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Ecstatica Walkthrough

  1. Ecstatica Walkthrough


    A young girl lies in a mysterious trance, and her twisted dreams are turning the village of Tirich into a nightmare. The Hero has stumbled upon a town gone mad and must now defeat the demons and monsters that haunt both the mind of the girl and the town where she lives.

    You control the Hero and move him or her through Tirich's town, castle and dungeons. Along the way to solving the mystery of Ecstatica, you must learn spells, battle enemies of all shapes and sizes, and, ultimately, discover the source of the evil that grips the village.

    This Hint Book has been written to provide you with tips and clues about Ecstatica towards greater enjoyment of the game. There are general hints, maps of all the locations, and a full walkthrough to assist you.

    There are many surprises in Ecstatica for the adventurer to discover. Experimentation and logic are the orders of the day, and not a little bit of muscle in the right places.

    If you're stumped in a location, or faced with what seems an insurmountable task, explore other areas. There are many things to be learned from the surviving townspeople, from the notes and books left haphazardly by their owners, and you can even glean a bit of knowledge from the monsters themselves!

    Remember: If it's big, brown, and running directly at you, go the other way.....


    The Hero Not so much brave, as simply looking for more water, the Hero stumbles upon the village of Tirich, where it soon becomes apparent that things have gone terribly, terribly wrong.

    The Werewolf Lean, mean and 6 feet of canine fury, the Werewolf is the toughest adversary in the game. He can go nearly anywhere in the village, and almost anywhere NOT in the village.

    The Trolls They're everywhere, chittering and attempting to pound the Hero into submission with weapons the size of a soup spoon. This is about as effective as it sounds, but they might just catch you off guard!

    Rats Tirich is overrun with them. They're mostly harmless. OK, they're COMPLETELY harmless. Property values drop when they're around, though.

    The Minotaurs Big, brown, horned and mean. You don't want to mess around with one of these guys. They enjoy hanging around in the gardens and greeting people by hand. Both hands. With clenched fists.

    The Snake Although he's not big, he has got a powerful bite. Tends to slither in at the most inopportune times. Likes to have weasels for lunch.

    The Sorcerer Old and mumbling, but far from harmless. The Sorcerer still posses a great amount of power and knowledge about the troubles of Tirich and the magic throughout. He's been having trouble with the help, lately.

    The Witch Run. No, really. Run! She's two tons of unaesthetic enchantress looking for love. So run before she hugs you to death, because she's got romance in mind, and it's not pretty.

    Pan This beautiful young girl plays such soothing melodies on her flute that she could put you to sleep.

    The Spider Eight legs worth of ugly, eight ounces of arachnid brain.

    The Bear Big, rude, crude and socially unacceptable, but he is a real gas. Watch that right hook!

    The Priest He's seen quite enough of the goings-on in the town, and prays for help up in the tower.

    The Dragons The dragons flap around looking for Heros to beat up. They've got some killer bad breath..

    The Little Girl She's a snotty little brat who wants her Teddy! She knows a great secret place to play, though.

    The Old Knight Once the strong, proud, protector of the town, he is now reduced to a scared old man.

    The Drunk He's been having a really hard day. He has quite a bit to say to you, or at least to the general surrounding area.

    The Old Beggar Old, sick and diseased, but still able to beg with the best of them.

    The Monks The brothers hide in the safe surroundings of their monastery, protected by faith and a really big door.

    Ecstatica Ecstatica, the Sorcerer's maid, has been practicing her own brand of magic for some time. Now, she lies in a sleepless trance deep under Tirich, her nightmares a deadly reality unleashed on the town. This woman of dreams IS the Woman of your Dreams.

    The Demon Evil doesn't begin to describe this guy. Really, Really evil begins to describe this guy. When you've finally gotten his attention, he's got a deal or two to make with you.

    Tirich Town Maps

    The town of Tirich is located on a high mountaintop, surrounded completely by a deep chasm. This location provides protection from the outside world but also limits entrance except by a single wooden bridge. Tirich is lorded over by the Castle, which sits higher than any other structure and has beautiful Gardens around its facade.

    Tirich is the home of a nearby Monastery, whose brothers visit the town occasionally and maintain a Church within its limits. Travel to both the Monastery and the Castle from Tirich is by a Garden Path.

    The Castle stretches deep into the earth, with many passages and chambers leading to darkened caverns where pain and pleasures thought to be myth or legend take place. Passages to these chambers are believed to exist in both the Town and the Castle.

    Since the advent of the Great Evil that has passed through Tirich, things have changed for the worst. Passage through even the town square in the light of day is unsafe, not to mention the deep, dark corners that lurk in every hovel and building. The gardens, overgrown and forgotten, misguide in their beauty the dangerous beasts and creatures that abound in the area.

    The Hero can travel freely through most of Tirich. However, some places are not open to just any citizen and require knowledge or bravery to pass. It is said that magic can play a part in the ability to gain access to the lower depths. Some passages are hidden from view, or contain deadly traps. Of course, some areas can never be transversed at all....

    Monastery Map

    Bridge The bridge isn't quite as sturdy as it should be. In fact, it may extend your stay at Tirich a little.

    Shop Watch out for the Werewolf! The shopkeeper isn't doing so well, but will provide a KEY for you.

    Store Room This storeroom has a HERB on the far shelf. Oh No! It's the Werewolf again! Luckily, the second barrel makes a good place to hide in or just to hang out.

    Church As a place of prayer, this one should be condemned. Under the hanged priest is a ROOT and next to the altar is the HOLY BOOK.

    Church Tower What a view! And if you're interested, talk to the priest (or at least try to).

    Town Square Your starting point in your quest to save Tirich. Exciting, isn't it? But watch out; it can get dangerous around here.

    Bar You come in looking for a drink, and then you find a unique fight to break up. The drunk needs your help.

    Silo Looks like a nice place to catch a cat nap and heal those tired bones. After all, it's been a long day.

    Stable If you've ever gotten on the wrong side of the werewolf (like, under him), you know the stable all too well. However, if you need a good place to hide, try hiding between the barrels.

    Forge Dirty and full of steel, a good place to find a weapon, like a SWORD. Of course it does have stuff for protection, like some

    WHITE ARMOR, if you feel you really need it.

    First Home It must be the maid's day off. But it does have a pretty nice chimney. Watch that first step in the back, there.

    Second Home Chairs, tables and cabinets, Oh My! Well, there's a KNIFE on the table, but watch out because it's one mean table. If you need a place to hide try the cabinet.

    Third Home Wow! A grisly sight of death and destruction! (So what else is new?)

    Bear Room He's rude, crude, drunk and a real gas. Other than that he's very dangerous if you get in his way.

    Dairy Room It's not nice to read someone's DIARY, but since no one's around, it's probably all right. If you get scared you can always snuggle up with the TEDDY BEAR. Hey, wasn't someone looking for this?

    Laboratory Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Lots of interesting things to look at in here. Try reading a book.

    Old Knight's Room He babbles out stories of the days of glory when....(well, you get the picture). Anyway, he does have a very nice COLORED SWORD which could come in handy if he'd part with it.

    Sewer Map

    Front of Monastery The grassy area in front of the Monastery gates. The Rector doesn't seem all that interested in letting you in without proof that you're stocked with good moral fiber. You might want to bone up on some good holy scripture.

    Courtyard A nice area inside those foreboding gates in which to chat with some of the Brothers, especially that one with the large weapon. Looks like there's things to do and see inside.

    Chapel This is a great place to pray for some answers. Check out the altar at the far end.

    Altar with Relic The RELIC must be a pretty powerful piece of magic to ward off all of the evil that is going on around this place. Maybe you could use it?

    Library One of the smartest brothers is reading in here. Try talking to him; he'll tell you everything he knows.

    Access to Sewers In the corner of the Library, there's a hole you can use to get access to darker, danker changes of scenery. It's also great for making a hasty exit should you become... unwelcome.

    The Dungeons

    Crypt No bones about it, the crypt could be a passage to greater things. The Little Girl might want to play down here, although she'll want her teddy first.

    Skeleton Room Watch out! These skeletons have been asleep for a long time, so they're likely to be a bit angry at you.

    Lair of the Demons A dazzling long staircase winds down into a dark and foreboding courtyard. In here is where Ecstatica sleeps, while the Demon himself makes all of her worst nightmares come true. It can scare the life out of you.

    Sewer Room One It's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live here. Well, maybe YOU would.

    Sewer Room Two Stairs here lead up to the outside world, or at least somewhat close to it. That looks like a dead end over there, but it might not be....

    Crypt w/ pit Erie isn't it. What! Never seen coffins before? Ever robbed any? Take a look around. There's a suit of GOLD AMOUR hanging around for your viewing pleasure.

    Roman Bath Hall Wine, women and palm fanners. Is this paradise or what?

    Skeleton King Room The King (or what's left of him!) is quite uplifting to talk to. His benediction can lead you far. But watch out, this is the type of place where you can run into yourself a lot.

    Jail 1 Keys, locks, bars and big nasty (dumb looking) guards. All you could want in a jail and more.

    Jail 2 Locks, chains and bars, just how you remember it, right?

    Torture Room A grisly little room of death, that any sadist would be at home in. Of course there is a complementary BOOK OF MAGIC that every torture cannot be without. Too bad you can't kill the imp.

    Lair of the Demon Now, where have you seen this before? At least it's safe to enter this way. It's certainly not safe to stay, of course...

    Castle and Gardens

    Fountain Remember, DON'T DRINK THE WATER!

    Stone Circle These stones will always tell their tale, this seems to be a place of great power.

    Lake & Dais Well, this is no time to take a swim. Didn't the DIARY mention something about a legend involving a SWORD of some sort? That couldn't possibly work here!

    Witch's House What a mess. You may want to try cleaning the place up a bit, you should be able to find a BROOM around somewhere.

    Courtyard of Castle What a lovely view of the castle and its front gate. Watch out for the front gate; it's kind of... unpredictable.

    Front of Castle This place looks bigger from the outside.

    Castle Hall There's a hunched-over servant who wants you to go inside, but only a knight shall pass! Hope you're a knight.

    Sorcerer's Room Magic galore! You want it, the Sorcerer's got it. But its best to leave those things alone that you don't understand. The Sorcerer is glad to see you, valiant knight... He's got a story to tell.

    Sorcerer's Tower Wow! What a view. There's lots of things to see up here other then the scenery. That's an interesting Spellbook on the table... good thing you're well-versed in spells at this point.

    Theater Trying to finish the opening act, this theater can be downright deadly if you're not ready.

    Balcony There are some fantastic stone sculptures here. They're so well-done, they look as if they're alive.


    The Hero rides his/her trusty steed through the countryside, ending up at the quiet Village of Tirich. Finding there's no water left to drink, the Hero decides to search for some in town. Walking across the rickety bridge, she/he stands facing the town square, pondering what to do next.


    This walk-though is somewhat non-linear; it is more important to trigger the events than to do them in the order here. If your character is placed elsewhere in the Maps, it's a simple matter to get back into the walk-through.

    After each major portion of the walk-through is solved, it's a very good idea to SAVE YOUR GAME. You may save up to 10 positions from your game. In some cases, it may take several tries to complete a task, especially if one of the enemies is giving you a rough time.


    Your first indication that something is wrong is the little troll that pops out of the grass to your left. Throughout the town, the trolls get underfoot and attempt to subdue you. Beyond the joy of knocking a few into submission, they don't affect the game except to slow you down for the other enemies to attack. A few swift punches and they're out of the way.


    The interface for Ecstatica is really engaging and cinematic, but until you're very familiar with the surroundings, it's very easy to get lost and go in circles. This is especially true around the labrynthian center of the town, where it's easy to think you're towards the north and you're actually going around the south. Use the included map to keep track of your location.


    As you walk around the town of Tirich for a while, you eventually will be dropped upon by the werewolf, pummeled mercilessly, and left hanging in a stable. This may not be your cup of tea, but it's almost unavoidable at this stage of the game.

    Depending on where you are pummeled, you will wake up hanging somewhere else in Tirich. By shifting back and forth with the 4 and 6 keys, you will free yourself, and it'll be a simple matter of getting back in step.

    There are a number of safe havens from the werewolf and other nasties. The easiest to get to is the Silo, which is located inside the barn and will allow you to rest for a few minutes (or, actually, as long as you'd like). Lying inside the silo and resting will remove any damage you've taken. Damage in Ecstatica is portrayed as the Hero limping weakly and clutching his/her right arm. Another safe haven in Tirich is the Church Tower, which is located via ladder in the back of the Church.


    In anticipation of a spell you'll be mixing later, take a right into the Shop. There's a shopkeeper here, being beaten by the werewolf we were just warning you about. Turn right around. Press any key from F9-F12. Run to the Church. The werewolf will most likely follow you, and if he is, run up to the Church Tower. There's a crazed monk up here, but he's of no importance either to the game plot or to your safety. The werewolf won't climb the ladder, and you can collect your wits.

    Keep going up and down the ladder until you don't see the werewolf there any longer. The werewolf tends to scan an area for a few minutes, and then leave. Come down the ladder, and pick up the ROOT that's underneath the swinging priest. (And we don't mean he likes to party.) The Root looks like a twisted branch, and may be somewhat hard to make out.

    The Hero can carry two items at once; and you now have room for one more item.

    Head back to the Shop. The shopkeeper is not very healthy at all. He should die dramatically in front of you. Take the KEY from the now exed-shopkeeper and walk over to the door, which you will unlock, open, and throw away the KEY. This is important because you now still have a hand free to pick things up.

    The hero will walk through the door, close it, and lean on it, panting. What acting! When you regain control of the Hero, RUN OVER TO THE SECOND VAT. The werewolf WILL break through the door. By moving the Hero towards the vat, he/she will automatically jump into it to hide. The werewolf will run around for quite some time, sniffing and pawing the area looking for you. He won't find you. Eventually (and we do mean eventually. Go get a beverage) he'll leave the area in search of other victims. Hop out, and walk over to the shelf in the wall. There is a HERB on the shelf, which you can pick up with your right hand.

    With the exception of a few places later in this walkthrough, there's no reason to have the Hero do anything other than run at top speed at all times. At this speed you can outmaneuver the majority of enemies and get between important locations in the shortest possible intervals.

    Run across town to the Bear Room. There's a good chance you'll be attacked by a spider, dragon, or more trolls. Copious use of the 7 and 9 keys (Punch left and right) will assist you. Walk through the Bear Room door.


    This guy's quite a gas. Actually, he's an excessive amount of gas. As far as enemies go, he's pretty placid as long as you don't walk in front of him. If you aim the Hero along the left side of the room and up the stairs, the bear will swing at you wildly and miss you completely. If the fancy strikes you, he can be knocked out by standing behind him and punching his head. Walk up the rest of the stairs.


    You walk into the Diary Room and Laboratory, where you meet lots of little rodent friends. Ignore them and pick up the DIARY if you wish to hear the happenings of Tirich for the last few months, in the words of the maid of the sorcerer. "Eerie", you'll think. Up the second set of stairs, in the Lab proper, there's a recipe for a magic formula, of which you now hold two ingredients. Put the HERB and the ROOT in the boiling pot. Now, you're only missing the FLOWER, which we'll go fetch right now.


    Walk out of the Lab and down the stairs, and head towards the Monastery. The path to the Monastery is hard to discern from the path to the Gardens, especially once the camera angles begin switching. If you find yourself on a path near the Stone Circle, you've gone the wrong way. You want to go to the right of the man hung upside down. Along this path, you'll see the FLOWER, yellow with red petals, in the ground. Pick it up.


    The Minotaur lives in the Gardens and is both faster and tougher than the Werewolf in a fight. He is to be avoided at all costs. Save a game before you even see him, because you'll wish you did when you're hanging upside down off a cross. You want to run back into town before he catches you. Once you enter the boundaries of Tirich, he'll stop chasing you.


    With flower in hand, return to the Laboratory. Put the flower in the pot and have a good swig of what the boiler produces. After a violent transformation, you'll find yourself cast as The Hero Weasel.

    As the Weasel, you do a very, very slow walk. Pressing the 7 and 9 keys will make you skitter and hop, which is much faster and less likely to leave you prey for the wide world outside. Also, there's a new enemy in town: The Snake, which will slither after you with major Intent To Prey. Dash out of his way, and head back into the Church, and then down the stairs.


    At the bottom of the stairs, you find yourself in the Crypt. There's two stone guards at the opposite end of the room, and a small passageway in the wall to the right of them. Take your weasel through this passageway. There'll be two trolls waiting for you at the end of the tunnel (wave back to them!) who you can easily scamper around. You'll hit the end of this tunnel and transform back into the full fledged, human Hero. If the trolls are still around, make them pay for picking on weasels.

    You're now located in Sewer Room Two. There are stairs here. Walk up them into the Old Knight's Room.


    You come out of the stairs and face an old, overweight knight, who has locked himself in his home to escape from the demons. He's all fire and spark, ready to vanquish you at the drop of a hat. Or head. However, he's not really interested in some actual hand-to-hand combat. If you walk right up to him, he'll lose his nerves and throw the COLORED SWORD at you and beg for mercy. Give him mercy, and take the colored sword.

    In the diary, it was mentioned that the Old Knight would talk about the Lady of the Lake. It was dismissed as a "silly story". It's not. You hold in your hands a sword that will turn you into a knight soon. But first, you've got some monks to meet.


    In a last-ditch effort to save themselves from the demons that run loose in Tirich, the Brotherhood of Monks have locked themselves in their Monastery. Their main line of defense is the HOLY RELIC they keep on their altar, which protects them from the pervasive evil outside their door. They trust no-one outside the monastery, except for those who show themselves to be of a faithful heart. You can do this by reading from the HOLY BOOK, which is located in the Church.

    Walk out the front door of the Old Knight's room, and you'll be at the top of a flight of stairs next to the Stable. Walk back to the Church and grab the HOLY BOOK near the priest who's just hanging around, literally. Take this book in your free hand.

    Walk from the Church to the Monastery and stand outside the gates. Inspired, you'll read from the HOLY BOOK. The pastor will come forth and see that you're a Hero of Faith, and let you in. Pick the COLORED SWORD up.

    Inside, you can walk through the Courtyard and into the Chapel. Drop the HOLY BOOK here. Several monks are ogling a RELIC, a bone on a pedestal. The little-known commandment "Thou Shalt Steal If You Have To Save The Town From Demonic Possession" applies here. Go to the left of the two monks and grab the relic. You will then experience the wrath of the brothers, who want their relic back and want it now. Here's where your COLORED SWORD is your new best friend. Use it.

    The easiest way out of the newly angry monastery is to go into the Library and down the hole in the far corner. This will take you down into the hallway near the Sewer Room Two. Go up the stairs and through the Old Knight's Room. It would have been possible to get the colored sword now, but it's good to have that sword handy when dealing with the aforementioned Monks.


    From the Old Knight's Room, go out the door and walk out to the Gardens. Go past the Stone Circle and head toward the Lake. This may be easier said than done, because the Minotaur isn't your most gracious host, so be sure to save you game before you enter the Gardens. Stand on the stone dais at the corner of the Lake. In a page taken out of the legends of old, the Lady of the Lake will appear and knight you.


    Now, your newly knighted Hero should walk up along the right side of the Castle. Skip the mysteriously-opening door completely; there's a Witch in there you can do without. At the Castle Hall, a hunched-over servant will greet you and point you inside to the Sorcerer's Room. Here, you'll meet the Sorcerer/Wizard of the Castle, who has quite a bit to tell you about Ecstatica, his maid who took one of his books of magic. Ecstatica was the lady whose diary you were reading in the laboratory! She's now far below Tirich, asleep and turning the town upside down with her dreams and nightmares.

    Listen to his story for a while, and then venture out to the Castle Tower.

    From here, you can go up one flight or down a couple. At the top of the tower, you'll find a spell book that explains that the RELIC combined with a BOOK OF MAGIC will produce a powerful weapon. This Book of Magic is not to be confused with the HOLY BOOK that got you into the Monastery, or the DIARY that was in Ecstatica's Lab. Instead, you'll want to head towards the Dungeons. The Dungeons are at the bottom of the stairs in the Castle Tower.


    In the Dungeons, there's a Knight Made of Stone who warns you that you cannot pass. He lies. Run past him quickly, and at worst he'll get a hit or two in. Since it's rude to tell people they can't pass, beat the Stone Knight's head from behind and you'll vanquish him. This is good, because you'll need to pass this way again.

    More trouble! Two "Invisible Knights" rise up to battle you in the Theater. You must fight and prevail over them as well. Walk across the theater and up the stairs, to the Balcony. The Balcony is filled with many stone sculptures of animals and monsters, and contains a pair of staircases leading down to the Dungeons. Go to the side with the Stone Dragon, and avoid his flames as best you can. Well, that was easy! Just a quick hop down this staircase, and we're home free!

    Oh, did we mention the Spike on the Stairs?


    The stairs leading down here contain a pair deadly spikes that shoot up and turn you into Hero Kabob. The process for getting past this set of stairs without triggering the spike is tricky at best. You should save your game IMMEDIATELY, and then proceed.

    Move the Hero down to the last step before the platform. Press the F1-F4 keys to make the Hero creep along quietly. Walk along the bottom corner, with the Hero against the edge of the stairs, AWAY from the wall. At the bottom of the steps where the two staircases meet, turn toward the left and go across the lower platform, and then down the staircase on the left side. This may take a number of times to do successfully.

    Once at the bottom of these stairs, go to the left and down the small hallway into the Torture Room. The spikes that shoot out of the ground are mostly harmless. Mostly. There are a couple of creatures here, one that looks like the angriest gopher you ever met (no day for HIM!) and a killer skeleton. By this time, of course, you're a full-fledged master of Ecstatica battle and you'll turn them into speed bumps.


    The Torture Room contains a large book on a pedestal, a flying imp with a really taunting speech, and a number of interesting devices on the walls. The Imp will have a lot to tell you about the Demon and how there's no chance in... um... well, no chance to beat him. Ignore him and pick up the BOOK OF MAGIC. You now have both ingredients to make a really great weapon.


    With your new items in hand, you should walk back up and out to the Gardens. This is another prime place to save your game, as you never know what's lurking in the Gardens these days. Run directly to the Stone Circle. With a few special incantations and gestures, our RELIC and BOOK OF MAGIC will transform into a All-Powerful WEAPON. The best description of the WEAPON would be its resemblance to a Middle-Age Flamethrower.

    Now you can kick some Minotaur! If he wanders your way again, make him VERY UNHAPPY. This isn't important to solve the game, but it's a great way to practice with your new WEAPON on something fun.

    Head back to the Dungeons and down the stairs, remembering the process for getting by the Spikes mentioned above. Once again, it's best to save the game heading down.


    Underneath the Stairs with The Spikes, there is a low doorway. Walking through it reveals the Roman Bath Hall. Slaves with feather fans slowly sway in the darkness, beckoning you with promises of pleasures beyond imagining. What? Give up crawling around dark dungeons and facing almost certain death? Are they kidding?

    To your right, upon entering the Bath, there is an opening with a staircase. Go down it and around the corner to find the Skeleton King's Room.


    Actually, he's not so much a Skeleton King as a King who's a Skeleton. He's not doing so well, lately. When you walk into this room, a skeleton that transforms into a double of you will appear. Kill it.

    Walk up to the King, and he will give you his benediction. It's just about time to face the fight of your life.

    SUIT UP!

    From the Skeleton King's Room, walk through the Roman Bath Hall and into the Crypt with Pit in Center. Search through the coffins until you find the GOLD ARMOR, which you will put on. Now you're just about ready for an old-fashioned Demon Hoe-down! If the Skeleton mentioned above didn't appear before, he will now. He's easy to kill compared to what you've fought up to now.

    Walk to the Torture Room and go through the now wide-open door. You'll enter The Lair of the Demon. Nice place, really. Rising out of the ground and floating before you, you'll see Esctatica herself. Ecstatica was unable to control the Demon, and was overpowered. Now he keeps her in an eternal sleep, and her nightmares have been running throughout the town. The Demon has been waiting for you. Don't worry just yet; you're packing some major Demon-Busting Heat right now. You'll be led to a long table where the Demon will offer you a drink and a small chat.


    The Demon presents you with a proposition: You can either submit to him and live the rest of eternity in pleasure and comfort, or you could die a horrifying death. This doesn't sound like that tough a choice, and in fact you can just submit to him by putting down the WEAPON.

    At this point, it makes sense to save the game, and try both of the endings of Ecstatica.

    DO YOU SUBMIT.......?

    If you put down the Weapon, the Demon will congratulate you, and you live the rest of eternity in pleasure and comfort.

    OR REJECT.......?

    However, should you decide that Ecstatica and the Village of Tirich is worth saving, you should get up and walk away from the Demon. Actually, RUN! is more like it. Run directly into the wide space near the table.

    The Demon will change into a fierce dragon and begin trying to make you into Hero Toast. Using the WEAPON, fire as many times as possible directly at the Demon Dragon. With luck and good aim, you should vanquish the Demon to the Depths of the Bad Place He Came From. Ecstatica will wake from her dream, and the town is saved!

    That sure was easy, wasn't it?


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