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Crystal Skull Walkthrough

    NOTE: When installing the game, enable the hints because later in the game, there's two arcade sequences that are very difficult and simply referring to the hints about these sequences will allow you to win.

    Get the flower from outside the hut. Then walk out until you meet the Shaman. Walk screen left to a young Indian kneeling. Talk to him twice. He suggests you talk to one of the freaks at the back end. Go there and give the flower to the ugly girl. Choose "Poor thing" picture on the right. She'll tell you a secret (2 right, 1 left.) Then talk to the 3 headed fat guy (the middle one tells the truth.)

    Go screen left from the young Indian, then forward to the back area. Look in the pot to get a fresco (DON'T go to the left or you'll die!) Go back screen right, then left to the wolf den. Go out through the hole, then go inside the ruined temple. Talk to the chief. Xochi, his daughter, arrives. Talk twice more, asking the chief about everything. Leave the chief.

    Go left three times, right once, then left twice to the temple. Go left twice inside till you see a guard, DON'T talk. Look at mural on the wall. Use your fresco piece there. Note the sequence, 3628. Now talk to the guard to get arrested. Talk to other prisoner until the Shaman shows up. He gives you a magic map. Use it to get out. Go back to the temple and get arrested again. This time you get the magic skill to shape-shift.

    Try the shape-shifter to get out of jail. Go back to the temple again. This time go to the upper door (don't go left to the guard.) Open the cabinet. Get everything from the shelves: stick, obsidian, earplug, pot, cotton mantle, 2 magic powders, reed, and cup. Then climb until you get to the top shelf. Turn around. When the guard opens the cabinet, you knock him out!

    Get his bird costume, then SAVE! Go back to his post inside the temple. This time the medicine man shows up. Quickly use the red powder to blind him. Then talk to Xochi. She'll suggest you meet the emperor in his castle. There's several things you have to do first.

    Outside, go down, right, left, right, up. The market is now safe. SAVE first, then try your luck at the shell game with your bean. Win approximately 20 beans (7 right guesses, restoring as necessary and saving after each win.) You might have to leave and come back because it seems you never win twice in a role in one visit. You might even have to do what trading is possible, that doesn't require beans, before winning the first time.

    Then go inside the market to the right. First, talk to the man at the top. Select his sword and give him 8 beans, the pot and mantle for his rope, and the medallion from the bird costume for his feather and flagon.

    Next, talk to the girl on the right. Trade flagon and feathers for 5 beans. Then talk to the fruit seller. Trade 2 beans with fruit and maze, then 3 beans with the ointment. After that go out to the top left. And amazingly there's a boatman here. Talk to him. He'll take you on a boat trip if you give him the bird costume with the medallion stuff, you just sold it!

    Back to the market. Talk to the man again. He'll trade the medallion if you give him his feather, the flagon plus 3 beans. Talk to the girl on the right. She just sold the feathers to the feather work lady near the ruined temple. For now, just pay her 5 beans for the flagon. Go to the feather worker. Click on the feather craft on the wall. Trade your earplug, obsidian, and cup. Now back to the merchant in the market.

    Try to give him the feather craft. He won't accept it. Try to open it by clicking it on yourself. Back to the feather worker. Try to open it in front of the lady. Then ask her to help open it. Back again to the merchant in the market. Trade the feathers, flagon, and 3 beans for the medallion.

    At the boatman, SAVE! Give the bird costume to the boatman. Near the castle, jump to the top beam over the boat. Push the stone into the river. While the guard looks in the river, go past him and into the door. Go up (NOT to the left!) Go right. Take the knife on the table. Push the shield two 360 degree turns to the right and one more to the left. A secret compartment should open. Look at the picture.

    Now go back to the guard. Tell him the password (the creature: third or right choice.) Talk to the emperor and follow the instructions.

    Go to Calmecac (now the monk has gone away.) Enter Calmecac. Go to the right. Look at the white cloth on the wall. Go back. Use the stick with the burner to light it. Burn the white cloth. Then go back and take the black robe. Wear it. Get charcoal from the brazier and smear it on yourself. Go out and talk to the other monks. Choose middle answer, then the right answer.

    Outside Calmecac, wash your face with water from the big round basin. Watch the scene showing the capture of the princess. Go to the jail/courthouse. Wear the black robe. Enter the house. Inside, shape shift to Mom. Go in. Near the group, shape shift back to the monk and join the group. Listen to Snake-skirt's evil plan. Go back, shape shift to bug, go right, enter the jail.

    Talk to Xochi. Then choose left answer. Shape shift again to monk. Go to the right. Click hand on yourself to open the robe. Use the map to go to the palace. Report to the emperor. Choose right answer. Give him "Proof" from inventory. He gives you a pass to get past checkpoints. Teleport to the market, then go down screen. Shape shift to Snakeskirt. You're almost sacrificed.

    Click one of the guys holding you. Go back to the causeway near the market. Shift to Snakeskirt again. At the bridge, click the reed on yourself. Jump into the river. Now you're in the countryside.

    Go up (your left), at the crossroad, to Teotihuacan Temple. There's two forwards. Take the one to the temple on the right and climb the stairs. Look at the wall. It's the same as the mural on the wall in the city. Push the green buttons in this order from the left; 3,6,2,8. Note that the 4th button lights up. Go to the Temple of The Moon (North of Teotihuacan.) Click the fourth door from the left and enter.

    Wear the ointment. Then the creature will send you to Aztha. Talk to your grandpa till he gives a riddle. Enter the 5th door from the left. Climb the stairs to the hut. Talk to the 2 headed god. Show him the pass from the emperor. He'll offer you an amulet. Take it. Go back to the beach. Go into the sea and arrive back at the crossroad.

    Now go down to the road to Tula. On the way, you cross a beach, chasm, tree and rock, and desert. At the chasm, try to go across then use rope on tree to swing over. Continue right until you see a ruin. Talk to the old man. Get the serpent tile on the ground near the left column. Go up to the stairs. Look at rocks on the left side on the ground. Pick up the jaguar tile. Go to the big stone wheel and notice it's missing 3 parts. You already have 2. Use them on the holes. Now you have to find the remaining tile.

    Go to the snow mountain (to the right of the crossroad.) Go up to the slope. Put the fruit and maize as an offering to the Gods on the ground. Get the snowball. Teleport to the market. Go left to the sno cones booth and get behind it. Your young friend arrives. Offer him the snowball for the gold quill.

    Go to the man merchant in the market. Trade the quill for his statue. Go to the House of The Spirit (the priest temple.) Go screen right, then two left to enter. Go left and Meet the medicine man again. Quickly use the red powder on him. As before, when he sits down, a mural shows on the wall. Use the statue in the hollow. Enter the door that opens and go between the two altars.

    Get the last tile on the right altar and reach for the crystal skull on the left altar. Use your map and go back to Tula, to the big stone wheel. Use the last tile on it. Push any button 10 times to go back 500 years.

    Go down and talk to the old man. Continue to the courtyard. Go right to enter Castle Tula. Talk to the man. Paint his map. Hold left click and drag the brush over a picture to load its image. Release the left button, move the brush slightly right, hold left click again and move brush around till the image starts to appear.

    From left to right: Beach, Chasm, Tree and rock, and Desert; footsteps appear if it's correct. Then watch the story of the King unfold. The king has disappeared because of you.


    Then go to the big river to the right. Help the boatman with his riddle. Remember : always put jaguar with the fruit together (that's the key.) First, get the bird, then the fruit, bring back the bird, take the jaguar, and finally get the bird.

    Take the north path to the swamp. Step into it and get the mosquito over your head. Continue right to the Olmecs. Touch the head rock and you'll get a riddle to enter the Xibalba (first star seen at night.) Continue to the right. Use your sword to clear the jungle. Then get a banana. Continue until you reach a crossroad. Go up and meet grandma who lost her sons in the ball game at Xibalba.

    At the crossroad, the down path leads to the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of Inscription. You'll go there later. At the crossroad, go right, up, and left to Chichen Itza. Enter the temple of the Jaguar and talk to the scribe. He refuses to talk. Then climb to the stairs on the left side of the temple. Go up and look at the hieroglyphs. Then try to go left. Jump down to the Ball court. Talk twice to the player. Next go to El Castillo (right, left, up twice.)

    Climb the stairs and enter the temple. You'll distract the dance and get sent to the jail. SAVE! Make the bat, over your head, go away. Then look at the lower left for a bug and get it. Push the stone on the wall at the lower right. An iguana shows up. Talk to it. Shape shift into a mosquito. Then shape shift to iguana. Follow the iguana out through the hole.

    Go screen left then up. Use the banana to attract the monkey's attention when you hear it. Talk to the monkey. He'll help you read the hieroglyphs at the Temple of Jaguar. Choose the middle answer when he asks. Then go screen right, up, and left to Cenotes. Jump into the well and get the disc on the floor. Enter the under-water cave, then go right. Talk twice to the pots. They offer you Snake Vision if you bring them a spine, shark's tooth and a shell from the sea.

    Go to Doers just right of the observatory. On the way you'll meet a macaw bird. Touch it to get it's feather. Talk to it. Use the knife to cut the bamboo on the ground. Then use the feather on yourself to make a weapon. Hit the bird exactly five times to get his tooth (try rapid continuous firing.) Go to the Doers on the right. Talk to the man. Ask him about the Cookies and the Lights.

    Using the lights you see a vision of Snakeskirt and the tribe's chief. Trade your disc for the lights. Then trade the tooth for a canoe paddle. Go screen right to Tulam. Follow the west (left) path and get the stick on the ground. Now follow the north path to the beach. Look at the boat. Use paddle with the boat. Travel to the island. Look at the sea.

    Then pick a coconut from the tree. Go back to Doers and talk to the man. Give him the coconut for his thirst. You get a burning rock (copal.) Go screen right to crossroad and straight ahead to the Diving God Temple with four holes in the floor. Put the sticks and the copal in one of the holes. Use the light to light it. The Diving God will gives you the power to face the undersea creature.

    Now go dive into the sea. Go to the cave. Get the shell. Get the spine from the fish. Go back to the beach. You automatically get a sharks tooth. On the way back to Cenotes, stop by the observatory. Climb up and look at the scroll on the table. Draw or do a screen capture of the hieroglyphs.

    Go back to Grotto at Cenotes. Give the 3 items to the pots (spine, shell and tooth.) Watch the vision. Then go to the Jaguar Temple, near the Ball-court, and climb the stairs. Arrange the tiles according to the hieroglyphs at the observatory. Then it will open a secret door at El Castillo. Go there and enter the door at the bottom of the stairs. Sit in the red jaguar chair and get a vision. It tells you a password to enter the Underworld (you must "enter the road.")

    Go to grandmother's house north of the crossroad. Talk to her, then pick up her jug near the door. When she leaves to get you a drink, release the mosquito to distract her. Enter the house. Look in the mouse hole in the wall. Reach in twice to get the mouse. Use it on the fire to threaten it. The mouse will get you the ball gear from the roof.

    Next go to the Temple of the Sun (south at crossroad.) Go to the north temple with short steps. Go up and look at the hieroglyphs. Then visit the Temple of Inscription with the long high steps (to the right of Temple of the Sun.) Look at the wall. Draw the arrangement of the hieroglyphs, especially the lines and dots part. Go back to the Temple of the Sun.

    Arrange the hieroglyphs and a trapdoor will open in the Temple of Inscription. Go there. Tell the guard the password (VENUS.) Enter the trapdoor. On the front edge of Pacal's tomb, find the writing: He enters the road. Click on it. It'll take you to the underworld.

    Talk to the owl. Go south. Get a firefly in the way. Go west. You'll see a blood river. Talk to the owl for some clues. Use the bamboo to cross the river. On the other side, use the mosquito to distract the Gods. Talk to them, and choose the right answer. They'll send you to dark room. Quickly use the firefly on either cigar light. The gods will send you to a flying blade room.

    A single left click makes you duck. A double left click allows you to go up steps to next level. Try to get to the very top and do the same for your twin. If you can't seem to win, and you've got hints turned on, open them to this situation and a special paragraph will allow you to win. Next the Gods will send you to the bat house. Use your bamboo to distract the bat.

    Your twin loses his head. Go to the God of the Tree and talk to him. Look at his animals. Choose the correct food item to replace your twins' head (click the racoon to get a squash.) Put it on your twins' shoulders. Now, go up and play the ball game. You win! Now, go back to the spinning stone wheel at Tula. Push any button 10 times to go back to the future.

    Find Snakeskirt and get challenged to a ball game. Deflect his shot 15 times in a row and you'll beat him. If you can't seem to win, and you've got hints turned on, open them to this situation and a special paragraph will allow you to win. Watch a movie. Then put the skull on the altar. Use your necklace with Xochi's necklace. Watch the ending movie and a big smooch.



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