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Demon's Forge Walkthrough

  1. A Solve By The Wixer You have been captured by the King's guards for brawling in a tavern. Before you were caught, you killed several of the King's best guards. For this, he sentences you to the Demon's Forge, a deadly maze of puzzles and problems you must solve to get out or die trying! If you get out, the king will give you your freedom and your original things. If not then, oh well! *** Warning, this is not a hint sheet. It is a solution to one of the hardest adventure games of all time. If you want hints, try calling the company. **** The arrow keys are used for movement in this game. Forward is the up arrow, left is the left arrow, right is the right and backward is the down arrow. What you should type will be enclosed in brackets [ ]. The Solution begins......... You are at the entrance to the Demon's Forge. [FORWARD]. Now in the entryway, you find a costume. You do not need it, however you need what is in it. [SEARCH COSTUME. GET THE VIAL. LEFT. LEFT]. You are now in a bedroom. There is a chest here. [MOVE THE CHEST. GET THE BAG. OPEN THE CHEST. LOOK IN THE CHEST. GET THE BLANKET. GET THE PILLOW. RIGHT. RIGHT. RIGHT. RIGHT]. A skinny man now runs by you. He has a piece vital to the game. [FOLLOW MAN]. You follow him to a passage with two doors and he disappears. [RIGHT. TALK TO MAN. GIVE RATIONS] The skinny man gives you a rod in exchange for the rations. [LEFT. FORWARD. USE ROD. GET RED GEM]. The gem allows you to control Joe the fire elemental who plays an important part in the game. [BACKWARD. BACKWARD. LEFT. LEFT. FORWARD. FORWARD. RIGHT. BURN BAG]. Burning the magic ashes summons Joe (see above). [LEFT. FORWARD. BURN DOORS. KILL ASSASSIN. DRINK VIAL. KILL ASSASSIN] You have to kill him twice because the first time, he shoots you, you drink the poison antidote, then kill him. [SEARCH ASSASSIN. GET CHIME. BACKWARD. BACKWARD. GET WATER. DOWN]. Joe evaporates the water in the well and you find a door that cannot be opened without the chime. [RING CHIME]. After ringing the chime, read the sign and do what it says. [LEFT THEN RIGHT UNTIL STOP. FORWARD. GIVE WATER]. This gets rid of the rabbit who kills you after you take the wand. [DROP THE CHIME. DROP THE VIAL. GET THE WAND]. The hat does nothing. [RIGHT. RIGHT. FORWARD. WAVE WAND]. Using the wand, you cast a fireball into the door and it melts it but also starts a fire on the rug. [USE THE BLANKET]. This smothers the fire. [FORWARD. GET AXE]. Nothing else in here serves any purpose. [BACKWARD. LEFT. LEFT. FORWARD. FORWARD. BREAK THE MIRRORS. DROP THE AXE. DROP THE GEM]. You do not want to drop the gem until now because the wand explodes if you don't have it. [RIGHT. FORWARD. LEFT. FORWARD. LEFT. DIG GARDEN. GET CARROT. RIGHT. RIGHT. CLIMB WALL. GET BOOTS. GET PENDANT]. The boots are a one try item so don't wear them. [DOWN. RIGHT. RIGHT. FORWARD. FORWARD. READ PENDANT. DROP PENDANT. GET FIRSTSTAFF. WEAR BOOTS. DIG ROOF. DROP SHOVEL. DROP BOOTS. GET DIRT]. The staff becomes a shovel and the pendant serves no purpose until this room. Now we are goint to solve the riddle of the four staves. [LEFT. LEFT. OPEN DOOR. DOWN. FORWARD. PUT DIRT IN HOPPER]. Staff one completed and what do you know we're in the staff room again. [GET SECOND STAFF. LEFT. LEFT. DOWN. LEFT. BURN SECOND STAFF]. I have no idea why you burn it, but you do. Poof.... the staff room again. [GET THIRD STAFF. LEFT. LEFT. DOWN. BACKWARD. GET BOTTLE. FORWARD. RIGHT. BREATHE WATER]. That takes the water from the bottle and you breathe it. [DROP THIRD]. The water in the fountain clears. [READ FOUNTAIN]. Abracadabra..... the staff room.. for the last time (thank god!). [GET FOURTH]. Getting this animates the statue. The statue usually blocks the door on the right but it tells you to drop the staff and then leave. It means to the right. So, [DROP BOTTLE. DROP FOURTH STAFF. RIGHT]. This is where you need the pillow. The dropoff breaks your neck so.... [THROW PILLOW OFF DROPOFF. FORWARD]. You are now at the last parts of the game [LEFT. DROP ALL. LEFT. GET ALL. JUGGLE SPHERES]. If you dont drop all your stuff or you dont juggle the spheres while crossing the bridge, it breaks killing you. [RIGHT. GET CARROT. RIGHT. FORWARD. MOVE ALTAR. FORWARD. CLOSE DOOR. FORWARD. GET KEY]. Havent you ever heard of magic doorways that work when closed? [FORWARD. BACKWARD] What???? You are in a room with a blurry sign. [EAT THE CARROT]. Carrots are good for your eyes, right? [READ SIGN]. This sign tells you how to kill Anarakull? Arankull? whatever. [BACKWARD. LEFT. LEFT. FORWARD. THROW KEY. SWIM. GET KEY. UNLOCK DOOR. OPEN DOOR. DROP KEY]. You have just unlocked the Demon's door.... [RIGHT]. The demon Anarakull or whatever is here weaving a death spell...... for you! aaaaaaa! Don't Panic! Remember the sign : throw the spheres of truth........ ........................ [THROW THE SILVER SPHERE]. This just pisses him off a little bit.............. [THROW THE GOLD SPHERE]. This causes him extreme pain and he loses the spell!! [THROW THE PLATINUM SPHERE]. The Demon explodes and the throne turns aside.... LETTING YOU OUT!!!!!!!!! Congrat's you have just solved one of the hardest adventure games of all time! 


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