By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Darkearth Walkthrough

    This walkthrough will take You to the end, but it is not complete. I haven't figured out some parts of the side quests. I would appreciate corrections and completions for an update of this walkthrough. Please send email to 00139201@nwn.de or gerhal@nwn.de.

    I am German. Have mercy with my English...

  1. General Hints:If You are in a new region, search in every corner, always search in dark mode, too and talk to everybody as long as he does not repeat himself.If You are involved in combat and Your opponent has a melee weapon, stay away and attack from distance, even with Your sword, move forth and back and You will not be hit. If Your opponent has a gun, move into him and fight in close combat. He cannot shoot then.Save wherever You can, otherwise You will spend time regretting it.
  2. Chapter One: The UppertownYou awake in a healer's room. Take the sabre, Your uniform and the meat. Move out. Zed tells You that You have to go to Dorkhan. His room is left from Yours. He also tells You about some combat practice. Move up, if You are new in the game and try out those above mentioned maneuvers.Talk to Dorkhan. He will send You to the temple to guard a secret meeting. Actually You can go there without missing something. If You want to explore the Uppertown, do it now.
  3. After leaving Your room you are in what I will call the office hall. On the opposite side is the ammunition room. Left from Your door is Dorkhan's office and another room with credits of the game. I did not found anything of value there. Behind the stairs leading down is a portal which will lead to Bogdaran's chemistry and the jail. Upstairs is the training room. Downstairs the entrance hall of the stockade.
  4. Outside left is the temple with the entrance hall with the trumpets, the prayer hall with the stallite and the meeting hall with a table and chairs. In the meeting hall there are two doors, the left will take You to the library, the right to Lory's chamber. In front of the temple is a stair. Down is the hospital and Rysaldhar's room. On the other side of the stockade is the builder's tower, right is the elevator.
  5. After equipping Your sword move to the other guard and take your place. The story will lead you on. Kill the Konkalite.You awake in the hospital. You have to kill the warder with bare hands, not an easy task. Talk to Thanandar. He will tell You about a vault that can heal Your contamination. Take the dagger and the oxygen bottle out of this room.
  6. Go to Rysaldhar. He will tell You about the vault. After his departure take the paper from below the bed and the bottle from the shelves.
  7. Go to the temple now and talk to Sesekhan, the librarian. His room is upstairs left from the fighting scene, where You were contaminated. When you walk in there will be an oven to Your right side. Get the mirror out of it. Move to the clock. Use the paper on the clock. It will open a drawer with a code card in it. Take these card to the trumpet in the entrance hall, move upstairs, put the card in the slit and activate the lever on the left side of the trumpets. You can leave this out, because the story will go on without, but it explains to You the purpose of the paper scratch.
  8. Go to Dorkhan again (the guard must be convinced, remember the rules above). He will tell You to observe Thanandar. Do this and You will find him experimenting with the body of Dulnys.
  9. Go back to Dorkhan. He will accept this. This is a part of the story that You do not need to do, though.Now go to the jail. It is on the other side of the hall in the stockade. Move through the portals and right. You will come to the jail. Kill the guard. Free Kalhi.
  10. Go to Bogdaran. He is opposite of the jail. Take the lead pigs und the igniters (You can come back later to get more igniters). Go up and find the key on the shelves. Move down and open the chest with the key. You will find Bogdarans uniform. Give this to Kalhi and You can deceive the guards in the stockade's entrance hall and at the elevator. Now go to ammunition room. There is a chest that can be opened with Bogdaran's key, too. Take the lead pig. Later You can come back here and get at least one lead pig again. Now go to the elevator. If You stay in front of the waggon not preferring either side, the guard will run away with out noticing You. But it is wise to move into combat, because this is the only rifle You will get for a long time and You will need it.
  11. Now go to the Under town Chapter Two: The Konkalite Plot Here are the locations of the Undertown. Left to the elevator is Danrys' smithy. Near the smithy You can find a suit of plate mail. Take it. Left to the elevator there is a woman who will exchange goods for food. On the opposite side is the way on. You will meet Moar's bar and further on the crossroad (name given by me). The crossroad: to the left is Armal's ship, in front of You the entrance to the sewers (the gap in the railing) and to the right the altar room. Behind the altar room is stair leading to the townwall.
  12. Danrys will repair Your weapons, if You have need. Go to Moar's bar, enjoy the sight. I met someone who said, that he disliked the game because of the obscenities in language and the nudity. He could not play the game with his children. And about the killings and blood and death and violence??? Some people have interesting points of view...
  13. At this point I have to add something. Sometimes Kalhi leaves Danrys' smithy to aid You. I remember her doing it three times. The first time she was in fight with a man near the altar room. You can get a pistol then, the second time she met the woman near Moar's bar to give You a chicken and the third time she was in fight at the crossroad to get ammunition for one of the pistols.
  14. Here You can find a plate (don't know what for, exchange goods? and a bottle of Stohl, You can refill Your bottles later here and in the entrance hall of the stockade left to the stairs). Give the mirror to Delia. She will give You a password for Armal. Go to him, if You want. In exchange for a weapon he will play with You the game Yong. This is quite difficult. He provides You with information about the Konkalites and Dorkhan and after Your third winning he will give You ammunition for one of the pistols. That means I was told so, because I never got that far and it is not necessary for the storyline. If You really want to know what he is talking about and You cannot win the game, move into Your data/dialoque directory, search the nwdial.txts for the keyword Armal and in one the files You will find his answers and informations.
  15. Now go to the sewers. You will have to kill two konkalites on Your way. After Sordos' „sermon" You have to kill the third konkalite. Save Your ammuniton. Remember the gap in the railing here. Move on. You will have to kill two guards and will have access to Sordos' room. Kill Thanandar and Sordos. Get the key (this red key has something to do with the red spot in front of the stallite in the prayer hall, but I never figured it out) and the two bottles from Thanandar, the red is a healing potion, the blue will lower Your contamination. Sordos has a weapon plan and a key. The key will open the chest in this room. Here You will find a treaty between Sordos and Dorkhan. There are two barrels, search for food there. Be sure to save one fish and one bottle of Stohl!!!
  16. On the other side is a hall with cages, where You will have to kill tow guards again. One holds the key for the Konkalite jail.
  17. Now: There are two plots here that You will encounter later. You can come back here during gameplay. The first time You can free a member of Armal's gang imprisoned in one of the cages with a stiletto that You will get later. After freeing him you will get ammunition from Armal. The second time You can find Dorkhan here, dying in the Konkalite jail. I never went down here again. Maybe there are some other plots...
  18. Go back to Danrys and give him the weaponplan. He promises to make You a flamethrower, if you can get a hilt for the weapon. Sorry now, i never found the hilt. Maybe You are more lucky. At this point You can also refill Your oxygen bottle at the machine in the back of the smithy.
  19. Go back to the Uppertown. Go to Dorkhan. Show the treaty to Phedoria. Dorkhan escapes. Search his desk for a healing potion and the above mentioned stiletto that will open the secret door. Here You will find Rysaldhar dying. Move back to the prayer hall. Zed will contaminate the core of the stallite. He dies in the process (I do remember a famous phrase at this point: Who is Zed? Zed's dead, baby, Zed's dead – Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction). Take his belongings and follow the storyline. Lory will ask You to find a crystal key consisting of four parts. She will give You the first one. From now on You can do as You wish, bit I suggest the following route:
  20. Chapter Three: The Quest For The Crystal Key Go back to the Undertown. Move to the altar room. Dorkhan is waiting here. Kill him. You will get a coin that opens and closes the secret door in his room, a sword, a part of the crystal key and an access card for the altar room. Move in. Right to the door is a spot that glows red. Search here in dark mode for a device from the before which is actually a bomb (smile). Behind the three stasis boxes to the outermost left side is a spot where You cannot look into, but Arkhan. Here You can find an automatic pistol (DO NOT USE IT TOO OFTEN, SAVE AT LEAST THREE ROUNDS FOR THE ENDFIGHT, BETTER FOUR). I do not know, if there is anything more about this room...
  21. Now go to the townwall. On Your way You will find a can (don't know what for, exchange good?). At some point You will meet two fighting men. Aid the red one and he will give You a helm. Now Your scuba gear is complete.
  22. Now You can go to Leona, but You don't have to, because she will not help You with the storyline. Go to the place where You killed the third Konkalite right after Sordos' speech. Use the scuba gear at the gap and go on. When you face a deceased man prepare for fight, there is a creature sneaking up from behind. After Your fight search the first skeleton left. Here You will find ammunition for Your automatic pistol. Go on, kill the dark seed and search the little cave for fish. Go to Leona, take the left way. You will meet a giant water snake. Kill it. Here in the water You can lower Your contamination level, but Your health will go down. Talk to Leona, but she knows nothing of value.
  23. Go back to the builder's tower. Talk to the guard, long enough. Give him the fish and the bottle of Stohl. Some people cannot bear anything. Move up. Take the master plan and the ammunition for the flamethrower. Go to the fireplace and threaten to burn the masterplan. Bordan will reveal himself and give his part to You, if You proof Your loyalty by showing Rysaldhar's part of the key.
  24. Go to Bogdaran. He is the only one who wants to get beaten to be pleased. He will do some research. You will have to return to him two times. The first time he will tell You to save Delia (Moar is gone, now You can get some meat, can refill Your Stohl bottles and can find a bowl (what for?), the second time he has provided the bomb with some insulating compound when you bring Delia.
  25. Go to the jail and kill the guard and the konkalite in the cell. He tells You something about killing Zed. This must be a story bug, because I remember that Zed spent a whole lot of time burning at the core of the stallite. Search the bed in dark mode and You will find the last part of the key.
  26. Be sure to have done everything with Phedoria, Lory and Danrys' (though only danrys will be of some help: repairs and the flamethrower), because they will be dead, after You entered the secret room in Rysaldhar's chamber.
  27. Chapter Four: The Vault In this chamber search in dark mode for a key that will open the well at the central place, some notes and drawings. Now throw the bomb into the well and move away quickly. The explosion is quite impressive. Near the hospital You can find a part of a rotor. Fix it with the rest near the builder's tower, switch to dark mode and jump down. Here you are.
  28. Move on. The gates will close behind You. Save. Go to the left side and pull the levers for the following sequence from left to right (use the drawings, but not all runes are on the paper): Runka, sun (obviously) and protect. Go to the right side and pull the levers for the following sequence from right to left: Shankr, destroy (the opposite of protect - look at the other side) and earth (obviously).
  29. Move on. You can duck that flying scissors by pressing the spacebar. It is not that difficult, but go the upper way. Now You will face Thanandar. Sure you have three or four rounds of the automatic pistol? Shoot, YOU CANNOT KILL HIM, HE IS REGENERATING HIMSELF AND IS NOT VULNERABLE DURING THIS TIME). Go on to the portal. PUSH! the levers in the following sequence, note that You have only two actions before Thanandar awakes again:
  30. Left one to the left
  31. Right one to the right
  32. Left one to the left
  33. Right one to the right
  34. Left one to the right
  35. Left one to the right

    That is it.


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