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The Curse of Monkey Island Walkthrough

    The Curse of Monkey Island Walkthrough
    Written by _lunatic (lunatic@es.co.nz) 14 Nov 97
    Copying, reprinting, publishing this text in any form without credit to the author prohibited. This text is Copyright lunatic@es.co.nz, 1997

    All characters (and the name of the game itself) belong to Lucasarts. Kudos to them for another great adventure (although it was a bit easy/short).

    Note : this was all written from memory, and hasn't been checked. Any major problems, feel free to email me. Enjoy!!

    Part 1

  1. pick up the ramrod, talk to the small pirate (wally), once he's crying on the floor, get the hook, use it on the ramrod, use the cannon, sink the skeletons, look out the window, use the ramrod/hook combo on the flotation device, talk to murray if you want. go back inside, cut the rope holding the cannon to the wall with the sword, and fire the cannon. pick up the bag, and the ring, use the ring on the porthole.

    Part 2

  2. pick up the ember, go to the swampy area in the middle left of the map, talk to murray, go inside, use nickels on gum machine, (hard - get the paste), pull the pin out of the voodoo doll, pull the alligators tongue, talk to the voodoo woman. Go to the town, go into the stage door of the theatre, get the glove, dandruff(lice), wand, use wand on hat, get book, go into the theater and talk to both performers, leave, go to barbers, (easy-pick up gobstopper), (hard-push Cutthroat Bill twice, pick up gobstopper), use lice on comb when haggis puts it down, get a haircut, use the handle, get the rock, use the handle, try to grab scissors, repeat handle/grab until you get the scissors, leave, go to the area with the lemonade stand/chicken restaurant, use the scissors on the flowers between the two shops, use the scissors on the undergrowth, go through, examine the sign, pick up everything at your feet on the left (3 pickups), use flower in maple syrup, use mixture on snake head.
  3. get reed, get thorn, use balloon on rock, blow balloon, use thorn on reed, shoot balloon, get rope, go to chicken restaurant, talk to blondebeard, get biscuit, push customer, get knife, give gobstopper to blondebeard, give gum to blondebeard, pop the bubble with the pin
  4. Easy- get card form table, get the tooth, go back to barbers.
  5. Hard- eat biscuit, use maggots on chicken, get card, chew gum, get tooth, use tooth with chewed gum, inhale balloon, chew gum with tooth, get biscuit cutter and pan, leave, use pan on puddle, return to barbers.
  6. use the glove on van helgen, close the middle box and select the banjo, take note of the single notes he plays at the end of each piece, you have to repeat them. once he starts playing the banjo behind his head, pick up a gun and shoot the banjo. you'll be back at the barbers, show the tooth to Bill, then return to the area where you dueled, go to the grassy knoll, cut the sawhorse with the bread knife, light the rum with the ember, (hard -use the biscuit cutter on the other rubber tree), return to the barbers and talk to haggis, you'll win the caber toss, then go to the cabana.
  7. show the cabana boy your card, get three towels, use them in the ice bucket, go to the beach. try to walk towards the guy at the end of the beach, then use towels on hot sand until all three are down. talk to palido, get the mug, leave through the gate. go to the lemonade stand, swap mugs, buy lemonade, get pitcher, use pitcher in dye vats, return to cabana, get towel, use towel in ice bucket, use wet towel on cabana boy, get oil, go to beach, put mug on palido's stomach, use pitcher on mug, use oil on his back.
  8. go to danjer cove, use the paste on the piece of rubber tree, put it in the hole, use the boat, go to the pirate ship, use breadknife on plank, climb up, you'll end up tarred and feathered, return to the chicken restaurant, you'll end up onboard the ship, use the ventriloquism book on the chimp, open the window, escape. go to the theatre, go upstairs.
  9. Easy- push lever, push buttons, an X will appear and you will leave the lights.
  10. Hard - push lever, push buttons in this order (assume numbering from numeric keypad) 374269961, the x will appear and you will leave the lights area.
  11. Use the chicken grease on the cannonballs, then go out and use the shovel.

    Part 3

  12. Go with the pirates singing, until you get the line ending in orange, this will stump them. choose your preferred combat option (easy/hard), then examine the map. choose a ship and attack it, once onboard use insults you don't know the answer to first, so you have the chance to hear the correct responses. Once you win a combat, return to port and upgrade your cannons, then repeat. Once you feel strong enough, take on rottenbaum, you have to choose the response from those you've gathered which is most appropriate to his insults. His insults are all different to the ones the other pirates were using.

    Part 4

  13. pick up the bottle in the sand (hard-bite the bottle), go to the cemetery, go to the gravediggers hut (left), pick up the chisel and mallet, get hair off dog, (easy- get biscuits and give them to dog), (hard-give biscuit from chicken restaurant to dog), go to the hotel,
  14. go inside, talk to madame xima until you have 5 death cards, open the door and go into the back room, use the chisel on the cheese, get fridge magnet, go back to main room, get cushion from far bar stool, get recipe book, read it, go to beach, use cushion on rocks, use mallet on tree, get egg, go to windmill, get pepper, return to hotel, give egg, pepper, and dog hair to bartender, talk to him, order a drink with an umbrella, use the chisel on the hangover cure, use the hangover cure with drink, drink the drink. use chisel on coffin lid, get nails, open the other coffin (with the chisel), talk to stan, leave, go back in, get insurance policy, return to hotel, go upstairs, go into first room. bang nail with mallet. go out, get nail. (hard-get portrait, use scissors on portrait, use outside of portrait on first door, use business card on far door). enter far room, pull bed, use nails on bed, use single nail on bed, get and read the book, (hard-return to first room, look through porthole), go downstairs, talk to bartender about being part of the family (hard- get mirror, use face in mirror frame), get jar, use chisel on jar lid, go to the village (strange lights), get tofu and cup, use chisel on tofu, wear tofu, go to volcano and talk to lemonhead, after ceremony throw cheese into volcano, return to windmill, (hard-use umbrella on windmill panes), fill jar and mug from the barrel, go to beach, talk to haggis about the bottle until he tells you they need tar, return to outside hotel and put cheese in pot, take pot to haggis, get lotion,
  15. go to clearing (where elaine is), put jar on stump, put lid on jar, use lubricant on elaines finger, take ring, go to lighthouse, use 'lantern' on lantern stand (hard -use mirror on mirror), return to hotel, buy drink, mix it with hangover cure, drink it, talk to ghost, go left, get crowbar, move towards crack, pick up murray, look through crack, (hard-use paste on skeleton arm), use skeleton arm on lantern, go back, use lantern on coffin lid, use murray on lantern, return to hotel, go into back room, get death certificate, go upstairs, go to far room, use crowbar on boarded hole, use crowbar on bed, get ring,
  16. go to stans, give him the insurance policy, go to beach, talk to ferryman, use magnet on pin, use pin on cork, use cork/pin on mug, give compass to ferryman, go to skull island, talk to winch operator, go down, use the umbrella when you're falling, talk to the pirates, play poker, use tarot cards on weak hand, go to clearing, use diamond on ring, put ring on elaines finger.

    Part 5

  17. talk to lechuck until you can end the conversation, open the door. talk to dinghy dog about competition, ask him to guess your age, get the anchor, (easy-put anchor in meringe pie), (hard-use shaving cream on pie pan, put anchor in pie pan), make rat fire the cannon, open gate, look through hole, push dinghy dog until he bites you, go right, get pepper, ask for snow cone, use meringue, pepper, and hair on cone, eat it.

    Part 6

  18. Stop at first stop, get fallen rope, at second stop, get keg of rum, at third stop (easy- get flask of oil) (hard-open lantern, blow lantern, get flask of oil), at fourth stop, go up the ice path, use keg on monkey, use oil on rope, use rope on keg, when lechuck appears use pepper on him.

    lunatic@es.co.nz : Eternally mad, always crazy.
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