By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Cryo
Website: Cryo Web

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Dreams to Reality Walkthrough



  1. Introduction
  2. The island of Angkor
  3. Magic lake
  4. Island of the statue
  5. Island of the bellows
  6. The waterfall
  7. Maturity Arena
  8. Back to earth
  9. Passage towards pyramid
  10. References
  11. Letters

    The island of Angkor

  1. Speak to the blue elf, take some manna then fly to the Island of Hamman
  2. Once on the island recover the bow given by the red elf
  3. Speak to the blue elf on the door, then operate its opening system by pressing the control button of the keyboard
  4. Inside the Hamman attack the two mantas then operate the lever to open a passage onto the island of Angkor
  5. Enter into the mouth of the head and move along the corridor up to the little green elf then go down and carry on straight ahead as far as the grotto of the columns.
  6. In the grotto jump from platform to platform then take a left, take the key then take the exit placed near to the green elf
  7. Once in the water keep going to the right in the labyrinth under the water (underwater ride)

    Magic lake

  8. You have to recover 3 paintings, in the water, in the air to recover the fresco, you have to go through the bottle neck in the airs (ice room).
  9. Back from the lake, exit by one of the blue tinted passages which will bring you back onto the island of Hamman.
  10. Return into the hamman then go into the pool, in order to recover the horn, get out and then advance towards the whale.
  11. You will have to follow the whale whilst recovering the manna it leaves in its wake.
  12. Arriving on the 2- rock island, fly towards the red elf to have the regeneration magic.

    Island of the statue

  13. Go and see the sorcerer, fly over the island's surface, and get close to the red elf to get the tomtom then fly as far as the two rock island to then reach the island of Africa.
  14. Bring the tomtom to the sorcerer and recover the bow then come back to the island of the statue, place yourself on the water in front of the statue then press control
  15. In the torture room speak to the green elf in his cage, find and operate the handle then jump on his cage to free him.
  16. Once in the grotto (tiger room) find and bring back the green elf close to the manta which is immobile in one of the rooms.
  17. Back on the island of the statue jump and follow the right hand whale Island of columns
  18. Take the left hand door and recover the invisibility spell then fly to the island of the canyon
  19. On the island of the canyon, speak to the green elf then fly towards the hot air balloon and bring it close to the elf in order to recover the maps of the surf
  20. Back on the island of columns, take the left hand door, place yourself in the center of the pentacle to recover the surf then fly towards the island of bellows

    Island of the bellows

  21. Fly and go around the island to the left as far as the 1st door, speak to the red elf to get the key.
  22. Do the same thing to reach the 2nd door, speak to the first elf to get the 1st note.
  23. In front of the great door, press control, then cross this room by jumping on the platforms.
  24. Do the course with the surf as rapidly as possible
  25. Once back on the island of columns, take the right hand door, kill the boss and the blue elves and speak to the green elf to obtain "the object" then get back to the island of the bellows
  26. On the island of the bellows, go back to the 2nd door, speak to the 2nd elf, recover the 2nd note then redo the surf course which will bring you back to the island of the canyon
  27. Take the bow and advance towards the whale, on the surf go as fast as possible as far as the exit (loading of the continuation)
  28. Arena
  29. Speak to the shaman
  30. Using the bow, kill the brown elf to obtain "the object" then go to the center of the arena to face the yellow boss then take the passage behind the white elves.
  31. In the passage of birth, find the exit.

    The waterfall

  32. Fly towards the red elf to get the possession spell
  33. Use the possession spell
  34. Go and see the mermaid under the water to possess her and find the key in a dark cranny near four columns.
  35. In the labyrinth, recover the flute then go straight ahead to the exit
  36. Go and see the tortoises then bring them back by flying towards the boss.
  37. Just wait for the arrival of the black double, then let yourself be struck.
  38. You then fall into the well of consciousness, you now just have to beat your black double by striking him.

    Maturity Arena

  39. Take the passage behind the white elf who is all alone. In the passage, you have to recover the object that Ray the scientist will give you. Go on to see the camcorder fans.
  40. Come back into the arena, go and see the little violet elf, follow him and then speak to him.

    The spider 1st floor

  41. Await the appearance of the character in red who will send you to the first level.
  42. In the Angkor nightmare, you must enter the grotto and go up to the red elf who will give you the first spider.
  43. In the spider's subterranean room, a new character appears who transports you to the Haman island.
  44. On the island, you must catch the red elf to recover the second spider.
  45. Once again in the spider's subterranean room, await the arrival of a character who will send you onto Easter island.
  46. In the shaman's nightmare, go and see the violet elf and bring him into the center of the island between the little heads.
  47. Fight the three red monsters in order to recover the third spider.
  48. Once again in the spider's subterranean room, a spider accompanies you, it has to fight the captain and the black spider.

    Spider exterior

  49. Find 2 characters and bring them close to the green elf who is in front of the spider's corpse.
  50. In the body of the spider filled with water, you have to swim towards the yellow sphere, then go towards the 2 characters.
  51. Once you control the spider, fight the other giant spiders (Alt. button To fire), then go towards the head-shaped statue to get out.

    Death Arena

  52. Back in the arena, you have to kill the 3 small creatures that guard the door.
  53. In the passage of death, you recover the 1st letter by killing one of the red monsters.
  54. Exit at the level of the Mountain of evil then enter again the passage of death, a fountain of manna will appear.
  55. You will recover the second letter by flying towards the elf standing on one of the platforms and the third up in the gullet of one of the stone statues.
  56. Return to the grotto and jump into the source of manna.
  57. Back in the final arena, go and talk to the shaman.

    The Factory

  58. After speaking to the elves, carry straight on and operate the lever
  59. Go back to the level of the elves and aim for the giant ventilator
  60. In the maze of the factory, take the left hand turn as far as the mobile platforms.
  61. You should find a little violet elf who will give you the omega, then carry on to the exit.
  62. Back to the regeneration factory, take the right hand path and pass on the right hand side of the metal structure.
  63. In the factory, stock up on manna and use the possession spell on the
  64. Minotaur so as to lead it onto the regenerator placed opposite the platform where you start the level.
  65. Fly towards the character who appears.

    Scene of the tree

  66. Fly towards the blue elf.
  67. Bring him close to the bench, a camera appears, recover it.
  68. Inside the shark, take possession of the green elf and go outside.
  69. Go and speak to the mermaids, they will hand you an object, then go and speak to the guardians.
  70. Go back into the shark through its gullet.
  71. Then return into the water and go and see the green elf.
  72. In the maze, take the 2nd turning right then the 1st turning left.
  73. Once you have recovered the key, turn around then take the 1st turning right and finally the 1st turning left. Carry on straight ahead as far as the exit, then go back to the shark. Once inside, aim for the exit and the shark will leave.
  74. Once you are guiding the shark, you must get out of the maze as quickly as possible.
  75. In the shark arena, you must kill the two sharks by firing with the "a" of the control button.

    Building exterior at the level of the snake

  76. You have to kill the snake and the fish.
  77. Then recover the life bonus and touch the blue pentacle on top of the building.
  78. You may then enter it.
  79. In the building opposite the elf, take the left hand passage.
  80. You must destroy the tank and recover little red riding hood
  81. Back from the elf's level, take the right hand passage
  82. Robots will attack you, you have to go close to the werewolf so that he turns into a child.
  83. Return to the level of the green elf with the child.
  84. Take the passage opposite the elf accompanied by the child.

    Bill's room

  85. On arrival in this room, you must take possession of Ray and get close to Bill.
  86. In this way, you will make a handle appear. Use the invisibility spell, operate this handle then pass through the screen.
  87. In the cinema, kill the monsters then enter the projectionist's cabin at the top of the stairs.
  88. In the room, the projectionist is bewitched and attacks you.
  89. Get out of the projection cabin fast and pass through the cinema screen.
  90. Once in the Africa tunnel, you have to find the exit from this maze.
  91. Take the 1st passage left, then the 1st right and to finish the 1st right.
  92. On the island of projectionists, fight the 3 projectionists.
  93. Come back the same way then return into the projection room.
  94. Arm yourself with the sword, take the right hand door, confront the two red monsters then get out.

    Bill's room

  95. Get rid of doubles and go to speak to the real Bill.
  96. In the teleportation pod, run in order to avoid the two guardians until cancellation of the orders then head towards the pod.
  97. On the gaudi level, destroy the 2 enemies then the giant scorpion.
  98. In the grotto of shivers, you should find the exit from the level.
  99. Once on the peak, the player finds himself before the priests, jump into the void.
  100. Above all else, avoid fighting with your double, run without stopping. In the whale ride, follow the whale picking up its manna.

    Well of dreams

  101. You are in the well of dreams and you have to fly from one end of the well to the other.
  102. In the elf's nightmare, you have to fight all the other elves and you will find yourself sinking again into a whirlpool.
  103. You must fly from one end of the well to the other.
  104. In the servant's nightmare, fight monsters, you will again find yourself sinking into a whirlpool.
  105. You must fly from one end of the well to the other.
  106. In this nightmare, fight the gargoyles and you will find yourself sinking into the last whirlpool.

    Back to earth

  107. Recover the pistol and find the motor bike.
  108. On the motor bike, find the soldier and kill him.
  109. Then find the green elf who is just next to the exit
  110. Once in the technical military maze, you must kill the soldiers you find on your route then you will be captured.
  111. In the Cell, wait until the shaman disappears, then put yourself on the bed.
  112. Once outside the cell, go straight as far as the exit.
  113. In the room, get yourself followed by the green elf, take the passage opposite the door in front of you.
  114. In the second hangar, jump onto the opposite platform and take the door.
  115. For this passage, it is best to use the invisibility spell.
  116. In this new hangar, kill the soldiers and take the motor bike.
  117. Once outside, you have to find the owner of the motor bike.

    Passage towards pyramid

  118. Speak to the blue elf and go straight to the exit whilst firing on enemies. In the air interior, fly upwards to reach the world of fire and find the priest of fire.
  119. Take possession of him, get out of the world of fire and drop into the hole to reach the world of water.
  120. Wait a few moments for the water to evaporate then find the priest of water.
  121. Take possession of him and bring him into the world of fire.
  122. Then you are once again Duncan, you just have to get out of the world of water.
  123. Fight the four guardians, once beaten you will find yourself back up against the Dark One.
  124. Take possession of the body of the child and take it towards the Dark One to defeat him.



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