By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Enchanter Walkthrough

  1. Open oven. Get bread, jug and lantern.
  2. Fill jug. Good for four slugs-- but then this game may drive you to drink.
  3. Like the signs say--other waayyyyyy!
  4. Having gotten the rezrov spell from the crone, rezrov the gate and frotz the lantern.
  5. Open door and examine the wall. Move the block and get the stained (Exex) scroll. Read, gnusto and learn it, as you do with all (well, almost all) spells. Leave the spoon.
  6. Examine the bedpost. Rezrov the bedpost. Get gold (Vaxum) scroll. Clue is from dream that occurs if you're tired and sleep in the bed.
  7. Leave lantern (or your light source) outside. Take lighted portrait. Get black (Ozmoo) scroll.
  8. Rezrov the gate.
  9. Nitfol the frogs. Look under lily pad. Get damp (cleesh) scroll. Don't forget the crumpled (Krebf) scroll in the forest. (You can sleep safely anywhere. Read your dreams carefully for clues.)
  10. Rezrov the egg. Take the shredded (summon) scroll. Krebf the shredded scroll. Get the faded (Zifmia) scroll.
  11. Save game. Read the dusty book. Read terror and implementer for information. Examine rat tracks. Reach in hole (rather fussy about syntax here). Get frayed (gondar) scroll. If you have the time. Zifmia the Implementers, just for fun. Make sure that you know the Ozmoo and Rezrov spells and head for the temple.
  12. When you're tossed in the cell, ozmoo myself. Wait. Get the ceremonial dagger, the hard way. Down. Open south door. You'll probably get flipped back up on the altar, but your ozmoo should still hold. Down. South. Get all. North. Head West.
  13. Cut the rope (with the ceremonial dagger). Open the box. Get vellum (melbor) scroll. Melbor myself. You may now roam about with impunity.
  14. Find the adventurer in one of the mirrored halls. Zifmia the adventurer. Vaxum the adventurer. Show him the egg (or dagger) and he will follow you, at least for a while.
  15. With the adventurer lured there by the sight of your treasures, adventurer, open the door. Get the map, pencil and purple (filfre) scroll. Give the adventurer the egg, dagger, and box if need be to lighten your load. Take the three objects from him if he has picked any of them up. Filfre the room, just for fun, as you don't otherwise require for the game.
  16. Vaxum, nitfol, and exex the turtle. Turtle, follow me, and he will, for a while.
  17. With the turtle there, save the game. Turtle, se and get the paper. Wave at the turtle when he's in the control room. Get the brittle (kulcad) scroll.
  18. Save the game. Read the map. Connect f and p. Erase f and p. Erase m and v. Connect m and p. Move to location p. Get powerful (guncho) scroll. Drop map and pencil if necessary.
  19. Make sure that you have learned the vaxum and gondar spells. Save the game. Kulcad the stairs. Read the ornate (izyuk) scroll. Izyuk myself.
  20. Gondar the dragon. vaxum the being. Guncho Krill. Congratulations on your 400 points and being admitted to the Circle of Enchanters.

    The Spells of the Enchanter

    Spell Function Descriptions Location
    vaxum make hostile creature gold bedpost
    your friend
    zifmia magically summon a being faded egg
    ozmoo survive an unnatural black gallery
    exex make things move with stained cell
    greater speed
    krebf repair willful damage crumpled forest
    cleesh change a creature to a damp swamp
    damp amphibian
    rezrov open even locked or some sort house
    enchanted objects
    gnusto write a magic spell into initial spell book
    the spell book
    blorb safely protect a small initial spell book
    nitfol converse with beast in initial spell book
    their language
    frotz cause something to give initial spell book
    off light
    kulcad dispels a magic spell brittle engineroom
    melbor protect caster from evil vellum box
    filfre create gratuitous purple map room
    guncho banish victim to another powerful terrorroom
    gondar quench open flame frayed library
    izyuk fly like a bird ornate falling


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