By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Chronomaster Walkthrough

Roger Zelazny's Chronomaster Walkthrough by Darksheer -----------------------------------------------------

Notes: Well, though this game looks good its damn hard! And I mean HARD! You lucky guys now have this walkthrough but when you solve this game by yourself - its top emotion! Also know that there is a plenty of methods to solve many of the riddles and I'll try to mention the places where I know the different way can be taken but I failed to figure it out.

Every time you return to Jester if there is a message on the screen - click on it to play a videomessage. Also note that some of my sentences are nonsense but they are put there to make it easier to find hotspots on screen. And forgive me if my language isnt as good as you expect.

OK. Lets begin. After a couple of videomessages on your display turn right and select universe, planet in this universe and location and sublocation there. ( I will skip this instructions later in the walkthrough because its useless to describe and eats bytes on your HD.)

  1. Select Urbs.

    URBS ----

  2. At main Urbs planet select location Sculpture Garden. Talk with the robot. (This time you cant presuade to move his ass off the magnetic north but we'll do it later). Walk left or right and explore other screens at this location. Pick up a rock and crush it using a hammer from your Tools. While you explore read all the plaques on the sculp- tures to get some tips. Return to Jester (your ship). Select location as Ground Zero City. Pick up rag and crowbar at the landing site. Go to the north walkway. Use bottled time on citizen and then another bottled time on bomb; quickly exit this screen and reenter it - whoa, the door is now unreachable. (note than you can just pass the bomb by and not deal with it - we'll get in there in more complex way). Return back to landing site and take eastern walkway. You enter a museum. In- side, pry open the container with your crowbar. Pick up a shield from the container. Pick up a polisher from the floor, use it on rag and use rag+polisher on the shield. You will see display cases in this room but you need only general bars from one of them - use polished shield to grab them. Return to the entrance to the museum and find a spot on the door where an arrow to the right appears - go there, use elevator to descend a level down, talk with guard but dont make him angry and walk away. Return to Jester. Fly to the Fort. Pick up a uniform from the dead body. You may wear it. Use bottled time on a rocket launcher. Push but- ton near it to move rocket up. Exit screen to the south and you will be on the battlefield. Take both flags. Return to Jester and fly to the garden. Wear uniform. Go to the statue with a flagpole and use enemy flag on flagpole (one of 2 flags will do - if you pick up the wrong one - you wont be able to trick robot). Go to the robot and command him to go join the battle - if you did all correct he will go away. Use reso- nance tracer. Now fly back to the fort and there go to the battlefield. Here you should see a bridge with a scanner nearby. Wear uniform. Use general bars on Korda. Now you will be authorized to cross the bridge. Inside the fort you will see a firing squad - use a shield on every squad member to vaporize them. Pick up a file in the corner and read it. Then talk to the prisoner. Here you can decide what approach to take but I chose one to believe his story and to let him go (and well, I wasnt killed though he escaped - you may try another approach - its fun to see 'what if'). Exit to the south of the screen. Here you will see a distant entrace into some private area, protected by a code-lock. Here you can either use PDA on keylock or use powdered rock on it to get fingerprints. Either way (though I havent tested the one with PDA) you come in. Here after some cut-scenes you are given a choice whether to save or destroy this universe. Though I am very peaceful dude Korda died when I chose to save it (it may be triggered by something but I dont care much about it) - but I suggest to destroy it. Just after this one you are given a logical puzzle to gain the World Key if you succeed - you are here on your own though even a braindead person will solve it in 30 minutes. Just after this you withstand a Council Of Wise to choose your punishment - I think the only non-lethal approach is to choose 'Bluff' and then 'Respect' from response variants. You will be freed and now you can walk to Jester and takeoff Urbs. Aurans awaits!

    AURANS ------

  3. Fly to the location of the Magnetic North. Exit screen. Take a bottle - it opens and djinni emerge - talk with them and agree to feed them. When you will get to the new location pick up all the fruit and an animal carcass. Return to djinni via the carpet. Give them fruit with following symbols: pillar, cross, burning man, bread, star and lotus. Take a djinni bottle and a carpet. Return to Jester, fly to the Canyon. Here walk carefully to avoid quicksands on your way - rocks will fall into them and you may pass. Exit screen to the bottom. Look at the beast. Return to Jester and fly to the Plateau. Exit screen to the northwest. Get all the rocks, coins from the sand and talk to Arabou The Trader. Exchange information with him and when you warn him about beast he gives you a flute. You also need to get sandals from him - you may give him a bottled time, a carpet or a djinni bottle. The most preferrable is bottled time because you have a lot of them and if you give him a djinni bottle then you should get it back from him in exchange to the Emerald Camel from Treasury. Now fly back to the Canyon and go into the cave - to do this you need to stand near the last quicksand and use sandals on Korda. Then just come into the cave. You can try to take a blinking object within a skull if you want but as I think you can't get it without being bitten and losing your time. Also note that you get the needle only when you try taking it twice. But anyway: this item is not essential. Cross the bridge. Go to another screen. There go to the southern exit. Here take a cooling feather (take it twice because first time he'll drop it). Return to the Canyon and go to the lake. Use feather on lake and cross it after that Go to the dead nomad. Take a turban and mosaic tiles. Return to Plateau and take a way to the left (not to Arabou) and you'll come to the lake with backwarding water. Use feather on lake and then pick up an ice particle from lake. OK, now fly to Caverns location and enter cave there. Inside, there are many ways to cross the web walkway: 1) use magic wand on web near you, then take this enchanted web and use it on Korda - you'll get to the exit doing this; 2) (this one is slow) use wand on webs but just walk across them - here you can take a short route but on your way you'll be bitten by spider and will loose time ... or take a long way, which doesnt include crossing a place where the hole in the wall is. After this navigate a maze until you come to the underground lake. Try talking with a nomad but he'll vanish. Take a cloth which he had lost, soak it in the lake. Go into the other cave (not one you have come from) - and there use your ice lens on big crystal - you make your lens bright. Use soaked cloth on the emblem on the wall and a door appears in the cave to the left. Go in there. Use your lens on the guy with the sword and pick up his sword. Talk to the cook and after you finish talking use your feather on the fire - he gives you a canteen. Exit to the left. Use your sword to kill the spider, talk to gypsy dancer and accept her challenge. Go to the northwest and use sword to kill the man there. Return to gypsy and you get her veil. Enchant it with your magic wand. Go to northwest and further to the north - you'll come to the man with a telescope. Talk with him and lend a telescope from him for some coins. You can use screwdriver on the telescope, use lens on the telescope and then use screwdriver on it again and use your 'fixed' telescope to look at the palace. Now you'd wish to get there - there are two ways (maybe more - for example I suppose sandals can help you with this too): 1) use enchanted veil on Korda and then go to the palace or 2) return back to the Plateau's lake with backwarding water, fill a canteen from it and then go to the Canyon and to the place where you can go down to the screen where the feather was - here is another path - to the north and on that screen use canteen on Korda and walk to the palace. Note that the latter way means you need to leave Caverns - to do this you need to take water from underground lake. And as I recently was told there IS a way to get to caverns again (because when you first go there rocks fall to barricade exit) - it is: fix your turban with a needle, enchant it with magic wand wear it and go to the place with a talking (if you use wand on it) sign near the place where you got the feather. Go to the right of that and talk with nomad and walk into the twister. If you will need there to go into the caverns (because you will be brought to nomad's camp) then use a flute on the crack in the cave wall to crawl inside. And to go back to the camp just open the door. Anyway, you get inside the palace - here you can talk with charlatans who are trying to get easy money from tourists: a poor woman, wealthy oracle, magician - all of them are willing to get a ruby from the treasury - but dont bother - if you give it to them later - they just tell you nonsense and thats all! Though you can buy a bowl from a poor woman. After the screen with a magician you will come into the room with a guard - you can talk with him, then give him your sword and he'll let you in, but there is a beast inside. Sorry, cant provide you with info on how to get rid of the beast, I have heard rumors that it is done with a bowl and some food - (poisoned?) but we'll get to harem in a different way. Return to previous screen - take a left walkway, talk with a bathing man, use bottled time on water, then mosaic tiles on the water - you'll complete a tile image. Return to the room with 3 walkways - take a right one, talk to the guard, enter treasury. Here you can take not more than 3 items (note that though you can take 3rd item - you'll be whisked away from palace and will have to get there again. You can take : a)emerald camel - it is a MUST if you gave a djinni bottle to Arabou - go and change it for bottle b) coins - I dont see any sense in taking them either c) ruby - if you want to bring it to one of the charlatans at the palace entrance - come and see by yourself. Now push the pedestal with ruby, push the tapestry, push the mattress where the emerald camel is standing and go into the hole. In harem there is only one girl which will talk to you - chat with her and give her a djinni bottle as the answer to her riddle (I believe there is only one riddle in her database, otherwise you are on your own). Immediately after that you are provided with a 'World Key' puzzle : it is to compose an Aurans symbol from many pieces. If you cant seem to understand what does the picture look like - restore your previous savegame and look for this symbol in the Caverns, near underground lake. After this return to Jester and takeoff to your next location - Fortuna universe.

    FORTUNA _______

  4. After your arrival at the Pyramid Casino you will be met by Alachra and his guys. He will give you some gambling chips. Go right twice. Talk to the officer, try to enter the ship (you will fail). Use PDA on security droid and go to the ship's compart. Pull the lever. The door is codelocked and you dont know the password. Return 2 screens back and use the elevator. You can wander here for some time and by the way talk with bartender but dont choose 'Barter' option for now. Pick up a camera in the bar - its lying on the empty table. Go to the elevator and descend one stair. Go to the preforming band and talk with its leader. They need a glifnod player! Return to the hall and go left to the poker tables. At one of the tables you can pick up a dice scoop. Find one of the dealers who will talk to you and he will tell you that he is an ex-glifnod player. and ask for his lucky coin. Return to the transportation officer (the one who stood near the ship, where is a codelocked door), talk with him and use a camera on him to get a badge photo. Now go back to the elevator and descend 3 times (maximum). Here talk to the beggar, accept his advice and get a card lying near him. Use badge photo on the gate and enter the train. Enter the saloon. Chat with piano player. Get a gun, lying on the barrel. Enter the next screen. Use chips on players to join their game. Use the "DISCARD AND DRAW" option when the cards are dealt - you will win and players will leave. Use resonance tracer here. Return to the Casino. Go to Jester. You can fly to the planet called Tracks in Fortuna system. When a man asks for your bet choose 1st response option. Return to casino. You can go and give away a half of your money to the beggar who told you how to bet (I dont know why you should share your money with him - is it a kind of moral test?). Now you can go to the bar and buy every item you wish and still have chips after that (though I havent found how to use almost all of these items). Go left, talk to the successful gambler and give her rabbit's foot. Go to the fountain and pick the lucky coin out of it with a dice scoop. You can now go and return it to the dealer who asked for it (why he is not rushing out to play his $#@#*&# glifnod after this is beyond me!). Also use a processor which you bought from the bartender on your PDA to upgrade it. Walk to the security desk. Talk with guard and you can buy out dealer's glifnod by using chips on her (dont bother about his debts). Use PDA on her for PDA to make a diversion so she walks away from her desk. (I think there is another way, which uses a rat from the saloon somehow). Push the button, open the box and get an electromagnetic chip. Upgrade your PDA with it. Return coin and glifnod to the dealer, pick up a badge he leaves and go to the band leader. Use a probability driver on dealer's badge to make up a security badge. Talk with her. Now go to the set of poker tables which is opposite to the one you were now - to the right of the main hall. Here go into the distant door (dont forget to open it!). While navigating tunnels, pick up a pail with paint on your way. When you come into the dead end open the panel and use ladder to go down. When you leave ladder open a floor panel and get a decelerator from there. Go further. You will see a passage to your right on your way - go in there. Talk with alien and show him your badge when he asks for it. Push the bin so it covers the bomb and then pull rope the aliens are tied with to free them. Pick up a decoder. After you talk with aliens you can pull all the switches in the room to see what every of them does control. One of them enables a cheat system on one of the slot machines so you can go there and play it. Another switch shows you another chronomaster entering his ship. Use probability driver on the screen where you saw him enterong ship. You get the password: "Pasqua Wipeout". And also another switch opens heavy doors to the elevator and another one opens a roof above the spaceport (you must open it to leave Fortuna). Now go to the ship and open compartment with this password. Open toolbox there, take a lockpick. Use a hammer on the lockpick twice. Now go all the way through the tunnels until you come to a sort of the elevator. Use your voice decoder on the voice encoder to activate it. Go further until you come to the locked door. Use lockpick on the door panel. Enter door. Talk to Milo. Dont arrest him but aid him. After he leaves you are provided with a 'World Key' puzzle. Its objective - press the panels which the computer has played - 1st time one panel, 2nd time - 2 panels etc. After you are done return to Milo's ship and talk with transportation officer, talk to Milo. Use bottled time on the pail of paint and use this fake PDA on officer. Now you can leave the planet - go to Jester and takeoff. See a movie. After it ends you can choose where to fly next - to Cabal or Verdry. Lets go to Cabal first.

    CABAL _____

  5. OK, fly to Witch's Hut at Glitter first. Cross the bridge. Talk with witch. The answer to her riddle is : "Avalon Greer keeps his heart in an egg". She will teach you Animation spell as well. Go to her hut. Near it pick up a handful of earth, watering can, rain bucket. Open door and come in. Get clam shells and a knife on table. Use watering can on bucket and then use bucket on sleeping cat. Get green and blue books and a scroll from the shelf. Read them all. Use bucket on cauldron. Use resonance tracer. Exit back to garden. Cut a bee hive with knife. Go to Jester and fly to the planet Glass, location Temple. Pick up a pile of feathers. Talk to priest and priestess. When they ask you about Opening spell tell 'TRUTH'. They will teach you a Commandment spell. Enter temple. Go to altar. Talk to High Priest, kneel. Use magic foci on a scroll and then use spell on Phoenix. Use a feather on altar. Talk to Phoenix. Take blessed feather. Use resonance tracer. Return to Jester and fly to planet Gem, location Pine Forest. Pick up all gems here (you can insert them into corresponding flowers in harp and then somehow revive unicorn but we'll do it another way). Use magic foci on ice unicorn to revive him. After you finish talking with unicorn use resonance tracer here. After that proceed to the right. Pick up crystals from pine. Talk with Sprite Queen and the leftmost sprite (two times with latter, so you will offer him 2 spells for his one) - you MUST have a number of Mana Points in your inventory increased by 10 after talking with someone of them - otherwise you wont have a chance to finish the game! (If you stick to my solve then you should have a number increased from 6 to 16. Return to Jester and fly to planet Forge. Talk with dwarven guard and use your bucket on him. He will give you a key. Pick up a lantern hanging nearby. Unlock the door with your key and enter mines. Exit to the bottom of the screen. Use hammer to get some lodestones from a pillar to your left. Talk with Dwarven King. Use resonance tracer. Then use magic foci on yourself and select lines in following order: "Shining Smooth, Shining Bright, Worked By Fire, Heart Of Light" and you will get a vision. Talk with king again and you will ask for his Bubble Wand. Choose barter to give him your tracer. Return to Jester and fly to Gem, location Volcano Of Glory. You will see a flying eye here. Use hammer on crystal from your inventory and then use magic foci on crushed crystal and then cast a spell on eye. Choose 'SLEEP'. Then use magic foci on blessed feather and then cast a spell on eye again. Take an eye. Use Bubble Wand on Korda. Take rose (flower on the nightstand) and the Rose (girl) will awake. As you talk with her she will kiss eye to reveal Avalon Greer's heart. Open door to get back to Jester. Fly to Glass, location Tower Of Avalon Greer. Enter tower, enter beam of light. Talk with Avalon, choose 'HEART' from dialogue options to take him into custody. Take a letter from the floor and read it. Return to Jester and fly to Glitter, Witch's hut. In her garden, use rose on garden, water it from watering can, take it (you will get a geode), use knife on geode, use hammer on knife in geode, use cut geode on garden. Enter grown geode. Inside use screwdriver on the yellow-green crystal from the wall of geode (you dont need other ones) and crush it with hammer. Take a log and a ladle. Use log on cauldron. Use feather on log. Use watering can on cauldron, take ember from the floor, put it into the cauldron. Use lodestones on feathers in your inventory, then use magic foci on crushed feather and use spell on cauldron. Add some earth from your inventory into the pot. Stir the brew with ladle. Add crushed crystal (from the wall of geode) in pot. Stir again. Take a pot. Great, return to Jester and head for Verdry. P.S. This chapter is very strange. What if you give an eye to Avalon Greer - he vanishes then - is it a dead-end? Or how to animate unicorn without magic? Or what for is bee hive? Where the Opening spell is used? To cast it you can light the lantern with feather and open clam shell with a screwdriver, then use magic foci on shell and cast it. You may be more successive than me...

    VERDRY ------

  6. Please, forgive me but I wont include a maze map for you - it is very easy, every room is special so you will draw it by yourself in 10 minutes. Also note that when you exit some special rooms in there you can exit to different sides but you better exit not to the direction you came in, so in couple of moves you will get to the beginning of maze. Rooms in maze are as following: gibberish boy room, smallings room, gemini room, garden room, picture room, eyeballs room, mailbox room. But you need to get to the maze, so I begin...
  7. Get a large leaf. Use reality warp on maize plant and then talk to all the plants here. When you talk to creeping jenny it will steal your possessions so 'UPROOT' it when you have option to choose, then pick up items. Look at bushes and talk to your alter ego. Take all the plants excluding shy violet - you will get fruit from them, mix 3 fruit in inventory and then use hammer on your mix. Go into the hole. Pick up dying tree - you get its fruit. Use fruit on fertile soil - a new tree grows, take it (you take leaves from it). Use these leaves on obsidan rock. Then you can use a mix of 3 fruit on rock to make up a muffin (I havent found usage for it - only to eat it). Use big leaf on Elder & Sage if you wish (optional). Use reality warp on them and then talk with them. Return to Jester, fly to planetoid, which is in the point where a line of planetoids crosses a circle of planetoids. Here you should see a magnet man lying. Use resonance tracer. Return to Verdry, but to the new location - 'Overgrown Area'. There, pick up a bulb plant, pick up stump to collect some needles from it; use plant skin with needles, then pull stump to clear it from vines, use skin+needles on stump, use hammer twice on stump. Monster will move and you will enter maze. Map it by yourself. Note that from the first screen you can either go right or left. Go to the Gemini room.
  8. Gemini room: Talk to Gemini. Choose 'REASON', 'LOAN'. Use dreamcatcher on the stairstep reflection in mirror. Open mirror. Take a medikit and syrup bottle there. Open vault door and enter it.
  9. Picture room: Take a picture, get a loose nail from one of the walls. Talk with Merriwind but refuse to give her dreamcatcher. Open second door from left. Use picture on the only empty wall and take a stairstep from another picture. Walk into the fire rug. Open leftmost and rightmost doors and enter the right one.
  10. Garden room: Pick up fallen leaf, flowers (pollen). Exit to the bottom of the screen.
  11. Eyeballs room: use pollen on eyeball to blind them all. Take a recipe and 2 magnets from refrigerator, push it, unscrew motor with screwdriver, push it back. Open it, take shears and a bowl. Open freezer, take a brainsickle.
  12. Gibberish boy room: Use hammer on mirror and get a mirror shard (it can also be used to blind eyeballs by using it on the ceiling light). Use reality warp on boy and give him a brainsickle.
  13. Mailbox room: Take Korda doll. Open mailbox, close it, push it, open it, take a letter from it, read it, take letters from the floor, use them on paper, use paper on envelope, put envelope into the mailbox, close it, push twice, open, take a package, look at it - its a stairstep!
  14. Garden room: use shears to cut waterflowers, use waterflower on bees, then use PDA on rake, take rake, use rake on leaves, take a table leaf and a leaflet. Use elephant magnet on a chisel in the water (at the very left of the screen). Take chisel. Use it on a rock nearby, then use it on the tree, use hammer on it to get a stairstep.
  15. Smallings room: talk to smallings. Then catch a goldfish - it sometimes falls onto the pavement so you need to be near and take it then. After that talk with smallings. You can either give them 2 stairsteps and then fool them and take their stairstep or make up a boat for them: use motor from refrigerator on bowl, then use a small leaf on bowl; give them a boat.
  16. Gibberish boy room: use doll on boy, exit via the same passage as you came in - go to the eyeballs room.
  17. Eyeballs room: Blind them as earlier. Use reality warp on table, use table leaf on table.
  18. Picture room: use 7 stairsteps on hallway to get into the new room. Take thyme plant branch. Set 6:00 on all clocks: digital clock can be set by PDA, water clock can be set by taking and putting back top filler (make sure to check time on it after every action), grandfather's and sundial are adjusted by pushing them, Big Ben replica also (but open it prior), and cuckoo clock by using reality warp on it. Take cuckoo bird. Take top filler from water clock. Break hourglass with hammer. Take sand. Crush thyme plant branch with a hammer. Use crushed thyme on top filler and then use sand on this mix - you get a paste mix. Open grandfather's clock with screwdriver and use paste mix there. Use cuckoo bird on water clock. Push hourglass to shut down sundial. Use screwdriver to disable digital clock. Use nail on Big Ben replica. Exit room. Take a spear from bushes. Take a rock. Note that a log in water flows away from you when you are near water and move in its direction - move the log to extreme right. Then step away from water and walk to the extreme left. Use rock on water . Now try to move log from the screen so that a new one emerges from the left. Go to new log and it will be stopped by rock so it cant flow away again. Cross river halfway, then use spear on log and cross it completely. Return to Jester, fly to Dyce.

    DYCE ____

  19. You begin with only 0 Dyce money in your inventory. Unscrew 2 wall panels from wall with your screwdriver. Use PDA on exposed circuitry, use frequency manipulator (FM later) on the elevator controls. Here, when you enter the elevator you need to solve a puzzle: the goal is to open all pairs of planet's emblems - hint: try to remember at least a couple of pairs with the same drawings and open them first. Then open a tile and try some others - if you succeed and open the pair for it dont forget which drawings were on the tiles you previously tried. You will eventually get to the room with Deter in mech. When Milo asks for your response choose 'Plan'. Then unscrew access panel. Use FM on the control panel, but not the one you have opened but one near Deter's mech. Then use FM on your control panel. Pull the green switch down, press a button to activate and set a dial pointing to 3. Then press a button to activate. You should arrest Deter now. Fly to the Chop Shop. Talk to the Book Mobile. Enter shop. Talk with the surgeon. Get a card, tools. Go back out. Use library card on Book Mobile. Return to surgeon. Use a book on him. Give him J5 Pin which he wants. Talk. Talk with doctor after Lodrun goes out. Use PDA on doctor. Go back out. Look into dumpster - you get a brain and a hand. Go back inside. Get a mech arm. Talk to doctor. Fly to O'Ryan' estate. Use PDA on solar panels, use solar panel on the door. Enter door. Enter left door. Get a turkey. Get a bowl of grapes. Push a chest. Get key, unlock chest and look into the chest - you get a keycard. Back to the corridor. Enter right door. Get a ticket stub. Use FM on TV screen. Use screwdriver on the panel. Use screwdriver on control board to take it. Back to the corridor. Exit to the bottom of the screen. Use keycard on the door to the left. Talk to Merriwind. Use hammer on enclosed tuning fork. Get a fork. Use it on the telescope lens to break it. Open window shade. Get a brick floating nearby Merriwind. Open Jack-In-The-Box and get novelty glasses there. Break them in your inventory with a brick. Open a window covering monster. After this go to the room with TV screen and push a cushion and take a coin lying under it. Go back to Merriwind's room and use coin on eyeball dispenser and take an eyeball. Now you can note that mushroom morphed into plug. Use grip clamp on it and Merriwind will be taken into custody. Look into hole to get a flute and a keycard. Exit to corridor and open a door to your right with a keycard you have just found. In there unscrew a panel on the mech's left leg and insert a control board in it. Use FM on mech to activate it. Return to corridor and unscrew head panel and look at fused circuitry. Use PDA on mech to get it moving. Mech will break open the door into Dwistor's room. Here talk with Dwistor but dont try to threaten him (bluff or retreat). Use flute on him to rescue Milo and get Dwistor into custody. Take a broken PDA from the floor. Use a turkey leg on the Ketter Beast. Take another half of winning ticket and use one half on another. Then fly to the Docks Casino and you will find Alachra there. I dont know whether it will be the same for you but when Alachra suggests you to play with him choose his left hand - that should take him into custody. Talk with robot and give him an eyeball. Then use your ticket on ticket seller to get money. Go left. Use money on Selena and she will escort you to the Orrary. Here talk with Milo. You can choose any of 3 plans to see 3 different end movies but the 2nd one is the right one. Inside, use PDA on planet to stop it spinning. Use resonance tracer. Use FM on the red rectangle which appeared on planet. Finally, use hammer on battery.

    GAM< OVThanks to everyone who helped me on solving this game (its almost all of the comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure people :)) - thank you guys!

    Now I will sleep safely - I have dealt with this game for a whole month but its worth it!


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