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Countdown Walkthrough

Due to seemingly endless questions I decided to write this. Use at your own discretion: if you blow up your computer or the joy of gaming I refuse any liability. Also, I give you almost the minimum trouble-solution, not the max. score one.

And, this game is sorta tricky: you must save often, after each room in the sanctuary and in every possible place when out. That way you don't have to start too far again.In the asylum second and third floor, always walk counter- clockwise, as that is the way the guards go and you reduce the risk of bumping into them that way.

  1. Start at your cell: look your medical record, get cup, use cup on bug, get key. Talk to window, offer bug to nirva, talk to him until you know the name of doctor.
  2. Wait until you get food, get knife, use knife on window. go window, open window to your right, enter.
  3. Open door, enter hallway, enter closet on the other side of the hallway, get blanket and scissors. exit closet, enter barney's cell (bottom door on the eastern wall) give blanket to barney and talk to him. you get names.exit, enter the long room on the north side of the floor. get the cpr dummy and exit. Walk until the bottommost door on the west wall; move picture on the wall and read two messages on the wall. Move pillow and get key.
  4. Go back into your cell and use cpr dummy into your bed. Then leave cell, walk until northwest corner of the floor and go one floor up. Enter the locker room in the middle of the floor, move towel on the bench, get key and use both keys to open two of the lockers. get boots and your personal gear. exit, and walk south from the door, to the long corridor. Enter first door on right. Get crowbar, use crowbar on box, get hook. Open national geographic. Leave and go two floors down. Enter bottom door in the southeast corner, open box and get flashlight. enter topmost door on the same wall and get scalpel from the dartboard.
  5. Now enter doc's office on the western wall. Move painting and books, open safe, get cash. get keys from the table. Open file cabinet (third on the left rack) and read about yourself, read newspaper. Use scalpel on doc, hassle him until you get the hitman's name. Then leave doc's office. Go into basement, use key you got from the cell to open the door. Enter furnace room. Move first pile of coal, get pick. Open phone box, use scissors on it. Use pick on hole ine the wall. Enter maze. Take first road the east, until the first burial chamber, then south until very bottom of the screen. Then enter doorway.
  6. Get rag, move box left of the wine rack. Use rag on the upper plaque, read both. Figure out the roman numeral, and move wine bottles starting from the top row. (1433). Look blood, use crowbar on box, get wine bottle. Exit. Go to the very mouth of the cave, then go on cliff. Climb up. Use hook on top of cliff. look blue car, use keys on car door.
  7. Go to McBain mansion. get key (among glass right of the table). Look glass. move lightswitch, move shield of the statue. Insert key into hole, look computer. Get explosive. Move the bookshelf on the right wall. use one explosive on the safe. Get box from the bookshelf and the box in safe. get message from notebook on the table.
  8. Go into your apartment. Look photo on the floor, look work. Move pillow. get key, use it on parrot's cave. Get cookie from the table, use it on parrot. get key. Get tools, move flower, get cad, open drawer (one with false front) with key. travel.
  9. Use cad, enter password (a water mammal), read email,analyze message. Do research if you want to. Then head to Rachel Akura. Give her the information about Iraqis. Offer her money (500 bucks) and she gives you a tranquillizer shot. Head for Fontaine.
  10. Stay unmoved until Fontaine stops by the trashbin, he is heading east then. then use dart on him. Now, talk to him until you find out about Athens headquarters. Fly to Athens.
  11. Get rock, get catapult arm and set up the catapult. pull lever and insert the rock into catapult. Wait until guard arrives. He will come to a standstill: when guard approaches this point, move lever. There will be a cute splurt.
  12. Enter door and watch for the hitman. Dodge him around the boxes until you reach the monitors. Wait somewhere and use explosives on the monitor so guard will blow up when he looks them. It will take ten seconds for them to blow so you have to make your move in good time. This is tricky but eventually you will get it right. Then go see the hostage. Tallk to Michael until you find out who Jackal is. Travel, but first use cad to study jackal, and bingo, you have another name. Fly to Carlos. Bluff him until you talk about wine, then offer him the bottle. There is Golden. Offer him also 500 $ and he gives you a lockpick.Fly back to Athens and pick the big safe there. When you travel, use cad to analyze the message. Write codes down. Then it is for Venice and Golden.
  13. Talk to bartender, offer him 500 and you will meet with golden. Before you go right, read newspaper and taste Finlandia Vodka to sharpen up ( :-) )
  14. Talk to Golden what ever you want, then wait around until golden is either dancing or at table and guard leaves. No trick here, just waiting. Then go behind curtain. Get key, open jewel box, get another key and open desk drawer. get staionery. You can also take makeup kit but it is of no use. Leave, analyze stationery and talk to bartender about buzz. Go to buzz, hassle him for two times and then be friendly (help) and he will arrange you with Scorpio. Offer him 500 and get the pills.
  15. Meet Scorpio. Talk if you want. Nothing spectacular. Then leave, read email, take train to Lisa, go see Quinn, talk if you want, leave then and go to Colosseum. You will wake up in a sorta trange situation. Wait in peace until the rope breaks, then lead the tiger into its lair and when you are back oout from there, move lever. Move bones, get rope and hook, use rope on window.
  16. Move bag, get the other bag (with your stuff in it) read newspaper and get blueprint and postcard. Move (or open) second bottom brick on the right side of the door, and open door.enter.
  17. Use cad, analyze postcard. Find microdot.
  18. Travel to Belgrad. (If you miss the train you lose. Go back all the way to the escape from the asylum and use plane more. After this point you won't need any more money; and you can play for it at golden's bar).
  19. go right until the telegramm in front of ashtray. Read it. Go to next car. Open first door, look body, open wallet. Leave. Open third and fourth doors. Enter fourth. Talk to Jackal with: Bluff, hassle and help. use knockout capsules on his food, quiclky leave and go to next compartment.
  20. Come back and you'll find him unconscious. Bingo ! Open his luggage bin, get tool, get briefcase and his priest costume. Go to next car all the way to the end and open the violin-case-looking crate with the tool.
  21. Get plastic explosive.
  22. Don't bother with the lady's password, just give her her money (briefcase). Enter door to your left, get gear, go back right, use gear on shaft in the middle of the machinery. Move switch, go left, enter sewer when it is dry, go left, go ladder, open latch, enter it. Then use plastic explosive on doorway right of the room and enter. move elephant, move plaque (or rock) behind the elephant. look at bomb. Open screws with screwdrivers, turn the colored screws as noted in the message and cut the wires, first bottom, then top and last the middle one.

    That's it. Enjoy the ending. (what a waste to my opinion... :-) )


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