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Dragon's Lair Walkthrough


    Moves for DRAGON'S LAIR

    by Lafe Travis

    This is a complete solve for Dragon's Lair. It may spoil some of the fun of discovering the moves on your own. It's your choice!

    All moves are in brackets. L=left, R=right, U=up, D=down, S=sword/spacebar The rooms are grouped by level. When the game ends, you are sent back to the first room on whatever level you've reached. The order of the rooms will be randomly chosen within a level. Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be randomly chosen as well. Certain rooms will appear backwards, and all left and right moves will be reversed, but NOT up, down or sword. I learned these moves on my own. It took me three months to figure all of them out. Many the moves are different than the arcade version. Some scenes which appear in the arcade (and the CD-Rom instruction book!!!) do not appear in this version of Dragon's Lair. Pretty well all of the moves can be used with the Sega-CD version of Dragon's Lair also. So here they are. I've tried to include as much timing references as possible. If the move doesn't seem to be working, try different timing. Some moves have very exact timing. So here they are...

    LEVEL 1

    After Dirk falls through the hole in the bridge (S)
    then (U) to climb out.

    End of Corridor:
    Dirk is facing three doors. Suddenly, the room starts to crumble and fall apart. Dirk will cover his eyes and start to sway towards the crevasse towards the left. Move him in the opposite direction (R). As soon as the door to the right flashes open, move (R).

    LEVEL 2

    Tentacles from Ceiling:
    A green tentacle will appear from the hole in the celing. (S) will chop it off. Dirk will automatically jump forwards in the room. Move (R) towards the door, but don't go through it yet. Investigate the staircase by moving (D). As soon as the tentacles appear from the top of the stairs, jump to the table (L). Almost immediately, the door in front of Dirk will open and he can go through it (U).

    Snake Room:
    Dirk is in a room full of mist. A snake will appear (S). Another snake will appear (S). After killing the two snakes pull the cord (R). Wait for a rope to drop down from the hole in the room, and move (U) to escape. A snake will almost get you.

    Drink Me:
    Dirk stands in front of a table with a bottle on top. A sign reads "drink me". Move (R) once to avoid the bottle and the flames.

    Cauldron Pot:
    This room wasn't listed in the instruction book. Dirk is in a laboratory. A huge cauldron pot will bubble over with yellow goo. Jump away from it (U) to a table. Dirk will examine a potion bottle. Suddenly, a monster will jump out of the bottle. Kill it (S). Dirk will automatically jump back towards the cauldron pot. A ghost will appear from out of the pot. Kill it (S). More yellow goo will flow towards Dirk's feet. Escape out the door (R).

    LEVEL 3, 4, 5 or 6

    Checkerboard Floor Knight:
    This room appears backwards 50% of the time. The Black Knight will send electric charges through the floor towards Dirk. Dirk must make it to the other side of the room safely and kill the Knight. Look to see which hand the Knight is holding his sword in at the beginning of this scene. You will start by moving in the opposite direction of that sword hand. (R),(L),(U),(L),(R),(L),(R), and then kill the knight with a few sword thrusts (S),(S). The reverse pattern is (L),(R),(U),(R),(L),(R),(L),(S),(S)

    The Goons:
    Dirk comes up through a trapdoor in the floor at the bottom of a stairwell. Purple Goons will appear through a door. Kill them (S). More Goons will come through the door, but Dirk should start heading up the stairway instead (R),(U). Goons will appear at the top of the stairs and come down towards Dirk. Chop them (S). Goons are still coming up the stairs after Dirk. Move (U) to escape through the door.

    Rolling Balls:
    Dirk is in a hallway with rolling colored balls. A bigger black ball will appear behind him. Wait for the yellow ball to cross in front of Dirk's body and then (D), the same thing with the red ball (D), blue (D), green (D), orange (D) and purple (D). Move (U) to jump over the deep hole.

    Closing Wall:
    A wall in front of Dirk starts filling up with bricks. Move (U) once immediately to make it through in time.

    A flock of bats will attack Dirk. Defend yourself (S). More bats will come (S), then immediately move left (L) when the floor crumbles away, and jump over the gap in the collapsed staircase (L). A giant vampire bat will appear in front of the exit. Kill it (S). Go through the door (L). The pursuing bats will collide with the closed door and fall to the ground.

    LEVEL 3, 4, 5 or 6

    Large Wooden Platforms:
    The catwalk Dirk is walking on will start to collapse. Move (U), (U). A flock of bats will attack Dirk. Duck down (D) as soon as you hear their wings flapping, and quickly use your sword (S) to scare them away. The timing is really crucial. Move (R) to a broken section and climb a rope to safety.

    Sliding Stairs:
    Move (L) as soon as the staircase turns into a slide. Dirk will come down the stairs. A purple-tentacle thing will come out of the pit at the bottom of the stairs. Make it go away (S). Continue up the stairs (L) to the other side of the room. Don't pull the chain; instead go through the round opening on the wall (L).

    Metallic Flying Horse:
    This room can appear backwards. Dirk will sit on a metal horse, which suddenly comes alive and takes Dirk on a flying ride towards a wall of fire. In one instance of this room, the fire will appear on the left side of the pillar, so move away (R), more pillars (L),(R),(L) and a stone wall (L). The horse will crash to safety back into the castle and Dirk will get up and walk through a door. You don't need to worry about escaping the fireball behind you. In the mirror-image of this room (L),(R),(L),(R),(R)

    Metallic Ball:
    Dirk will be in a throne room. A magnetic ball will steal Dirk's sword and helmet. The round carpet will become electrical and a top view of the room will be given. Jump (R),(U) and then (R), so Dirk is sitting in the throne. His helmet and sword will be returned to him. The throne will revolve into another room. Dirk must run away from the electricity behind him (R) and go out the door.

    LEVEL 3, 4, 5 or 6

    The Lizard King:
    Dirk is chased by a the Lizard King. His sword is stolen away from him by a pot of gold, so Dirk must chase after it. At various hallway intersections, Dirk must choose the proper direction to go. Make your move, just as the sword and pot of gold takes a turn, and before the Lizard King hits you on the head with his sceptre. The correct directions are: (L),(R),(R),(R),(R),(R). Dirk will be at a dead end. The pot of gold and his sword have come to a halt. Move (U) to obtain the sword. Swing the sword at the Lizard King (S). Dirk will lose his sword again. Move (L) and (R) to evade the Lizard King. Move (D) to get Dirk's sword again, and finally (S) to kill the Lizard King. Dirk will take the gold and go out the door.

    Giant Spinning Batons:
    This room has mirror images as well, but since there are no left or right moves, the patterns will be the same. Dirk must cross a bridge over a chasm of thorns. Batons are spinning to either side of the bridge. Listen carefully to the sounds Dirk makes. Right after his third noise, move (U). Safely to the other side, Dirk will confront a red-cloaked spectre with a glowing rod. Kill the spectre (S). Thorns will rise up in front of Dirk, so jump back (D). More thorns. Make Dirk escape through the door (U).

    The Smithy:
    This room can be reversed. Dirk is surrounded by a wall of fire, and the weapons are enchanted. Ready Dirk's sword immediately (S). A magic sword will fly toward Dirk (S). An enchanted mace will fly toward Dirk (S). An anvil will fly at Dirk. Move AWAY from the flaming wall; either (R) or (L). It depends which version of the room the computer generates. A spear will fly off a weapon rack at Dirk (S). Dirk will jump up on a ledge and an axe bearing statue will come to life. (S) once will kill it. Dirk will leave the room.

    Haunted Hallway:
    This room can have a mirror image. Dirk will be at the beginning of a long hallway with many doors. Clattering skulls will fall out at Dirk's feet and try to bite him. Move (U) to jump away. A large skeleton hand will try to grab Dirk from a doorway. Smash it with Dirk's sword (S). Black tar/goo will pour out of the doorway at Dirk's feet. Jump forwards in the hallway (U). Another skeleton hand will appear, so smash it (S). More black tar/goo will pour out of a door at the end of the hall, on either side. Move AWAY from the black stuff through the door (R) OR (L). Dirk will be attacked by Crypt Creeps. Kill them with a sword swing (S) and escape out the secret passage.

    LEVEL 3, 4, 5 or 6

    Checkerboard Corridor:
    The floor will tilt and then vanish beneath Dirk's feet. Jump back (D). Dirk will make a commotion and try to stand on the only available squares. Move (U) to safety. Once Dirk jumps up to the far end of the room, move him (L) out the door of this room

    Pool of Water:
    This room can be backwards, so know both patterns. If Dirk's sword is hanging on his right side, and the floor crumbles to the left, move (R). Darts will shoot from the wall at Dirk. Jump (U) to avoid being hit. The stone floor will crumble, so move (L). Dirk will be standing at the edge of the pool. More floor will crumble, so move (U) to jump into the water. Panels will open up and snakes will swim into the pool with Dirk. (R) to quickly get out of the pool. More floor will crumble (U). Dirk will be at the corner of the room. A spider will frighten Dirk (S). The floor collapses more. Move (U) to go through the door between two converging stone blocks. Whew! The reverse pattern would be (L),(U), (R),(U),(L),(U),(S),(U)

    Phantom Knight:
    A ghostly horseman will charge towards Dirk. Move (L) away from the thorns. The knight will make another charge. Once again, move away from the thorns (L). The knight comes back a third time. Move the other way (R) to avoid the thorns. Dirk will jump into a cave, almost getting hit by the knight's sword.

    Room of Fire:
    Dirk is in a room of flammable rubbish. A bench will drop down and cover a hole to the left. Lightning will shoot out of a hole in the ceiling towards Dirk. Jump (R). When Dirk is on the right side of the room, move down (D). As soon as fire appears in front of Dirk, move (U). The room will be brightly lit up with flames. Keep moving Dirk (L),(L),(L) until he pulls aside the bench from the wall and crawls through the low opening.

    LEVEL 7

    The Round Cage:
    A round grille will drop down over Dirk and become electrified. An electric field will appear on the ground and begin moving towards Dirk's feet. Move (U) (U) to avoid the electricity and (U) to get through the crashing doors. Dirk will be at a bridge over a gushing geyser. When a side shot of the bridge is given, and Dirk looks back at the electricity behind him, immediately move (L) to cross the bridge to safety.

    Lava Field of the Mudmen:
    Dirk is in a large cave and is attacked by mudmen. First he tries using his sword (S), but it bounces right off the mudmen. They will move in on Dirk (U). Move (U) seven more times whenever Dirk pauses, and this room will be done!

    Dirk will fall into a boat on a raging underground river. At the rapids, move up each time Dirk's boat enters the lighter/calmer current (U),(U),(U),(U) At the whirlpools, move Dirk AWAY from the whirlpool (R),(L),(R),(L). Dirk's boat will hit a wall, sending Dirk flying up in the air towards a chain. As soon as you hear the dinging sound, grab the chain (R).


    Dirk has finally made it to the Dragon's Lair! Princess Daphne is inside a crystal ball, and the Dragon appears to be asleep. A stack of objects are about to topple over, which will awaken the Dragon. Move (U) after Dirk says "wow" and "umhum!" to catch the objects. Dirk will hop to a box of treasure (L) and slide down a pile of coins. The Dragon hears this and wakes up, blowing flames in Dirk's direction (L), but Dirk escapes. More noisy objects are about to fall, so Dirk must catch them (D). The Dragon will go back to sleep. Dirk moves closer to Daphne, who tells him how to kill the Dragon: "Get the key, find the Magic Sword." After this silly speech, the Dragon will wake up. Dirk hides behind a pillar, but the Dragon tries to grab Dirk with his claws. Dirk ducks down (D),(D) and runs off to the side (L). Daphne goes "ooh!" The Dragon pursues Dirk, from a behind-view. Dirk must jump over a high pile of gold coins (U). Dirk will be hiding behind another pillar. The Dragon will try to grab Dirk (D), but instead gets the pillar crashing on top of his head. Dirk runs and ducks behind another column (R), where he sights the Magic Sword! Dirk should grab for the sword (S) as soon as the Dragon pokes his head into scene. The Dragon will blow some flames at Dirk, but Dirk uses the magic sword as a shield (S). Daphne claps proudly. The Dragon will swing its huge tail at Dirk (L), but Dirk jumps out of the way. Dirk throws the Magic Sword (S) into the Dragon's gut and kills it. Dirk and Daphne live happily ever after...

    (Until Dragon's Lair II, that is!)

    End Credits roll and a special preview of Space Ace. Check it out.

    If you have any questions or problems with these moves, call me at home:
    Mr. Lafe Travis (403) 245-2801


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