Elvira Mistress of the Dark Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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Elvira Mistress of the Dark Walkthrough



  1. Introduction
  2. Walkthrough Starts Here
  3. You find Elvira and Mix up a Spell
  4. Up the Primrose Garden Path
  5. Hammer the Vampire
  6. Elvira and me together again
  7. Going to the Chapel and we're gona get crowned
  8. References
  9. Letters

    General Advise

    1. The horror role-playing adventure game Elvira was released in 1990 by Accolade for the Amiga, the 1MB (RAM) Atari ST, and 8MHz and faster 640KB (RAM) IBM PC and compatibles. The game Elvira was produced in England. The game uses 16-color EGA and 256-color VGA graphics. The game supported the AdLib, Sound Blaster, Casio, PC speaker, Tandy 3-voice, generic MIDI, and Roland sound cards and standards. Graphics, animation and music were some of the finest of that time and added to the overall enjoyment of the game.
    2. A graphic adventure is a side view game with graphic locations connected by doors and pathways. The game usually requires combat with a variety of weapons and monsters with ever increasing potency for mayhem. Also required is the ability to manipulate and use a plethora of items found in the game and stored in inventory. The items are used to open doors and progress to the next location and to solve mysteries. When a mystery is solved, it is usually accompanied by a text message that rewards the game player with a little more of the story.
    3. There was a plot. Elvira "appears" in the game. The television and movie personality licensed her name, appearance, and voice for use. The buxom lady needs help clearing the mostly undead monsters from her recently inherited castle. The plot is similar to the Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamor film Ghost Chasers. You need to evict the ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, and other monsters to keep the undead Queen Esmerelda from coming back yet again to occupy the castle.
    4. Elvira was one of the first mouse games touting the sophisticated modern nature of its "point and click" interface. Icons for examine, mix, pick-up, and other context sensitive commands allow you to manipulate the environs of the Castle. Magic spells are used to improve skill in combat and advance the plot through solving object-oriented puzzles.
    5. As usual, those playing any type of adventure or even editing a word processing document should save often and wisely to different game save files. Saving before and after a significant battle, puzzle, or object will allow you to restore your game and try again if you want to improve your situation.


    6. The game starts just south of the courtyard in the outside castle area. You go north to the entrance hall. To the east of the entrance hall is the Souvenir shop where you will find the shield. To the west of the entrance hall, you will find one of the six keys. North of the entrance hall is the courtyard, which fully surrounds the castle. Once you get the shield and the knife, you should equip (Use the "use" command icon.) them.
    7. Go to the southwest corner of the courtyard, just in front of the stable, and pick up the hay. The courtyard goes completely around the castle in a four-sided "box," and is composed of a north, west, east, and south portions. In the center of the south portion you will find the entrance to the house. Enter the house.
    8. The entrance to the house leads you to a north to south hallway with doors off have the west and east sides of the hall. The hallway is composed of four different "graphic locations" arranged north to south. (See the first paragraph for a description of these "graphic locations."). If you exit the first (most south) hallway to the north, you will enter the second hallway from the south to north. If you ain't confused yet you will be.
    9. Go east of the second hallway and enter the Armory. The armory (graphic location) has a sword, crossbow and armor. There is a guard here. You may want to save. Get the sword and use it. Get the crossbow. Leave the armor for later. Drop the knife.
    10. Return to the hallway. Go south one location to the southern hall. Go west into the library from the first hallway and get the spell book.

      You find Elvira and Mix up a Spell

    11. Return to the southernmost hallway, go north twice to the third hallway from the south, and go southwest to the kitchen. Here you will find Elvira. Give her the spell book. Go east into the pantry and get the honey jar and white wine bottle. Return to the kitchen and give the jar and bottle to Elvira. Ask Elvira to mix you an herbal honey spell. Use the spell.
    12. Return to the first hallway and go northeast to the upper level via the staircase. The upstairs hallway is arranged like a box around the bathroom. The hallway is composed of a north, west, east and, south portion like the sides of the box. In each of the four corners of the box, two bedrooms go off to the outside, making eight bedrooms on the second level. The entrance to the bathroom is from the south portion of the hallway.
    13. Save the game. In the north-northeast bedroom, you will find vampire dust and bolts. There is a vampire within the north-northeast bedroom who will kill you. Avoid the vampire by staying out of this room. Search all the other bedrooms for bolts for your crossbow. The east-northeast bedroom has bolts. Get bolts. The east-southeast bedroom has a prayer scroll in a Bible. Get prayer scroll. The bathroom has a hole with laudanum in it. Get laudanum. The south-southwest bedroom is boarded up.

      Up the Primrose Garden Path

    14. There is an exit to the north of the castle courtyard, off the north side of the box shaped courtyard, to the garden path. The garden path like the hall in the house portion of the castle is arranged in graphic locations. The path has six graphic locations. Going north from the courtyard will put you on the south easternmost garden path. Going north from the first garden path you will find another or second garden path graphic location with an exit back where you came to the south and one to the west.
    15. Going west from this second garden path graphic location will take you to the third garden path graphic location with exits, one each on the north, east, south, and west. East goes back where you came from. South goes to the herb garden. North goes to the archery range. West continues on to the next or fourth garden path graphic location, which also has four exits, one each on the north, east, south, and west.
    16. From this fourth garden path, graphic location the west exit goes to the meadow with one of the six keys and a feather. You will get the key and the feather later in this walkthrough. The south exit leads to the grass. The east exit goes back toward the courtyard. The north exit continues further down the garden path to the next or fifth graphic location.
    17. The fifth garden path has a south exit, which goes back where you came from, and a west exit that goes on to the sixth garden path. The sixth garden path has an east exit, which goes back where you came from, and a west exit, which goes to the garden shed with a silver cross, a hammer, maggots on the dead gardener's throat, seed packets inside tin, and a small key. Get all the stuff. You will need to look into the tin to see the seed packets and get them. Also, collect all plants you find on all six garden path locations and connecting locations.
    18. The archery range is where you can practice and master the use of the crossbow. Do that now. The meadow has a falcon that you can kill with the crossbow. You will be unable to collect the feather, gold key, and the bolt until you master the crossbow and kill the falcon.
    19. Save your game. The herb garden must be unlocked with the small key found in the garden shed area. You will need to use the small key to unlock the door. You will need to fight your way into the herb garden to get all the items there.

      Hammer the Vampire

    20. Now that you have the hammer, you are ready to kill the vampire in the north-northwest bedroom on the second floor of the house portion of the castle. Go to the north-northwest bedroom and use the hammer on the vampire. Get the vampire dust after the vampire is dead. Search the room and find the bolts.
    21. On the east portion of the west part of the box shaped courtyard you will find the entrance to the dungeon. The dungeon is also box shaped with a box shaped corridor and cells off the corridor to the outside and the inside of the corridor. Enter the dungeon and examine all 25 cells for insects. Get all the spider webs that are over the cell doorways. In the very center of the dungeon, you will find the torture chamber. Within the torture chamber is salt and tongs. Get them. Lift the ring on the floor and get the bones and another gold key.

      Elvira and me together again

    22. Go back to the kitchen and use the salt on the cook to get Elvira to come back. Save game. Mix up the glowing pride spell with Elvira's help. The dumbwaiter is the west exit from the kitchen. Face west and the dumbwaiter and try to get into the dumbwaiter. You will be unable to enter at this time. Give the spell to Elvira. Get the gold key. Mix up as many spells as you can with the ingredients. Make sure you make a fire dagger spell, at least two of them.
    23. Go back to the maze, which is found to the west of the fifth garden path location. Use the fire dagger spell or the crossbow on the maze creatures. Gather plants in the maze as you go along. Be sure to save two crossbow bolts to use later though. In the center of the maze, you will find the nest. Get everything out of the nest, including Elvira's ring. The maze creatures will steal items from you and put them in the nest. Check the entire maze, including the Lily Pond, for items, and take all you find.

      Going to the Chapel and we're gona get crowned

    24. Go to the chapel, which is west of the fourth hall location in the house portion of the castle. Take the manticore hide prayer book inside the Chapel. Insert Elvira's ring into the cross to open the room under the altar. Enter room under altar. Get crown. Face the wall with the Crusader on it. Use the prayer scroll on the wall. Put the crown on the Crusader's heat. Get the holy sword and use it to equip.
    25. At each of the four outside corners of the courtyard, you will find four battlements. Within the battlements, get all the ivy that you can find. From the northwest battlement, you can go southwest and get to the gray knight. When you see the gray knight, shoot him with a crossbow bolt.



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