talking. You can also see Myron if you are a made man in the Mordino family.
  7. When a chop shop steals your car in New Reno, follow the tracks and get it back by killing all the guys at the shop. Lots of stuff to fill the trunk with. A better alternative is to bluff the chop shop guys into thinking that you were sent by Bishop to get the car. I was unable to bluff T-Rex, the shop owner and manager, that I came from Bishop so I bought my own car back. This will allow you to return weekly and get batteries to keep the car running indefinitely. The car does run out of fuel otherwise, and walking ain't fun. The chop shop can upgrade your car further for you as well. However, the chop shop never allowed me to buy the batteries even though T--Rex promissed me he would sell them to me.
  8. Always refer to the gangster bosses with the title Mr. Using Mr. shows respect. Leave your mutants outside and your guns holstered when talking to the gangster bosses.
  9. There are four families in New Reno who you can approach: Mardinos, Wrights, and Salvatores for a job. Finish three tasks for each and you become a made man. Made men get discounts at the weapons shop and other considerations in New Reno.
  10. The Wright family only does booze and prostitution but stays away from drugs. The Wrights are neutral on pornography but do not traffic in it. Talk to Chris Wright on the east side who sends you to Keith Wright who gets you into speak to the boss Orville Wright about a job. Wrights want you to find Ritchie Wright's murderer and you need to talk to each of the pushers about it: Jimmy J in red shirt on south part of 2nd street, Renesco in the West End, Jules in red shirt in the southpart of Virgin street. Little Jesus Marino near the bar and his father Jesus Marino on the second floor are in the Desparado casino. Be sure to talk to Keith and ask which room was Ritchie's then search it. You will find an empty jet container. Take the container to any pusher to determine it was poisoned. Then find out from Keith where Ritchie was burried in Golgotha and "look" into the grave. You will determine, if you have high medical skill, that Ritchie was poisoned. You will then need to take the poisoned jet cannister to Renesco to find out that Salvatore asked Renesco to make up the poisoned jet for a "special delivery. Return to Orville Wright to get the task of killing Salvatore. Orville will reveal the location of the Sierra Army Depot in giving you the last task to find a way in. After disabiling the base, you return to Wright to become a made man in the Wright family.
  11. Mr.Salvatore, the boss, wants you to kill Lloyd and return his money. Lloyd is supposed to be in a tan shirt with brown scarf. Salvatore suggests the bars on Virgin Street to start. In the second floor of the Desparado casino I found marked cards. Lloyd is in the Desparado casino basement. Kill him after you determine where he hid the cash, The cash is in a stash in Golgotha. Get the money and return to Salvatore and You have finished his first task. Mr. Salvatore does not like pornography, and will not talk to you if you do the pornographic film.
  12. Senior Mordino, upstairs in the Desperado, needs a recommendation from Little Jesus Mordino at the bar in the Desperado. Your first task will be to carry a package to the stables north of New Reno. Your second task will be to collect the Mordino's cut of the Corsican brothers take for the week from them at their Golden Globes porn studio. Your third task will be to kill Mr. Salvatore.
  13. The Corsican brothers run a porn shop on 2nd street. Do a porno movie and get the Porn Star karmic trait. If you do this Mr. Salvatore will not talk to you. You probably want to kill him and his henchmen anyway.
  14. In the Jungle Gym on 2nd street, talk to Stuart about a boxing match. If you defeat all three boxers, you will get the Prize Fighter karmic trait and almost everyone will know you and want to pat you on the back in Reno. Hitting in the eyes two times and running seems to work the best. My game bombed if I went into two or more rounds so knock em out in the first.
  15. There are three enoromous vats of dope on the lower level of the stables north of New Reno. Even though Myron tells you how to contaminate the vats and therefore stop the flow of jet, I was unable to use anything to accomplish this task. To complete this one, you need not contaminate the vats, you need only report the information Myron tells you to the doctor in the Vault City vault and a jet antidote will be prepared.
  16. Mr. Bishop can be seen to get your first task by going to Thomas Moore in the vault and obtaining a briefcase to bring to Bishop. The Bishop family reside in the Shark Club, and it is loaded with soldiers and henchmen. You will need to be simpathetic to Moore's cause to get the briefcase. The second task is to make sure Westin in the New California Republic has an accident. In order to get the task, you must convince Bishop that you can "take care of business." After killing Weston, Bishop will want Vice President Carlson of the NCR killed as your third task. If you are a good guy, you will be unable to kill Weston, but killing Bishop is very difficult.
  17. Bishop is behind the raids on Vault City. The trapped and locked wall safe in his bedroom on the third floor has a tape and map that will help you to locate the raiders on the map. Save the game before attempting to disarm the trap and lockpick the safe. Lynette, the Vault City First Citizen, would like to get this information. Another way to get to the third floor is to sleep with Bishop's wife and talk to her about her accent and education before accepting her offered drink. Bishop's wife will give you an upgrade to your Pip boy for your sterling performance.

The Sierra Army Depot

  1. You will need to disarm the computers on each level with a security code or attempt to hack the computer. Forcefield emitters can be repaired (but will activate the alarm if you fail three times).
  2. Access to elevators is by retinal scanner. The wrong eye will set off the alarm. Dixon's eye is needed to get down the first elevator from level one (ground level) to level two and three. The service elevator can only be picked with an electronic lockpick. General Clifton's eye in a locker on level three gains you access to level four. Also, you need Clifton's eye to get back from level four to three and three to the upper levels of the complex.
  3. Searching the desk by the entrance to level one gives you a scrap of paper with the password to the main entrance terminal. This terminal will shut down the forcefields on level one.
  4. Medical supplies are in the medical lockers in the south east of level one.
  5. See #2 above for elevator use. The service elevator is in the east central area of the level, while the main elevator is in the direct center of the level to the right or east of the service elevator.
  6. At the extreme north west of level two are lockers with lots of neat weapons and armor. The north area of level two has lots of high tech weapons. The east and west passages to this weapons storage cache are trapped. The central passage is not trapped. Use your traps skill for some experience here, and disarm the traps.
  7. Just south of the main elevator on level two is the security terminal for this level. The alarm can only be shut off temporarily while the terminal runs diagnostic programs. In the extreme southwest find the plasma rifle and other weapons. In the extreme south east there is a terminal which can disable the computer on this level permanently if you guess the access password and open the email message with the virus on it. Your character must have enough empty slots to carry stuff out of this area.
  8. More on level two: The repair robots, just south of the service elevator, will repair the damage you have done here when you leave. I am unsure how to destroy them. The area in the east central part of level two has a cookie and a working nuka cola machine. You may want to bypass this area.
  9. Use Dixon's eye to use the elevator to get to level three. Save the game at this point. Skynet in the center of this level can release the security robots to attack you, so don't piss off the computer. A corridor leads off to the far east from Skynet, and one of the lockers here has General Clifton's eye which is needed to get to level four.
  10. A corridor to the north leads to the robobrain terminal and the robobrain droid. Save the game before attempting to use this terminal. Go and obtain a brain, med gel and a motivator to construct this NPC companion.
  11. Use Clifton's eye to access the elevator down to level four or the elevator up to the rest of the complex. The left elevator goes up. The right one goes down.
  12. On level four it might be best to leave the organ extractor terminal and chamber alone. The med gel is on the floor near the terminal. Take the med gel and leave the room quickly. Do not leave anyone in the organ extractor chamber while you mess with the organ extractor control terminal. The surgical machine will extract a brain from one of your characters at great loss of karma. If two people are in the chamber when the terminal is activated the surgical machine will slice and dice them.
  13. On level four in the north you will find the automated biological storage area where the brains are stored. You can use these brains to use to construct your robobrain. Use Science skill to pick the correct brain for your character. Do not touch any of the viruses on the level or your goose will be cooked and you will screw up the level, so save the game before entering this area.
  14. Motivators are found by searching destroyed robobrains. I am unsure where you can find one of these.

Broken Hills

  1. The head miner will ask you to go to the Den to get a part to repair the air purifier. Renescu the rocket man pharmacist on the west side has the parts if you mention the head miner in Broken Hills. The fumes will damage you and you will need stimpacks to repair the purifier by using the part on it. Look at the instructions in the New Reno section if you car gets stolen.
  2. Francis the mutant will challenge you to an arm wrestling contest. If you win, you get a power fist.
  3. The power plant operator can increase the power level to Eric the ghoul's home, just ask him. You will shuttle back and forth several times to get it right.
  4. Help Marcus out by finding the bodies of the missing people in the caves below the residential housing. You can obtain entrance to the caves from the opening near where you transplant the talking plant, on the south central part of town and within one of the houses on the south central part of the residential section.
  5. The ghoul in the old ghouls home would like a "Cats Paw" adventure magazine in exchange for the location of a treasure cache.
  6. Once you have solved all the ills of the town, ask the sherrif to join your party.
  7. A scientist has an intelligent radscorpion. Defeat the scorpion in tests of agility, sight and intelligence and win 500 experience points for each victory. Find the intelligent plant and transplant it into the old ghouls' home and the plant will tell you how to defeat the radscorpion in the intelligence test.


  1. There are three factions in the town. Each supports a different group. There are three mines in the town: Wanamingo, Morningstar and Kokoweef mines. The Wanamingo is one screen to the west of town. You can also reach the Wanamingo through the wells and two sets of stairs in the Malamute saloon and Ascorti's Ace casino. The Morningstar and the Kokoweef mines are one screen to the north of the city. The morningstar is the western of the two mines and the Kokoweef is the eastern. Dangerous Dan McGrew, the owner and manager of the Morningstar mine, supports New Reno. Marge LeBarge, owner and manager of the Kokoweef mine, favors the NCR. Ascorti owns the Wanamingo mine and favors the strongest contender for an alliance with the town. Doc Johnson, in the far west of the mainstreet of town, favors the takeover of Redding by Vault City. In the far south west of the main street area you will find a woman who used to run the Malamute saloon with Lou and she can tell you about all the politics of the town.
  2. You can barter with anyone who will trade with you, but most of the money in the town is on the person of the cashier in Ascorti's Ace. Walk up to the window, then click on the cashier to barter with him. Sell all your surplus junk.
  3. The Wanamingo mine is located one screen to the west of town. Just south of the mine and to the far west of the level is the generator that you must fix to restore the elevator to service at the mine. The elevator takes you to the nest of the Wanamingos (also called aliens) with the grey queen wanamino and her eggs. You must kill all the wanamingos to get the chip. I found that approaching the wanamingos from the tunnels below the city was the most tactically sound way to approach them, saving as you go. Also when going from the first level of the mine to the second where you will find two digger chips (one on the ground and the other in the machine) use the most northwest ladder in the first level to go to the second level. Wanamingos and this part of the town of Redding is quite difficult and you should have Marcus the NPC with you. Another "bug" is that you find two chips in the wanamingo mine, but you can only sell one of them. Also if you sell the chip to one of the other mines Ascorti can NOT use the second chip. The game forces you to choose one of the three to succeed, the remaining chip is usless to you.
  4. The Sherrif of Redding in the center of town under the sign of the star has three tasks for you. The first task is to evict the Widow Rooney to the west. Pay the widow's fee and get paid and experience. The second task is to investigate an assault at the Malamute Saloon. Talk to Lou the owner of the saloon and find out that a miner from the morningstar mine slashed one of Lou's girls. Go to the morningstar mine and find and jail the miner in the west of the miner's living quarters. The third task is to break up a bar fight. Jail the group closest to the door (Blasphemous Bette) for experience and pay. The fourth task is to kill Frog Morton and his gang over in the ruins above the Wanamingo mine one map over to the west. Accomplish all three and get a nifty tin badge and the thanks of the town.
  5. The graveyard is in the far north east of the screeen to the north of the mainstreet in the city. It costs you 10 points of notoriety of karma to loot a grave. Don't do it. One of these graves is open, becase it goes down into the tunnels below the city.

The New California Republic (NCR)
  1. This place is fun.
  2. I had to leave everyone at the gate and put my guns away to get in without getting killed. Never enter the town to anywhere but the Bazar with your group always enter the bazar and drop em off before going into the town.
  3. In the Bazaar, you will find Vorlis in the slaver camp office. Vorlis will give you the job to get a map of the Ranger's station. You find the rangers in the north east portion of the downtown section of NCR. Talk to the Ranger near the front wall of the building after you hear about the rangers from Vorlis. The Rangers are inside the walls and will ask you to kill off Vorlis the slaver. I went with the Rangers and killed Vorlis and freed the slaves and was made a ranger and given a nifty pin.
  4. In the Far northeast of the downtown NCR you will find a girl and her robot, Toto, who need you to help stop a policeman from blowing up the power plant. Shoot him or otherwise kill him and the bartender at the Rawhide bar will give you a reward. If he manages to blow up, repair the computer console next to him to save the day.
  5. Duppo's store and gambling den are located in the northwest portion of downtown NCR.
  6. In the southwest part of downtown NCR, you can talk to the two doctors about healing, plans for the K-9 robot, toxic serum, and a Velvis painting with a map to vault 13 on it.
  7. Right dab in the middle of downtown NCR is the Hubologist church where you can reach AHS-1 level of enligtenment or kill the Hubologist and deliver papers to the San Francisco chapter.
  8. The Brotherhood of Steel in the southeast portion of the downtown NCR will tell you to head to the San Francisco Brotherhood of Steel office for more information.
  9. At Dusty's Cantina in the south central downtown NCR you can get in a fight with Hoss, the mayors assistant. If you win the Mayor will like you.
  10. In the Bazaar Rawhide Bar, Merk in the back room gives you the job of killing the town Hubologist.
  11. At night you can enter the city through the front gate by talking to the captain of the guard to the north of the gate and asking to get in.
  12. Ask the cop on the corner one block south of the entrance where there is work and he will suggest Weston and President Tandi. This cop is the chief of police who aparently gets out often.
  13. Save your game before talking to President Tandi. Do not ask President Tandi any questions beyond her task to go help with the vault 15 problem. The game will bomb. Tandy is found on the council map to the far south east in NCR. Tandi will offer you a job settling a matter with Vault 15.
  14. Weston lives in the gate to the west, just follow the street west from the chief, past the store inside the walls.
  15. Weston is inside the ranch house near his desk. If Bishop sent you to kill him, Weston will offer you pay to kill Bishop. Bishop will offer you a job watching his cattle. When the death claws show up, talk to each other and leave, follow them to vault 13.

Vault 15

  1. You arrive in Vault 15 to find it occupied by squatters. After gaining the trust of the squatters, and fighting some less trusting current residents, you can access Vault 15's still working computer to learn the location of Vault 13.
  2. You need to talk to Rebecca about her lost daughter. An eavesdropper will proceed to the northeast. Follow and talk to Dallia, who when told of Rebecca's missing daughter, will allow you to pass unmolested. In front of the shack is Phil, a guard, who can be talked into letting you free Chrissy, Rebecca's missing daughter, or you can get past the traps and the locked doors to gain access to her through the "hidden" door to the building on its north west wall. Releasing Chrissy will probably get you in a fight with the guards, who have weapons, ammunition and other goodies.
  3. If you return and talk to the Mayor in the building north of Rebecca's tent, he will give you a red key card that will get you into the vault outer door just to the northeast of the building the raiders were holding Chrissy in.
  4. Inside the vault if you have high charm you can talk to the guards and tell them you are new here or you can just act like you fit in and talk to no guards.
  5. Doc Jones on level one of the vault is a fount of information about Darioin and his raiders. The good doctor can heal you if you return here after certain battles.
  6. The forcefield computer just outside the medical facility on level one makes your fighting within the vault easier by restricting reinforcements when the fighting starts.
  7. The power generator on vault level two can be repaired with science skill then repair skill.
  8. The computer parts for Mayor Tandi in NCR are found in the vault level three locker room with other neat equipment.
  9. Level three also has a computer just south west of the locker room which can be used to turn on and off the forcefields to make fighting easier.
  10. Just southwest of the forcefield computer is the library computer with the location of vault 13.
  11. When you enter the room with Darion, he will attack you with his dog. If you have pretty good firepower and metal armor for your entire party, you should have little trouble killing him and all his guards off.
  12. The main computer on level three has information on Darion and his spy at NCR.

Military Base

  1. There is a map to San Fancisco in one of the tents. The military base is an optional slug fest that yields up tons of weapons, a power armor and a gauss pistol. It also has a story to tell through tapes you will find as you make your way through the complex.
  2. Save before trying this. Open the blocked entrance by attaching the pole to the mine cart, attaching the dynamite into the pole, and pushing the cart toward the blocked mine entrance.
  3. On level one repair the generator in the east central part of the level to activate the elevator in the north east corner of the level.
  4. On level two there is a suit of power armor in the far south west of the level. Also search the lockers in the north west part of the level for gear. The level is full of super mutants who will attack you. Level two is very tough and my guys had to be fine tuned not to die here and I used sequential saves so that I would not have to redo the entire level if someone cashed them in.
  5. On level three you need to make your way south to the elevator to level four.
  6. The elevator on level four is just south of Melchior. When you kill Melchior you will get a gauss pistol as a prize and holotapes.

Vault 13

  1. save the game before entering the vault.It will save you time if you have the speech module with you.
  2. I found vault 13 by taking a job from Weston in the NCR to protect his cattle. Following the deathclaws took me to vault 13.
  3. You hurry to Vault 13, confident that the GECK will soon be yours.
  4. Make sure you bring the speech module with you into the vault.
  5. Talk to Gunthar, the leader of the deathclaws and the first one you see on level one of the vault. Tell Gunthar you will repair the computer that is broken in the overseer room in the third floor of the vault. Gunthar will only talk to you again when you reward his trust by repairing the computer.
  6. Joseph the Herbalist is the Doctor on level one who can cure your party for free. Make sure you talk extensively to him.
  7. On level three in the locker you can take the GECK if you want, but I preferred to have Gunthar give it to me for gaining his trust.
  8. Talking to everyone in the vault is fun and will help to tie up many loose ends.
  9. You can recruit Goris the librarian in the southwest portion of level three, but don't expect him to stick around long. The Enclave, who have enslaved your people and those of vault 13 will return and kidnap the deathclaws and Gorlis will have to return to help them. Gloris is really a deathclaw under that interesting brown cloak. When Gorlis fights he takes his cloak off and after battle he puts it back on. Neat character, too bad he does not stick around.
  10. In the overseer area of level three you will find a large Brotherhood of Steel computer which has been sabotaged. Examine and repair the comptuer and you will find that you need a speech module part to get the computer running again. Hopefully you have the part in the trunk of your car or you have intelligently brought it along.
  11. You gain the GECK and trek back to your village, many long miles away.
Arroyo after you get the GECK
  1. When you arrive back at Arroyo, you find that it's been destroyed and the villagers kidnapped. Only old Hakunin, your village haman, has a clue for you, with his dying breath. He tells you that great beasts flew down, and that men came from inside them to take your people away.
  2. Before dying Hakunin told you that the great flying beasts were going to rest at a place named Navarro before flying across the ocean. You leave for Navarro.


  1. Do not go to Navarro until you go to San Francisco and talk to the Brotherhood of Steel representative about the bluffing the guards as a recruit to the Enclave in Navarro. This option is the best and only way to bluff your way past the guards.
  2. You hasten south, to Navarro, only to find that the flying machines have gone still further south, to San Francisco. You go to San Francisco.
  3. Find a semi-concealed entrance, and sneak inside. You manage to find the fob and then head back, once again, to San Francisco. There are two concealed entrances to Navarro, one in the woods in the south west and one in the building to the north west of the gas station. The fob is in the base commander's filing cabinet. The base commander's office is in the center of this level. Convince the door guard that you are a cleaning person to gain entrance. You may have to leave for a short period of time and come back to get in. Once you get the fob you can bypass navarro and move onto the Enclave.
  4. An alternative solution is to go through the entire base to get the fob. Do NOT wear your power armor into the base. Go through the main gate to Navarro by bluffing the main gate guards into thinking you are a recruit. You will be issued a new set of power armor if you talk to Sargeant Dornan. The power armor is found in the below ground armory in the north west corner of the level. Do NOT go back and talk to Sargent Dorn or he will put you on guard duty which you must stand for six hours. You may stay here much longer, my character was left on guard when I went to sleep and was still on guard 16 hours later when I checked (that is 16 hours of real and game time, since they are the same thing.)
  5. Talk to the technicians in the office to the north of Sargent Dorn.
  6. In the south central area of the base you will find the cook, who will tell you a lot of stuff you need to know, including the importance of the key fob.
  7. Talking to the vertibird mechanic and the head of maintenence and telling them that the technicians want the K-9 plans and the vertibird plans is enough to all ow you to ransack the lockers. You do not have to get them to fight unless you really need to. Getting Raul, the verti-bird mechanic in the north west and Quincy, the head of maintenence in the north east into a fight will destract them long enough to get the robo-dog parts from a locker in Raul's office. You can also loot ehe maintenence building while they are fighting.
  8. Xorn, a death claw, will help you fight your way out of the base, if you break in with the alarm sounding, otherwise he will disappear quickly after you set him free.
  9. Dr. Schreber in an office in the west centra area of the underground portion of the base has been torturing Xorn, an intelligent death claw. You can kill schreber easily since his chamber is sound proofed. The canine companion in the Shreber's room can be repaired by the canine parts you got from Raul's locker. The keycard for Xorn's back door is the same as the purple keycard from the Gecko atomic reactor number 5.
  10. East of the "good" doctor is the mainframe. You can use science skill (if it is very high) to hack in or guess the password from the hints, the cook gave you. The plans to the verti-bird are contained in this computer.
  11. Another way to obtain the fob, is to convince the guard and commander that you are there to safeguard the fob, and the commander will actually give it to you.

San Francisco

  1. You head to San Francisco. When you arrive there you find a derelict ship that can be repaired, and refueled, to carry you to a mysterious base far out at sea, called the Enclave. In order to re-activate the ship's computer and get everything running, you need to find an electronic key, called a fob. The most likely place to find this key is back at Navarro.
  2. Before you join the Hubologists, support the dragon as his champion. I kicked the guys in the eyes and ran and kicked again to win all the bouts. Then you must challenge Lo Pan to a fight. Lo Pan will pull a gun, if you are winning and you must kill him to win the last match.
  3. Make sure you give the vertibird plans to the brotherhood of steel. The brotherhood will give you access to their mainframe computer that can be used to upgrade your stats with the special computer boards found throughout the game. I found yellow, red, blue and green computer boards.
  4. You head back to Navarro, locate a semi-concealed entrance, and sneak inside. You manage to find the fob and then head back, once again, to San Francisco.
  5. Go to the tanker and talk to The Badger who may help you hack the emperors and the Hubologist's computers. Descend to the lower level (cargo level) of the Valdez by the stairs or the ladder and fight the many aliens, floaters, and centaurs that you find there. I killed them all with the super sledge. Make sure you kill them all, then free Suze in the northeast portion of the level. The Captain will talk to you after you help Suze. The Captain says you have to use the Nave Chip on the Nave Computer to get it fixed, then fuel the ship. After the Captain says this you can now get the fuel prompts from either the emperor of the hubologist Dave Handy. See below.
  6. In the north-west portion of the cargo level
  7. You also need fuel to get the tanker Valdez to take you to the Enclave. The fuel can be gotten from the Hubologists by talking to Dave Handy, the technician, near the shuttle. He wants you to go speak to Vikki Goldman about him to pave the way. Vikki is found downstairs in the compound. Take the stairs near the opening. To get the door open you will need to tell the AHS-7 that you are considering joining the Hubologists. You will now have full access to the mainframe if you want to hack it, and Crocket, in the east part of the Hubologists base, has a process where if you threaten him, he will harden two sets of power armor. (I was only able to find one set of regular power armor and one set of advanced power armor at this point and the process only works on the regular kind.)
  8. If you could sell the plans to the Hubologists, you should be able to hack them out of the computer, but you cannot, so don't do it. Don't even think about it.
  9. The Emperor also has fuel and he wants the plans to the vertibird. If you give him the plans, even hacking the computer will not give them back to you. (This is another bug in the game.) The emperor then wants you to kill the chief Hubologist, AHS-9 which is not too difficult. I managed to kill him and fled east and south to get out. I did have to use repair skill on the security fields to get past once I killed him and his personal guard. But do NOT give the emperor the vertibird plans.
  10. Back in San Francisco, you undock the ship and the autopilot takes you to a deserted oil platform the Enclave.


  1. Make sure you have a tool with you and a GECK before you enter the enclave.
  2. If you arrive at the Enclave base wearing the advanced power armor from Navarro, you will have free access to all base facilities.
  3. Do not leave your NPCs in the Enclave. If you have to leave them, take them back to the boat. They will be lost forever when the Enclave blows up. It is not enough to leave them on the docks.
  4. If you can sneak past the sentry robots on level one to the northwest you can find some high tech weapons and another power armor in the locker room there.
  5. The first stairs down that you come to in the Enclave go down to the detention level.
  6. Once at the Enclave you find that your villagers on the detention level (one level below the entrance and guard barracks) and the human inhabitants of vault 13 being held for use in foul experiments.
  7. There is a nine square maze on the security barrier level (below detention and testing level) with guards to the north east and to the south west. The guards to the north east are in a
  8. Work your way down to the research and presidential level, below the security barrier level. Find Lt Col Charles Curling, the head of the United States Chemical Corps, in the north west portion of the level. You can talk Charles into killing the vault inhabitants except the prisoners and villagers, otherwise you have to kill him.
  9. You can talk to the president of the United States in the north east portion of the presidential and testing level on your way down to the mainframe and reactor level (below the presidential and research level). But you will have to kill the president to get his security card key. (I killed the president with one hit of my super sledge from Navarro. The president's card key gives you the ability to shut off security in the Enclave base. You can also use the president's key card to set up antiterrorist or anti-insurgency procedures which will cause the turrets to attack the mad Agent Horrigan in the entrance hall on level one of the base.
  10. On the mainframe and reactor level, you need to blow up the computer controlling the Enclave's powerplant, freeing your tribe to run to the safety of the ship. You have nine minutes to get out. If you use the presidents code key to disable the security systems, you will get out easier.
  11. Just outside the entrance level you will find Sargent Granite. Save before talking to him. You need to convince Granite that he needs to help you fight Agent Horrigan or he will die when the facility blows up in a massive melt down.
  12. Sneak along the lower edge of the screen in the entrance room, and use the presidential security key on the console in the south west portion of the room to active the counter-insurgency computer program. The turrets in the room will kill Agent Horrigan for you now.
  13. You need fight no one save the last guy, Agent Horrigan. Defeating all in your path, you make your own way back to the ship.
  14. As your ship races to escape, the Enclave explodes in a shower of radioactive debris. Congratulations, you've found the GECK and saved your village.


  1. Once you saved your village you may still continue playing but since the game isn't designed to go on forever a few people or places may not react in an entirely appropriately way any more.

Non Player Characters

    You can only have as many non-player characters (NPCs) as your charisma allows you. I could collect 6 with a charisma of 10. About 1/2 of your charisma is the number of NPCs you can accumulate. If you tell an NPC to stay somewhere and wait for you, this will allow you to pick up another NPC to replace them in your party:
  1. Sulik is found in the Buckner House in Klamath, simply give the woman who runs the house $350 for his undying gratitude and you will recruit him.
  2. Marcus, the sherrif mutant, is at his house near the jail will. Marcus will join your group after you solve all the mysteries in Broken Hills.
  3. Lenny the ghoul in Harold's shop will join your party if you mention that you are the decendent of the First Vault Dweller in Gecko. Lenny is not a bad fighter and he is very difficult to kill. His healing talents are to my knowledge unusable on anyone other than himself.
  4. Myron in the stables north of New Reno will join your party if you talk to him carefully and feed his ego. Myron can make stim packs with an empty hypodermic needle, xander root and rock flower. Myron can make poison anti-dote from rad scorpion tails. Myron has a needle gun and also some needle ammo on him and in his room. Myron's only other advantage is the ability to convert scorpion tales to poison anti-venom, and empty syringe, xander root and desert flower to stim packs.
  5. Vic is found in the Den and will come with you if you pay his debt and help him fix the radio. Vic will be needed in Vault City when you talk to his daughter in maintenence there.
  6. In Modoc if you sleep with either the female or male child of the Brahman butcher family you will be treated to a shotgun wedding. Get divorced in Reno. Even better don't get married to either one of these loosers, you will end up killing them, by putting them in harms way, so keep your pants on.
  7. Cassidy, the bar tender in the courtyard area of Vault City, will join your group if you encourage him to leave the city.
  8. You can recruit Goris the librarian in the southwest portion of vault 13 level three, but don't expect him to stick around long. The Enclave, who have enslaved your people and those of vault 13 will return and kidnap the deathclaws and Gorlis will have to return to help them. Goris is really a deathclaw under that interesting brown cloak. When Gorlis fights he takes his cloak off and after battle he puts it back on. Neat character, too bad he does not stick around. Return to vault 13 to witness the devastation and pick up Goris again, as he is a very valuable character. He can be found where you first found him waiting for you.
  9. K-9 is found in Navarro. You need the plans and a motivator to activate him.
  10. Robobrain is found in Sierra Army Depot. You need a brain, the med gel, and a motivator from a destroyed robobrain robot. The robobrain robots have arms and look like the robobrain you find in the far northwest of the third level of the complex.

Special Encounters

  • The bridgekeeper will ask you three questions. Save the game in a new slot when you start with this one. The three questions are what is your name, what is your quest and what is the name of a character who survived Fallout to come back in Fallout 2. I gave them the name of Dogmeat, but Tandi is another. There is an alternate third question, which asks "how much can a character carry with stong back perk and 6 strength?" The correct answer to this question is "how many strong back perks?" The bridgekeeper will explode giving you a robe that protects as good as the combat armor you will obtain later in the game.
  • The cafe of broken dreams has dogmeat in it who can join you if you are alone when you arrive. If not dogmeat will growl at you.
  • King Arthur's knights has five Brotherhood of Steel knights and their squires complete with coconuts on a quest to seek the holy handgrenade to battle the vorpal rabbit. I was unable to locate the fearsome vorpal rabbit or the holy handgrenade. From: Irene Brown
  • UFO special - a crashed UFO is present, containing an alien blaster gun. The gun has very good AP's, does similar damage to a gattling laser, and you can use it for target shots. There is also a picture of Elvis-so that's what happened to him :) From: Irene Brown
  • Truck special - a crashed truck appears, containing a large amount of cash. If anyone asks you where you got your riches, just say it fell off the back of a lorry:)

    I have found some bugs.
    Interplay's Answer: You aren't playing the patched version, correct? A lof of these have been fixed in the patch but I'll forward them all off to our programmers to make sure.

    1. You cannot get the plans back out of the Emperor's computer. When you select copy the plans, it merely takes you back to the previous screen. You need to retrieve these plans to sell them to the Brotherhood to get access to their computer.
    2. You cannot switch the force fields off from the sleazy workstation (found in the far southeast of the level) on level two of the Sierra Army Depot. You can only switch off the floor plates. When you select turn off the force fields, the game turns off the floor plates. This works and does not work intermittantly. The first time through the game this worked the second time it did not.
    3. There is no way to get more batteries for the car. The guy at the Reno garage will not allow you to bluff him into thinking you are from Bishop. Even if you buy the car from the guy, when you return to him later he will not sell you any batteries to refuel your car. Interplay Answer: The car uses Both Micro Fusion Cells and Small Energy Cells, though Micro Fision cells are the only ecconomical way to go. There are a few stores that cell Micro Fusion and will restock them if given time. As I recall, San Fran is one of the places, but there are others.
    4. Chip in the ship in SanFrancisco never appears leaving out an option for you to pursue to get the Captain's favor and complete another sub quest.
    5. The Hubologists never ask to buy the vertibird plans, making it impossible to sell them to them, and reclaim them from the mainframe.
    6. There are two chips in Redding, but you can only sell one of them and the mayor, when he buys his own mine back, cannot even use the other one if you leave it in the mine. It would be nice to be able to sell both chips. Ascorti will not buy the chip from you, even if you sell him his mine back.
    7. When standing guard at Navarro, the Sargent will not relieve you after six hours. He comes around every minute and checks on you for over 16 hours. This is a sick joke on whoever tries it.
    8. The security barrier maze in the Enclave does not work the way the hint book, written by Matt Norton, says it does. Either Matt screwed up in his book or this is a bug.
    9. The electronic lockpick that you find in Navarro will not open the elevator door in the toxic caves. I was unable to find another electronic lockpick in the entire game. Interplay's Answer: Correct. Only Mark 1 Electronic Lockpicks work, this too is fixed in the patch.
    10. You must kill the president in the Enclave to get his security card. The president does not have the card if you try to steal it. If he did not have the card when you steal from him, where did the card come from? -- thin air? Interplay's Answer: A lof ot NPCs have items that they guard carefully, even characters are early as the Den. They either have it in thier hand, or are "hiding" it really well. ;)
    11. In the basement of the Enclave, the computer cannot be shut down by hacking or using the password, you must blow it up.
    12. In Klamath, I could not figure out how to turn the Dunton brothers in for rustling cattle. Is this a bug?
    13. After you repair and optomize the atomic power plant in Gecko, I could not find a way to get Vault City to help the ghouls and cooperate with them, which is the brain's plan.
    14. I killed Bishop in New Reno and returned to Vault City with the map and data tape from Bishop's safe and could not get first citizen Linnette or councilman McClure to accept the tape reporting on the raiders and their employer. This should yield experience?
    15. Ratch in NCR never finished working on my car after many days that I left it with him.
    16. Tandi will bomb the game if you ask her anything about her past beyond getting the Job to get the computer parts from vault 15. The game kicks you to Windows 95/98 and the game terminates.
    17. I cannot take anyone save the main character into NCR or I am killed, even if everyone is instructed to put their weapons away.
    18. In the rawhide saloon in NCR, I could not get Mira to talk to me about killing her husband until after I killed him trying to blow up the power plant.
    19. Lenny the Super-Mutant in the Rawhide Saloon in NCR would not fight me. He is supposed to fight you in an arena below the bar.
    20. In San Francisco, I was unable to get Badger to transfer the fuel to my ship. I was unable to transfer the fuel from the Emperor to the ship. I did sneak past the guards and opened the forcefield with repair to get into the Emperors computer. I had to hack the computer.
    21. In the Sierra Army Depot, the forcefields would not allow you to repair them to turn them off.
    22. In San Francisco, I had to hack my way into the emperor, even after I found the password on one of the computers in the biology section of the Palace. Aparently, finding the password is bugged as well.
    23. In the Palace in San Francisco in the physics area there are no physics computer workstations.
    24. In the Enclave, if you leave your NPCs anywhere they will be destroyed when the base blows up. If you leave them on the Enclave dock, you will have no way to retrieve them prior to getting on the ship, so they will be lost forever. The game ends when you leave the entrance hall after killing special Agent Horrigan.
    25. In some screens, the front part of the car would disappear before I ran out of gas. This happened at vault 13 and at Navarro. (Incidentally, I think that the trunk following you around after the car runs out of gas a nice touch. Please don't change this. If you do change it, please make it an optional change in the patch, or you will be wasting your time with the patch as no one will be advised to use the patch. The internet will be busy with messages warning you not to use the patch if you change this "bug" feature.) Interplay's Answer: Uh, no. ;) That bug causes a LOT of other problems and had to be fixed. ;)
    26. As you play the game, the random encounters in the wilderness and while on caravan duty get harder and harder as you gain levels. Your characters do not advance as quickly as you do, and these encounters quickly begin to overwhelm your character making it impossible to travel without getting killed. This was tried in Might and Magic 2 and game players everywhere responded by getting very mad at the game and not buying or playing it. Might and Magic 3 was better. While people want the battles to get tougher, they also want their characters to get strong enough to be able to handle the encounters.
    27. In the Den, I never did find the book that Becky loaned to Derek. I don't believe it exists. The quests are not impossible to complete, they just require time, and obviously you only had a short amount of time to get the review in, so you could not put the time in to complete the quests. For example, in the Gecko reactor you need not use trial and error if you talk to the right people, who will tell you that you need to get the part to fix it from Vault City. See my walkthrough.

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