By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Dive: Conquest of Silver Eye Walkthrough

    Walkthrough by CRASH

    I make this walkthrough with several parts. They are :

    1. Movement
    2. The Secret Chambers
    3. The Making of Bullets
    4. The Old Pirate Ship
    5. The Rifle
    6. The Skull Pathway
    7. The Lost Mines
    8. The Marble Cove
    9. Inventories
    10. Messages
    11. Add On

    The following walkthrough will definitely ruin your game 'cause I'll explain it exactly step by step to finish the game. In case you want to take your own path, just look at the Inventories section. The Inventories section will explain on where you can find the items in the game in case you take different path from mine. The Messages section contains all the message/inscriptions you found in the area. Whenever I told about finding a message or inscription, I put a number behind it so you can check out what the message is. And if you find out there's a slight diferent version of this game, the explanation of the differences can be found in the Add On section.


    First of all I'll explain the movement I used in this hint. S = Straight, L = Left, R = Right, HL = Half Left, HR = Half Right, B = Back. Sometimes you can't see or manipulate things if you're not in a correct position. For example : if you can't open or move some chest from the front, try to open it from the back or the left or the right side. And the most important thing is try to look at everything you see in every angles to discover its secret. I'll name a lot of places with an unique name to make you easy to know the area. You must eat the keep your health good. You can eat some plant and wine bottle there to raise your health point ( use it when your life is under 89 HP )

    • S HL S S L : Look wood pile, Take cylinder ( note : you must find five of these cylinder ), Take the firewood
    • B L S S S : Look under bridge, Get fungus
    • R : Look waterfall, Take halberd
    • L S R S S S L L : Look bucket, Take box, Open box ( in your inventory, that's a matchbook )
    • B L S HR : Look bucket. Read a message (1)
    • R : Look Cove ( you'll found the secret chamber here. From now I called this area as The Marble Cove )
    • R S L : Take sledgehammer
    • L L HR R R S S : Open wall ( a secret door, you can only open it from this side not from the other side. Now you enter the Fireplace Area )
    • S S L HL S S S HL S S S L : Take crowbar
    • R R : Use sledgehammer with walled entrance ( another secret chamber )
    • S : Use matches with candle or oil lamp, Look book ( instruction for jumping )

    • R S R S S HR : Move large bell, Take small bell
    • S S L : Take cylinder
    • R R : Take old scraper
    • L : Use large crowbar with heavy rock. From now I call the area behind this heavy rock as The Pirate Gallery. There are 3 main rooms there, on the right is The Pirate Puzzle Board, on the left is The Old Chest Throne, and on the north is The Shooting Gallery ).
    • S : Look old tree limbs, Get cylinder
    • B R HR : Look plant, take amulet ( note : you must find 11 of this amulet )
    • B : Look copper vase, there's a message ( 2 ) here
    • B : Look carved face ( retrieve 3 shells here )
    • S S R R : Look barrel, another message ( 3 )
    • R HR S S S S L S : Look skull dentures, Take iron key
    • S L L S R R S S R S S S S : Look chest, Take big clapper, Take small clapper, Use small clapper with the small bell ( in your inventory )
    • L : Look old vase, Take amulet
    • R R S : Look old vase, Take hook
    • S HR S S HR : Look plants ( retrieve sickel )
    • L L S : Look stalactite, another message ( 4 )
    • R S S S : Look rock, another message ( 5 )
    • S : Take fine dust, there's a vision about loose bar ( the 4th from the left )
    • R R S L : Move loose iron bar, Take cartridge case
    • S R S S S S S R HR S S : Look flatstone, another message ( 6 )
    • S S L S R S L : Look cove, Move plants, Use old scraper with solid sand floor, Take dagger
    • B R R : Use dagger with the skull's eye. Voila, and old amulet. Take it
    • R R S S HL : Take goblet, Take wooden stick
    • L S L S R S L L S HL S S S HL R S S HL HL : Look barrel, Take gunpowder, Use gunpowder with cartridge case, Use case with shells ( your bullets are ready )

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    • B R S S S R : Open door, S : Move stool, Take lens
    • S : Use halberd with wooden pillars ( you'll see a map of an old mines, and when you go Back, you'll see a number on the mirror : 4285 )
    • R S R S : Open wooden doors
    • S S : Look picture ( that's a skull projector )
    • R : Use the number to open the safe, move the arrow R4, L2, R8, L5, Take the amulet
    • B L : Open wooden door
    • S L L : Look that strange mirror there ? Take it. Hey, there's an old key there. Take it
    • R R HL R : Use the old key to unlock the old chest there. Look in the chest. Get the hammer, cup and the goblet. Back again to the door with the mirror, turn around.
    • S S : Move candleholder on the far end wall ( a secret room ), S : Look at the written number on the book : 1773
    • R R S : Move revolving door, R S : Open wooden door
    • S : Go the desk with some nails on it. Use the hammer to hammer the nails. Yes, a magnifying glass will shows up. Take it. Use it with the lens you got earlier. Go back to the room with the chest. Use magnifying glass with the old book on the table. 3 shooting sounds will be heard. It's a clue for the Shooting Gallery later ( 3 shots to the middle skull ). And you'll be practicing with the robot you'll meet in the mines later. The "red" dots are it's weakness spots.
    • Turn around and open the door to go out from the ship.

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    • S S R S S S S HR S R HR S S S R : Use iron key with locked door ( now you enter The Jail )
    • S : Look 3rd hole ( retrieve the rusted key )
    • L : Look old chest, Open old chest, Take amulet
    • Go to The Old Chest Throne. Use rusted key with chest, Look chest, Take cylinder, Take dirty tin cup
    • Find your way back to The Jail. But when you reach the room with 5 barrels in it, stop at the entrance where you can see the barrels clearly on the right end side. Open the top left barrel. Look inside and take the 5th cylinder ( The barrels just in front of The Jail's door ). Now head into the jail.
    • Put the cylinder in the empty slot according to their weight from left to right ( the lighter is on the left end hole. See the number written under the hole !!! From left to right : 0.4 0.6 1.1 2.15 6.375 kg ). A secret compartment will be opened. Look cove. Get the rifle.
    • Go to The Candle Altar ( look your map, that's the room with word "candle" written on it ). Stand in front of the altar. Use hook with wooden stick ( in the inventory ), Use long hook with candle
    • L : Look copper vase, Use dirty tin cup with acid ( you'll have a Holy Grail )
    • Now go to the Shooting Gallery. Use the shells with the riffle. Use the rifle with the rifle holder. Use the rifle to shoot the middle skull three times. Bingo, another book with number 1898 on it. Take the rifle.

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    • Now go to The Pirate Puzzle Board. Enter the room and face the board. Use the slot to fill it in. Fill this order from top to bottom, left to right. Color : Blue, green, red, red. Time : 18 hours, 5 hours, 25 hours, and 12 hours. Queen : Anette, Sylvia, Magdalena, and Raja ( you can arrange the order by reading all the messages and the puzzle board itself ). The rock will be opened. Enter the room.
    • L : look in the broken barrel. Get the survival knife. Open it in the inventory ( hey, there's an oil in the handle )
    • R S S R : get the old amulet behind the stalactite
    • L : open the look hook. Use the handle with the sickel. Use the sickel to cut the bushes. Go through there. Use the bell inside, and a coffin with number 1452 on it will appear.
    • Go back to The Candle Altar. Now go through the pathway on the left.
    • R R S S L S L S S : Use candle with candle holder, Use matches with candle, Take candle
    • R S S S S S : That's it now the Skull mouth is open wide to enter

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    • S S L S : Look bucket, Take amulet
    • B R S S R S L S R S : Look through, Take amulet
    • B R : Look through, Take pick axe
    • B R S R S S : move the danger glass. Shoot the robot at his "red" dot rapidly to destroy it.
    • S L : Look bucket, get amulet
    • B R R : Get shovel, on the wall, go back outside. Now look at the lever at each room in the mines. Move it until all of them pointing to the door where the robot shows ( to the right ). After you do this, suddenly a cart will shows up. It will trigger the secret mechanism to open all the secret room there. Look at the scale near the cart. Move it. Use shovel to dig the rock. Get the amulet.
    • Enter the room in the opposite of the scale. Inside you'll find the last amulet in the bucket and a small crowbar in the through. Continue your journey to the far end door. After you kill the robot. Use the small crowbar to open the right hatch there. You'll see some wine bottle. Eat them to restore your energy point.
    • Now go back outside and face the door in front of the ladder ( the glass door with several cove on it ). Put all the amulets in the cove ( arrange it like when you plays a domino, same pictures stand next to each other ). Move the glass door.
    • S S S R : move the cart. Take some ammunitions.
    • S L S : move the planks. After you kill the robots, go straight. Read the book with number 1643 on it.
    • Get out from the mines and head to The Marble Cove.

    • Before you enter the marble cove, use the Holy Grail to take the warm water. Use the fungus with the grail of water. That's the magic potion of life and strength.
    • Push the marble according this color : purple, purple, green, green, blue, blue. The secret hidden door will open.
    • Enter, light the lantern and the last number will appear : 1996. Now head to The Fireplace Area.
    • Use the firewood with the fireplace. Use opened knife with the firewood. Use matches with the firewood to lit it. And....... the light will open the way. Head through the opening.
    • Move the lever from the small number to the big number : 1452, 1643, 1778, 1898, 1990.
    • Hey, sorry guys ..... but the ending is SUCKS. They should make it more interesting after a long game playing.

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    • Firewood : in the wood pile
    • Cylinder : in the woodpile in front of the skull poles, in the water on the left of the entrance of The Pirate Gallery, in the tree limb in The Pirate Gallery, inside the old chest in The Old Chest Throne, and inside the top left barrel in front of The Jail.
    • Fungus : under the bridge in front of the waterfall
    • Halberd : behind the waterfall
    • Matchbox : in the bucket under the desk near the skull entrance to The Lost Mines
    • Sledgehammer : in The Marble Cove
    • Crowbar : in front of The Jail
    • Instruction book of jumping : inside the secret room next to The Jail
    • Small bell : under the large bell near the entrance of The Pirate Gallery
    • Bullet shells : inside the carved face in The Pirate Gallery
    • Old scraper : behind the stalactite on the right side of the entrance of The Pirate Gallery
    • Dagger : in the cove next to the firewood stack
    • Survival knife : in The Pirate Puzzle Board ( in the secret room ).
    • Cartridge case : under the 4th bar at the portcullis room
    • Rifle : in The Jail ( in the secret cove )
    • Gun powder : in the barrel at the entrance to the old pirate ship
    • Dirty tin cup ( Holy grail ), iron key : in the chest in The Old Chest Throne. Use acid on the dirty cup to reveal the Holy Grail.
    • Candle : on The Candle Altar
    • Lens and Magnifying glass : under the chair and under the nail in the Old Pirate Ship
    • Old rusty key : in The Jail inside the 3rd hole
    • Sickel : in the bushes near the entrance to portcullis room
    • Hook : under an old vase near the entrance to The Pirate Gallery
    • Wooden stick : under the goblet on the altar near skull with a candleholder
    • Old key : behind the mirror in the same room with the chest ( on the door )
    • Hammer, cup, and a goblet : in the old chest in the pirate ship.
    • Book with numbers : behind the doors that unlocked by the amulets in the mines, at the middle skull in the shooting gallery, behind the bushes in the Pirate Puzzle Board room ( use bells ), in the secret room in the pirate ship, and in The Marble Cove.
    • Shovel, pick axe, 5 amulets, anchor, small crowbar, pliers, iron saw, coin, ammunitions : in The Lost Mines
    • Other amulets ( 6 ) : in the plant in the Pirate Gallery, inside the safe at the Pirate Ship, in the hanging skull ( use dagger on it ) near the cove where you find the dagger, in the old vase near the bell's chest, in the chest at the Old Chest Throne, behind the stalactite in the room behind the bushes in the Pirate Puzzle Board.

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    1. Message 1 : Water is not water, Cup is not holy grail, Mushroom is not mushroom, But when thou takest it as one, It hassment the potion of life and strength ( This tells you on how to make a mushroom soup of power )
    2. Message 2 : One pirat wears a green jacket
    3. Message 3 : The pirates wearing red jackets stay next to each other
    4. Message 4 : Kun Storbach stays in the cave 13 hours longer than Hook
    5. Message 5 : Stortebecker directly stands on the right side of Kun Storbach
    6. Message 6 : Stortebecker stays in cave 13 hours longer than the pirat who left the cave first

    ADD ON

    Should you played the different version of the game, this is the differences : you pick the small bar instead of the shovel from the lost mines. Use it to open the hatch in the room behind the scales. You should find a pliers there. In the lost mines you could find an iron saw in the through also. Use it to cut loose the bars to get the anchor. Behind the door with the amulets to open it, you should find a sealed well. Use the pliers to open it. Then use the anchor to get down to the well. Pick up another amulet and a coin inside the well. Use the coin with the scale. A number ( 1643 ) will appear there. That's it. That's the only differences on the game.

    Copyright January 1997, CRASH

    Thanks for the big help from my friend : Della Stockton. Thanks pal !!!!!

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