By Al Giovetti
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Buried In Time II Walkthrough

The game starts with an intro sequence, that explains the situation, and leaves you the proud owner of a 'Jump-suit' fitted with various goodies. You are in the living room, of Gage Blackwood (Yourself), nine years in the future. There are a total of seven major sites visited during the game. These are:-
1) Living Room
2) Mayan Temple
3) Richard I's castle
4) Leanardo da vinci's studio
5) Space station
6) Disused missile silo
7) Alien spacecraft

Many dozens of other locations, are visited inside each of these, in some cases, these form complete seperate parts, inside the above scenes. The game book, gives you the instructions, on how to use the video viewer console, and I will assume that we start from here. I use the code F=forward, R=right, L=left, U=up, D=down for movements from now on. Note, that at some points, animated sequences are played at certain locations in the game, and that you must wait for the animations to finish, otherwise movements etc., can get missed!. Also, do save your game regularily, dying is the easiest part of this adventure. I have tried to split the text up into sections, so that you do not have to read it all, just to find a hint!.

Note that, then items are 'used' in scenes, their icon changes shape, when you are over the correct spot, makes it easier to ensure that you are in the right place.

Good Luck.


    Gage Blackwood's house, at start.

  1. Read news items, note down product id's for :- 1) Cheese Girl 2) Translator Bio chip 3) Gino Album You get points at the end of the game for 'research', so reading all the news is worthwhile.
  2. Stand up, turn left, forward, look down. On your left, is the remote control. Pick it up. Walk out of video booth, turn left, walk forward to shelves with china, and models on them. When level with the shelves, turn towards them. Look at all the models, the human model, gives you more information.
  3. Turn away from shelves, walk across room to desk, turn right at the wall. Look down at the desk, look at the 'videophone' on the right hand end of the desk. This gives more information. Look at the papers on the left end of the desk, more information. Back away from the desk, turn right, forward one step, right again, forward. You should be facing an object looking rather like a microwave oven, this is the domestic replicator. Pressing POWER, then MENU, then SHOPNET, allows goods to be purchased. Use the numbers recorded in the video booth, items are delivered to the 'Post box', and should then be replicated. To do this, go back to the first menu, select 'post-box', then double click on the item, and click on the 'replicate' button. After the item has been replicated, simply look away, and back again, to get back to the front panel. There are many other items, that can be touched or looked at, in this room, but no more are needed at the moment.

    Arthur the AI - first visit to Farnstein lab.

  4. :From the inventory at the bottom of the screen, select BioChip - JUMP, click on this, and then select the jump menu from the right of the screen. This is the method used to select all the chips in your suit. Select the last destination, Farnstein lab, then read the MISSION BRIEFING. You should read each briefing, before jumping to any destination. The space station is depressurised, so you should not waste time once you arrive. Jump to the station. Look at the cheese girl information screen (select, then click on the magnifying glass). Grip the cheese girl package (click and drag), and move it into the main screen, level with the space station, just right of centre. release it here, this ejects cheese spread to propel you to the station. Move LDF. Keep going forward to the airlock at the end of the corridor. Touch the centre of the airlock door, to open it. Move FLL again. Pick up the metal bar in front of you. turn back round (LL), and go forward. At the other door, select ULF. This puts you in front of the enviromental control panel. Look at it. The schematic, shows the space station, and you are at the top right, in the 'Capacitance array' Double click to pressurise this room. Move LUF. Open the airlock door. Move forward into the 'Docking bay'. Movements are: RFRFLFLLLFRRFLFRF. This should put you in front of the 'Scanner room'. Open the door, and go forward. After the initial scan, agree to Arthur scanning you. Then agree to his 'deal'. Go UFU. Enter the door release code that he gives you. After decompression, touch the centre of the green door. There are two (mirror image) sequences to open the lock. At any point only one disk of each colour can move. Starting with green (G) the sequence is: GRRGGGRRRGGGRRG. this opens the access to Arthur, and he now helps you through the major part of the game.

    Getting to the caverns under the Mayan temple at Chichen Itza.

  5. Now time-jump, destination Chichen Itza, the Mayan temple. At the temple, you should not try to leave the temple complex, if you do, you will be killed. Starting from where you arrived, select BioChip - Translate, move FRU. Read the inscriptions. Repeat this on the three outer walls of the shrine(DLFRFRU *2). Then DLFRFR. The sequence that follows, gets you from the Mayan temple above ground, to the caves beneath. This is needed several times in the game, and when needed again, I will just ask you to 'go to the Mayan caverns'. Now enter the shrine building, FLD, pick up ceramic dish. Look UU, read the inscriptions. Repeat this, for all four inner walls. Make a note of the inscription over the entrance doorway, you will need this latter. Turn to face the two dials at the rear of the shrine. Look at the dials, these function as a combination lock, the combinations that work, are the pairs listed on the right hand frieze, 8- water etc. Set one such combination on the dials. Step away, move RRFD. Put the ceramic dish, on the statue in front of you. You will drop through a trapdoor, into the caves beneath. This is the end of the sequence 'go to the Mayan caverns'. This time, move FD, and pick up the copper medallion, that is just right of the skeleton on the floor. If you wish to look around further, you can, but access to the other doors in this section, cannot be made until you have picked up some items in the other time zones.

    Making the key at Chateau Galliard.

  6. Now jump to Chateau Galliard. After the introduction scene, move FD, pick up the arrow. Now move URRFFFFDFULFR, this puts you at the door to a walkway, open the door, and move FRFFLFRD. Pick up the grappling hook and rope. Now go URFRFFRFFFFL. Stop here. On the way, if you look round, Arthur will give a lot of information, and even a joke. Wait here, till the wall in front of you is destoyed. Then move FRDFRF, open the door to the smithy. Move FRD, pick up the hammer. Move ULLFRFRFD. You are facing the forge. On the right hand side, there are two bricks running horizontally, double click, on the upper of these bricks, and remove it. A mould for a key is revealed. Place the copper medallion in the dish on the forge. Click on the wooden bellows handle, at the top left of the screen. The bellows operate, and the copper medallion melts, now click on the hanle of the pan, the liquid copper, is poured into the key mould, making a replica. Pick up the copper key. Move URRFLFLFR, open the door, move FFFRFLFRFLD. Now select the evidence BioChip, and locate the temporal anachronism in the picture. Your first piece of evidence!.

    Entering the keep at Chateau Galliard.

  7. Move RFU, you are wearing a space suit, after all!. Use the grappling iron, on the window above you. As soon as you have been chased off the tower, by the knights above you, start climbing again. Do not delay, you will be killed if you do. When you enter the room in the tower, select BioChip - cloak, and activate it immediately. Once the knights have left, to look for you elsewhere, uncloak.

    Finding the treasure room at Chateau Galliard.

  8. There are a couple of clues, that I do not look at in this walkthrough, extra points are awarded at the end, for some clues, but they are not necessary to the solution.
  9. Starting from the window in the King's bedroom, move FFLF, touch the tapestry. Now move RRFLFFLDFULF, open the door, move FRFFRD, pick up the letter in the fireplace. Read the letter (translator chip). Move LLUFD, look at the plan of the battle. Move LUFRFFD, read the book. Move RUFFD, look at the plan of the castle. Move RRUFLF, open the door, FFLDFULF, open the door. Your BioChip, will record the evidence of the other time traveller. Move FLFLD, use the copper key, move F. You are now in the secret treasure room, move RD, look at the box, take some coins from the box. Move URRFRD, select the evidence chip, and move the crosshairs over the sword case (just left of centre), click on this to register the evidence. You have now completed this time zone.

    Da Vinci Studio - note on the whole.

  10. This zone, cannot be completed, without the hammer from the smithy in Chateau Galliard, if you are stuck, this is probably your problem.

    Da Vinci Studio, the first room.

  11. Jump to Da Vinci studio, move FRFLLD, select evidence chip, look at the paint marks on the floor, record the evidence. Move UFFD, use the key that is in the door, keep key, look up, touch door, move F. You will now automatically record another evidence sequence. Now move LL, touch door, move FRFLF, use translator chip on the two levers, you need to move them to 'unlock' and 'up'. Look down, move the wheel to operate the lift. Move ULLFRFRRFDR, push the handle, to move the lift, at the bottom, move UR, touch the door, and move F. You are now outside the tower.

    Da Vinci Studio, building the seige machine.

  12. Starting from outside the elevator. Move FRFFRD, pick up rope, move ULFFLF, open door, move FFRFRFLFRFR, pick up the drive assembly. We are now in Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop, and there are some amusing items to be found, if you take the time to look around. If you do so, simply re-join this walkthrough when finished. Now move RFLFRFFFFD, pick up the wooden pegs, move UR, pick up the wheel assembly, and then look at the drawing. Turn LLD, place the wheel assembly at the right hand end of the frame, and the drive assembly on the left. Use the wooden pegs, on the bottom right corner. Hammer the pegs home. You have now built Leanardo's 'siege cycle'. Pick up the whole assembly.

    Da Vinci Studio, using the siege cycle.

  13. Starting, from where you assembled the siege cycle. Move LUFFLFFD, read the document about the siege cycle. Move ULFRFLF, open door, move FRFLFRRFFLFLFRRD, operate the handle in front of you, to turn the catapult around. Move LUF. You are now sitting, in the operators position, on a catapult. There are two knobs, the left hand one pans the machine L/R, whilst the right hand one controls elevation. Move the left knob right nine times. Move the elevation, down two. Now pull the central lever between the knobs. If everything is right, you should be pointing at the balcony railing, on the tower where you saw the other time traveller. After firing, the rope should be visible hooked on the railing, and you should automatically leave the machine. If this does not happen, sight again, and keep trying. Once the rope is correctly positioned, move LFL. Hang the siege cycle, on the rope in the top left corner of your screen. Move FF, you should be on the balcony of the second tower.

    Da Vinci Studio, the second tower.

  14. Move FFLD, use the balcony key, that you picked up in the other tower, to unlock the door. Look U, open the door. Once the other time traveller has departed, move FRD. Use the evidence chip, to locate the anachronism. Pick up the lens filter, and click on it's icon, to secure it to your camera. Move UFRD, read the middle book on the table. If the lens is properly attached, you will record another piece of evidence. Do not leave the time zone. Move RUFRFFL, open the cupboard. Pick up the preserved human heart, in the bottle in the cupboard. You are now ready to jump from the time zone.

    Farnstein Lab, the second visit, getting to biomass processing room.

  15. Return to Gage Blackwood's house (recall button on jumpsuit), walk to the home replicator (FFFFLFLF), buy a second tin of 'cheese girl'. Jump to the station, and propel yourself to the corridor, as before. Move LDF. Keep going forward to the airlock at the end of the corridor. Touch the centre of the airlock door, to open it. Move FFULF. This puts you in front of the enviromental control panel, as before. This time pressurise the 'biomass processing' section, this is the leftmost brown block on the bottom row. Move LUFRRF, open the airlock, move FFFFFFF. This puts you at the airlock, at the other end of the corridor, now try to open this airlock door. Arthur will open this for you. You will be given a small explosive charge. Once the door is opened, move forward, and press the green button in front of you. When the vehicle stops, move RRD, open the airlock door. Move F, press the 'up' button on the elevator. Press 'up' again. Move RRFRD, pick up the flask, move RF. Press the 'down' button on the elevator. Move R, look at the control, press control to start a mining cycle. When the cycle has finished, move RD. Look at the controls in front of you. Put the flask on the coupling at bottom left. Operate the valve above. Retrieve the flask, now step back from screen, move RRR, and then press 'up' again on the elevator. At the top of the elevator, move RRF, and again press the green button to make the vehicle move. When you stop, move LLD, open the airlock door, and move FFR. Open the door to the 'biomass processing', move forward. Attempting to enter this room, without first pressurising it, will result in death. There is another enviroment control panel, opposite the entrance to the room, but this seems faulty, and doesn't let you pressurise the room. The whole sequence, can be done with over thirty percent of your oxgen reserves remaining, but you don't have time to hang about.

    Farnstein Lab, second visit, inside biomass processing room.

  16. Starting from the entrance to the room, move FFFLD, look at the controls, left of centre. Now you are looking at a controller, that allows you to 'try out' the effects of different frequencies, on the sculpture. The dial at top left, can be turned, by moving your cursor to the top, or bottom edge, and clicking. Turn the dial, till the display reads '11kHz', and then click on the green button on the controller. You should get a 'positive response'. Now step back from the controller, and move U. Touch the sculpture, which should now 'morph' into a complex schematic diagram. You have now finished this zone. Now time jump, and 'go to the Mayan caverns' (see paragraph with this name).

    Inside the Mayan caverns, God of War. You must have the bloody arrow, for this section.

  17. Start at the entrance to the caverns, look down, pick up the skull from the skeleton. Now move UFFFFFRF. This puts you at the entrance to the shrine of the god of war. Look over the door, and use the translation chip, look away, look to the right of the door. Put the bloody arrow, into the opening. Step back, and enter the doorway. Turn right, and touch the face of the monster on the shelf, when it opens, insert the human skull into the jaws. face downwards, and pick up the other skull. Move URR. Now simply touch the second skull to open the jaws. You have a few seconds, to complete the following movement. Move RFF. Stop, before the moving spears. Look left, and insert the skull into this head. This stops the second lot of spears. Move RFL, pick up the third skull. Move LFR, remove the skull from this head. Move RR, and insert a skull here. Move RFFR, and insert a skull in this head. Now move RFFR, and remove this skull. Turn RR, and place the skull into this head. Now move RFF, to find yourself at the altar. Look down, and pick up the obsidian block. Look up, you can read the name of the god above the altar, then turn RRFFFFFF, touching the door will now open it. Move forward to the cave.

    Inside the Mayan caverns, rain God. You must have the flask full of water for this section.

  18. Start outside the temple of the god of war, move FFF, and cross the stepping stones. Look over the door, and use the translation chip. Look away, look to the right of the door. Pour water from the flask, into this opening. Step back, and enter the doorway. Keep going forward, till you cross the bridge. Turn around, walk back across the bridge. Turn around again. The bridge will transform into a set of swinging sections. Save the game, before trying to cross. Step forward, just before each part reaches you, when you step onto the last section, step forward immediately twice, and into the doorway beyond. At least, that works for me!. Now move forward twice more, to the altar of the rain god. As before, read the inscription, above the altar, look down, and pick up the limestone block. Now re-trace your route, back across the bridge, and to the door. The door will now open to let you out. Move forward into the cavern.

    Inside the Mayan caverns, God of wealth. You must have the gold coins for this

  19. Starting outside the temple of the rain God, move FFLFLF, to the door of the God of wealth. Look over the door, and use the translation chip to read the inscription. Look away, look to the right of the door. Place a gold coin in this opening. Step back, and enter the doorway. Move forward, to the rope bridge. Cross the bridge, but do not enter the room beyond. This is a trap, and if you do, you will have to time-jump back to the surface, and re-trace your steps. Turn around, move forward once, and look down. You will see the entrance you require, in the cliff wall under the bridge. Now move UFLD. In front of you, there is the fastening for the rope bridge, and another hook built into the stone. Use the coil of rope on this hook. Move FFF, to the altar of the God of wealth. As before, read the inscription, above the altar, look down, and pick up the Jade block. Re-trace your steps, up the rope, and back to the doorway (UFFRUFFF). The door will now open, and you should exit to the cavern.

    Inside the Mayan caverns, the final trial.

  20. Starting outside the temple of the God of wealth, move FLF, to the door of this section. Again look over the door, and read the inscription, with your BioChip. Look away. Now look down, and use the evidence BioChip, on the ground just below the offering slot. Look at the offering slot, and insert the three pyramid pieces, that you have gained from the other temples, in the following order: obsidian, jade, limestone. Move FFFFD. You are standing in front of the altar. Use the evidence BioChip, on the pool of blood at the right of the altar. Now place the preserved heart into this pool. The Mayan box, will appear from the right hand pool, touch the box. Select your translation chip, and look at the inscriptions on the box. These can be changed, by touching the individual icons. You need to set them, to what the holy vessel contains, according to the inscription that you read over the entrance to the temple when you first arrived at the Mayan section. Now touch the right hand end cap of the box, to open it. Once the animation has completed, pick up the environ cartridge, and put it in your inventory. Return, to Gage Blackwoods house.

    Gage Blackwoods house, after completing the Mayan temple.

  21. :From where you materialize, at this house, move RFRDFRFFLD. Touch the video projector, and then look at it. Put the environ cartridge, into the video projector. This plays a sequence, revealing all!. You will be knocked unconcious, and taken to the disused missile silo.

    The missile silo. Arrival.

  22. You wake up, strapped into a chair, with the other agent, who has framed you, explaining their actions. This sequence takes quite a time, and you can only wait for it to finish. After a while, Arthur talks to you as well, and explains that he is trying to sabotage the computer system. Eventually, he gets into the system, but requires a password. Read the dosier, on the other agent, in BioChip - files. Look at the profile on the agent, and then at their interests. Type in the name of their first recreation. This should be the password. Another animated sequence follows, as their computer is destroyed by Arthur. Once you are free to move, go RRFFD, pick up the generator core. Go URRFD, look at the right hand side of the generator console. Press the button, to eject the core. Remove the dead core. Look away, and then look back. Insert the new generator core. This appears to be a bug, as you can't insert the new core, till you have looked away. Odd. You now have the silo back on line.

    The missile silo. Departure.

  23. Starting at the power generator, go URRFFRF, you should be facing the 'gravis plasma tools' machine. Touch this machine. A control panel will appear, with two triangular buttons, and a larger 'run program' button. Press the triangular buttons, till 'transport code' is displayed. Now press the 'run program' button. A piece of material, will be produced, bearing a numeric code. Note this code down. You may have to repeat the program, to read it all, it disappears quite quickly. Once you have the transport code, turn right, and look at the yellow notice, at the bottom left of the notice board, in front of you. Make a note of what this says. Now look away, and look back at the black rectangle in front of you. This is another video screen. Look at the section, on 'Symbiotry technology', and listen to the new clip. Now step forward to the section on 'appeal for dismantling'. In this section, look for the name of the race, mentioned in the new clip. Click on it's name (highlighted in red). Read the technical information on this race. The information, under 'sensory perception' at the end of this article, should match what you read off the yellow notice. If it does, note down the 'transport prefix'. If not, look at other races, till you find the right one. Leave the video screen. Go RFLFRR, you should be facing the transport machine. Touch it, touch the screen that appears. Now type in the transport code, followed by the transport prefix. If this is wrong, it is fatal, so save your game. Move forward into the transporter. You will materialise, on the alien spacecraft.

    The Alien craft. Destroying the time machine.

  24. Starting, where you arrive, in the matter transporter. You must still have the lens, used earlier attached to your camera, as otherwise you cannot see. Move FFLFRFR, cloak immediately. Once the aliens have passed, uncloak. Touch the fibrous bar, at the bottom centre of your screen, to activate the transport system. This sucks you through the alien ship, repeat this at the next intersection. At the end of the transport tube, go FRFL. Look at the upper right hand nodule, in front of you. Touch it. You should see the Mediaeval sword inside. Use the explosive charge, that you received at the Farnstein station, to blow the nodule open. Pick up the sword. Back away, and then look at the other nodule. Touch this to open it, and use the sword to cut it open. Touch the 'cheese girl' container. Back away, go RFL. Repeat the opening and cutting sequence, an keep moving round the room the same way. You will pick up: The interactive sculpture, The Codex Atlanticus, The Mayan Puzzle Box, and the Environ Chip. Once you have this, turn RRF. This brings you back to the entrance to the transport tube. It is worth saving you game again here, as there is an easily fatal bit to follow. Touch the fibrous bar, to activate the transport system, and again repeat this at the halfway stop. When you reach the end of the tube, you will be unable to move, and if you take more than a few seconds, the aliens will kill you. Use Richard's sword, to cut the fibrous bar, on the tube ahead of you. This disables the transport tube, and you are one more able to move. Go LFLF, back to the transporter. At this point, you will be captured by the Ambassador.

    Alien Ship. Escape from the matter transmitter.

  25. This whole sequence, requires reasonable speed. You are trapped inside a matter transmitter pod, that is about to transport your BioSuit, off you, leaving you to die in the alien aquasphere. Remove the 'burned-out core', from your temporal pocket. If you looked at this core earlier, you would have read a warning, that this can disrupt transporter beams. Hold the core in the beam around you. The beam disrupts, and traps the Ambassador, in the pod opposite you. Move forward, and touch the purple button, on the right of this pod. This sends him off somewhere. Now move RFRR, into the pod that he arrived in. Touch the purple button, on this pod to transport yourself to safety. A sequence ends, with you being mindwiped, and returned to your own time. That's it folks.
  26. I tended to find watching all the news clips a little boring myself, and skipped some. There are extra points, for looking at these, and all the papers in Leonardo's time etc. I got 14800/15000, so I've missed a couple somewhere. Maybe you can find these extra 200 points, by being a little more patient than me. I hope the text is accurate, but a few errors are bound to have slipped in.

    Good Luck.



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