By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Buried in Time Walkthrough

"Buried in Time" walkthrough This walkthrough is Copyright (c) 1995 by Michael Beemer. All rights reserved. GENERAL NOTES: "Buried in Time" (BIT) has several variations of play. There is Adventure mode, which is the default and requires the player to play through all aspects of the game himself. There is an optional Walkthrough mode, which simplifies the game by eliminating some puzzles (and the objects that would have solved them). Walkthrough mode also provides an additional hint or two at the beginning to get the player started. In addition to these play modes, the player can obtain a "helpmate" at one of the game locations that will furnish color commentary during play, and will provide hints at a point penalty. This walkthrough will be for Adventure mode, and will make the personality available to you as soon as possible - I think it makes the game much more enjoyable. There are three rules I use in adventure gaming:
  1. The first rule of thumb is LOOK EVERYWHERE, EXAMINE EVERYTHING. It seems tedious to look up and turn in all directions, look down and turn in all directions, and then look forward and turn in all directions every time you take a step, but you'll miss something sometime if you don't. I got badly hung up two times by getting sloppy. As it is, I've still missed 1 puzzle and 6 research points, as noted below. I'm going to skip that in my descriptions, but you'll want to follow through when you play yourself - there are animations scattered throughout the game, as well as historical insights and Easter eggs; you'll want to see them, and you just may stumble across those points.
  2. Second rule - PICK UP EVERYTHING that isn't nailed down. You'll probably find a use for it later. There were only two items I didn't find a use for, and they may have been intended for that puzzle and points I missed.
  3. Third rule - SAVE OFTEN, and KEEP MULTIPLE SAVE GAMES. There's nothing more frustrating than finding that you are trapped somewhere, and you just wrote over the save game that had you safe only two steps before. I have also found that a couple of times, the game has ignored input or not finished an animation to present me with a critical object. Saving and restoring the game seems to give it the kick it needs to jar things loose.
  4. All movement instructions will be given as "Go XXX". Directions will be given in initials for brevity - U D L R F A for Up Down Left Right Forward Away. Away means click on a portion of the screen to 'put away' or 'move away' from the object you're currently looking at. I'll separate them with dashes for better readability.
  5. You should note that the walkthrough is not 100% complete. During the course of the game, you must collect evidence to exonerate you of the crime of tampering with the past. There are 4 major pieces of evidence, and 7 supporting pieces. There are also 20 puzzles to solve, and 15 research points you can obtain. I managed to miss 1 puzzle and 6 research points. As the game does not report your scoring unless you finish or die, it is hard to tell where points are accumulated. If anyone can round out the walkthrough by identifying what is missing, please contact me and I will add it in with full credit to you.


  6. You are Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency. It is 2318, and you have just solved the plot against time shown in "The Journeyman Project", and been hailed as a hero. As you get up one day, a ripple appears and your future self, in a much advanced time travel suit, tells you that you've been framed for tampering with time. He tells you that he's "hidden more information inside you." Your future self transfers his suit to you, and surrenders to capture by the TSA agent who pursued him. Your suit automatically cloaks to hide you during the capture, then jumps 10 years in the future to Gage's apartment.


  7. Before you forget, pull up your Files biochip and review any information you haven't already read in the game manual. Pay particular attention to the TSA agent profiles. They're the only ones who could travel through time to plant evidence against you - one of those pieces of trivia could be vital!
  8. You may also want to examine the descriptions of all of your bio-chips, so that you are familiar with what each one can do for you.
  9. Go F-L to place yourself in front of the china cabinet. There are figurines based on "The Journeyman Project" on one shelf, and one of them represents Agent 5. Your future self said he had hidden information in yourself, so move the cursor over it and click to examine it. Note that the cursor changes to a magnifying glass when you move it over an object you can examine.
  10. The view zooms in to a closer look at the figure. Move the cursor over it - it becomes a pointing hand to indicate you can activate/interact with it. Click, and the message left for you by yourself plays. There are hints on how to proceed, and why you've been targeted.
  11. Move the cursor off the figure until it changes to an arrow wrapped over itself. Click, and the view will pull back to normal (This is 'Away').
  12. Go R-F-F-F-F-R-D. This places you in front of Gage's desk. Click the magnifying glass cursor on the desk to move closer for a look. There are several objects to examine. Click on the papers on the left of the desk. They will pull up, and your view window will be filled with text. In each case where you read papers, the cursor will change shape to allow you to scroll through the document. An eye with a down arrow scrolls down the page; an eye with an up arrow scrolls back up. A book with a right arrow turns the page; a book with a left arrow turns the page back. A curled arrow puts the document away.
  13. Read all of Gage's notes. There are hints that forebode the problems you now face, and notes on problems Gage encountered at a couple of time jumps. There's also a broad hint or two about how to solve one of them.
  14. After you put the papers down, click the magnifying glass on the object that looks like a drumhead (trampoline?) on the right. It turns out that this is a future answering machine. Click on the buttons on the left edge to play back each of your messages. The info seems to be all background noise, but you never know when it might come in handy. When you finish with the messages, use the curled arrow to back up to normal view.
  15. Go U-R-F-L-F-F-L-D. This places you in front of the door to the enviro-projector room. The door shimmers and disappears as you look down, and the forward arrow becomes available.
  16. Go F-R-F-R-D. This places you in front of a pair of seats, with a round object sitting in one of them. Move the cursor over it and it becomes a hand, indicating you can pick it up. Click to pick up the remote control. The hand closes and the object takes on a more 3-D shape. Drag the remote to the left side of your inventory window and release the button to put it in your null-space pocket. This is one of the items that I didn't find a use for; you might, and besides, it was a good chance to show you how to pick up items. You might get in the habit of clicking on the magnifying glass in the middle of the inventory list to get a description of the object. Click on the rotating view of the object, the magnifying glass again, or one of the directional arrows to dismiss the item description and get your viewscreen back. Note that you can use the up and down arrows in the inventory list while in 'describe' mode to scroll through the descriptions of the items in your inventory.
  17. Go U-L-F-L-D. This places you in front of the enviro-projector. Click on it to sit down in front of it, then click with the magnifying glass to move in for a closer look. You can drop an environment cartridge in the center section to view it (if you had one). The button on the left allows you to view pre-programed backdrops. The button on the right pulls up the Interactive News Network (INN). Review all the information in all four stories carefully. Some of this is vital as to what has been done and why. (Also, the game will not let you jump anywhere until you view all four stories.) Note the commercials in front of most of the stories. Following the principle of "pick it up if it isn't nailed down', write down the order codes for all products. Some of them may come in handy. Note also that the INN stories have hypertext links in the text sections at the end of the story. Click on highlighted words (just like Windows help files) to receive additional information on that topic. I totally overlooked this, and missed a vital piece of information needed later in the game.
  18. View and read everything, then exit the news menu. Go F to stand up in front of the projector. Go R-F-F-R. Wait for the door to shimmer away, then Go F-R-F-F-F-L-F to place yourself in front of the replicator panel for your kitchenette. Here you can order and receive the items you saw in the INN commercials.
  19. Press the Power button, then the Menu button. Skip the auto-chef, as it will never dispense anything for you. Choose ShopNet, then enter one of the product codes you recorded from the commercials. You can either use the cursor and click on the number buttons on the side of the display, or just type them in from the keyboard. Note that you can only order one of any item at one time; also, you may only have one of any item in your inventory at one time. If you need more than one of an item, you'll have to use it up and come back to get another one.
  20. Order the translator chip and the Cheese Girl. Both are vital. If you want, you can order the music video sample on environment cartridge, and then trudge it back to the projector to view it. I know of no other use for the cartridge.
  21. Exit ShopNet and then touch Post Box. You can obtain the items delivered to your postbox by clicking on the appropriate menu items. Each item is replicated separately, and you should pick them up to put them in your inventory list.
  22. Check out the description of the Cheese Girl. It produces a pressurized stream of cheese, and should not be used in zero-G... But Gage needed a propulsion source at the space station, and noted he had found a "cheesy solution". Bingo! This is what we need for that puzzle.
  23. As the space station holds our erstwhile companion, and he spruces up the game quite a bit, let's go retrieve him first! Pull up the Jump chip, select Jump Menu, and select Farnstein's Lab from the list (click the radio button to highlight it). You must read the mission briefing before the chip will let you jump, so click the Mission button and review the information. Then get back to the jump menu and click Jump to leap through time to the station.

    FARNSTEIN'S LAB (Arthur):

  24. Just as Gage's notes described, your jump coordinates were wrong, and you are stranded in zero-G outside the station. Note that the suit automatically begins using your oxygen reserve. You will receive warnings periodically as the reserve dwindles. If it gets too low, you can use your Jump chip's Recall function to jump back to the apartment (or, you can hang around, run out of air, and die).
  25. The Cheese Girl is your salvation here. Drag the object out of the inventory window and drop it at the left edge of the view window. The presurized cheese squirts out, and gives you enough momentum to send you spinning up against one of the station's hatches. This consumes the Cheese Girl; it automatically disappears from your inventory. (If you used the Cheese Girl near the center of the view window, the thrust will move you AWAY from the station.)
  26. The hatch you rammed into is sealed by globules of seal-foam. Go D-L to look down the open corridor. Go F-F-F-F-F to reach the "Capacitance Array" hatch. Touch the hatch to open it. Go F-F to reach the "Docking Bay" hatch. Touch it; it will not open until the pressure is equilized - there must be some way to do that in here. Go L-U to see a view of the inside hull. There appears to be a darkened screen there. Go F to get to it. Touch the screen to bring up a diagram of the station. Click the cursor on the sections to identify them, and note which are pressurized and which are not.
  27. Touch the section of the diagram representing the Capacitance Array, and the station will attempt to pressurize the area. An alarm sounds, and the computer announces that something is blocking the hatch to the "Habitat Wing". Go A-U-R-F to return To the Docking Bay hatch, then Go R-R-F to return to the Habitat Wing hatch. There is a metal bar in the hatchway. Pick it up to remove the obstruction.
  28. Go R-R-F-L-U-F to return to the control screen. Touch it again and touch the Capacitance Array portion of the diagram to pressurize the room you are in. You will now be allowed to enter the Docking Bay.
  29. Go A-U-R-F to return to the Docking Bay hatch. Touch it to open it. Go F to enter the Docking Bay.
  30. The gravity generators in the bay are out of whack, so you will have to take an indirect route to reach the passage on the other side. This is essentially a maze, and I think there are dead ends you can't escape from, so save your game in case you flub the following pattern of steps. Go R-F-R-F-L-F-L-L-L-F-R-R-F- L-F-R-F. This gets you to the other side and leaves you facing the "Sensors" hatch. Touch the hatch to open. Go F.
  31. You are greeted by the ship's A.I., Arthur. Go F when he invites you to. He will introduce himself, and ask if you will permit a detailed scan of your suit and records, as he can't talk to you directly. Answer "Yes" by touching it on the screen.
  32. After the scan, Arthur will suggest that you take a copy of him with you - the original will die with the station, so history will not be changed by this. (That blank bio-chip came in handy pretty quickly, huh?) Answer "Yes".
  33. Go R-R to face the "A.I. Nexus" hatch. The section is actually detached from the station, but overriding and blowing the hatch will expell you to the other hatchway. Go U, and examine the override panel. Enter the code Arthur gives you into the panel. When it opens, touch the handle to blow the hatch. After your brief flight, touch the A.I. Nexus hatch to open it.
  34. Once inside, there is a short puzzle to solve. Three red dots appear above three green ones. These need to be exchanged to open the cover to Arthur's core. This is an old puzzle - you must play "leapfrog" with the dots by touching them in the right pattern to arrange them. A dot may only move into an empty hole, or jump over a single dot of the opposite color to wind up in an empty hole. If you flub the pattern, the puzzle will reset so you can start over from scratch.
  35. After you solve this, Dr. Farnstein's recording will play, and Arthur will transfer a copy of himself to your blank bio-chip. You may now pull Arthur up like any other chip, and he has Help and Comment functions. Arthur's comments are frequently funny, and often very informative. His Help function was less useful for me - each hint costs 50 points, and often didn't tell me anything I hadn't already figured out for myself. Arthur will also occasionally offer color commentary without being prompted.
  36. After the transfer, you are trapped in the A.I. Nexus. There is nothing to do but jump out. Contrary to Arthur's preference, I recommend finishing with the station, as it is the simplest of the time zones. You need to jump back to where you first came in, but you'll have to go home to get another Cheese Girl first. Pull up the Jump chip and hit the Recall button.

    GAGE'S APARTMENT ("refuel"):

  37. You should get in the habit of pulling up Arthur's biochip display as soon as you arrive somewhere. He'll frequently have helpful (or not helpful, but funny) comments for you. To get from here to the kitchenette, Go F-F-F-F-L-F-L-F. Get another Cheese Girl from ShopNet. Pull up the Jump chip and prepare to jump back to Farnstein's Lab (read ahead a little first).

    FARNSTEIN'S LAB (completion):

  38. You should be aware of a couple of things before jumping back: 1) When you revisit a time zone, you are returning to the exact moment in time you originally arrived. Therefore, everything is reset to its original condition, except for items you previously removed. Those remain in your inventory, and can not be found in their original locations. Also, Arthur remembers what he's already commented on, and does not offer the same comments again. 2) You are now under the gun - your air reserve is limited, and you do not have time to review the comments Arthur offers through his comment button. You really don't even have the time to listen to his extraneous comments. Keep plowing onward, or you'll run out of air. (You might consider running through as much as you can to obtain the information Arthur offers, jumping back to the apartment just before you run out of air, and coming back to finish the job. This walkthrough will just plow on through.) 3) I will save you some backtracking and take you directly where you need to go - if you go on, you will discover that the section you need to visit is depressurized, so you'll have to jump back and start by pressurizing the area. We'll skip some steps and do that first.
  39. Okay, push the Jump button and use the Cheese Girl again after you arrive.
  40. Get back to the Capacitance Array, and the atmosphere control panel - Go D-L-F-F-F-F-F. Touch the hatch, then Go F-F-L-U-F. Use the control panel as before, but pressurize the Biomass section of the station. Do NOT pressurize the Capacitance Array, or you won't be able to leave it.
  41. Go A-R-U-F-R-R-F. Touch the hatch, and Go F-F-F-F-F-F-F to reach the "Atmosphere Mining" hatch. Touch the hatch. It will not open at first, but Arthur will issue an override, and the hatch will part to allow you to enter the elevator to the asteroid. Go F, then touch the button labeled with green text to ride the elevator to the tram inside the asteroid.
  42. The elevator ride is pretty quick. Go R-R-D to view the elevator hatch. Touch it to open it. Go F, then push the up arrow on the tram controls to ride it into the center of the asteroid.
  43. You are running dangerously low on air, but luckily there is a recharge station here. Since you've represurized the Biomass section, you'll have to replenish its supply before it can recharge you. Go R and examine the control panel sticking up on the left side of the railing. Touch "Run Mining Cycle" to extract ice chunks from the asteroid. After watching the process, Go L-D to turn back to the control panel and examine it again. Touch "Run O2 Extraction" to remove Oxygen from the ice, then Go A-R-R to face the recharge station.
  44. Examine the recharge station and touch the nozzle on the right to replenish your suit's oxygen reserve. Note that this station also has an H2O drain.
  45. Go A-R-R-R to face the tram controls, then touch the up button again to take the tram to the elevator on the other side of the asteroid. Go R-R twice to face the elevator. Note that there is an object of some kind on the wall inside the elevator. You need that later.
  46. Go F to enter the elevator, and press the green-labeled button to ride it down to the other side of the station. On your way out, pick up the object; Go D-R. Grab the object (an empty water container). Go R to face the hatch, and touch it to open it.
  47. Go F-F-R-D to reach the "Biomass" hatch. Touch it to open it and enter the area. This area is now pressurized, so your oxygen reserve is recharged and you can spend as much time here as you want.
  48. Arthur points out the sculpture that was tampered with. As it happens, that is the one you are currently facing. Go F-F-F-L to examine it. Your Evidence chip detects a temporal anomoly; pull up the chip and activate the Locate function. Move your cursor around the screen until it changes from a box to a cross - this indicates that the chip has located the item it should record as evidence. Click to record the evidence.
  49. In this case, the evidence is not recorded, as the alteration cannot be detected until the sculpture is properly triggered. Arthur notes that the sculpture will only respond to a specific harmonic resonance. Is there anything around to produce that? Go D, and examine the equipment attached to the left of the rack the sculpture is mounted on - a harmonic resonator! Press the green button to test the current frequency indicated on the display. It will return "Negative Response". Move the cursor to the dial, and click when it changes to a right pointing arrow. This will rotate the dial and change the frequency. (This is rather sensitive; the arrow may change to a curly arrow when you least expect it.) Keep testing frequencies until you get a "Positive Response".
  50. Go A-U. While your Evidence chip is selected, touch the sculpture again. It will morph into a different form, and the chip will recognize this as the temporal anomoly and automatically record it. The game also notifies you that you have located the source of the anomoly and can leave at any time. This is true, but there is something else you need to do to be prepared for another time zone, so don't jump out yet. Press Review to look at the catalog of recorded evidence, and click on the thumbnail of the evidence to see the commentary on what it is and why it is an anomoly.
  51. You can explore the station to your heart's content from this point on (until you have to jump out for lack of air, of course). You can come back as many times as you want. You shouldn't bother trying to visit Arthur again unless you are curious - the copy of Arthur you are carrying with you will become increasingly nervous about the rammifications of meeting himself, and will activate the Jump Recall for your own good before you can reach the Sensor bay.
  52. Before you go, you need to return to the recharge station and fill the water container you found. Assuming you are still facing the sculpture, Go L-F-D-F. Touch the hatch to open it and exit to the corridor. Go L-F, touch the hatch, Go F. Touch the green button, Go R-R-D, touch the hatch. Go F, touch the down button, then Go L-L-L when the tram arrives at the center of the asteroid.
  53. You are now facing the recharge station. Examine it, then drag the water container to the blue valve. Turn the yellow valve to fill the container with water, then drag it back into your inventory. You now have everything you need from the station (unless you want to look around), so we'll jump out from here.
  54. The next likely spot is Chateau Gaillard. Some of the puzzles in the game require objects from other time periods, so we'll have to backtrack a little. The Chateau is as good a spot as any to continue. Pull up the Jump chip, select Chateau Gaillard, read the Mission Briefing, and hit the jump button.

    CHATEAU GAILLARD (hammer):

  55. As the paper in Gage's apartment noted, someone screwed up "royally" and gave you coordinates right in front of someone! "Luckily" (for you anyway), the guard is immediately killed by an arrow, so time was not altered by his seeing you.
  56. Following your new habit, pull up Arthur's chip. He has help to offer, but it isn't really useful and costs 50 points. Ignore it, but watch for Arthur's comment button to light up as you look around. Press it for interesting historical commentary.
  57. Go F-D to examine the dead guard. The second rule says, "If it isn't nailed down, pick it up", so drag the arrow in his back into your inventory. It'll come in handy later.
  58. Go U-R-R-F-F-F-F-D-F to climb down the stairs to the first landing. (There are other landings in this tower, but none of them have any doors you can open. Arthur's comments are interesting, and there is a guard at the bottom landing with his back to you. You can turn around and leave without rousing him, but if you accept Arthur's "help" comment, the guard will overhear him and turn around and kill you... Some help! )
  59. Go U-L-F-R to face the door to the battlements inside the castle. (The other door on this landing will not open.) Touch the door to open it and Go F.
  60. Go R-F-F-L-F-R-D. This will take you to the 'toilet' that some resourceful Frenchman used to break troups into the castle. They left their grappling hook behind, so take it. Go U-R-F-R-F-F-R. This places you at back the corner of the battlement where you came through the door.
  61. Go F-F-F-F-L. This puts you at the corner of the battlement. DON'T get impatient here - wait for a catapulted boulder to come crashing through the wall. If you step forward too quickly, it'll take YOU with it! Go F-R-D-F to climb down to the ground below.
  62. Go R-F to reach the door of the Smithy. Touch the door to open it, and Go F to go inside. Go R-D to discover a hammer in the corner. Pick it up; we need this in another time zone. We also need something from another time zone to finish the Chateau, so to avoid further backtracking, we'll jump out from here.
  63. Pull up the Jump chip and select "Da Vinci Studio". Read the Mission Briefing and Jump to the site.


  64. After you arrive, Go L-L-D, and touch the balcony key to unlock the door. The key automatically goes into your inventory. Go U and touch the door to open it, then Go F. You see a sillouette in the other tower, and your Evidence chip automatically records that fact - there ISN'T supposed to be anyone else on the grounds at this time of night!
  65. Go R-R, touch the door to open it, and Go F to return to the inside of the tower. Go D to look at the gapping pit at your feet - this is one of Da Vinci's elevator shafts, and the platform is at the bottom. Do yourself a favor and don't step into it, okay?
  66. Go U-R-F-L-F. This puts you in front of a panel with two levers and some Latin writing on it. If you can't read Latin, pull up your Translate chip and Activate it. Move the cursor over the words to read the translation in the message window. These set the elevator to Lock/Unlock, and Up/Down. Set the levers to Unlock and Up. Go D and touch the wheel to winch the elevator up to your level.
  67. Go U-R-R-F-R-F-R-F-R-F. This puts you in front of one of Da Vinci's uncompleted paintings, and the Evidence chip detects an anomoly. Go L-L-D to face the anomoly - a detailed smudge made in red paint (a footprint made after stepping in a spill ,perhaps?) Pull up the Evidence chip and select the Locate function. Move the cursor over the smudge and click to record the evidence.
  68. Go U-F-F-L-L to face the elevator. Go F-D-R to enter it, look down at the turnstyle, and position yourself to turn it. Touch the wheel to crank the elevator down to ground level. Go U-R to face the doorway (in this lighting, a featureless black area in front of you). Touch the door to open it, and Go F to enter the grounds.
  69. Go F-R-F-F-R-D. This places you near the gates to the grounds, and a coil of rope on the walkway. This is needed elsewhere, so pick it up. The doors in front of you are locked, so don't bother with them. You can follow the walkway around to the other tower, but the door to it is also locked, so you will need to explore Da Vinci's workshop for other means of climbing to the top of the tower.
  70. Go U-R-F-F-R-F to reach the door of the workshop. Touch to open it, and Go F to go inside and escape those interminable crickets! Go F-L-F-L-F-F-F-R to enter one of the nooks in the workshop and face part of a device Da Vinci was developing. Pick up the 'wheel assembly' and then examine the diagram underneath it. The translate chip will decipher the writing for you, and give you an idea of how many pieces you need to collect.
  71. Go A-D-L. There are pegs on the floor; these are needed to hold the components of the device together, so pick them up. Go L and note the bench-like object in front of you. This is the "jig", and will receive the pieces you collect. Based on the diagram, the only other piece you need is a "gear assembly".
  72. Go U-L-F-F-F-F-L-F-R-F-R. This takes you to the other nook in the workshop, and in front of the gear assembly you seek. Pick it up.
  73. Go R-F-L-F-R-F-F-F-F-L-D to return to the jig. Drag the wheel assembly onto the jig. Notice that you cannot drop the assembly until it is correctly positioned at the front of the jig (the end with the shield built on). Notice also that when the piece is correctly positioned, its icon switches to tilt to the left - this is how the game lets you know you're in the right spot with the right object. Drag the gear assembly onto the jig. Drag the pegs onto the jig. Try to pick the device up, and the game will tell you it is 'unstable'. Drag the hammer onto the jig, and it will hammer the pegs securely into place. You may now pick up the "siege cycle" you have just assembled.
  74. Go U-L-F-F-L-F-F. This puts you in front of a small desk and a small cabinet on the wall. You can use your translate chip to read the sign on the cabinet. Then, Go D and examine the diagram on the desk. You cannot translate the text, but it appears the device you are finding pieces for will allow you to climb up a rope launched by a large catapult. You can probably use this to get up to the second tower...
  75. Go U-L-F-R-F-L-F to reach the door to the courtyard. Touch the door and Go F to enter the courtyard, and be greeted by those NOISY crickets again! There is a lot to examine in the courtyard/testing grounds, but let's get straight to the catapult we need.
  76. Go R-F-L-F-R-R-F-F-L-F-L-F-R-R-D. This puts you at the base of the catapult. There is a handle here you should turn to pivot the catapult so it is facing the tower. Go U-L-F to mount the catapult and sit in front of the controls. The two dials control vertical and horizontal aiming. Line the crosshairs up with the balcony on the tower (nine times to the right and down twice) and pull the lever in the center to launch the grappling hook. You will automatically dismount the catapult and step over to the side after you successfully make contact with the hook.
  77. Go L-F-L. Drag the siege cycle and drop it on the wires - I notice that in this case, the icon does NOT tilt to indicate it is in the right place. Touch the cycle to climb up into it. Go F to pedal the cycle up to the tower and climb off on to the balcony.
  78. Go F-F-L to face the balcony door. Go D and use the balcony key you took from the other tower to unlock the door. Go U and touch the door to open it. You see someone jumping out as you look inside. You can hear something bouncing off the floor - they must have dropped something when you startled them. (Funny how they were just startled when the door opened, and not when you were making all that noise with the grappling hook, cycle, and key...) Go F to enter the tower, and the Evidence chip detects an anomoly.
  79. Go R-D, and pull up the Evidence chip. Use the Locate function and move the cursor over what looks like a dropped page of text. You actually find something else - an electronic camera filter! You CAN'T leave this behind to be found - pick it up. Since it was obviously useful to your culprit, it might be useful to you. Click on the lens icon in your inventory list to mount the lens on your camera. (You can click on it later to dismount it, but it isn't doing any harm, so you might as well leave it installed.)
  80. Go U-F to reach a desk full of documents. The Evidence chip detects another anomoly - better check for it. Go R-D to face the notebooks. Examine them until you find one the Evidence chip recognizes as an anomoly and records it. You'll find that your Translate chip cannot decipher Da Vinci's documents - it can read Latin, but is not equiped to recognize the mirror Latin that he wrote in.
  81. You'll also note that the altered document is the "Codex Atlanticus". It has writing that can only be detected by the lens filter, so it would never be detected by anyone not equiped to look for it. So, why the alteration? If you recall, the "Codex Atlanticus" was one of four items auctioned for high price to a single bidder at the Louvre. Could someone be trying to smuggle information by concealing it in historic objects?
  82. Your Evidence chip told you that you had found the anomoly and could leave, but once again, you have to collect an object that you'll need in another zone before you can go. Go A-U-R-F-R- F-F-L. This leaves you facing a cabinet. Open it and look inside. Take the preserved heart; you can also click on the floating eyeballs for a small bit of nonsense.
  83. Okay, NOW you're done here. Pull up the Jump chip and select Chichen Itza from the menu. Read the Mission Briefing and Jump once more into the fray...

    CHICHEN ITZA (medalion):

  84. Go R-F-L-F to enter the temple. Fire up your translator chip and read all the inscriptions at the top of the surrounding walls. Turn back to the dials on the back wall and examine them. Using the translator chip to help you read them, turn them to one of the ceremonial dates listed on the right wall. Go A-L-D, and pick up the ceramic bowl on the floor. Go U-L-F-D to go outside and look at the lap of the statue. Drag the bowl onto the statue, and begin your journey into the underworld...
  85. We're only going to go in a little bit, until we collect something we need elsewhere. While you're here, Go D and collect the skull from the skeleton at your feet. Then, Go U-F-D to look at the second skeleton. It doesn't have a skull to loot, but it does have a copper medalion by its hand. Take it, and we have what we came for for the time being. Pull up the Jump menu, and jump back to Chateau Gaillard.

    CHATEAU GAILLARD (completion):

  86. You jump back to the same instant you had before, and watch the guard take an arrow in the back again. What comedy! Since you already have the arrow, you won't find it if you examine the guard. We can skip some of the areas already visited, so follow these steps to get back onto the castle grounds:
  87. Go R-R-F-F-F-D-F to climb down the stairs. Go U-L-F-R, touch door, Go F to exit the tower. Go F-F-F-F-L, and wait for the boulder to crash through the wall. Go F-R-D-F to climb down.
  88. I'm going to save you some backtracking by taking you directly to the Smithy again. You'll find clues in another tower that would cause you to have to jump back, visit the Smithy, get something there, and retrace a lot of your steps. Let's skip all that and get right to it.
  89. Go R-F, and touch the door, Go F to enter the Smithy. Go L-F-R-F-R-F to reach the forge. Go D to examine the forge and the items around it. Arthur will provide commentary. Say, one of the bricks to the right of the forge is discolored, and you can touch it... a key mold lies underneath. That might come in handy... Arthur's comments said the forge was only hot enough for bronze or copper... and we just picked up a copper medalion...
  90. Drag the medalion to the pan in the forge. Touch the wooden lever above the forge to pump the bellows and melt the copper. Touch the melted copper to pour it into the mold. Then, take they key you've just created. Go U-R-R-F-L-F-L-F-R to return to the Smithy's door.
  91. Touch the door to open it, Go F-F-F-R-F-L-F-R-F. This puts you at the base of the moat, and your Evidence chip detects a temporal anomoly. Pull up the Evidence chip, then Go L-D. The piece of evidence is rather obvious; select the Locate function, drag the cursor over it, and click on it to record it.
  92. Go R. Say, you can Go F to wade under the moat to the other side. This puts you at the base of the King's tower. Go U to see a window directly overhead. That grapling hook is just the thing for this! Save your game NOW in case you have any difficulties in the near future. Drag the hook to the window and watch yourself throw the hook up. You'll begin to climb up, but you are seen by the tower guards. They'll chuck a boulder at you to dissuade you.
  93. As soon as your direction arrow lights up, Go F to climb the rope. You'll have some opposition, but you'll make it up. (If you wait too long to start climbing, the guards will toss a COW down on you! ) Once up top, the guards come running in to catch you. Your only chance is to pull up your Cloak bio-chip and Activate it before they get there.
  94. After the guards have left to search for you, Deactivate your cloak. Pull up Arthur again, just to have him handy. Go F-R-F-D to reach the front of the cabinet. Touch it to examine it, and you will discover a hidden panel with an impression for a key. The key is missing, but it looks like the one you just made... Lucky, eh? Go A-U-L-L-F-F to get a closer look at the tapestry. You can move your cursor over it, and there's *something* behind it you can press. Click to press it, and an elaborate set of levers of some kind are tripped. Hope that did something useful...
  95. Go R-R-F-L-F-F to reach the stairwell. You can go up, but the door to the top of the tower is locked. Go L-D-F to climb down to the next landing. Go U-L-F to reach the door to the study. Touch the door, then Go F to enter.
  96. Go R-F-F-R-D to look in the fireplace. Someone has tried to burn a letter there! Pick it up before it's completely burned up. Click on the 'letter' icon in your inventory to read it. It is cryptic Old English, but your translator chip can take care of that for you. Pull up the chip and activate it, and it will translate each line as you move through the document. Sooo... there are treasures hidden in a secret chamber, and the "doors of the besieged castle" are mentioned. The tapestry you poked at had an illustration of a besieged castle, and the mechanism you tripped was behind the doors drawn on the tapestry.
  97. Go U-R-F-F-F-D. There are two journals you can read here, with the aid of your translator chip. They tell the tale of the besiegment of the Chateau. They also reveal that the blacksmith was caught with duplicate molds of keys used in the castle, and that the key to the hidden storage room was destroyed. These are the clues that would send you back to the Smithy to look for the mold and make the key we already took care of.
  98. Go U-R-F-F-D. This diagram of the castle shows a unlabeled (hidden?) chamber below the food cellar.
  99. Go U. You can wander around the room, but don't try opening the other door - it leads to the main keep, and there is a guard there ready to do his duty and kill any intruders. Go R-R-F-L-F to return to the door you came in. Touch it, Go F-F-L-D-F to walk down to the bottom of the tower. Go U-L-F to reach the cellar door.
  100. Touch it to open it, and once again you are on the heels of the culprit, who sees you and jumps out. The Evidence chip records the fact that there was another TSA agent where one did not belong.
  101. Go F-L-F-L-D to reach the chest the rogue agent was standing in front of. Try your copper key, and it will unlock the chest. The forward arrow lights up, so Go F to climb into the chest. The trigger you tripped in the tapestry opened the false bottom, so you climb to the storage chamber underneath.
  102. Go D-R. There are artifacts all over the place. At this particular spot, there is a chest you can touch to open. There are gold coins in there! Hey, nobody'll know if you take a couple, will they? It is against TSA regulations, but... the second rule applies here, so take 'em! Go U-R-R-F. Your Evidence chip beeps an alert - Go R-D to look at a collection of items. The previous anomolies were in items bought at the Louvre auction - we ought to check out the sword in the middle of that pile... Pull up the Evidence chip, select Locate, and move the cursor over the sword. Bingo! The diamond in the sword is much too precise for the current time period.
  103. This is all we need here. You might be a mensch and climb out of the chamber and close the chest behind you, so the treasure is not discovered by the invaders, but you can jump out right now.
  104. We've done everything but Chichen Itza, so there you jump...

    CHICHEN ITZA (completion):

  105. Let's quickly backtrack to where we got before. Go R-F-L-F. Examine the dials - they should be identical to what you set them to earlier, except the date has advanced. Turn the date wheel up one notch. Go A-L-D and pick up the bowel again. Go U-L-F-D and put the bowel in the statue's lap again. Go F, and you have reached the second skeleton you saw before. It's new stuff from here on.
  106. Go F-F-F-F to reach a fork in the path. You might as well take the one on the right - Go R-F to reach the first temple. Pull up your Translator chip and Activate it. Examine the glyphs above the doorway to learn that this is the temple of the War God. The glyphs above the tiki face on the right say that an offering is expected. Examine the tiki face itself, and see that there is a mouth that objects can be inserted into. What might please a war god? Drag the bloody arrow from the Chateau to the mouth and drop it. The mouth "eats" it, and the door opens.
  107. Save your game before entering so you don't get trapped if you run into problems inside. Go F to enter. The door closes behind you. You can open it and walk out, but then you'd have to come up with another offering to get back in... Look around - there are serpent heads in alcoves to either side, and a skeleton at your feet to the right. That skeleton has a skull, and it might come in handy, so take it.
  108. Turn to the serpent on the left and click on it. The jaws part, and the sound of rock grinding indicates that also did something else. Before the jaws close again, drag one of your skulls and drop it between them to hold them open. Go R, and you can see that the serpent is holding the door in front of you open. There are spears plunging in and out of the pathway, so it would be fatal to enter. However, maybe the other serpent can help - Turn to it, click on it, and drop the other skull into the jaws before they close. Voila!
  109. Things get much quieter as one set of spears shuts down. Another set is going further down the hall, so there is probably another set of serpents to control them. But, we're out of skulls! Turn to the serpent on the left and touch it to open the jaws. Grab the skull, Go R-F before the jaws close again and the door shuts on you. The timing is tricky here, so act fast!
  110. Note that a doorway beyond the second bank of spears closes at the same time as the one behind you. You'll have to find a way to stop the spears and open that second doorway. Go F to the spears, and you will find another pair of serpents. This time, Go L and touch the serpent, then drop the skull into its jaws before they close. This serpent stops the spears - what blissful quiet!
  111. Go R-F. The doorway is closed, so look around for something to help you. Some poor soul was impaled on the spears who knows how long ago, and his skull was severed at the neck. Take it and put it in the other serpent's jaws. This opens the doorway you came in, but not the one on the far side of the temple. Hmmm. It looks like we have to play "juggle the skulls". Take the skull from the serpent that stopped the spears. Walk back to the entry way. Place it between the jaws of the serpent that held the doors open. Return to the second pair of serpents, and take the skull from the one serpent and put it in the other. Voila! All the spears are stopped, and all the doors are open!!
  112. Go R-F-F-F to reach the altar of the war god. Go D, and take the obsidian block you find there. Go U-R-R-F-F-F-F-F to reach the door of the temple. Touch the door to open it, then Go F-F to return to the fork in the path.
  113. We may as well continue on to the next temple in line. Go F-F to hop the pilars and stand in front of the temple of the water god. The translator will identify it for you, and you can make an offering from the water container you filled at the space station. The door will open. Go F-F-F to reach the edge of a footbridge over a deep gorge. The entrance to the temple is on the other side, but it is off to the side. (???)
  114. Go F-F to walk across to the far end of the bridge. Arthur comments on the strange construction, and the trip across demonstrates that the bridge is in separate sections, suspended from the top... Wierd. Go R to take a look at the temple entrance. Seeing no way to get over to the temple, Go R-F to walk back across the bridge. Wait, what's that noise behind you? Go R-R to see the sections of the bridge swinging wildly. Oh - the inscription said that one had to "cross ... on the stepping stones of faith" to get to the temple... Hope you're not afraid of heights! Save your game here in case you make a misstep and take a dive into the gorge below.
  115. The view will begin turning to watch the section in front of you. When it is synchronized enough for you to step onto it, the forward arrow will light. You still have to time it yourself to hop onto the platform instead of dropping to your death in the gorge. I recommend saving your game frequently during this trek. A separate file is good for this, in case you get yourself in an untenable position and have to start over from the beginning.
  116. Once you reach the other side and your heart starts again, Go F-F to reach the altar of the water god. Go D and take the limestone block on his altar. You can either turn around and retrace your steps over the "bridge of death" or say "forget that noise!" and Jump back to your arrival site at Chichen Itza. Either way, make your way back to the fork in the path, and I'll pick up from there...
  117. Okay, back at the fork. Turn so that the war god is on your right, water god on your left, and unexplored path before you. Go F to reach another fork in the path. A temple stands directly ahead of you, but Go L to face the other one from this fork, then Go F to stand in front of it. The translator will identify this as the temple of the wealth god, and the note that all who approach must "turn their backs to worldly possessions and lower their heads in humility".
  118. Examine the tiki mouth and drop the gold coins from the Chateau into it. It will close and the door will open. Oddly enough, the coins return to your inventory - I guess you didn't put ALL of them in, but what the wealth god doesn't know won't hurt him, right? Go F-F-F to reach the base of a rope bridge across the gorge. A doorway with golden walls lies on the other side of the bridge.
  119. But wait! If you follow the first rule and look everywhere at everything, and follow the clue to "turn your back to worldly possessions and lower your head in humility", you will turn away from the golden doorway and look downward. The golden door is actually a deathtrap - the door will close, and will not open until you have rotted into a skeleton. Go R-D; notice how there is an extra anchor set into the stone?
  120. Drop the coil of rope you found at Da Vinci's Studio on the anchor, and it will be tied off on it. You may now Go F to climb down the rope to the REAL temple, below you on the cliff face. Go F-F to reach the altar of the wealth god. Go D and take the jade block from the altar. Go U-R-R-F-F to return to the mouth of the temple. Go R-U-F to climb back up to the base of the bridge. Go F-F twice to reach the door to the temple. Touch it, Go F-F-L-F to reach the door to the last temple - the temple of the god of death.
  121. The Evidence chip detects an anomoly. Go D. Pull up the chip and select Locate, then click the cursor on the untidy mess on the ground at the tiki's feet. The chip records the evidence - glass fragments not from this period. Go U, and examine the mouth of the tiki. It is much larger, and the inscription above it says to complete the pyramid - this requires the blocks you removed from the other three temples. Drag each to the mouth, and when the third is inserted, the door will open. For some reason, the blocks are returned to your inventory.
  122. Go F-F-F-F-D to examine the sacrificial altar. The Evidence chip detects another anomoly. Pull it up and do the Locate bit; you'll find the anomoly in the bloody pool on the left - synthetic blood! The altar is awaiting a bloody sacrifice - what do you have that might fit the bill? How about the organ you took from Da Vinci? Drop the heart in the bloody bowl, and Voila! - the Toltec ceremonial coffer bought at the auction appears from the other bowl.
  123. The Evidence chip pipes up again, but checking the coffer reveals that the evidence cannot be recorded until it is exposed. You're going to have to open the coffer. Save your game here! If you recall the historical notes, the coffer has poisoned needles that will kill anyone trying to open it without entering the proper combination on the symbols on the face.
  124. Turn on your Translate chip, and use it as you turn the symbols to form the combination. If you recall, the inscriptions inside the temple on the surface said that whoever touched the Holy Vessel would become... Turn the symbols to that phrase, then touch the right end of the coffer to open it. The Evidence chip kicks in and records the anomoly inside automatically. You are told that you can leave, but collect that rather vital piece of evidence first. Then use the Jump chip Recall function to return to your apartment.

    GAGE'S APARTMENT (review evidence):

  125. You just retrieved an environment cartridge, and what better place to view it than the environment projector in your home? Go R-R-F-R-D-F-R-F-F-L-D. Touch the projector and examine it to move closer to it. Drag the new environmental cartridge to the center of the projector control, and cartridge automatically begins playing.
  126. The cartridge reveals the who and the what of the plot. One of your fellow TSA agents was indeed smuggling information out through the historical artifacts - information on how to build a time machine! While you are viewing, the culprit jumps in and zaps you, saying, "Sorry, Gage, I need that back."


  127. When you wake up, you are completely immobilized, while the villian does the obligatory service of telling you everything about the plot, including why YOU were framed, before mind-wiping you. The villian's reasoning is typically pudding-headed, including their actually believing their alien contact when told the information would be shared with others! Yeah, RIGHT... Arthur frantically tries to find a pathway out to stymie the villian, eventually succeeding with the exception of a password you must supply. Recall your files on this agent, and the one topic that was mentioned repeatedly about them. Enter the correct password, and Arthur leaps through the net to short out the villian's systems, causing a wild jump by their suit.
  128. Unfortunately, Arthur sacrifices himself by this act, leaving you without companion or hint source for the remainder of the game. So long, Arthur, we knew ye well...
  129. The power systems in the silo are completely shorted out, and you have no jump chip to leave, or to retrieve Arthur again. Start poking around. Go R-R-F-F-D. A glowing blue object looks promising; pick it up. It is a charged fusion generator core. Go U-R-R-F-D. This is an unpowered fusion generator. Examine the left side of the device, and press the eject button to remove the spent generator. Drag the burned out core to your inventory, and drag the charged core to the device. Voila! You have power again!
  130. Go U-R-R-F-F-R-F to stand in front of the plasma tool. Touch it to pull its control panel up. Touch the up and down arrows to scroll through the list of objects it is programmed to create - these were what the culprit used to gain access to various artifacts. One item is new, "transport code". Touch "Run Program" to temporarily create the transport code - write it down. Repeat the process until you have the entire code recorded.
  131. Go R to face the bulletin board. There is a post-it note with a couple of... environmental factors (?) recorded on it. Make a note of these. There is a black rectangle in the center of the board that turns out to be an INN display screen. Review the INN news stories for any new clues. You will discover that the story on the Symbiotry Technology Discussions has been altered; a new section has been added to the beginning, describing the withdrawal of one of the alien ambassadors from the talks. Hmmm. That might be suspicious. Page back to the text section, and check the hypertext link for the race of the ambassador in question - the Krynn. Their entry corresponds to the environmental data on the post-it note - substantiating your suspicions. Note the three digit "alien code" at the end of the report for future use. Exit the news menu.
  132. Go R-F-L-F-R-R to face the transporter device used by the culprit to transport the environment cartridge. Save your game here. Touch the face of it to pull down its control screen. Enter the transport code you recorded from the plasma tool; do NOT press the ENTER key when you are done. The screen will reply that this is a diplomatic area, and prompt you for an "alien code". If you had pressed ENTER earlier, it would have accepted that as the entry for the alien code. Enter the code you got from the INN hypertext link. The machine will open. Go F to step inside and be teleported to the alien's embassy.


  133. If you arrive at the other end of the teleport, and are completely blind and paralyzed, restore your game to the point I advised. The Krynn environment has different light wavelengths humans cannot see, but the lens filter you picked up in Da Vinci's Studios will allow you to see these wavelengths. If you had left the filter on like I advised, this would not be a problem, but just click on its icon again to re-attach it to your suit. Then, repeat the transport process to arrive in the embassy with full vision.
  134. If you turn around within the transport pod you arrive in, you will hear a warbled noise - this is Krynn speech. Pull up your translate chip and turn back to that position - the message states that your transporter is set for organic and inorganic matter. Good thing too, as you couldn't survive here if you had arrived without your suit!
  135. Go F to reach an alien console. There are a few buttons here, but they do nothing useful for you. Go F-R-R to face the way you came. A display edges into view from the ceiling; examine it. The translator chip will report that the readings indicate that the transporters to the left and right of the one you arrived in are set for inorganic matter only. If you attempt to use either, your suit will be transported from around you, drowning you in the Krynn underwater environment.
  136. Go A-R-F-R-F to reach a junction in the corridor. Save your game here. If you turn to the left, a membrane will open revealing a pair of aliens further down the hall. You may enter that hallway, which will bring you face to face with the aliens, and the game will essentially ignore all controls from that time on. This is a bug; the game should actually show you a "you've been captured" screen that amounts to getting killed as far as the game is concerned. Ignore the left passageway.
  137. Go R, and another membrane will open to reveal another pair of aliens down the hall. You cannot move at this point, and if you do nothing for a while, the aliens will come down the hall and capture you. Select your Cloak chip and Activate it, and you will be undetected by the aliens. They will come down the hall on their rounds, and the wake of their movement will brush you aside without alerting them.
  138. After the aliens pass, Deactivate your cloak. You still can't move down the hall on your own power, but you can touch the cluster of cabling at the base of the ring in front of you. This will trigger the alien corridor transit system, and you will be pulled down the hall by peristaltic motion. When you stop, repeat the action to be pulled into the storage chamber at the other end of the corridor.
  139. Go F to approach a spherical node on a series of supports. Touch it, and a membrane parts to reveal... something inside... maybe an environment cartridge? If so, this is one of the pieces of evidence you must retrieve to prove your innocence and the plot to smuggle time travel information to the Krynn! If you circle the storage frame, you will discover all the objects inside various nodes. The trick is to get them all out... You have an explosive charge, but that will only free one item. Perhaps there is one item that could be used to free the others? Place the charge on the node containing the sword. Once you have the sword, visit all the other nodes and use the sword to hack your way through the sealing material. Take ALL the items except for the Cheese Girl, and return to the mouth of the corridor you came here through.
  140. Touch the cabling to move to the middle of the tubing, then touch it again to be carried through the end of the corridor. You will be thrown against the membrane on the opposite side of the junction, and it will open. This is unavoidable. You cannot move away, and cloaking does no good, as no one comes down the corridor to push you out of the way with their wake. Once again, the sword will serve you in good measure. Use it on the cabling in the corridor ring to disrupt the transit mechanism and seal the corridor.
  141. Go L-F-L. Save your game here. Go F to face the transporter pods. As soon as you do, Ambassador Icarus arrives through the organic/inorganic transporter. He captures you, and explains why his race wants time travel, and why you must die to achieve that end... He places you in the inorganic transporter to the analysis room and pulls the lever to transport your suit from around you. You must act quickly, or drown without your suit. Recall that one of the items you picked up is giving off low level radiation that interferes with transporter beams - Pull the burnt out fusion generator core and drop it inside the teleporter pod. It shorts out the pod and the reaction pushes Icarus into the other inorganic pod.
  142. Go F as soon as you are able. This will place you in front of Icarus' transporter pod. You have no movement controls, and if you wait too long, Icarus will break out of the pod and capture you, ending your game. Pull the lever on his pod to do the same to him as he was going to to you - transport all inorganic material from his person. This strips him of his waldos, so when he breaks free, all he can do is swim away.
  143. There is nothing more for you to do here. Go R-F to enter the organic/inorganic transporter pod. Go R-R to face the front of the pod. Pull the lever on the left to trigger the pod, and you are sent elsewhere, where you present your evidence and prove your innocence.


  144. The endgame sequence runs - everyone is happy!! The future is safe! There is no mention of Arthur, but I presume someone went back to retrieve a copy of him before he perished for good.

    This walkthrough misses 1 puzzle and 8 research points. The research points are probably picked up by looking at more things and listening to all of Arthur's historical commentary. The puzzle, I have no idea on.

    I urge you to go through again and examine every location in this game. It is very rich, and you will enjoy the experience.

    Hope that helped! Mpb.



From: Roger Byrum
A most excellent article. I did however note one small error. The environment controls in the science wing corridor of Farnstein's Lab are not faulty. The mining device at the mid-point of the elevator actually controls two functions. The first time you touch it, it starts the mining cycle. Once the mining cycle is complete, touch it again to start the processing cycle. After running the processing cycle, the environment control in the Science Wing corridor will pressurize the biomass processing unit. Roger Byrum

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