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Critical Path Walkthrough

Title: Critical Path Hints Author: Russell Florence E-mail Address: Russ7877@aol.com Contents: Detailed instructions for playing Critical Path also technical note for fine tuning CONTRIBUTUNG AUTHORS: TROY K. JERNIGAN E-MAIL TURTLE007@AOL.COM M959@AOL.COM Usage: this file may be distributed in any electronic forum or BBS as long as the author is given credit for his contribution


  1. After KAT uses the handgrenade to blow open the doors , she will ask you to sent her the alert signal to establish contact with her . MCL ESTABLISHED:
  2. After you have made contact with KAT a gate will open with a bunch of BLOOD ORANGES start to attack KAT. After her dialogue KAT ask if theres any thing you can do , do it now (enter 123 on the numerical pad on the detonator box and press the large Red button to arm the detonator) The Green light will come on letting you know that the code was accepted (this may take a few seconds So do this as quickly as possible) Timing is very important.


  3. After you have greased all of the Blood Oranges at the gate KAT will run down a tunnel that takes her to a line of carts. when she gets in she will be taken to an Elevator that takes her up . When you see the Blood Oranges dropping rocks from the overhead camera (Enter 152 on the detonator and press the red button again) . This will set of a trap at the top of the elevator and kill the Blood Oranges while also knocking KAT out for a few seconds


  4. After the trap knocks KAT out she lands of a conveyor belt moving toward the pit of conversion . When KAT comes to she will say a few lines of dialogue and then the camera view will change to let you see how far from the edge she is . Press the "E" button on the control panel to stop the conveyor A few seconds after you stop the conveyor two Blood Oranges attack KAT. she flips the first over her and kicks the second knocking him back. then KAT fights with the second attacker while the first lay unconscious on the conveyor After KAT finishes of the second attacker the first attacker wakes up at starts to move toward the end of the conveyor ready to shoot KAT from behind as soon as KAT spots him behind her hit the "E" button again to send him into the Pit of Conversion.


  5. After KAT finishes the two attackers at the conveyor she will go down the stairs to the furnace(while she's going down the stairs general MIHN'S video message appears on your screen)
  6. When KAT reaches the furnace she is surrounded by a dozen or so Blood Oranges After the fight begins KAT screams (THIS ISN'T A GAME, THERE GONNA KILL ME)PRESS THE "J" Button on the control panel (Remember timing is very important)This opens the chute to the furnace and hot material pours out all over the Blood Oranges.


  7. After the furnace KAT starts running toward the Crane. when you first see the Crane Hook press the "G" button (it wont be labeled but you can find it pretty easy , its the one hanging out half way on the far left side in the middle row.) Once KAT jumps onto the Crane Hook it will take her up and over the big furnaces and over a wall into a room with a series of catwalks. press the "G" button again to stop the crane. and KAT will drop down onto the catwalk.


  8. When KAT lands on the catwalk she will not be able to see. So you will be her eyes via the direction arrows on the screen (or on the keyboard) guide KAT through the Cat Walk Maze to the exit using the map below.


  9. After you make it through the maze KAT will ask if you see any water she can use to wash out her eye's. Use the yes button on the control panel and the direction keys right beside that to go to the room on the right wall . Once there you will find a sink for KAT to wash her eye's out , while in this room KAT talks to you about whether or not the two of you will make it out or not(KAT asks you if you are still there(answer yes by pressing yes on the control panel)) no answer pisses her off and she storms out abrouptly.Entering the other room to the right of the room you are in now,KAT will discover that General MIHN is using the crosses made in the factory to smuggle drugs in. after KAT finds the drugs and the BLOOD ORANGES start shooting at her she start to run towards the door make her go right just befor she starts to run this will cause KAT to go up the ladder on the side of the water tower and onto a pipe once KAT is on the pipe set the detonator to 666 and press the red button this will blow the top of the water tower up and kill the BLOOD ORANGES this will also cause KAT to dive through the window at the end of the water pipe and into the shower .


  10. while in the showers KAT ask you if you can turn on the showers (SHE SURE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE A SHOWER(AND I WOULD'NT MIND WATCHING THIS ONE LITTLE BIT ))BUT THERES NO TIME FOR A SHOWER SCENE) so answer no when she asks you and she will leave the showers and go down a hall to the torture chamber where KAT meets a BLOOD ORANGE .


  11. KAT free's the BLOOD ORANGE and in return gets knocked out for a minute .When she wakes up she finds that the BLOOD ORANGE has taken her gun and is sitting in an electric chair enter 451 on the detonatorkey pad at press the red button while he's talking this will fry him


  12. after KAT leaves the torture chamber she will get into an elevator the floor will move but the roof does'nt just when she looks up enter 911 on the detonator key pad and press the red button this will cause the roof of the elevator to blow off and the elevator door will open at the top to the outside.


  13. when KAT opens the door to the roof general MIHN is wiating for here with a gun of course as soon as the general starts talking in a different language press the "N" button on the button left hand side to sound the siren this will distract him long enough to shoot him and make her escape.



  14. If your video seems to run a little slow here are some note to help speed things up a little: INCREASE BUFFERS IN CD ROM DRIVER, (M:30(per media vision) CHANGE VIDEO BITS, START AT 24 BITS AND WORK YOUR WAY DOWN UNTIL YOU FIND THE ONE THAT BEST SUITS YOUR NEEDS AND YOUR COMPUTERS CAPIBILITIES(if your system is playing video slowly try changing the video bit to 8 bits (per vedia vision)) CRITPATH.INI: the following should be in your critpath.ini file if you want to access all levels with all 9 lives CDPATH=X:\ (X BEING THE LETTER OF YOUR CD ROM DRIVE
    G0= 0
    G1= 9
    G2= 9
    G3= 9
    G4= 9
    G5= 9
    G6= 9
    G7= 9
    G8= 9
    G9= 9
    G10= 9
    G11= 9
    G12= 9

    "E" button operates conveyor belt
    "G" button operates crane
    "J" button operates chute
    "N" button operates siren


    SPECIAL THANKS TO: MEDIA VISION,INC. Media Vision and Critical Path are registered trademarks of Media Vision,inc. MONDO MEDIA. Mechadeus is a registered trademark of Mondo Media TINA MOODY for her help with gathering info. TROY K. JERNIGAN also for his help in regathering info after all files where lost .you,ve been a big help! M959 FOR CONTRIBUTING ALL TECH INFO COMMENTS : SEND E-MAIL TO RUSS7877@AOL.COM


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