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Dungeon Master Walkthrough

  1. Article 8742 of rec.games.misc: =============================================================================== DUNGEON MASTER Solved!!! Amiga Version! Written by Rom Chip of ORACLE The only reason I wrote this solve was because even though the game is not all that hard, its still an adventure, and i love to make solve files so if you got stumped on any level, then this solve should help you make it to the next level ok...first of all, get the DMHINT disk which has all the maps for all the levels...you really need maps...ill tell you bout the tricky areas of each levels and how to overcome them..and even the special items on each level and their uses...I've spent over 100 hours with this game..(an ORIGINAL since no-one can make a successful crack.heh) I wrote this solve in the order of things i did to complete the game, on some levels, you don't have to do the same things i did...but to ensure you the correct way, then you could follow my pathways, at least you'll see most of the game this way..(shortcuts are always no fun!!) On with the solver!!! First: heres a breakdown of all the characters you could take...i solved the game with HISSSA, Elija,Sonja and Gothmog. I suggest 2 good warrior type, a powerful Priest and Wizard....but pick for yourself who u like!.. # NAME CLASSES EQUIPMENT STATISTICS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Iaido Apprentice Fighter Samurai Sword 43/55/40/35/45/50/48/65/11 Novice Priest Ghi, Trousers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 Zed Novice Fighter & Priest Torch, Hosen 40/40/40/50/40/40/60/60/10 Novice Ninja & Wizard Pants, Mail ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 Elija Novice Fighter Robe, Sandals 42/40/42/36/53/40/60/58/22 Apprentice Priest Magic Box ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 Chani Novice Fighter Shirt, Sandals 37/47/57/37/47/37/47/67/20 Apprentice Wizard Moonstone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 Hawk Novice Fighter Leather Pants 45/35/38/55/35/35/70/85/10 Apprentice Priest Leather Jerkin Boots, 2 Arrows ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 Boris Novice Ninja Leather Pants 35/45/55/40/45/40/35/65/28 Apprentice Wizard Leather Boots Rabbits Foot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7 Alex Apprentice Ninja Leather Pants 44/55/45/40/35/40/50/57/13 Novice Wizard Leather Jerkin Boots, Sling ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8 Nabi Apprentice Priest Staff, Tunic 41/36/45/45/55/55/55/65/15 Novice Wizard Pants, Sandals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9 Linflas Apprentice Fighter Elven Boots 45/45/47/35/50/35/65/50/12 Novice Wizard Elven Doublet Elven Huke, Bow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10 Gando Novice Wizard Leather Boots 39/45/47/33/48/43/39/63/26 Apprentice Ninja Leather Jerkin 2 Poison Darts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11 Syra Novice Priest Elven Doublet 38/35/43/45/42/40/53/72/15 Apprentice Wizard Tabard, Apple ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12 Halk Journeyman Fighter Berzerk Helm 55/43/30/46/38/48/90/75/00 Barbarian Hide Club, Sandals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13 Daroou Apprentice Fighter 50/30/35/45/30/45/100/65/6 Neophyte Wizard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 Wu Tse Novice Ninja Silk Shirt 38/35/53/45/47/40/45/47/20 Apprentice Priest Tabard, Sandals 3 Throwing Stars ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 Tiggy Novice Ninja Kirtle, Gunna 30/45/50/35/59/40/25/45/36 Apprentice Wizard Sandals, Wand ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16 Leif Apprentice Fighter Leather Jerkin 46/40/39/50/45/45/75/70/7 Novice Priest Leather Pants Leather Boots ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17 Azizi Novice Fighter Barbarian Hide 47/48/42/45/30/35/61/77/7 Apprentice Ninja Hide Shield Halter, Daggers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18 Stamm Journeyman Fighter Leather Pants 52/43/35/50/35/55/75/80/00 Suede Boots Tunic, Axe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 19 Mophus Journeyman Priest Sandals, Robe 42/35/40/48/40/45/55/55/19 Cheese, Bread Apple ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20 Wuuf Apprentice Ninja Leather Jerkin 33/57/45/40/35/40/40/50/30 Novice Priest Empty Flask ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 Leyla Journeyman Ninja Leather Pants 40/53/45/47/45/35/48/60/3 Leather Boots Silk Shirt, Rope ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22 Sonja Journeyman Fighter Gunna, Halter 54/45/39/49/40/40/65/70/2 Choker, Sword Sandals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 23 Hissssa Apprentice Fighter 58/48/35/35/43/55/80/61/5 Novice Ninja ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 24 Gothmog Journeyman Wizard Cloak of Night 40/43/48/34/50/59/60/55/18 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Statistics are in the following form - STRENGTH/DEXTERITY/WISDOM/VITALITY/ANTIMAGIC/ANTIFIRE/HEALTH/STAMINA/MANA Resurrecting a champion keeps stats. Reincarnating may lower or raise stats. LEVEL 1: OK, you've assembled your group...when you enter level one of the Dungeon (your sorta actually on level2..but I call it level 1) You need to get keys!..This area is simple except for one area where 2 pressure plates and an iron gate...walk on first plate but go around second plate..and it'll work fine....after you've got the keys..and finally got to the room with the screamers...kill em and keep going until you come to a room filled with pressure plates...heres the correct sequence that'll let ya get through...when you step onto the first pressure plate in the room.. that's the first move, from there go right 1, then forward 1, left 1, forward 1, back 1, forward one, back one...you should see the gate come open...you'll get the hang of it..just save your game every once in awhile. if you get all confused..go back to beginning of room and try again... Next you'll come to a trap door..set a rock or something on the pressure plate and the trap will close up...keep following the only way to go.. you'll later on come across a wishing well..put coin in to open door... ...General hints:keep eyes peeled for Camouflaged keys against the walls Monsters you'll encounter: Mummies and Screamers only..(screamers make good eating..get em for food) items on level 1:lots of Food, weapons..(get sword and falchion), keys: 6 gold ones, emerald, topaz, iron, solid and key of B..so save everything you find. LEVEL 2:When you start walking down this hallway..about 8 steps..start looking on your left for a secret button that will open a secret door on the left side of the tunnel which holds a compass. if you keep going down the hallway, you notice it branches to the left or keeps going... if you keep going, you'll run into three doors with locks and you don't have those keys..so your gonna have to go search for em...back to left branch you passed by....you enter a large open space..and there are six areas you can go to...when you first enter the area, you find two doors in front, two on your left and two on your right...lets start with the two on you left..we'll call em door 1 and 2...door 1 has this SOLUTION: Hit Switches to activate the teleport in each cell.After being teleported to every cell, the chest will finally be teleported outside the cell, get mirror out of chest...Use mirror on EYE to open secret door... DOOR 2 solution:put coin in slot to open door...you see a door on the other side of an open trap..cast the spell at door to open.. its the 2 syllables that look like: 1:a box 2: 3 circles....then throw anything across trap so it lands on other side and the trap will close up. watch for the secret door switches near the staff. you'll need to get a key from this area..look for one. i'm sure you got the needed key from area one also in the secret chamber. DOOR 3:Keep to the outside of the matrix if u can. Use the compass to see when an invisible teleport as turned you around..in one of the alcoves you see a hidden button...press it and it opens a secret room with a needed key... Door 4:Hit the switch, then, while still facing the wall, quickly move to the left four times and forward twice. if the door closes before you make it, go back and do it again until you make it. drop a few heavy items and you move a little quicker. when you come to next pit near button.. this is tricky..press button and quickly turn left and throw any object into the teleport.....if your successful, the pit will close up and you can retrieve your thrown object..next pit with button...stand in front of button and press it..then quickly move backwards 3 times.. very quickly or you'll fall..down the pit. ...you'll need to a key from this area beyond traps..

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