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Dead or Alive...? Walkthrough

  1. Dead or Alive...? - The Complete Solution

    The Complete Solution, by Kev Davis

    (Originally printed in ST Beermat Issue One)

    I suppose I should be the person most qualified to write the solution of this game, seeing as I programmed the blighter in the first place. It's not too obscure, the game (both Robin Ball and the legendary Dave Smith managed to finish it with no hints from myself), but this solution should be of use to those of you who are utterly stuck.


    Go north three times to the T-junction and then east to the Chipporama. Enter the place and buy a portion of chips. Put a coin in the one-armed bandit. Pull the lever. Leave the Chipporama, go east and go north to enter the alleyway. Examine the dustbins. Open the briefcase. Get the card.

    Go west to the abandoned office block. Go upstairs. Put the card in the slot, and the door will open. Go north. Open the filing cabinet to get a key and a bit of paper (drop the paper). Leave the office block, and head east to the T-junction. Go south twice, then west to the park gates. Unlock the padlock with the key. Enter the park. Go west. You'll be shot and killed by a sniper.


    You have awoken from the dead to find youself in a dark, cramped room. Push the west wall, and the sarcophagus lid will fall open. You will leave the coffin automatically. Examine the crumbling plaster to find a loose brick. Throw the brick at the window. Stand on the crate. Go out through the window.

    Go north. Go east. Examine the bush to find a key. Go back to the front door - unlock it and open it. Enter the house. Go south. Examine the sofa to find a television remote control. Go north, then east. Open the fridge to get some milk and a rasher of bacon. Drop the bacon. Examine the table to get a kitchen knife. Go west. Go upstairs. Go east. Open the cupboard to find some clothes. Wear the clothes.

    Go west twice. Examine the sink - the lino nearby has been scuffed. Move the sink. Crawl north. Get the latex face mask and wear it. Get the iron key. Head back to the broken window you escaped from. Go through it. Unlock and open the door to the south. Go through it. Get the hat, the skull and the candle. Wear the hat. Go back to the cellar, stand on the crate and exit via the window.

    Go to the back garden again - a cat will be here. Pour the milk on the floor, and when the cat starts to drink it, pick the beast up. Walk back to the front gate and drop the cat - the rottweiler will chase the cat into the back garden and over the fence. Walk west.


    Go north to the abandoned shop. Get the glue and the screwdriver. Go south to the T-junction, then west. Climb down into the roadworks hole and get the traffic cone. Wear the traffic cone (it lets you carry more objects, and - strangely - none of the characters you meet take exception to your eccentric headgear). Walk east twice and enter the tube station. Wait for a train to arrive, and get on it.

    Keep looking until you see the East Station through the window. Get out of the train. Go north. Go west, and enter the toy shop. Stab the assistant. Get the fluffy bunny. Examine it. Open the panel to get the wiring. Drop the bunny. Leave the toy shop. Go east twice, and enter the house. Go upstairs. Examine the bookshelf. Read the book, but don't take it with you. Leave the house and go back to the tube station.

    Get on the train and wait until it's going through darkness. Get out, and you'll find yourself on a stretch of track near the fusebox. Examine the fusebox - it's broken. Repair it with the screwdriver and the wiring from the fluffy bunny. Wait for the train to arrive again, and get on it.


    Get off the train at Central Station. The drinks machine and automatic doors now work (they didn't when the fusebox was broken). Press the vending machine button for coffee, and take the coffee-flavoured effluent it gives you. Go north, west, north, north and west to outside the park where you were killed. Two policemen are on duty. Give them the cup of coffee and they'll let you in.

    Go to the place where you were killed and collect everything that you dropped when you were shot. Leave the park, and head back to the Chipporama. Go east twice to get to the Acoma Petrol Station (you couldn't get here before because it was being held up). Walk south onto the forecourt, and fill the milkbottle with petrol. Go east and get the can of oil. Go back west, and north.

    Go east, north and west to inside the police station. Assault one of the police officers and you'll be put in the cell for a while. Whilst in the cell, examine the mattress to find a box of matches and an empty packet of fags. Read the cigarette packet to find the password "hallucinogenic". Drop the fags. Wait for a while, and you'll be thrown out of the cell back onto the street. Pick up all your objects.

    Go east and into the travel agents, and buy a ticket to Iceland. Note the seat number given on the ticket. Go back to the T-junction, and keep going south until you get to the museum (now open). Enter the building, and go west to the waxworks. Examine the effigy of Napoleon to find a rag. Put the rag in the bottle of petrol to make a rather nice petrol bomb.

    Go south to the robot exhibit. Read the plaque to find out that the robot is from Brookes Nuclear Research, and can be operated by remote control. Go back to the tube station, and travel to the East Station.


    Go north, east, north, west and into the house. Go west into the living room and examine the sofa to find a crowbar. Go east twice to the kitchen. Oil the trapdoor, and open it. Light a match, and light the candle. Go down into the cellar.

    Go north and west to find the lift controls. Press the button twice. Go east, south, south and enter the lift. Press the button for the second floor. Go north. Examine the lab benches. Get the poison. Type "Type hallucinogenic" to open the door. Go north. Get the ID card - it allows access to the Brookes Nuclear Research complex. Put the skull in the Reanimator. Push the button. The skull regains its sentience and tells you to take it to the tunnels under the BNR complex. Get the skull.

    Leave the cellar and go back to the kitchen. Go back to the tube station and travel to the South Station. Examine your wallet and you'll see a photo of yourself under some plastic. Cut the plastic with the kitchen knife to get at the picture. Glue the photo to the ID card. Go north, and show the ID card to the security guard. Enter the complex.

    Go east. On the television remote control, press "7" - the robot will give you a diode. Press "9" - the droid will initiate meltdown of the reactor core. Go west twice, to the garage - the guard will have left. Take the sandwiches and get in the van. Poison the sandwiches. Drop the sandwiches. Drive the van west, and get out. The meltdown will have been averted by now - head back to the robot. Press "6" and it will open the door to the east. Press "2" and the droid will leave the complex, allowing you free access to the room to the east. Go east. Examine the table and you'll find a torch. Go back to the van. Go north. Lever the manhole with the crowbar. Go down. The torch will light itself automatically.


    Go south, then west twice. Go west. Drop everything except the torch, and crawl west along the thin pipe. Examine the rubble to get a dead rat. Go back east and collect your belongings. Go north to the brick wall. Drop the petrol bomb. Light a match. Light the bomb. Go south and wait for the bomb to explode. Go back north, and north again. Enter the portal (make sure you're carrying the skull) and you'll be given a silver pentagram.

    Leave the sewers. Get in the van. Drive it west through the security gate. Drive west then north. Get out. Go north. Go east. Examine the table. Get the salt. Go north. Get the microwave dinner. Go south, and west. Give the rat to the cat. Go upstairs. Go east. Examine the sink to find some soap. Wash yourself to get rid of the smell from the sewers, and drop the soap.

    Go back to the van, and drive it west to the ferry. Get out. Go north, and east, into the souvenir shop. Buy the spade. Go west onto the beach and dig in the sand, to find a plastic chip fork. Go back to the van. Give your ticket to the bloke and drive onto the ferry. Get out of the van. Go west.


    Go upstairs. Go west to the kitchen. Enter the kitchen - the cook is distraught because he lacks the food he requires. Give him the microwave dinner. Salt the chips and give him the chips. He then gives you the pass card to his quarters, so you can get some cash as a reward.

    Go south, east, up, and south out onto the deck. Take the lifebelt. Go north. Go downstairs twice. Go north. Put the card in the slot and enter the cook's quarters. Open the cupboard. Get the rope, the firework, the portable phone and the pair of skis.

    You're beginning to feel tired now, so you'd better find your seat (if you fall asleep whilst wandering about, your hat falls off and it's revealed that you're a skeleton). Go to the appropriate part of the seating area and sit in your seat (the number of which was given on the ticket - you should have noted it down earlier).

    You'll fall asleep, and the ferry will sink to the bottom of the Atlantic not soon after.


    You're now floating on a door in the middle of the Atlantic. After a while, you'll hear a ship sailing nearby. Light a match. Light the firework. The ship will sail over to investigate. When the Icelandic fisherman asks you a question, nod your head. He'll give you a lift on his ship.

    Go south out onto the deck. Get the dead fish. Go back below deck and wait for the ship to reach the mainland - it will crash and ground on the beach. Get out. Go east, and dig in the sand to find a coin.

    Go west, up the steps, east, north and into the pub. Buy a lager, and give it to the fisherman who's just walked in. He'll start following you. Go west three times, and north to outside the warehouse. Go west - the guard will let you in, as he assumes you're with the fisherman. Go south twice, and down the stairs. Examine the table, and get the beermat. Go upstairs twice. Go north.

    The door to the left has an alarm trigger on the side of it; if the fisherman follows you through, he'll brush against it and trigger the klaxons. Punch the sailor unconscious and walk west.


    Go west to the cliff edge and drop everything. Go east, north, north and east. Search the rubbish dump to find a mattress. Take it with you back to the cliff edge and throw it over. Get all your stuff. Throw the skis over the edge. Tie the rope to the tree. Climb down the rope. Jump the last few feet, landing on the mattress. Get your skis. Go south twice. Put the amulet in the hole in the rock - the door will slide open. Go south, and drop everything. Go back and fetch the mattress.

    Bring it through the door, get your torch and go east. Drop the mattress. Go back west and pick up your possessions. Go east and press the button in the floor - a vase will drop from the ceiling and land on the mattress. Take the vase.

    Go west twice. Knock on the sarcophagus to awake the undead Egyptian mummy, King Pteduanis. Ask him to help you - he'll follow you about the place.

    Go back to the beach and climb the cliff steps to the north. Go north, then east to the security gate, then south. Examine the window. Examine the telephone - you'll be able to see some of the digits. Compare these with the numbers on the beermat to get a six-figure number. Repair the portable phone and dial that number.

    Whilst the guard is answering the phone, nip through the security gate. Go east, and north into the shed. Examine the manure to find some wire-cutters. Go south, west and north to the generator room. Open the cabinet. Find the "BA" (burglar alarm) wire and cut it. South, east twice and south. Ptedious will spy a chainsaw on a high shelf and fetch it for you.

    Go north. Get the sleeping guard's lunchbox. Take the bread roll out and put the poisoned sandwiches in there. Drop it. Walk east to wake the guard. Wait for him to eat his lunch, then go east.


    Keep going east until you find the T-junction. Go north to the standing stone - examine it and you'll see a strange figure with a pointed stripey head, carrying a vase and a sceptre. Go north to the Nihilist temple, enter it and go east. Put the dead fish on the pedestal - the eastern wall will rise. Go east. Get the sceptre. Go back west and get the fish.

    Make sure you're carrying both the vase and the sceptre, and wearing the traffic cone. Walk north. The monks (not your actual Nihilists, but a breakaway conformist sect) will mistake you for their "god" Calhyve - the lad you saw on the standing stone - and will commit ritual suicide. Examine the altar to find a severed limb.

    Go back to the guard dog and give him the severed limb - the anaesthetic drugs in the blood will send the beast to sleep. Go east to the cave entrance. Go north. Ignore the mouse. Wander through the caves until you find the underground lake. Go north to the rockfall. Examine it, and you'll find a hole. Put the matches into the hole. Go south. Drop anything you might be carrying that won't survive underwater (the salt, for one thing - I completely overlooked that when first testing this solution). Dive into the lake.

    Go north, north, and north again. Put the chip fork into the dead fish and give it to the octopus - the beast will choke on it, and swim away to the south, where it'll meet the piranhas. Get the metal detector. Go south, east and east. Get the aerosol. Go west, north, north and up through the hole in the floor.

    Go south. Examine the rockfall - your matches will fall out, as will a length of string. Put the string in the aerosol. Go north until you find the door. Drop the aerosol. Light the match. Light the string. Run back south and dive into the hole in the floor. Wait for the explosion and swim back to collect the stuff you dropped earlier. Leave the caves the way you came in, examining the hole on the way out.

    Go east, then turn north - the guard here has been crushed by the door to the west, if you wish to go and have a look. Head north, then east to the security gate. Read the plaque - it says that once the power's been cut, the system has enough charge for one shot. Drop the mouse, and it will scurry through the gate, triggering and expending the final charge of the security system. Walk east.


    In the snow-covered field, you should press the button on the metal detector to find out where the mines are. Simply walk in the directions that are designated "safe".

    When you reach the tree, climb it and saw off a branch with the chainsaw. Return to ground level, and head east until you reach the bridge. Salt the ice so that you can cross safely. When you find the guard dog, get it to follow you onto the bridge. Throw the branch over the side, and the dog will jump over to fetch it. Go back and find Ptedious (he'll be up the tree) if he hasn't already joined you.

    Enter the building to the east (the person at the desk will sprint away when they see Pted). Examine the desk to get a penknife. Go east, and don the uniforms you find. Head back west, three times, and slash the tyres on the vehicle. Go back east twice, north, and unscrew the box on the wall. Turn off the power.

    Guards will bundle you into the chamber with the vehicle in, and just when Morrison goes to kill you, Ptedious leaps out from his hiding place and saves you. In a panic, David Morrison starts the auto-destruct, and he and his cohorts clamber into their transport.

    However, the tyres have been slashed, and the thing won't start properly. The exit door is closing - go north to escape. Wear the skis, and ski down the mountain before the complex explodes.


    Until you wake up five years later in a coffin on the back of a burger-factory-bound lorry, and with the help of Pteduanis and James Milton you've got to save the planet from a potentially murderous undead army. Dead or Alive Too...? - available later in the year, with any luck.

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