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Congo: Descent into Zinj Walkthrough

by Crash

    CONGO : DESCENT INTO ZINC The Complete Walkthrough by CRASH

    This is the only completed walkthrough you can find in the web. I try to make this walkthrough as complete as possible.

  1. The first part of this game is surprisingly amazing. The pictures are awesome and that monkeys are cute. The direction is as follow > F : forward; L : left; R : right; TA : turn around 180; TR : Turn Right; TL : Turn left. Most of the first part take place outside the ruin and in the jungle. The second part take place inside the lost city of Zinc. But one thing keep annoying me when playing this game, the savegame is not very good cause you can't restore exactly at the place you saved the game, so keep remembering the situation. Ok, let's begin the journey.


  2. [TA F TL] That's the parachute with your compartment. Open it with the knife in your inventory. Take the camera, floating boat and the transcom. [TL F] Use the floating boat on the river, ride it. [L R] Now you're landing at the dry ground. [TR] Gosh, that's a poor man lying dead. So take his dart, guess he won't need it after all. You'll find a snake if you go forward from here, but leave it for later. Back to river, ride the boat.


  3. [L L] Now you're landing at another dry ground ( you can look it at your transcom, the map ). [F TR] Now this is some kind of hieroglyph. Take a picture of it. Get the stick. Use your transcom, click image library, analyze it ( from this point I only use the word of analyze to explain the process ).
  4. It explains of poison water. Hmm... that maybe useful. Try to fill your dart with the poison water ( it's the brown thing in the middle ). You've made yourself a poison dart. Now you're ready to face the snake. Back to the snake. Combine the poison dart with the stick. Use it to kill the snake. [F] get the statue from the stone. [TA F F] Ride the boat again [L L]. [TA F] Now you facing a deep chasm. Use statue with the stone circle. A bridge will be made. [F] Oh my god, the bridge is tumbling down.


  5. [F] Meet Amy the gorilla. Follow her to the camp [F TR]. Take the tent pin on the right tent and the cup lying on the ground. Leave the luggage for later use. Continue to temple entrance [TL F TL] Pick up the strange device here. [TR F F F F TR] Hey that's a scancard. Take it. Hmm ... this place has a lot of gun. Take a picture on the strange grafitti on the pole. Analyze. [TA] Take a picture on another grafitti on the pole. Analyze. Suddenly you will receive a transmission. But, it'll break the chip on your transcom. Take it out.


  6. [TL F TL F] Take a picture from another grafitti. Analyze it. It's the map layer for this area. Click the transcom, click map layer and remap your position. [TR F TL]. Now you are in the right pavillion. Get the scanning device for radiation. [TL] Use the cup on stone circle. Hey, it's an elevator. [TA] Take a picture from the wall. Analyze. Take the cup and go up. [F TL] Take the rope from under the pillar ( look carefully or you will miss it ). [F TL F TR F TR F TR] This is the left pavillion. Take the scanning bug from inside the compartment. [TR] Use cup on the stone circle. Get the sun stone ( you will need 6 of them to enter the door to lost city of Zinc ). [TA] Take a picture of the grafitti on the wall. Analyze. Now go back up by taking the cup.

    THE LUGGAGE Back to the tent. Use scan card on luggage to open it. Get the audio radar and the chip. Repair your transcom with the chip. Make a communication with Travicom and ask for an audio sample to open the compartment. Play the sample and the compartment will open. Get the magazine for later use. [TA] You'll see Amy playing with a sunstone. Try to get it. It won't work. Maybe another approach will do.


  7. [TL F TR F F TR F F] Use the scanning bug with the tree. Now you get a very sticky scanning bug. [TA F F TL F F TL F TL] Use bug with Amy. Now look in the transcom. Turn on the tracking device. Amy's position will be circled. That'll help you find Amy. Now try to catch her. [TL F TR F F TA F TL F TL F] Now you can catch Amy here. [TL] Get the sunstone from her. Take a picture of the grafitti on the top of the pillars. Analyze.


  8. Now look in your transcom. Look map layer. The eye sign indicates the position of the sunstones. [TL F TR F TL F F TR F TR] Look carefully at the pole. There is a secret gap on it. That's the 3rd sunstone. Pick it up.
  9. [TR F F F TR] Look accross the river. That's a monkey statue lying on the ground. Pick it up. No, it falls into the river. [TR F F F TR F F TL] Oh, there you are. The river has taken you to this area. Take the monkey statue. [TL F F TL F F F F F F TR] Now use your radar to record the gorilla's sound. [TR F TL F TR F TA] Back to right pavillion. Go down with the elevator. [TA] Put the monkey statue with the sign. [TA] Grab the 4th sunstone from the opening.
  10. Now go back to the crosspath near the falling bridge. [TL F TL] Now you're facing the poison lava. Cover it with the boat. [F TR F TL F TR] You can bend your pin by placing it on the lava. Combine the hook with the rope. [TR F TL] Hey that's strange gorilla blocking your way. Play the audio sample from the gorilla sound to scare him away. [F TR] Pick up the 5th sunstone.
  11. Back to the court yard of the ruin. [TA] Now you're facing a wall. Use the grappling hook to climb the wall. Push the picture in the middle. That's the last sunstone.


  12. Go to the big door [TA F F F]. Detect all of the gorillas around the door. Now you must arm the right gun to kill the gorillas. They are the gun in front of right pavillion and the gun inside left pavillion ( near the rock ). Use the magazines on them and quickly use the remote to control them. By now if you go to the door, the gorillas will be automatically killed. Use the sunstones with this order on the door. From left to right, top to bottom is 1 to 6. Put it by 3,4,1,2,6,5 ( the last one is bottom left hole ). Now enter the door.
  13. This next section is the second part of the game. I'll just correct and add several clues for the hints written by RENEGADE.


  14. Look at the compass on bottom right. Follow this step : N W N E E E N W W N N And you will survive the maze.


  15. This is the best puzzle in the game. Take all pictures you see. Analyze them. First go to the door#1 on the left ( I numbered it from left to right ). [L] Enter the next room. [TL] Use this order on the buttons ( left to right ) : #1, #3, #1, #2, #1, #3. [TA] Cross the bridge. Move the lever in this room to west position ( All levers seems to control the flow of the lava in the hole #2 and hole #4 at the starting point ). Go to starting point. Take hole#2. [L L] In this room take the bone from the piles. [TA] Use your hand on the stone pedestal. Enter. You'll reach the bridge room.
  16. Cross the bridge again. Move lever to east position. Exit room. Go to the next room. Move the lever here to east position. Go to starting point. Take hole #2 [R] In this room you'll find a broken lever. Use bone with this lever. Turn to west position. In this room there's a short cut to gong room. You can use it by placing your arm on the stone pedestal. Enter the gong room.
  17. Do this part as fast as you can. Use gong. [TR F TA] Place your hand on the pedestal when you see the gorilla. It will close the door and cut it's hand. In this room, you can built another map layer for this area. Take the hand. Use it on the pedestal with a big arm imprint on it ( it's in the door #1 and door #5 ). You can have an information about the place in it.
  18. Go to door #3. [TR] Look at bars. Get Amy's backpack. Back to starting point. Enter hole #4. [R R] Use Amy's backpack with the lever. Open the door by placing your hand on the pedestal. Enter the room. [TL] Speak to Amy. When she speaks to you [TA] Pull the lever. Enter the room.
  19. Next just listen to Amy. She'll show you the right door to enter. Follow her clues ( two thumbs up means safe ). At the final room take raft, lighter and the glasses. Pull the lever on the left. Enter the door. Go to starting point.
  20. Enter door #1. Move lever to west position. Back to starting point. Take hole #2. [L R L] In this room Karen will contact you. Take the laser and explosive. Use explosive on keypad. It will blow up the wall. You will be thrown to gong room. [TA] Take the stone disc. [TR] Enter the room with water in it.


  21. Use the raft with water. Get on it. Use stone disk with door. Enter the cave. Your glasses will be broken. Analyze the cause. Yes, it's the bat's voice. At the end TL Touch the bat and record it's sound with your audio scanner. [TR F F] Use raft on water. Get on it. [TR] Get the stalactite from the ceiling. [TR F F TR] Use stalactite to pick up the rock at X red mark on the wall. Pick the stone. [TA] Use lighter with the gas crack to kill the beast. [TL F] Now you'll see a box pedestal. Solve the sliding puzzle. The clue is with the code in the compartment with big hand lock in the cave.
  22. [F F] Use bat recording to break the crystal. Now Amy will shows up. Follow her to the lava room. Take step on the lava without the smoke on it. Try this path the third stone in the first line, the right stone, the right stone, and finally step to the ground ( I think it'll different from time to time ).


  23. [TR F] Use raft on water. Get on it. [L L R L] You'll reach the rendezvous ground. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE ( cause this is the worst part of the game, if you use the automatic restore here after you pick up the wrong ending, it is no use ).


  24. Put diamond on the case. After confirmation, change the diamond with the rock and put the diamond in the Laser. Open your transcom. Remove the chip. Put the chip in your laser gun ( this will activate the tracking device ). Now you can track the satellite. Aim your laser at the top right section of the sky. When you hear the steady sound, shoot at it. It'll blast the satellite. THE END



  1. Subject: My Congo walkthrough.........
    Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 18:38:23 -0500 (EST)
    From: Trumpet167@aol.com
    Hey man, you got a cool site!! I printed out the Congo walkthrough and I do what it says but I still get killed when I shouldn't be! Do you know the answer to this or know where I could contact the guys who made the walkthrough?? Thanx alot! L8R!
  2. Subject: Re: My Congo walkthrough.........
    Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 14:12:21 EST
    From: Trumpet167@aol.com
    I get killed when I pt the stones in the CORRECT order!?! It is the 3rd stone that does it.....
    ANSWER: If you read the walkthrough, It says that the stone order changes each time you play, unless you mean the stones to open the door. You will have to experiment with trial and error to get the order correct. Save before the door and work through the permutations and combinations. There are 36 possible orders for six stones.

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