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Darksun II: Wake of the Ravager Walkthrough

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    The City of Tyr ---------------

    1) Upon entering, a woman will come up to you and talk to you about the Veiled Alliance. No matter what you say to her she will get killed and a group of Draxans will come out to attack you. Kill them and pick up the note which the woman left.

    2) Go into the building directly north-east of the place where you fought. It will be an inn. Go into the eastern section and talk to the dwarf Arslan. Tell him that the woman talked to you about the Veiled alliance and that you are not a member but would like to join. He will quest you to discover what the templars are up to in exchange for membership.

    3) Leave the inn and enter the building south-east of the one you exited. Go into the eastern section and open the first door up. Talk to Fayina and say that you need her help to get into the templar's headquarters. She will tell you to first settle her debt with Acar. Leave.

    4) Walk down the road west to the market and then go up through the market and enter the building directly north of the market. The guard will stop you. Tell him that you want to see Acar and head to the north-eastern room. Talk to Acar. Tell him that you are there to settle Fayina's debt. Since you won't have the money, tell him that that surely the money is not all that important. He will tell you that he can forget the debt if you carry a message to Boric the overseer of the mines. Take the note and leave his house.

    5) Go into the house directly west of Acar's. Talk to Boric and tell him that you are there to deliver a note. Give him the note and he will agree to the proposal. Leave his house and return to Acar.

    6) Talk to Acar and tell him that Boric agreed to the proposal. He will forgive Fayina's debt. Return to her and tell her that she owes Acar nothing. She will tell you a special way to knock and give you a key to the templar's storeroom.

    7) Go to the very north-east corner of the city and enter use Fayina's key on the easternmost door on the Templar HQ. Enter the storeroom and advance to the west wall. You will overhear a conversation between the head Draxan and Griphens. They will say how they plan to deceive the Tyrian Templars. Leave the storeroom and go to the main door of the building, to the west.

    8) Use the door and knock twice, then once. Enter, go straight north and talk to the head templar. Tell him that the Draxans plan to kill them all. He will want proof. Tell him that the proof is in the room to the east. He will "accidently" drop the key. Use it on the door to the east and kill the little monster. Enter and use the closet at the bottom of the room. You will find a journal of the Draxan commander.

    9) You can give the journal to the head templar for some experience. Then, use the cabinet in the top of the eastern room twice to enter it. When you appear, the Draxans will all leave through the cabinet (you can't stop them), leaving Kaleobuta alone. Kill her and she will leave a document saying how she planned to ally with the Draxans. This is the proof you needed. Open the eastern door and leave the templar HQ.

    10) Return to Arslan and show him the proof. Tell him that you are ready to go to the Veiled Alliance. Follow him to the bathhouse in the southwest corner of the city. He will leave you there. Open the door and walk in. You will be attacked by 3 giant skeletons. Beat them and enter the room in the north- west corner of the building. Use the fountain to the left of the cabinet and then use the open cabinet to enter the Veiled Alliance HQ.

    Veiled Alliance Headquarters ----------------------------

    1) When you appear, Matthias will talk to you. He will tell you about the Veiled Alliance and about the other members.

    2) Go to the room directly east of the place where you first meet Matthias and talk to Aleka, the woman behind the desk. She will tell you about the other Veiled alliance members including Tasarla, and Romila. She will give you a password to tell to Tasarla so that she will recognize you as a Veiled Alliance member.

    3) Go to the southeast corner of the building and you will come to a meeting Romila is holding. Tell her that you believe action is the way to go and she will tell you to come to her chambers after the meeting. When the meeting ends, simply follow her to her chambers in the southwest corner of the compound. She will then inform you that the Draxans must be hiding in Kalak's pyramid and tell you to speak with Tasarla about it. Leave the Veiled Alliance.

    The City of Tyr Again ---------------------

    1) Leave the bathhouse and go to the second merchant to the north (in a booth with a blue symbol on the top). Talk to Tasarla and tell her that you want to buy a jaguar cage. Then ask for help in getting into the pyramid. She will tell you about Kovar, a fanatical templar who should be able to help. She will also give you citizenship papers with which you can talk to Kovar.

    2) Talk the alley directly east and enter the first door to the north. Kovar's guard, Dhukkar will talk to you. Tell him that you want to see Kovar and then show him you citizenship papers. He will tell you that Kovar is gone. Ask him for help in getting into the pyramid and he will tell you to read Kovar's book.

    3) Go to the room to the north and use the bookcase. Search the shelf and you will find the stone medallion used to get into the pyramid. Leave the house.

    4) Go to the north-east corner of the city. Use the stone medallion (it will be just called a key) into the base of the statue to open up the way into the pyramid. Now just enter it.

    The Pyramid of Kalak ____________________

    1) Upon entering the pyramid, the quickest way through it is to go through the grate to the north of the entrance. Just use the grate, and you will get through to the other side.

    2) Head north till you come to a statue. Shoot its head. Walk west past the statue. You will be forced to fight some Draxans here.

    3) You will notice that in the centre there is a garden. Walk around it, so you will end up near the staircase to the garden on its west side. There is a grate built into the west wall beside the staircase. Use it to go to the room beyond.

    4) In this room you will find a prisoner in the cage. Don't walk towards the cage, as you will get hurt, and you can speak to him from a distance. He is a sick preserver and he can be helped with some grapes or berries for bonus experience.

    5) Head through to the door to the north (you shall get an option to listen on the conversation in the room beyond the door, but you should surprise the talkers instead. Kill the men in the room, and use the cabinet to warp yourself into the middle of the garden. The emissary of the Dragon will attack you, slay her quickly and the garden will go apeshit killing most of her minions. Get the items from her body (particularily the Life Stealer) and return to Veiled Alliance HQ the same way you came in.

    Veiled Alliance HQ again ________________________

    1) The HQ is under attack by Draxans. Help Matthias, and Romila, and save as many other alliance members as possible.

    2) With Matthias head through the secret door, and proceed to the room with the urn of Utaci (east).

    3) The Lord Warrior will steal the urn and teleport away. Destroy his minions and go to talk to Matthias in the meeting room after the HQ has been cleared of Draxans.

    4) Matthias will quest you to find the 4 relics: Hammer of Promere, Fire Ruby Cup of Life, and Lyre of Winds. He will also tell you that the cup is in the hands of the local alliance healer, Silvan.

    5) Go to Silvan (west, just below the stairs) and talk to her about the cup. Take it from her when offered.

    6) Return to the room where you fought Lord Warrior's minions (the room where Lord Warrior made his brief appearance) and take the damaged tapestry off the northern wall (it is the blue tapestry). At this point you could go to get the Fire Ruby, but getting Promere's Hammer makes more sense.

    7) Return to Tyr.

    Under Tyr (optional) ____________________

    1) This quest will yield a +4 sword, Bloodletter. Go to the inn owned by Zambon, in the north east of town (west of the pyramid entrance) and use the chest behind the owner. It will open revealing a passage below Tyr.

    2) Use the passage. Talk to the man you see downstairs, and express your good desires, and ask him to let you into the sorrows. He will move away, so go through the narrow passage.

    3) You will see a big hole in the west end. You can't enter this room yet, instead head north to a building with a man lying in bed. This is the leader of the bandits, so talk to hhim, and express your desire to help him.

    4) Return to the hole, and tell the guards you've come to investigate. Look into the hole, and 3 Umber Hulks will appear. Defeat them, and return to the leader again.

    5) This time Umber Hulks broke through and kidnapped his men. Go to the west wall, and you should be able to find a narrow passage in the pile of rubble along the west wall. This passage will lead you into the adjoining area.

    6) Once you enter the next area you will have to fight a lot of random Umber Hulks, Feyrs and Revenants. There is a good deal of random miscallenous treasure scattered about.

    7) Go as far west as possible, and you should hear cries for help. Turn north and follow the passage till you come to a man covered in rubble. Defeat the nearby monsters, and use the rubble to free the man. He will ask to be escorted back to the exit. Do so for experience.

    8) Now, take the passage south from the fork where the cries for help were heard. Follow it, until you come to the big room, which was once a temple. In the chest at the northern end, rests the Bloodletter. Retrieving it will cause the Golem guardians to come alive.

    9) Once you get the Bloodletter, return to Tyr.

    The Jungle Quests (optional) ____________________________

    There might be a better way of doing this, but if there isn't use this:

    1) Upon entering the forest, walk to the hole in the bush, which is just north west of the lake. Therein you can find a boots of speed if you move one of the barrels away.

    2) For 3000 exp you can go to the pillar in the centre of the ruined buildings and find some serpent tracks on the ground (must be wearing the boots!).

    3) Next, you should proceed north, through the jungle into the next area. There you will find a mercenary band. Agree to help them, they will give you a conch to blow when you are ready for them to attack the yuan-ti and 1000 exp. Return to the previous area.

    4) Go to a hole in the bush in the south very south of the area...in the west side. There you will find a druidess, Dayria who will tell you that she is being held prisoner by the wards of the evil yuan-ti sorcerer Soltriss. Agree to help her. She will send you to her garden to get her some roots. The garden is in another bush hole, barely north west of Daryia. After defeating a small encounter you can pluck the roots from their places. Upon return, she will quest you to bring her some berries, which are in a hole on the west wall of the area. Enter it, kill zombies, pick berries, return. Finally Daryia will ask you to help her defeat the yuan-ti sorcerer. Agree to it.

    5) Proceed towards the mine entrance, which is in the very north west of the area. You will be contacted by a group of halflings inviting you to their village. Their leader Snaggle lives in the first tree, and that's where he will lead you if you follow him. If you talk to him in his tree, he will inform you that he is being attacked relentlessly by yuan-ti, and some halflings are missing. He is also searching for the lost pool of Heroism. Take the flask which lies on the floor behind him. Agree to help. There are a couple of things you can do with halflings from the other trees: go hunting, or pick berries, but both actions appearuseless.

    6) Go to a hole in the ground, south of the mine entrance. Enter it, and you will have to fight a squad of yuan-ti. Defeat them, and proceed north. Duck into the alcove in the west wall, when you "hear great many warriors". Wait in the alcove, and you will receive 1000 exp for dodging some fighters. Continue north, and you will have to fight another small group of yuan-ti. Now, head west to the big fountain. Use it to rest, or fill up your flask (from Snaggle's tree) to have some portable rest! Return to where you fought the second yuan-ti squad, and exit the tunnel to the north. Now, head north and east to the office of Jestris. Talk to him, and offer to negotiate with Tantris the mad warrior through the means of a note. Talk to Jentris's scribe and get him to write you a note to "Dear Tantris, don't let Soltriss summon El, or your a wimp". Now, take this note, and use it on a rock. Move towards the centre (but not too close) and use the rock to throw it at Tantris.

    7) Tantris will read the note, but won't act upon it, so move up, and when you're within the temple, blow the conch to signal the mercenaries.

    8) As the mercs attack, kill Tantris, and Jestris will attempt to sieze power. He will be unsuccesful, and El will appear inevitably killing him, and the mercenary leader. Kill El, and all the remaining yuan-ti. You will get mega exp bonus. Take El's Drinker from El's dead body. Return to the hole in the ground, and enter it. Now move towards the centre of the area, and you will bump into Soltriss. Tell him El is dead, and kill him, thus breaking the curse on Dariya.

    9) After you kill Soltriss, attack the branches blocking the entrance up from El's tomb. Go through the entrance (a half-giant still won't fit) and use the big rock to open the entrance to the missing halfling group. Talk to Halla, in the south west corner of the room, disregarding anything Leaftop might say. Ask Halla about rocksap, tell her to form a plan, and suggest she warn you when Runner is coming, and to block entrance with rocksap. She will act upon your suggestion, so use the rock again, to close the entrance when she say she's ready.

    10) When Runner comes, attack him, and kill him. Take the map from his body, and give to Halla when she asks for it.

    11) Wait till all halflings leave before you do, to collect maximum experience bonus. Then exit the area through the same exit you came through.

    12) If you need giant snake eggs, you will have to go south, of the main area to where there is a bucn of coiled snakes. Taraxis will talk to you and try to get you to drink poison. Don't, move south towards his treasure pile, and fall into the pit. Take eggs, walk around till Taraxis offers you up, and accept to drink the poison. Now, kill him when topside, and hurry to get yourself healed.

    13) Return topside. Last important thing is to free the chained up girl at the centre of the jungle by breaking the lock or paying off Ptar the giant. Either way will do.

    The Mines _________

    1) To enter the mines, you will need to buy a key from the mine director, in the building west of Acar. The mine director will sell it to you for 1000 golds.

    2) Go to the mine entrance in the north west of the Jungle. Use the door to open the mines.

    3) You will talk to Melody, the chief of the mines, pretend to be the team from Urik, and you will be quickly ushered in.

    4) Go to the main staging area (where there is 4 tunnel entrances) and take the middle one on the west wall. Go west again, and from the digsite, recover a wheel lying there in the north east corner.

    5) With the wheel, return east back the way you came, and go north. Use the wheel on the over turned ore car. Use the orecar to place it back on the tracks.

    6) Return to the main staging area, and go north, north, and north again. Then, go to the east. In this room there is fresh airflow. Set the fan to the west, go west. Set fan south, go south, set the two northern fans west, go west. Go west again (on your way you will be ambushed by Umber Hulks, kill them, and you will remain blocked in by rubble, wait a while and dwarf Winchester will release you, giving you a whistle to call him in similar circumstance).

    7) Set fan west, go west. Set fan north, go north, set fan west, go west, set fan north, go north, set fan to the west to disspate the poison gas, and talk to the guy in the south west corner of the room. Get him to give you the "key" for the elevator. Use it, to memorize the elevator controls.

    8) Return to the staging area, and use the console panel by the southern most exit on the west wall. Go into the cart, and you will appear by the elevator. Use the panel, to descend.

    The Lower Levels ________________

    1) Talk to the miners about the deaths and disappearances. Take the orecar around the place and Eventually, you should end up at Hedro's Acre. Enter the doorway in the middle of the plot, and talk to the master switchman (actually, talk to the tube). Ask him for directions to Luckout Tunnels. Go there, and look at the empty dig site.. At this point, the killers will become active.

    2) Walk around until you meet up with a group of gray-cloaked miners. If you try talking to them, they will be described as "tired looking". They also carry axes +3 instead of picks. Attack them. After killing them, make your way to the Old Dig. There should be several mindflayers there. Kill them, and follow the escaping flayer through the secret doorway.

    3) Upon entering the doorway, the flayers will collapse the passage, and attack you. Kill them, then talk to the slave in the upper-right of the area. He is a decoy, but follow his instructions none-the less.

    4) Move to the area north, and you shall appear in the kitchen. Open up the crates in the corner of the room. In one you should find some poison, so dump all the vials into the soup. This will kill off the flayers in the main dining room.

    5) Move to the south west of this area, and kill the master cook, and his slaves. This should yield an important key piece.

    6) Move to the junction north, and follow the slave's instructions: move west, and then south between the pillars. Even though you just walked into a trap, its easier that way. You have been trapped in the game master's arena. He will send some wimpy monsters against you, so use this opportunity to grab the grappling hook, and use it on the balcony on which the game master is standing.. Kill him to get another key piece.

    7) Return to the main junction, and this time head east. You will appear in the lab. Search the bookcase in the room immediately south east of your entrance to get some chemicals, in particular compund E4.

    8) Move now to the very south east of the lab, to a room with a lot of vials and laboratory apparatus. You will hear the flayer scientist discussing his experiments. While his assistant is out of the storage area, use the vial of E4 on one of the test tube racks in the storage area (it will only go into the right one).

    9) The mindflayers will pick it up, and blow themselves up, making your fight a lot easier. Pick up a key from the dead flayer, and use it to open a safe in a room slightly north of the main lab area. In the safe you will find the third key piece and a potion.

    10) Return to the main 3-way junction. Head north, defeat the guards, and insert the 3 keys into the door in the north wall. Go through the door, beat the fight, and destroy the Elder Brain. Now, search the body of the dead flayer leader, and use his key to open the locked door to the east. Open the chest, and get the key for the locked door to the north east. Go through the door, and take the exit east. You will appear in Promere's Forge.

    11) As you enter, your way will be blocked again. Defeat the Earth Drake's and walk up to the throne, and use it. This will activate the two guardian golems. Defeat them, and take the hammer. If you have El's Drinker, cast it into the lava pool. Also, you may open the chest for the best armor in the game, and a fan necessary for Lyre of the Winds.

    12) To get back out, wield the hammer with your lead character, and attack the rubble blocking your way. Upon your return you will be mind-scanned (a harmless procedure). Return to Melody, and get your reward.

    13) Go to the south gate of Tyr, and talk to the caravan master. Then go to the gate again.

    The Jaann _________

    The Jann are necessary to repair the damaged tapestry.

    1) Go to the south of Tyr, and talk to the caravan master at the exit, in the eastern building. Ask him about leaving caravans, and exit Tyr to the south. Before you leave, make sure you have some dye, if not you can buy it from the Elf in the Shadow Square.

    2) Make your way towards the Jaann camp in the middle of the oasis. Talk to the girl you freed, Magnolia, for she is in the eastern tent. Then go back up, and talk to the Sultan (he is in the tent with the guards in front of it) and pick your reward. Return to Magnolia.

    3) Magnolia will request your help in trapping a deceiful member of the Jaann. Agree to help, then find the templar camping in the desert south of the camp. Threaten to kill him, and he will leave. Take his coat, and use it to get a thread. Take the thread, but now wear the coat with your lead character. Wait a while, and the traitor will come. He will hand you a note.

    4) Return to Magnolia and tell her you got the note. Now go to the Sultan and tell him about it. You will get experience and treasure trove access.

    5) Now you should be able to visit the weaver in the north-east hut with the purpose of fixing the damaged tapestry from the Veiled Alliance HQ. Ask her to fix it, and she will, demanding the thread from the templar's robe and the dye as ingredients.

    Veiled Alliance HQ again ________________________

    1) Talk to Matthias to obtain your reward for recovering the hammer.

    2) Go to the room where the urn was stolen from, and where you got the damaged, now fixed by Jaans tapestry.

    3) Hang the tapestry on its proper resting place.

    4) In the bottom left corner of the room, there is a brazier, search it to get a coal, and use the coal on the tapestry depicting the volcano.

    5) Use the tapestry to enter it.

    The Volcano ___________

    When you appear here, there will be sevaral things to do:

    1) There are some drakes to the east. Their hides may be sold at Tyr's marketplace.

    2) Further south, by a rock, there is a Draxan ambush. No choice but to defeat them.

    3) Further yet, you may see another group of Draxans. This is a camp, and it must be raided before you will gain access to the temple entrance.

    4) Towards the south end, you will see a yellow creature (Verni) surrounded by a band of fire elementals. You must rescue this creature, as it (Soriss) is necessary for further plot development. After you rescue it, it will run off to the temple.

    5) In the very south-west corner, there is a bunch of red and green verni, these are farmers of no real importance.

    6) Once you explore the cave, and want to progress (make sure you rescue Sorris) go to the west, where a group of brown verni is. Then, ask to enter the temple. You will be refused access, but at the same time Draxans will attack. If you kill the Draxan's and clear out the camp mentioned in

    3) then you will be allowed inside, with Rhona's (guard captain's) permission.

    Inside The Temple _________________

    1) You will witness a meeting. Don't disturb it.

    2) After the meeting is over, go talk to Forni, she's in the north passage, first eastern branch. Forni will ask you to investigate the murder of Sorval. To successfuly complete your investigation:

    a) Go to the main hall (by the Seal Room) and talk to Nostermus to get permission to access all of the relevant areas (tell him you're investigating Sorval's death).

    b) Head to to the north wing. In the centre, there are three rooms with closed doors. Open the east door, and take and read the book in the room. This will tell you to search the beast statue at the scene of death. Go back, and head to to the south wing this time.

    c) In the south wing, go to the statues standing over a lake of magma. Search the toppled statue to get some glassy powder, and search the beast to find the note Sorval has hidden within (NOTE: you will not find the note unless you read Sorval's book first).

    d) Head back, and tell Nostramus about the note. He will call another meeting and proclain a murder is loose.

    e) Head to the north wing, and ask the glass blower, and Zydeko (in the north western corner) about the glass powder.

    f) Head to the south wing, and talk to the kid you rescued from the Fire Elementals, and talk to him (very north western corner). On the way there you may be stopped by some rebellious verni, but tell them that you're investigating Sorval's death, and will remain neutral. Ask the kid about Sorval, and his books. Tell the kid its okay to give back the book he swiped. Read the book, particularily make sure you read the chapter about where Sorval kept his journal.

    g) Go to the archives in the central part, right next to the seal room, and search through the bookcase till you find Sorval's journal. (NOTE: this will only work if you have read his book on statues). With the journal you should find a small key.

    h) Go to the northern wing, and ask the weapon smith in the north western corner about the key. He will tell you its from a locket which was buried with Sorval. Return to the central part, and go to the tombs of dead verni (first passage on the left coming back from north wing).

    g) You will be informed by the tomb's guard that a looting took place and jewelery was stolen out of Sorval's tomb. Walk out, and you will bump into Nostramus who will inform you that Ulbin, one of the visiting humans has been caught with all the stolen jewelery.

    h) Find Rhona (in fact, she will be looking for you, too) and ask her to see Ulbin.

    j) Go to the jail, in the northern wing, and talk to the blue verni at the desk, then use the door, to knock on it, and get the guard (Silvani) to open it.

    h) Next talk to Ulbin who is held in the northern cell. He will be rude to you, and won't give you the locket. Talk to Silvani, and ask him to help you scare Ulbin. Make sure you stress that you won't hurt Ulbin. Next follow Silvani to Ulbin's cell, and walk towards Ulbin (he will be screaming for you to get back) until he divulges the location of the locket.

    i) Go back to the central part. Go to the resting area (first passage west in the passageway to south wing) and use the rock in the back of the northern room. You will find the locket. Use your key on it, and read the note.

    j) Immediately, you will hear a thump, and you will find dead Nostramus, Galnix the murderer and other prominent verni at the seal room. Tell them that Galnix is the murderer. They will try to hold the seal closed, but won't be able to and shall fall into the opened staircase. You will be asked to descend and to retrieve the fire ruby. Go down the stairs.

    Inside the Volcano __________________

    1) Head straight east along the southern edge of the lava lake. You will be ambushed by Draxans. Kill them, proceed until a rock with children on it falls down from above. Use your grappling hook on a pillar on the west side of the rock to rescue the children. Escort the kids back to the exit. Continue on east, and then north.

    2) You will have to fight more Draxans, and then they will blow up a bridge. Use your grappling hook from pillar to pillar to shimmy across the broken parts of the bridge. You will also have to fight some Draxans on the bridge.

    3) Once you get off the demolished bridge, proceed to east along the southern shore until you find a place where you will be asked if you want to jump across the magma. Say yes.

    4) Now you will be on a rock puzzle. This puzzle has a time limit. The fourth explosion will kill you, so hurry. Some bricks make others appear and disappear. Experiment, there is more than one way to solve the puzzle. In the north edge of the puzzle there is a pair of Drake claws that the verni smith can make into +3 gloves. Getting them, however will slow you down.

    5) Once you get to the other edge of the lava puzzle, you will have to fight some Draxans again, then follow the escaping templar.

    6) Once you catch up to him, he will summon some skeletons, and toss the ruby onto a rock. You must defeat him and the skeletons before the ruby sinks into the lava.

    7) Once you get the ruby, hurry back out (timed once again) and use the ruby on the seal to close it. You will get MEGA experience bonus. You may wish to get the claws made into +3 gloves, but it will take the smith almost 5 days. Also, to get back, you have to use the fire ruby on the tapestry with pyramids on it, which hangs in the room in just north of the temple entrance.

    Back at Veiled Alliance _______________________

    1) Talk to Matthias on your return to get a 25 000 exp bonus for finding the Fire Ruby. Return to the room with the Volcano tapestry, and use the now fixed tapestry on the empty spot in the wall where it used to hang, if you haven't done so already.

    2) Now, use a fan on it (you can buy a fan from the Elf at the Shadow Square) and enter the tapestry.

    The Mountains _____________

    1) You will appear besides a cracked dead tree, which constitutes your way back to the veiled alliance. You are in the middle of a giant's village. The giant's have been befallen with several cataclysms, as you can find out by talking to any of them.

    2) From the hut north east of the dead tree retrieve the white object on the floor, the canvass.

    3) From the smithy's hut retrieve the tall wooden beam, which stands in the north west corner of the hut.

    4) Head to the east side of the village. You now have a choice to enter two tunnels: northern and southern one.

    5) The southern tunnel will put you on a field where a Giant farmer is vainly trying to vanquish a plague of bugs. You may get a 5000 exp bonus by picking up the plant sprayer, and using it on all the weeds in the area. This, however is purely optional.

    6) Go into the northern tunnel, and go straight through to exit at its eastern end. Talk to the Giant there (not important) but be sure to pick up the rudder which is lying in the bushes just north of the Giant.

    7) Return back to the tunnel you came through, but this time enter the opening in its northern wall.

    8) You will appear at a campsite of Beasthead giants. Talk to one of them, and he will tell you he wishes a renegade group of giants, Wolfpack to be destroyed (agree to help). Now, walk to the boat that's besides the entrance and use it. Place mast, canvass and rudder on the boat, and sail to the nearby island.

    9) At this island, pick up the axe, and use it on the vine covered tree which is right besides the axe. Pick up the vines. You will be asked by the Beasthead guard to go see his leader, Kaign. Do so, talk to Kaign. Go to the vine bridge you see, and use your cut down vines on it, to mend it. Walk across thhe bridge, and talk to the girl in the cage. Agree to free her. Return to Kaign, and just try to exit this area through the exit to the north west. Kaign will attack you. Kill him, take the key off his body, and free the girl (by using the cage, and selecting apprioriate option from the dialog presented).

    10) This time do exit the area in the north west, and you shall appear in front of a hut. Just to the left of the hut, is a crowbar (its hard to see as its partly obstructed by fog) pick it up, and use it on the plank to theh right of the hut's entrance. The plank will come off. Inside the hut is a place to rest, and an old hag who gives you a sap story about the flute, and why she should have it. Don't ever give it to her since she just runs off with it. Now, use the plank on the gap to the west of the hut...i.e. walk to where you are the closest to the other side. The plank will form a bridge, so cross it. Fight the snake encounter, then follow the northern edge of this area till you come across a "rod" lying on the ground. Pick it up, and use it in the empty hole in the very north of the area. Using it there will create another lever. Use the lever to disable the trap which guards a small blue object in a niche south east of the newly inserted lever. Take that object, its 1/2 of the flute you need.

    11) Return across the plank. Now, enter the tunnel other than the one you just came through from the Beastheads. You will appear in a place with an old man in his hut, a path up a mountain side (close to where you first appear from the eastern hole) and another hole to the west. Through the hole in the west, you may use a pick on a tombstone in the tunnel to dig up some experience bonus. Talking to the old man is virtually fruitless. While this is optional, you must go up the mountain path. Once you do, you will have to fight a tough air elemental encounter. Once you defeat it, walk west to the cave entrance blocked by a giant boulder. Use the boulder to move it aside, and enter. Follow the tunnel south till you come to an altar with the other flute piece on it. Pick it up combining the two chunks and go through the hole in the tunnel's wall (on a short edge of the northern wall) to return to the hut.

    12) Proceed down the path north from the hut (survive the few fireballs and lightning blasts) and where the mouth of the passage opens up into the Drake's eyire, use the flute. The Drakes will run away. Enter the eyire, and step on the hexagon in its north west. You will be teleported to a small room. This room has the hexagon, and a pressure pad diagonal to it. Step off the hexagon, and step on the square diagonal to you. This will destroy the rocks blocking you from the Drake's nest. Step back onto the hexagon, and walk across the rocks to the Drake's nest. Defeat the Drake's and use the southern edge of the nest to free the Giantess within. She will give you her cloak as a reward, and you can also take the Lyre of the Winds from the nest. Don't forget to pick up a Drake's hide for your reward.

    13) Return to the village through the passage south west of the nest.

    14) As a reward, the smith will make you an excellent armor out of the Drake's hide.

    15) Return to the Veiled Alliance through the tree.

    Back at Veiled Alliance _______________________

    1) Talk to Matthias on any of the topics, to obtain the experience bonus for retrieving the Lyre. Also familiarize yourself with what's about to happen. If you want to get a magical ring, talk to Romillia as well, and then search the northern drain in her room.

    Lord Warrior's Crypt ____________________

    1) Exit the HQ, and proceed to the north end of Tyr. Beside the building with the spy master, you will notice a building with two Golems inside it. Enter it, kill the Golems and their master, and use the tapestry on the north wall of the room with the Golems. Now use each one of your four relics (order not important) on the exposed door.

    2) Enter the door to the Crypt.

    3) A templar will threaten you, so talk to him, and threaten him yourself. Find out all the info you may find necessary. Now, go to the chained up Templar Korvas. Talk to him, and agree to free him in exchange for his help in defeating the Lord Warrior. Be sure to ask him about the other Templars, so that he gives you a piece of Lord Warrior's diary with his treachery clearly spelled out. Now, look at the niche just south west (its on the north wall) of the place where Korvas was chained up, it will lead you to the lower level. Go down.

    4) Talk to the lone templar in the middle room. He is the leader, and through the dialogue, you should tell him that Lord Warrior intends to betray all. Give him the journal page when prompted for it, and he will give you a key to the Hall of Heroes beyond which is the Lord Warrior, as well as the directions to the lightining rod, allowing access to the actual King's Crypt where Lord Warrior resides.

    5) To get the lighting rod, go east from the Lord Warrior, and look at the niche in the south east of the corridor. Use it to go down to the next level below, and search the niches there for treasure and the lightning rod. Go back up the way you came to the top again. Make your way to the giant locked door, and use the key from the Templar leader on it for it to open.

    6) Defeat the warrior guards, and use the lightning rod on the giant iron door to open it. (NOTE: Its immaterial if Korvas is alive or not, he was only needed for that journal page).

    7) Go through the iron door, and defeat the minions Lord Warrior will summon against you. He will escape through the portal. Search the sarcophagus in the western section of this room, to find the elemental sceptre. Go to the west section and use the sceptre in turn on the fireplace, rock, font, and bellows. Take the runes so produced, and insert each one into its proper place on the arch/portal. Once all are inserted, go through.

    Cosmic Temple _____________

    1) Defeat the fight, and a pyreene will approach you. She will tell you her sap story, but the gist is that she can heal you. Get her to do so. Then, proceed to the east, and then north west at the instersection, to battle the group of giant skeletons and other undead. After the fight, search all the corpses of the dead skeletal warriors to get the cosmic sceptre. Now, go to one of the entrances to the giant ring in the centre of the area, and use the sceptre on it (the symbol on the top of the entrance is a good place to use the sceptre), you may have to fight some elementals. The doorway will become unblocked, so enter the ring.

    2) You will get a "cinematic", and Lord Warrior, some elementals, the tarresque, and a horde of skeletal warriors will attack. Defeat the fight, and quickly place the 4 relics in the appriopriate statues (hammer: north east; ruby: north west; lyre: south west; cup: south east) to seal the urn before the pieces of the terrasque reform. Do this and you have completed the game!


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