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Deathgate Walkthrough



  5. NEXUS
  7. PRYAN
  11. VORTEX


    This walkthrough gives explicit instructions for playing Death Gate which lead to a successful conclusion. However, it will skip some interesting, although redundant, steps. This means if you follow this walkthrough religiously, you may not appreciate the complete game experience and the extremely successful efforts of the designers to create a logical adventure game with entertaining clues and dialogue.

    The information given here assumes that the player has read the Death Gate Game Manual included in the Death Gate game box and makes use of the on-line Help instructions for the operation of certain puzzles.


    Exact dialogue options are not usually supplied because, in general, you should talk to everyone you meet exhaustively. When given choices of dishonest or insulting dialogue, pick honest and diplomatic dialogue or you may find the person will end the conversation prematurely . . . even fatally! There are exceptions to these guidelines; in those cases explicit dialogue instructions are supplied.

    Save reasonably often. This game isn't as benign as you may think. You can 'undo' your last action. But it is possible to get stuck in places with no way out because of not yet having picked up the right equipment or absorbed the needed information. You may be forced to restore to an earlier part of the game.


    2000 years ago the Sartan council, fearing dominance by their rivals, the Patryns, decide to sunder the world. Doing so, they trap the Patryns in a place known as the Labyrinth and the other 'inferior' races are left relatively free to manage their own societies on the magically sundered realms.

    Recently, the Patryn, Lord Xar, escaped the Labyrinth and then helped others Patryns to escape including yourself, Haplo. You lose consciousness at the final gate of the Labyrinth. When you awake, Haplo is under your control and Lord Xar is sitting before you.


    Double click on Xar to talk to him. Xar explains the sundering to you. Ask Xar all the questions available. When you finish talking to Xar, you should have the Naming Rune for Arianus and four spells: Identify, Heat, Cold and Rune Transfer. Take a Glowlamp, before leaving.

    Exit west and enter your ship. Use magic on the Marker (Naming Rune for Arianus) and select and cast the Rune Transfer spell. Click on the Steering Stone to transfer the rune onto it. Click on the Steering Stone to take your ship to Arianus.



    Leave the ship and enter the tunnel. Talk to Jarre. Take the Bread, Marmalade, White T-Shirt and piece of Pipe. Go east and talk to Limbeck. Take the cork out of the ink bottle and dip the T-Shirt in the ink. Slap three dollops of Marmalade on the Bread and give the messy Bread and Marmalade to Limbeck. Pick up the discarded Map/Parchment. Look at the piece of Pipe being used as a candlestick holder.

    Go north, then north-west and talk to Grawple Rockdigger. Do not claim to be a god! Get the piece of Pipe he is holding and the piece of Pipe from the repair box. Leave.

    Go north to the snoozing dwarf and glowing guard. Cast Heat on the sensor panel. Both characters are now distracted by the alarm, so head north to the ship. Go downstairs and talk to Duke. He should give you his ring. Go upstairs to the ship's wizard. Take the Wine Jug and leave. Return to the tunnels and return to your ship.

    Click on the Steering Wheel and the map of Drevlin will be displayed. Click on King Stephen's Castle.


    Head north and hand over the Duke's ring to the guards. Tell King Stephen that his cousin gave you the ring and tell him why.

    Once outside, go west. Pick up the shear and use it to remove the bar from the shutter. Open the shutter and watch Trian. You will learn the Create Reality Pocket spell. Go through the shutter into Trian's study and take the Candle Holder. Look at the books and you will add the Tower of Brotherhood Book to your inventory. Read this Book. Cast the Create Reality Pocket spell at the tapestry and enter the tapestry.

    Talk to the elf wizard. Give him the Wine Jug and talk to him again. Make sure you ask him how to teach you the Shroud of Darkness spell last . . . Well, at least you have learned two new spells: Create Shroud of Darkness and Swap.

    Leave the castle, return to your ship and return to Drevlin.


    Enter the tunnels and head for the elf ship. (Cast Heat on the sensor again.) Once on the elf ship, go upstairs to the sleeping wizard. Cast Create Shroud of Darkness on the Black T-Shirt and place the T-Shirt on the glowing figurines. This exposes the 'gods' as elves to the dwarves who rebel immediately. The elves are returning to their ship, so immediately go downstairs to the slaves and head west into the store room to escape the fighting. Open the large box, take the Zinger and activate it. This signals King Stephen's troops and the elf ship is taken by the humans.

    When King Stephen congratulates you, ask about 'making it worth my while' and ask for information. You fly to Skurvash.


    Go to Skurvash. Talk to the waif, then agree to fetch his doll. Go west and pick up the doll and discover the waif is a street rat! Cast Swap on the street rat. Remove the net, then go north-west and talk to the street rat. Take the Prybar, agree to the street rat's help. Leave and return to the elf ship. Go downstairs and west into the store room. Use the Prybar on the strong box and take the piece of Pipe and the Sack of Gems.

    Return to Skurvash and go east to the Devil's Workshop. Talk to the bartender and sell the Gems. Take Hugh the Hand up on his offer to work for the Brotherhood. Say you are interested and accept the contract to obtain the Magic Amulet.

    Leave the tavern, head west, then north-west. Talk to the street rat, then wait. He will return with a Lockpick and a Paper from the Brotherhood.

    Return to the 'town center' and go south-west to the house. Put the Lockpick in the front door lock and push, jiggle and turn it. Enter the house. Take the poetry book and read it. Look at the clock.

    The pointer is at Mistymorne or '12 o'clock'. Toiltime is at '2 o'clock', Midcycle is at '5 o'clock', Winetime is at '7 o'clock' and Darktime is at '10 o'clock'. Following the verses in the poem, click on 7, then 2, then 10 o'clock, or positions 1, 2 then 3 as marked on the picture of the 'clock' above. Get the journal out of the hidden compartment and read it.

    Cast Create Reality Pocket on the portrait. Enter the portrait. Claim to be a messenger from the man's wife-to-be. Say she wants the magic amulet. Complement his intelligence and perception. Answer his questions as follows: "The Bouncing Beans", "5" and "How much". You now have the Magic Amulet.

    Leave and return to the Devil's Workshop. Give the Magic Amulet to Hugh.


    Hugh leaves you in the Initiation Room with some healing Salve. Use the Salve. Push the table then get on it. Note which floating continent is obscuring the sun. Look at the Brotherhood Paper. Note which word is above the continent you have just identified. e.g. if you saw Hesthea, note the word 'their'. Leave this room and look at the handprint wall. Push the hands according to the first letter of the material each of the hands is made of, spelling the word you have noted. For example, if the word is 'their' then first push the topaz, then hyacinth, then emerald, then iron, then ruby hand. The door to the Treasure Room should open when you do this correctly.

    Ignore the Treasure Room for now. Put the Lockpick in the lock of the door on the right. Shake, pull and tilt the Lockpick. When the door is open, go into the room. Look at the street rat's doll and you will learn the Motion spell. Cast Motion on the statue. Pick up the Crystal Necklace.

    Leave and enter the Treasure Room. Put the Crystal Necklace on the pedestal. Grab the two books and the Crystal Globe. When Hugh threatens you, grab the Crystal Necklace. Leave the Tower. You will return to the elf ship and go to Drevlin.


    Read the two books. Go to Limbeck and give him the Candle Holder. Go to Grawple Rockdigger and fix the broken pipe with the five pieces of Pipe. Read the Help instructions on how to turn and rotate the pieces of pipe.

    The pipe should be contructed as in the above picture. Place the long straight piece on the right. Rotate the 'T' shaped piece so it is an upside down 'T' and place it on the left. On top of the upside down 'T', place an elbow shaped piece with its short side down and its long side to the right. Place another elbow shaped piece along side that with its long side to the left and its short side down. Finally, place the last elbow shaped piece so that its short side is up and its long side is to the right joining the long straight piece on the right. Put the cork in the replaced pipe, then turn the valve. Talk to Grawple again, then show him the Map/Parchment. He will give you a lump of Iron Ore. Leave and go to the east.

    Open the compartment amongst the controls. Put the lump of Iron Ore in the compartment. This starts up the digger. Go east to the room full of crystal coffins.

    Put the Crystal Globe in the statue's hands. Creepy! Take the Air Seal Piece. Return to your ship.

    Cast Rune Transfer on the Book of Pryan and transfer the rune to the Steering Stone. Click on the Steering Stone and return to the Nexus.


    Leave your ship and go to Xar. Talk to him, noting the names Xar gives the Sartan council members. Return to your ship and click on the Steering Stone to take your ship to Pryan.



    Leave the ship. Pull up the Pink Plant. Go west to the citadel door and look at it. Go west to the animal eating nuts in the tree. Pick up a Shell and a Nut. Leave and return to your ship. Click on the Steering Wheel and select the Tree City.


    Leave the ship. Head north-east. Take the clothesline. Open the door, talk to the elf cook and agree to do some work. Talk to the elf child. Ask her about the wizard and her doll. Ask the cook about the bugs and the plant that drives off the insects. Give the Doll in your inventory to the elf child. Leave and go east.

    Talk to the elf prince. Use the Clothes Line to rescue the elf prince. Talk to the elf prince again. Make sure you win his confidence by supporting his meetings with Zifnab. Go south-east to the gathering place. Wait, listen while the campfire is built, and talk to the elf prince again. Keep waiting until the human princess shows up. Then wait until Zifnab turns up. When Zifnab leaves, you learn the Transportation spell. Cast Transportation on the white disk.

    Talk to Zifnab. Pick up the Black Disk. Tie the Clothes Line to the branch. Climb down the tree. Pick the Blue Flowers and the Yellow Flowers. Swing over to the other tree using the Clothes Line.

    Go east to the Maw. Throw the Black Disk into the Maw. Go south-east to the gathering place. Pick up the Ember in the Shell. Cast Transportation on the white disk. Push the nearer corpse. Pick up the Arrow and pick the Toadstools. Crush the Yellow Flowers. Heave the jar of Marmalade at the spider. Put the Ember in the Shell on the hive. Cut the pod containing the Gold Staff with the Shear. Cast Transportation on the Black Disk. Hand over the Gold Staff to the elf prince. Then give him the Blue Flowers, and then the Poetry Book. Talk to the human princess. Have her play the tune from the book and ask her to accompany you. Return to your ship accompanied by the elf prince and the human princess. Return to the Citadel.


    Leave the ship, go west to the citadel door, then north and north again. Ask the human princess to play the tune. Cut the vines around the dwarf with the Shear. Talk to her, then wait for her to return. Talk to her again. Introduce the dwarf to your companions. The dwarf will tell you about a remedy for the human princess' cold and, when you ask, will give you some Herbs.

    Give the Pink Plant, the Toadstools and the Herbs to the human princess. Return to the animal eating nuts. Put some of the crushed Yellow Flowers on the Nut. Give the Nut with the Yellow Flowers to the animal. Pick up the nut meat and give it to the human princess. Head back into the forest.

    Ask the human princess to play the tune. Keep heading north until you reach the Crystal Fragment in the tree. Ask the elf prince to fetch the Crystal Fragment. Save. Return to the tree stump at the entrance to the forest. Quickly, pull the branch to open the stump and toss the Crystal Fragment inside. Go south and wait at the citadel door.

    After the disturbing talk with Zifnab you have a small stone in your inventory. Take the Fire Seal Piece and return to your ship. Cast Rune Transfer on the Crystal Fragment and transfer the rune to the Steering Stone. Click on the Steering Stone and return to the Nexus.


    May be you are having second thoughts about meeting Xar again but you don't have any choice. Go and talk to him. Return to your ship and go to Abarrach.



    Leave the ship and go north-west. Talk to the dead worker and ask for his Bucket. Go to the city and go into the house. Talk to the dead butler. Go upstairs. Talk to the dead nanny. Ask for her book then ask her to accompany you. Take the Tea Set then go downstairs and give the Tea Set to the dead butler. Leave and go east. Read the Children's Book. Leave the book turned to the 'Get that Snake' poem. Ask the dead worker to accompany you. Go north to the cave. Give the Children's Book to the dead nanny. Pick up some Rocks. Go north to the wall. Solve the puzzle as follows.

    1  2  3
    4  5  6
    7  8  9

    Imagine the arrows are numbered as above. Click on 1,3,7,9, then 2,4,6,8, then 2,4,6,8, then 5.

    Talk to the dead dwarf. Leave and returned to the deserted city. Enter the clock tower. Put the Rocks in the Bucket. Put the Bucket on the hook and climb the rope. Turn the time dial so the clock hand is just before the fourth mark. Crank the rope. Wait. Immediately after the clock strikes four, release the lever, climb downstairs, leave and enter the house. If you were quick enough, the study doors will be open. Go east into the study and take the Book from the stand. Read the Book. You learn two new spells: Possession and Ward. Leave and return to your ship. Go to Kleitus' Palace.


    Go to the palace. Talk with Kleitus XIV. There is no way to avoid ending up drugged and in the cell. You have learned a new spell: Hunger, and you now have a Steak in your inventory. Talk to Edmund. It seems you both need the antidote or you are both going to die soon. Throw the Steak to the dog, then cast Hunger on the dog. Cast Possession on the dog.

    Now in Possession of the dog, leave the cell, climb the stairs and take the Bottle which is second on the left. This is the clear liquid antidote. Return to the cell. Give the Bottle to Edmund then give the Bottle to Haplo. Touch Haplo. Pick up the Bottle and drink the antidote. Now you are healthy but still manacled in the cell! Cast Possession on the dog again and get the Key Ring. Give the Key Ring to Edmund, then to Haplo. Touch Haplo. Pick up the Key Ring and unlock the manacles with it. Take the Vise. Ask Edmund to accompany you. Leave the cell, go west and enter the ship. Edmund takes you to the secret cave.


    Leave the ship and enter the cave. Talk to the gamblers and you will receive four Rune Bones. The dog is sniffing at the east wall, so cast Possession on him. Look at the hidden tunnel then touch Haplo. Talk to Balthazar. Talk to him about everything except don't tell him you are a Patryn! You will learn the Unravel Illusion spell. Enter the hidden tunnel.

    Pick up the Spell Book and read it. You will learn the Resurrection spell. Pick up the Robe. After witnessing climatic and far-reaching events, you will learn the Self Immolation spell. Leave and talk to Balthazar. Return to your ship and go to Telestia.


    Go to the cave and visit the dead dwarf. Wear the Robe then talk to the dead dwarf. Have the dead dwarf accompany you. Go into the city and enter the clock tower. Climb the rope. Tighten the Vise. Shove the Vise between the tongs on the headpiece of the scepter. Loosen the Vise. Take the Headpiece. Climb down and return to the ship. Go to Kleitus' Palace.


    Leave the ship and go into the cave. Open the door to the north. The dead dwarf will rush ahead but leave a piece of Cloth behind. Take the Cloth and show it to the dog. Open the door and follow the dog's directions through the catacombs as he picks up the scent of the dead dwarf. Kleitus XIV is after you, so hurry! Eventually the dog will lead you to the Colossus. The damaged containment rune looks fine, so cast Unravel Illusion on it. Place the scepter's Headpiece in the hole in the rune. Congratulations! You have defeated Kleitus XIV. Edmund will give you his pendant. Take the Stone Seal Piece.

    Leave and return to the ship. Cast Rune Transfer on the pendant and transfer the rune to the Steering Stone. Return to the Nexus.


    Leave the ship and go to Xar. Talk to Xar. He will try to motivate you to his cause but is he succeeding? Return to your ship and go to Chelestra.


    Leave the ship and go west to the domed city. Notice that Zifnab's Stone is glowing. Trouble ahead! Save! Look at the warding spell on the city gate. Look at Balthazar's Book. Notice that he modified the Ward spell to create the Possession spell. One of the Rune Bones that you got from the gamblers in the Secret Cave in Abarrach, is a copy of the modification. Cast Rune Transfer on this Rune Bone and transfer the rune to the Ward spell on the city gate.

    Here is the trouble! Sang-Drax, the dragon and the embodiment of evil! When you get a chance, cast Possession on the dog, then immediately head west into the city. Talk to Samah . . . Disaster! By the time you finish talking with Samah you are in real trouble! However, you have learned another spell: Null Water.

    Leave and go east. Fill the Clear Bottle with water from a pool. Cast Null Water on the Bottle. Drink the Null Water then enter the cave. Pick up the Dragon Scales and leave. Go west and put the Scales on the rock pile. Pick up the glowing Stone. Return to the Sartan high council. Push the globe on to the Rug. If necessary, wait for the effect of the Null Water to wear off. Cast Create Reality Pocket on the Rug. Take the Rug. Go to the ship and place the Rug in the ship. Enter the Rug. Push the globe through the portal. Leave the scene via the portal. Cast Rune Transfer on the Pendant and transfer the runes to the Steering Stone. Go to the Nexus.


    Leave the ship and go to Xar's office. Take the History Book and read it. Go to the gate to the Labyrinth. Go through it.


    Cast Cold on the choke vines.

    Head north, then north-east to the tiger-men. Turn back and return over the choke vine field. When the tiger-men reach the choke vines, cast Heat on the choke vines. Cast Cold on the choke vines and head north, then north-east.

    Take a Skull. Enter the cave. Look at the cave painting and take the Bone. Head north. More tiger-men! Combine the Zinger, Black Robe and Skull. Return to the choke vines. Cast Heat on the choke vines. Throw the Zinger on to a spire. Cast Cold on the choke vines and pick up the charged Zinger. Return to the tiger-men and activate the Zinger.

    Talk to the head man. Tell him that the previous 'you' wasn't you. You need the tracker who is fatally wounded in front of you. Apply the Salve to the wounded man. Pick up the Cord. Talk to the tracker and ask for his help. When the tracker is accompanying you, head north.

    Dispatch the chaodin by combining the Cord and Bone to make a bow, then shoot the Arrow.

    Try to continue north. Drink the Null Water. Save. Continue north. Talk to Sang-Drax but crush the glowing Stone before he kills you! Talk to Zifnab. Talk to Zifnab again when you arrive at the Vortex.


    Head north. You will meet your double. Set up to cast the Self Immolation spell, but before casting it, swap the right and left rune stones. Cast this nonsense spell at the double. Search the ashy remains. You now have two of each item in your inventory.

    Keep heading north. When you are blocked by the tentacles, combine the two shears in your inventory to make a pair of shears. Cut the tentacles, as they block your path north, with the shears.

    When you arrive at the inner platform, after a lengthy conversation, Sang-Drax kills Xar and you are on your own! Save. Quickly put the Water Seal Piece in the water spire.

    Wait for Sang-Drax to reappear as a sea slug. Quickly put the Stone Seal Piece in the earth spire.

    Wait for Sang-Drax to reappear as an apparition. Quickly put the Air Seal Piece in the air spire. Save.

    You are now stuck. The focus has been moved to the 'Reformation' spell and you need the 'Interconnection' spell. Well, Xar had researched these matters. Talk to him?! Cast Resurrection on Xar. Talk to Xar. Save.

    The Heart?! Remember Xar's names for the high council members? Orseph is the 'Devil of the Heart'. Look up Orseph's starting rune in the History Book. You probably won't have time to change the focus and complete the 'Interconnection' before Sang-Drax kills you. If so, restore the last saved game. Move the focus to Orseph's starting rune as depicted above. Place the Nexus Seal Piece in the focus.

    Enjoy the closing sequence!

    DEATH GATE is published by Legend Entertainment Company and distributed by Accolade, Inc.

    This walkthrough is copyright (c) 1995 by Diana Griffiths. All rights reserved. Not to be distributed without permission.

    All screen shots are copyright of Legend Entertainment Company.


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