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Cruise for a Corpse Walkthrough

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- C R U I S E F O R A C O R P S E S O L U T I O N By: Delphine Software Solved by: G.W.H./M.W.B. On 30 October 1991/02.00 AM This Solution Was Spread By M.W.B. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Take the piece of paper next to the ashtray. (press right mousebutton to enter menu)
  2. Unfold the piece of paper and read it [08:10]
  3. Go to the bar (by using the map).
  4. Show the piece of paper to the barman.
  5. He will give you something. [08:20]
  6. Read the Prayer Book.
  7. Take the letter you find inside the book.
  8. Read the letter you found inside the book.
  9. Go to Father Fabiani's cabin and pull the LEFT suitcase.
  10. Open the suitcase. [08:30]
  11. Close the suitcase and push it.
  12. Go to the upper deck and speak to Suzanne.
  13. Ask here everything. [08:40]
  14. Go to the smoking lounge and speak to Tom.
  15. Ask him everything. [08:50]
  16. Go to the main deck, port side bow and open the first door.
  17. Ask Julio everything. [09:10]
  18. Go to the dining room and ask Father Fabiani everything. [09:30]
  19. Go to the smoking lounge.
  20. Take the piece of paper under the chair Tom sat on. [09:40]
  21. Read the piece of paper and go to the left (the bar).
  22. Talk to Suzanne, Ask her some more questions [09:50]
  23. Go to Tom and Rose Logan's cabin and ask him all the new questions. [10:00]
  24. Go to Raoul's cabin.
  25. Take the key just above the suitcase (on the rug) [10:10]
  26. Go to Niklos' office.
  27. Insert the key in the rolltop desk lock and open the jewelcase.
  28. Examine the clasp [10:20]
  29. Take the Thank You note [10:30]
  30. Read the Thank You note and go to the diningroom.
  31. Open the drawer of the left closet and examine the drawer.
  32. Take the invitations. [10:40]
  33. Read the invitations.
  34. Go to the main deck, port side bow and walk down out of the screen. [10:50]
  35. Go to the bar and speak to Suzanne.
  36. Ask her all questions about Tom.
  37. Go to the Rear hall and speak to Dick (ask all questions). [11:00]
  38. Go to the Laundry room and search the left basket.
  39. You will find a necklace, open the necklace and examine the necklace [11:10]
  40. Go to the Rear hall and talk to Dick.
  41. Ask him about the necklace and Agnes. [11:20]
  42. Go to the upper Toilet and take the soap.
  43. Go to the Main deck, port side bow and knock on the last door.
  44. Open it and ask about Thank You note (plus all new questions). [11:30]
  45. Go to Raoul's cabin and speak to Julio.
  46. Ask him about the Bell Tower and Agnes). [11:40]
  47. Go to Suzanne's cabin and open the left wardrobe.
  48. Search the Cosmetic case, take the Prescription. [11:50]
  49. Read the Prescription and then go to the bar
  50. Take the bottle and the glass. [12:00]
  51. Go to the Upper deck and speak to Suzanne, serve a drink. [12:10]
  52. Ask her all new questions. [12:20]
  53. Go to the Butler's cabin (wait until he's done).
  54. Ask him everything, go to the Smoking lounge and speak to Tom.
  55. Ask Tom all about Agnes).
  56. Go to the Main deck, port side bow and knock on the last door.
  57. Open it and ask him all about Agnes (enjoy the scene). [12:30]
  58. Walk down the screen and look through the Porthole. [12:40]
  59. Go to Suzanne's cabin, open the right wardrobe.
  60. Search the Pile of laundry. [12:50]
  61. Go to the Upper deck and speak to Rose.
  62. Ask Rose ALL questions.
  63. Go to the Bar and speak to Suzanne
  64. Ask Suzanne about Tom's business and about Rose).
  65. Go to Rebecca's cabin.
  66. Ask REbecca everything. [13:00]
  67. Go to Father Fabiani's cabin.
  68. Open the second (from the left) wardrobe and take the pocketwatch [13:10]
  69. Go to the laundry room and search the Pot (NOT THE WOMAN!!)
  70. You'll get a key.
  71. Go to the dining room and speak to Father Fabiani
  72. Ask about Rose and Rebecca.
  73. Go to the Main deck, port side bow and speak to Julio.

    M.W.B. - PLK 47899 - 2504 CD - DENHAAG - HOLLAND (AMIGA,PC,C64)

  74. Ask about the pocket watch and watch the scene. [13:20]
  75. Ask all about Rebecca and Rose.
  76. Go to Daphne's cabin.
  77. Ask her everything. [13:30]
  78. Go to the Bar, speak to Suzanne
  79. Ask about Tom, Rebecca, Rose and Daphne.
  80. Go to the Dining room and speak to Father Fabiani.
  81. Ask about Rebecca, Rose and Daphne. [13:40]
  82. Go to Niklos' office and ask the butler about the pokergame (Fabiani). [13:50]
  83. Go to the Upper deck and search the Bag (next to the chair). [14:00]
  84. Ask Rose about Gun advertisement. [14:10]
  85. Go to Tom's cabin and open the wardrobe and search the sheets.
  86. You find a letter. [14:20]
  87. Walk from the wardrobe and then read the letter.
  88. Go to the Upper deck and fling the right lifebelt. [14:50]
  89. Wait a moment. [15:00]
  90. Go to Suzanne's cabine. [15:10]
  91. Open the musicbox (next to the closet) and examine it...Pay attention!
  92. Insert the small key, while the puppet is turning.
  93. Block it (click with your left mousebutton on it).
  94. You hear a click and then turn the key again.
  95. A drawer will open, take the letter out of it. [15:30]
  96. Read the sheet of paper and go to the bar (enjoy the scene). [15:40]
  97. Take the purse next to the first door. [15:50]
  98. Go to Daphne's cabin and ask her about Agnes' will. [16:00]
  99. Ask about Suzanne's investigations/suspicions
  100. Walk down one screen, enter the open cabin and listen to her story.
  101. Walk down one screen, enter the open cabin. You'll get another story.
  102. Outside, go to the Main deck, starboard astern.
  103. Walk down the screen and you'll get ANOTHER story.
  104. You have to enter the open door, of course).
  105. Walk up one screen and follow the last finger (yes, really the last). [16:10]
  106. Go to the Rear Hall, approach Dick and ask him everything. [16:20]
  107. Go to Raoul's cabin and take the note (under your feet). [16:30]
  108. Go to the Butler's cabin and watch the scene. [16:40]
  109. Go to the Alleyway (in front of the Kitchen). Enter the kitchen
  110. It has to be done this way (not from the map)!
  111. Take the Can opener on the Furniture
  112. Open the Hatch
  113. Take Crowbar and use it on the small case right next to the big white one (a little bit in the middle - not in the spotlight).
  114. Take Tin, use Can opener on the Tin (a handgranate will pop out).
  115. Use Crowbar on the loose plank near the elevator (left-under).
  116. Take the Reel of film (inside the hole). [16:50]
  117. Go to the Engine room and take the Screw driver on the left Can. (With the box on it.) [17:00]
  118. Go to the Smoking lounge and pull the Film projector
  119. Examine the Film projector.
  120. Put the Reel of film on the Film projector.
  121. Use the Screwdriver on the little screws.
  122. Operate the green Switch.
  123. Use the Screwdriver on the little screws and press the green Switch.
  124. Watch the film!! [17:10]
  125. Exit the film scene and go to the Rear hall. Watch the scene. [17:20]
  126. Go to Suzanne's cabin, examine the body. [17:30]
  127. Go to the Captain's cabin.
  128. Take the Book from the Bookcase (you can only TAKE one of them). [17:40]
  129. Examine the Book, open it, examine the Red inscriptions
  130. You read: INCAL.
  131. Go to Niklos' office and examine the Books in the Bookcase between the Book ends.
  132. You will automaticaly place the found book in Book case.
  133. Now you must arrange to books so that they form the word: INCAL (The left side must remain open.) [17:50]
  134. A Secret door will open. Throw the Soap at the Secret door. [18:00]
  135. Enter the Secret room (through the Secret door, simple eh?).
  136. Examine the puppet (ugly), search Mafioso (right side of screen). [18:10]
  137. Take Puppet. [18:20]

    (Exciting, isn't it?)

  138. Go to the Smoking lounge. Show Puppet to Daphne (watch the scene). [18:30]

    The game will take over from here until it's time to point your finger at the murderer (once they are assembled)...

    (The killer was Dick Schmock)

    The One And Only 100% Solution Of CRUISE FOR A CORPSE Was Made By G.W.H./MWB!

    For M.W.B. Entertainment - Typework Done By SHI/MWB(Ten Meg More)......ENJOY

    [Make Sure To Catch Further 100% WalkThru Solutions From Us]

    Fuck those bloody hint-solutions, this is the one and only real thing!

    - Also, The REAL Solution Of Larry 5 -

    - Coming soon > The Solution Of Police Quest III < -

    M.W.B. Entertainment 1991


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