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Elvira II : The Jaws of Cerberus Walkthrough

  1. Elvira II : The Jaws of Cerberus

    Elvira II : The Jaws of Cerberus

    Important Note

    This game will not give any warning when you did something wrong and this could easily make it necessary for you to restore from some earlier saved games. So, keep many copies of your saved game and don't lose the following items:

    silver crucifix - needed to keep the vampire away
    10 black candles - needed to place in pentagram at endgame
    box of matches - needed to light the candles
    wirecutters - needed to cut the wires of frankenstein
    bible addressed to the priest - needed to mix the resurrect spell
    chalice in altar room - it contained human blood.

    Mixing of Spells

    The manual did not give full detail as to what ingredient you need to use to mix spell, so you might just lose some crucial items this way. However some ingredients can be used in various spell, so you still need to make some decision. As a word of advice, try to mix spell when you are at higher level or under influence of the brain boost spell, this way you'll get more spells per mixing.

    The following ingredients are safe:

    Level 1
    bless - holy water, crucifix(it is needed but you can still get it back)
    healing hand - no ingredients.
    ice dart - no ingredients.
    unseen shield - no ingredients.
    Level 2
    breath underwater - mushroom, bread, food
    glue - glue
    luck - horse shoe, porcelain lucky cat.
    protection - metal headbend
    Level 3
    antidote - yellow flask, red mushroom (inocybe asterosn)
    brainboost - computer diskettes
    courage - wine, gin
    detect trap - glass vase, glass pitcher, wine glasses turn undead - a brain
    unholy barrier - book of prayer
    Level 4
    buoyancy - fish bones
    fireball - papers, memo, calendar, newspaper, etc.
    telekinesis - radio
    revive - cheese
    Level 5
    herbal healing - mushroom (lepiota leucothites)
    holy blast - holy water, golden cross, silk from church, prayer book, candlestick.
    resist fire - fire extinguisher
    magic muscles - silver candlestick, plate setting, pen, knife, wrench.
    Level 6
    detect magic - yellow crystal, quartz
    fear - eye from a witch
    mindlock - padlock, book
    Level 7
    lightning bolt - blue gem, wrench, candelabrum, plate setting.
    summon storm - barometer
    Level 8
    absorb magick - sponge, red crystal, towel
    illusion - mirror
    Level 9
    bind demon - scroll of binding, coil of rope
    nova - gin, bourlon
    cure wounds - holy water
    Level 10
    resurrect - basket of eggs, bible addressed to the priest, heart, brain

    Walk through

    Your initial mission was to rescue Elvira from the 3 studio. Each studio will have a Elvira hidden somewhere. The first two Elvira you find will always attack you. The real one will follow you. After finding each Elvira, you will get a certain item which is crucial at the end game. After that, you'll need to get the 3 items enchanted by the Indian janitor at the basement. But first you need to get his pipe first. Next, you need to find a holy man to draw a pentagram. Then you'll need to summon the Cerberus and use the sacred items to destroy it.

    Outside Studio

    Pick up the rock by the road side. Throw it at the door to break the window. Enter the guard room. Open the closet and get the security key from the dead body. Click on the keyboard, drag the security key to the key hole. Enter security code to open the main gate.

    Car Park

    Open the back of Elvira's car. Open the tool box and get the tools. The wirecutter is inside.

    Level 1

    There is a lift here where you can access the basement and level 2. The 3 studio can be access from this level.


    There is an Indian janitor here. Talk to him for some information. Don't mention the fire water until later on. The room behind him is cold, and there is a spirit guarding the copper rod. Cast a fireball to warm up the room before attempting to take the copper rod.

    Level 2

    There are many rooms here. Explore the place and try to find the radio and the diskette.

    There is a witch inside the custom room, kill it to get its eye. Wear Sir Raleigh's costume. This will give you a rapier, the best weapon you can get until you find the sword in the catacombs.

    Get the 2 bottles of wine in the director's room. Save them for the courage spell.

    Studio 1

    There a 4 level in the catacombs interconnected by passages going up and down. The lift cannot be accessed until you have reach level 4. Turn on the lift when you are at level 1, otherwise you won't be able to use the lift later on.

    A scorpion is guarding the scroll of binding inside a cave.

    There is a pool in a certain cave. Cast breath underwater to go down. Drop everything before you go down the water. Kill the creature in the water and get the coil of rope at the bottom. It's weight will not allow you to surface if you carry too much items with you. Alternatively, you can cast buoyancy if you have found the fish bones in Studio 3.

    Somewhere in level 3 you will find a dead end with 2 vines which you can cut. Cut the longer vine to swing across the gap. You will not be able to swing back from there onwards. So, check your inventory before you attempt this, if you don't have the radio or telekinesis spell with you. Go back to the building and get it first.

    Swing across and explore the place until you find the dead body. Cast telekinesis to get the wallet from the web. Open the wallet to get the lift key. You can see a large spider across the gap. Walk to the rim and cast an ice dart at it, this will make it cross over to this side. When it appears. move back all the way and get out of this place.

    Find the lift on this level. Open it and go to the other side. Close the lift door otherwise you can't use the lift later on. If you did not lure the spider across the gap, it will appear here and attack you. And you will probably get killed in the process. Follow the passage and descend the web. There is an Elvira here. Get the tomahawk. Go down and take the lift to level 1. If you did not close the door, you must walk all the way out.

    Studio 2

    There are many rooms in the haunted house. Get the barometer in the living room, but don't enter the passage where you see a lady figure. You need the turn undead to kill the undead that is inside.

    Enter the dinning room. Check to make sure you have at least one fireball spell with you before you open the cupboard on the wall. You will faint and get carried to a room full of dead bodies. Get the boot and wear it. There are some wine and food here. Cast a fireball to sound the alarm, a guy will appear and attack you. Kill him and open the door.

    The kitchen is infront and have many items which you can use. The stairs lead down to the labs. Don't talk to the scientist unless you have disguise yourself.

    Go to the other lab. There is a frankenstein here, don't click on it. If you have cut the wires from his head, you will need to restore a saved game or the game cannot be completed. Get the brain on the shelf and the test tubes. Use the brain to mix a turn undead spell.

    Go back to the kitchen, take the passage out. Cast the turn undead spell on the undead that appears. Cast courage if you always faint at the sight of it but remember that quite a number of courage spells is needed through out the game.

    Go upstair. There is a room fill with fire. If you enter without the resist fire spell, you'll be killed. There is nothing in the room though.

    In a bed room, you'll fall asleep and a succubi will kill you. Cast courage before entering. Get the tunning fork on the bed.

    In the kid's room, get the toy cubes.

    In the room with a dead body on the bed. Pull the bedsheet aside, get the wallet and then kill the ghost that appears. Get the wallet and take a look at the script. A set of photographs will fall out which you can use to disguise yourself. Shift the bedsheet to reveal a hidden button under the bed. Press it to access the secret passage. There you can get the 10 black candles and chalice with human blood. If you don't have the silver crucifix, the vampires will kill you when you take the candles.

    In the room with 2 wooden boxes. Look inside them to get the box of matches. Get the ladder.

    Go upstair. A vampire will run towards you. Use the tunning fork to kill it. Use the ladder to go up the roof. Place the copper rod at the roof. When you have reach high enough level, cast summon storm here to animate frankenstein.

    Go to lab, set right switch to maximum and then pull the left switch. The monster will walk towards you. You'll need to click its head to cut the wires. There is a door behind it, so you need to kill it when it have move enough distance from the door. Click on the door to open it, if you can't restore and try again. Behind the door is Elvira. The magic bag is also here.

    In the room where you find a ghost guarding the door. Stand one square infront of it and drop a toy cube. The ghost will move forward. Move forward, open the door and enter the library. You might want to keep a saved game here so as to read the books when you need them. There is a paper containing the way to mix a strong poison in the book.

    In the room with the fish tank. There are two ways to get the key inside the fish tank.

    1. Cast telekinesis to get the key inside.

    2. Another more interesting way to get the key is to disguise yourself as the lab assistant and talking to the scientist. To dress up as the lab assistant you need the lab coat and the fuzzy wig and the makeup box which you can find in Level 2. Look for the scientist inside the room oppposite the frankenstein room and ask him to mix a strong poison. Then use the poison in the meat in the kitchen and throw the meat into the fish tank and get the key.

    After getting the key. Turn and face the picture of the duck. Drag it to your inventory. Click on the wall behind the picture to reveal a wall safe. Use the key from the fish tank to open it. Get the peace pipe.

    Studio 3

    Somebody encounter a vampire here, but i didn't. Maybe I am carrying the crucifix or I am lucky?

    Go to level 2 and dress up like a wizard. You need the wizard's cap and gown. This allows you to deal with the wizard at the bottom of the catacombs.

    There is a dead priest here. Cast the resurrect spell to resurrect him. Get the holy water from the basin.

    Move the cupboard to reveal a trap door. The graveyards have 6 levels. There are many traps along the way. You can avoid spike pit trap by clicking on the button and avoid it. Cut wire before crossing. Most of the chest you find here are trapped, cast detect trap to determine the type of trap present.

    Carry enough ingredient to mix at least 6 holy blast spells before attempting to rescue Elvira. You might need to cast brain boost to increase the number of spells you can mixed. Prepare a fair amount of courage spells. There are 2 levels where you need to explore under the protection of the spell.

    The bright red potion will increase your spell point. I have not figure out the use for the rest of the potions.

    Lets call the surface level 0. So you need to go to level -6 to find Elvira. At level -4 and -5, there is a ghost that is flying around. You can't really kill it, but it can't do any harm to you if courage spell is active.

    At level -6. there is magician that will attack you if you are not dress up like a wizard. You can pysche out the wizard if you disguise yourself as a wizard. Otherwise, cast fireball or nova to kill him. Elvira can be found here together with the war lance.

    An angle of death might appears after you reached the surface. Cast 5-6 holy blast to kill it. A blow from it is sufficient to kill you so save before you go up to the church.


    Talk to the janitor. Mention fire water. Give him the peace pipe, war lance, magic bag and the tomahawk. Talk to him and he'll make the 3 items sacred.

    Studio 3 - Church

    Resurrect the priest if you have not done so. Talk to him and ask him to draw a perfect pentagram from human blood. Give him the blood from the chalice you found in the altar room. He will agree and draw the pentagram at the car park.

    Car Park

    Walk to the pentagram, but not into it. Place the 10 black candles on the pentagram. Light the candles with the box of matches. Use the magic bag. Wait for Cerberus to appear. Cast bind demon to hold it. Throw war lance at it. Hack out the heart with the tomahack.

    Done! The game is completed.

    Special thanks to:
            terence - spielman@pender.ee.upenn.edu 


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