Breath of Fire 3 Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Breath of Fire 3 Walkthrough

by Kaijam Jeffers


  1. Introduction
  2. The Mansion
  3. Windia
  4. Momo's turf
  5. The walkin' talkin' onion, Pecoros
  6. Garr
  7. Bait Training
  8. Fairy Tear
  9. Faery Village
  10. The Volcano
  11. Recollections
  12. Out and Older
  13. He's Back!!!
  14. References
  15. Letters

    The Beginning ================================================================================

  1. Play through the opening scene as the dragon puppy and torch every miner you see. You will end up in Rei and Teepo's house as a normal kid. Save your game and explore the forest, you will meet Babaderu. Talk to him and leave the forest. Go to the town just south of the forest, a scene will commence. Now you will have clothes and you can experience the normal fighting scene routine.
  2. Go south and Babaderu will soon arrive. Go back to his house and Rei will leave your party. Babaderu will want you to slice fire wood just to see what you can do. Next, go to the question mark area beside the forest( the question mark in a conversation bubble). Go through this area and you will now be able to enter the mountain. Enter the mountain and go to the house on top. You will meet a boss. Then after that Rei will rejoin your party. Ascend the mountain some more until you reach the cave. Enter the cave and explore. Go to the cavern with the water and press the examine button. You will jump in the water and ride down to the bottom. By some time you will meet the boss again, defeat him and descend the mountain. ===============================================================================

    The Mansion ===============================================================================

  3. Go back to the town and a scene will start. Watch the scene and wait till it ends. Talk to the hooded guy and he will ask you if you would enter the mansion. Agree and it will turn to night. Go to the mansion and you will see a loose wall. Press the examine button in this wall and Rei will eventually make it fall down. Enter and a puzzle awaits. Your objective is to go through without being caught. Sounds easy enough. The first guard will take bribe and the second and third one will orient you some more. You will have to walk pass the guy with the lamp. Simply hide behind the wall and wait till he turns his back. Walk near him and when he turns around walk through him. Don't go up the stairs, instead go to the tower with the bell. Let Ryu hit the bell with his sword. The guard will walk away and you could pass further. Battle the dog and the chicken then proceed to the mansion door. A scene will occur and Rei will leave your party once more. Walk in the house until you will find Rei once more. One tip: look left, every path you need to go to is in your left. Fight through until you battle the big gene. Watch the scene and return to your house. ================================================================================

    Windia ================================================================================

  4. As you return, you will notice that your house has been burned down by a couple of horses. Battle the horses and well. * I lost in this battle I don't know if winning will affect the story* Lose and you will wake up in Babaderu's house. Now you're alone. Go to the nearby mountain to the east and as you reach the top a scene will happen, the horses ( Balio and Santo as I read their names ) will take you to Windia, and now you can transform to a dragon. Transforming to a dragon requires you to combine some gems called Genes. You will find yourself in the dungeon and well. will fight the horses for the second time around. After that Nina will join along. Descend the castle dungeon to the catacombs. There you will have a task to talk to all the tomb stones. They will ask you something and you must answer the right answer. If not you will fall and need to ascend to the main room and try again. The answers are the green options ( this thing worked in the Japanese version) then the last tombstone will ask you more questions and the answers goes as follows: top, top, top, bottom, middle, middle, middle. After answering the last stone, you will fall down and end up in the town. Talk to the kids playing near the fountain, they will want you to play hide and seek with them. They are hidden in the town, no one is in a house. (1) Is hidden in the upper level of town playing with an old man. (2) One is found behind a tree. (3) One is behind the immunity centre. (4) One is behind the house with a doghouse near it. (5) The last kid is behind the house in the lower left side of town. After finding them you will be able to get out of town. In the junction with the windmill you will be caught, again , by the two horses. You will be taken to the coliseum and then get out of that town. ================================================================================

    Momo's turf ================================================================================

  5. After you get out of the town go to the mountain in the east. Ascend it and you will find yourself in Mason's house. Go through the scene and you will be trapped in a room. The only chance to escape is through the cart. Examine the controls and watch the scene. You will now have the second gene of the game. Also look in the question mark area directly at the bottom of where you end up. Genes are frequently seen in places like these. Now, go to the pyramid-like structure. Enter and shoot the large gem you see inside. While the clock is ticking, exit through the back door and shoot the four gems using Nina. The water will now go down. Get the treasure and continue to go up the structure. In one room you will meet Momo, your third character. Rest and save your game. In the next room you will see a floor with red and black tiles. Talk to the instructions and start the sub-game. Your objective is to make all the tiles black and exit the floor panel. The door will open and you will now have access to three treasures. Go out of the room and then go up. You will be faced with four small cubes and a large one. Talk to cube number 2 and 4 (the second one from left to right). Now go up some more until you reach the room with a large gem and a moving floor tile. Shoot the gem 5 times so that you can step in the right path. Go up some more until you reach the library. Examine the back of the silver desk and you will find a switch and you're outta here! ===============================================================================

    The walkin' talkin' onion, Pecoros ===============================================================================

  6. First of all check out the area where the rocket crashed and you will find yet another gene. Next go to the tea house, a scene will happen, then leave. Now go to the Plant ( as in the factory type of plant). Go and find the head cheese of this joint and talk to him. Your next goal is to go to the cave to the west. Before going in, you might as well check out the question mark area in the north, no genes here just a strong sword that might come in handy. Now go in the cave until you battle a weird looking boss, no technique here but to heal time and time again, wait until his AP is all gone, then beat him up. A scene will follow then you will have Pecoros as a party member. Go back to the plant and rest in the inn. ================================================================================

    Garr ================================================================================

  7. After sleeping a scene will follow then you will be in the clutches of Balio and Santo, again. They will ask you who you want to be in your party then let you compete in the tournament. Go to the room beside the macho-guys and talk to the bunny. This is the first part of the tournament: Ryu will fight three enemies simultaneously one-on-one. Just concentrate on the fighters themselves not the platform. After you beat the three, you are free to do anything then you must take battle again with another set of goons in another ring. This will take time but Emitai, your enemy, is never too hard to beat. The trick is to concentrate on Emitai himself and not his goblin companions. Beat him and his goons will beat each other silly. The next match is with Garr, find your room and face him one-on-one. If you can manage to defeat him or not the story will still remain the same. He will help you escape and as you do get out, save, and then go to the bridge. A scene will follow as you will be faced by the three thieves. Then Garr will join you in your final battle with the two horses, this time they combine as one in the shape of, well, Ultraman, a famous Japanese guy who uses a ray to beat the heck out of giant monsters, only this time it's a horse. This will let you experience the major pain you will feel in the later parts of the game. Beat him and go through the bridge. Don't forget to check out the house under the bridge and the ice gene beside it. ================================================================================

    Bait Training ================================================================================

  8. Before going back through, go back to Windia and enter the castle. Watch some scenes and you'll get to control Nina. You'll need to talk to the maid downstairs then find Honey, Momo's pet, in the castle. He is found in the brewery where there are lots of barrels. Just walk round the edges of the walls, he is found here:
            ||   stairs |
            |---------------------------------------|          |
            ||          |
            ||          |
            |      Honey  |          |
            |    --------------        |          |
            |    |            |        |          |
            |    |            |        |          |
            |    |            |        |          |
            |    |            |        |          |
            |       guard     |            |        |          |
            |          drunk  |            |        |          |
            |            dog  |            |       ramp        |
            |   stairs        |            |rat    ramp        | 
  9. After you talk to him, go to Nina's mom's room. Talk to her mom then go to the balcony. Watch the scene, now you could enter the bridge. Go to the question mark areas before anything else and search for genes. Now head to the town of Rapalla talk to the guy below the inn with the orange hair in the upper right table. Now go to the port then talk to the guy in glasses, he'll ask you to train him to fight the guy who is pestering his girlfriend. He'll give you 1000 Zenny to buy him some armor. If you come back without armor he'll pay you some more but this is the last draw. Buy him some and equip it to him. You must train him until he can fight the guy by himself. The training process is long but easy, the more you attack the higher defense he will get, the more you block the higher his attack will be. Just do it like this, the first 7 times you fight watch for twenty rounds. When his attack really hurts, block. The next 8 fights, block but when Beyeds turns are almost gone attack him. Then for about 15 fights attack him. After this he'll be a lean, mean, fighting machine. Let him kill the bully, do not interfere. When he defeats him, Beyed will return all the armour you bought for him. Then talk to the guy down the inn again and you could go to the blocked path to your left. ================================================================================

    Fairy Tear ================================================================================

  10. You can't go in the volcano just yet. First take the path to the left of the shipyard. You'll come to a place with lots of barrels. Go in and get the three treasure boxes which contain "flame crysym". They are not the gene types of crysym but instead Momo's weapon. There will be a room with a control panel and a place to put in the "flame crysym". Put one of the crsyms then flip the switch. There will be a wavy line going up and down in a graph, and on its sides there are bars that light up when the line touches it. Time the movement of the line as it touches the bars, when the bars light up, that is the time when you should flip the switch again. Actually the topmost bar is the only one you'll need to light up. If done correctly a light will start to come out when wrong, you should try again until all your flame genes are all gone (don't worry if you run out of them there are plenty sold in the town). Now when the light has emitted, divert the light so that it goes up to the top floor by flicking the switches in the other rooms. You will now battle the Gazer, a very easy boss, nothing to worry about really. After you defeat him go up and get the gene, flip the switch and watch the upcoming scene. The fairy will give you a tiaria that will let you enter those rings of flowers you see in the map. Exit. ================================================================================

    Faery Village ================================================================================

  11. Go to Fairy Land by entering the ring of flowers in the map. Get in and go to the fairies' house. Watch the scene. They will want you to defeat a so- called monster. Go to the docks then watch some more scenes. Fight Irca and watch some more in the fairies' house. They will give you the pass to get in the volcano. Now that you are in here, let me teach you how to put up your own house. In this part of the game talk to the main fairy and she'll let you choose some stuff. Choose a worker then put that worker on the hoe icon which means land. Let them flatten some land for your house, then choose a worker and let them work in the bow and arrow icon, which lets you have some more workers. After that you should start working on the house icon which means to build your house. Do this again and again until you have your dream house. When you have your own house, you could choose if you want to make it a item shop or a weaponry or something. ================================================================================

    The Volcano ================================================================================

  12. Before you enter the volcano, make your characters immune to fire and confuse ailments so that they could walk freely in the volcano. Enter the volcano until you see the lava pit. Before you proceed get the gene you'll see first. Then an old man will block your path. He is a boss with two worm goons. Concentrate on the worms before you fight the old man himself. After you kill him you could get out to the outer side. ================================================================================

    Recollections ================================================================================

  13. After you get out the first own you see is Garrs hometown. Don't forget to bring him in there. Let him push the big boulder and talk to his mentor. His mentor will tell him to go to the big temple. Go there and descend it. There will be a place there where large stones are scattered. Push them around so that they create a path for you to walk on. Be careful not to break one or you will have to repeat this again. Garr will want him and Ryu to be alone in the bottom-most room so let them. Ryu will be forced to fight Garr. Defeat him and watch some scenes unfold. Now you are about half through the game. ================================================================================

    Out and Older ================================================================================

  14. Ryu now is older, yes! Watch some more scenes and join Garr in escaping the mine shaft. There is a part where you should direct the tracks to the blocked path then let Garr push the dynamite cart to blow up the obstruction. After that you will face the Dragon Zombie. If you are still immune to ailments, you're lucky, because most of this boss' attacks are confuse and poison that might be a real pain. Defeat him and you will receive the dark and fusion genes. Escape then watch the scene. The next thing you must do is to go to the forest.

    He's Back!!! Go through the forest until you will be blocked by a huge tiger. Battle him until he escapes. Walk through and go in the mountain. Exit this place and go back to rei's house. There you will find him, watch the scene. Go out and return to the mansion, Nina will now rejoin your party. Watch some more scenes. Go to the dark market ( it's the place near the mine where a wooden compound surrounds a mountain). Talk to everybody, they will tell you about a tiger. Go to the gate in the northern part of this place. Watch the scene and rei will join you in the next battle. Choose your third player and start the battle. Give rei some revive item to let him fight. After you defeat the boss head to Windia for a short stop.

    Optional!:The Global Hide and Seek Game.

  15. This even is not too important, its just for fun! Remember those kids who asked you for a hide and seek game around Windia? Go to where you found them then talk to the slim guy. Now you'll play a hide and seek game around the world! For every one you find you will get a clue to where the next one might be. No need to get them in order. The boys you could get immediately, the girls need some time. Here are their locations: THE GUYS: The slim guy is found in the mines near the big green dragon head behind a post. If you don't know where the dragon head is, its in B2 of the mine. The fat guy is right there in Windia, in the tombs area, he's behind the upper left tomb. =The girls could be found after the scene where Nina will be banished from Windia. Read on the next 2 parts then do this: THE GIRLS: the one in the skirt is found at the back of the bridge that you will open. Press R2 then look at the back, she's there sitting. The one in the shorts is in the junk yard, behind the lower most house in the whole town. = The only use for these guys are they could let you enter Windia after you are banished. They are also masters that raise attack power, defence power, charm and luck.(I guess, but I'm sure they're masters)

    XIV. Crysym Gas!!!

  16. Back to the normal routine of the game. Go back to the Plant and find Momo. When she rejoins your party, go to the Wise Tree where Pecoros is then get him and go back to Plant. Be sure Pecoros is with you. Let Pecoros push the stones you will see to the "x" marked spots in the ground. Get some running ground then push the rock to the glass window of the greenhouse. Do the same to the other one. Now it's time to get Momo in your party, blow up the furnace in the place with two chimneys. A secret passage will be revealed. Descend with Momo still in your party. Go to the main computer room and let Momo talk to the computer marked "1". Momo will do the rest. Your job is to find the possible passkey to the other computers. The passkey to number two is found in the room with red lights. It is in the figure that looks like Pecoros. The second one is in a book. As door 3 opens you will face a worm boss. This one will take time because it will be difficult to hit it. Go and find the fourth one which is in a piece of paper. The computer will let you choose from some numbers on which is the right passkey. Guess the right one. Now enter door 4 and fight a boss. This one is tough yet you could get through. Flip the switch then get out of there. Watch the scene.


  17. One of the most shortest scenes, done to get the pass to the bridge.(it is also boring, before the Miria scene later.) Go to Windia, watch some more scenes. Go to the castle, let Nina talk to the guard, then watch some more. Talk to Nina' s mother then go to the kitchen. Watch some more. Go down to the locked door. Watch some more. Go back to the locked door, open it then. watch some more. Go to the teleporter and you're outta here.

    Geist and Daisy (Gaisuto and Deisu are their Japanese names!)

  18. Go back to Garrs hometown then talk to his mentor again. Go to the temple again, climb the ladder to the very top where a stone is found, watch the scene. Go to the room where there is a naked lady in a pyramid. Watch the events. After that go to the volcano in the room where there is a black wall. Let Ryu touch the wall and watch the scenes. Go to the Tide Palace then watch go through then go to the town. Go and save your game, meet Gaisuto in his house then answer some questions. Ryu will be left to fight him one on one. Go in between the two flame stands then fight him. Kill the two lamps first because they help him get healed. After that go to the junkyard.

    The Mid Sea

  19. Watch some scenes in the southern exit of the junkyard. Beyed will let you pass then go to the docks. Bring Momo then let her talk to Beyed. Watch some scenes, you will need to get some parts for the boat so get them. Go back to the junkyard then talk to the guy with spiked hair. Then go to the cave in the north. Go in and make sure Garr is in your party. Let him talk to the chief and they'll start a pulling event. In this event you'll need to notice which flag is raised. Whenever the red flag is raised, rapidly tap the O button. After this you'll fight the Anglerfish. Then don't forget to pick up the parts lying around the beach and the gene too. Go in the tower then find the other parts. Bring the parts to Momo, watch the scene. Walk around town and do what you want when you return Beyed will give you the boat with the bully as your captain. Go to the edge of the sea then a scene will follow. Then go to the town near the sea shore ( I think its name is Patch or some thing).

    SUSHI !!!

  20. When you arrive at that town buy some supply then talk to the people in the topmost house in the right side. This is the mayor's house and the mayor is a little out of hand. So talk to the old man and the woman and they'll tell you to go back to the house under the bridge where you battled the big horse. Go there and talk to the lady. She'll tell you that you'll need some ingredients to give to the mayor. And the location of the ingredients are as follows: The first one is a fish, you'll catch this in the fishpond near the bridge itself. There are only three kinds of fishes you could catch here, one is the fish you want then a pink puffer fish. You'll only need one. ( fish ) The second is in the bridge itself. Bring Pecoros along with you then let him bump the tree beside the house. You'll only need one. (fruit ) The third is in the tea house. Bring Garr along then let him talk to the hooded guy/lady near the well. A sub-game will commence, you will need to pull the bucket to get the third ingredient. ( water ) The fourth one is in the forest where you fought Lei. There is a weird looking grass then cut it. ( grass ) After getting the ingredients, go back to Patch then talk to the old man with the mayor you will have to make the sushi and the proper amounts are: 1 of the fish 8 pieces of the fruit 2 drops of the water 4 pieces of the grass then watch a scene. The mayor will give you something. Now go to an island in the east, it will appear as a question mark area. You must move fast because the clock is ticking. Go to the shining dot in the west, a scene will start.

    The Black Ship

  21. The house you get to is the sea hermit( I think)'s home. It will teach you on how you will enter the black ship to sail in the ocean. He will say that you must bump the rear of the ship with yours. Do so after the scene. When you get in the black ship, you will reach a room with very long conveyer belts leading nowhere, and a platform. There is also a computer that will ask you what program you would like. Pick every one, one by one, then get the key and other stuff. Now proceed to the room with the crane. You must lead the crane towards the bright coloured boxes. Press the command button to move from west to east. Then stop when you want to. Press the button again and let it move from bottom to top. When you stop the crane will pick up the crate under it. It will make a path for you to go to. Make sure you have Momo in your party after this. Let her talk to the computer at the top floor. She'll tell you to switch the switch you see near the bedrooms. Notice the counter, wait till it reaches a good number for you to get back to Momo, just make sure that it counts to 100 before you get there.(it will not stop ticking until you talk to Momo) When you've done it correctly, a scene will start. Watch the long scene. Now you must confront two monster bosses. Lightning spells work here best. After that, watch the scene.

    Port A

  22. You will arrive at Conveyer Yard. Buy the stuff you need because you will need them. Nothing is to be done here so leave immediately. Go to the colony in the north. Make sure you bring Momo again there. Go to the room with the teleporter, you will find a bag there, get it. Find the ledge above the mirror in the ground. Jump down this ledge then examine the switch. You must move the mirrors so that they direct the laser in the right spot. After doing so, go back and teleport out of here. You'll find your self in the ship with the locked door. Follow Honey then watch the scene. Choose your ideal party then go in. Fight your way down until you reach four switches and a tablet. Talk to the tablet and let the switches down. Switch the switches this way: Right, Down, Up. Now you will be able to pass the right way.( if I'm wrong, you find the combination because I sorta forgot about it. Just remember that only the three mentioned switches are needed.) You'll know if it's right when all then beams are raised. Go up then you will arrive at a room with three platforms. You must find a way to step in the centre platform which is a switch to open the door. Go in until you find the satellite dish. Direct the dish so that it gets a perfect signal. When you find the right signal, Ryu will react with a question mark, if wrong some sweat drops. Go and teleport to the Dragon Town.

    Dragon Town

  23. When you arrive at Dragon Town, a scene will start. After the scene, pick your choice party then go and buy stuff, save, and immunise your party to fire and lightning because trust me, you'll need it. Go down the well, you'll see the mural showing the characters in BOF1. There is also an old man named Bono. Let all the members of your party talk to him then let Ryu talk to him again. He will turn to a giant dragon, of course fight him. If you took my advise and got yourself immunised you'll be a shoo-in. After you beat him, you'll receive the infinity gene. Save your game then watch the scene before you get out. Go and bring Momo to the Factory. Get in and switch off the laser door. Go to the room where you control a robot to flip the switches. Control the robot by letting it follow your every movement and switch the switches. Find your way up the compound where you are blocked by a locked door. Let Momo shoot the switch box to get out. Get out!

    The Search for the Oasis

  24. Watch the scene then, talk to the guy, know what you could understand you'll need to cross the desert and find the Oasis by following stars. This is how to do it: Examine the jug of water in the guy's camp and get some. Rule#1: only walk at night Rule#2: don't forget rule # 1 get out of the camp, you'll be wandering aimlessly in the desert follow the "fake North Star", the lower red star. follow the star only at night drink one of the water when necessary only one drink will replenish your whole party camp when the note says it's morning follow the star until you see the town when the town disappears, follow the North Star you'll eventually fight a boss After beating the boss watch the scene. Nina will be sick. You will have to kill the strange looking camel with you. Watch some more and you'll arrive at Oasis. Watch the scene, buy your stuff and prepare yourself, for you are approaching the last part of the game.

    XXIII. Miria's Station

  25. Bring Momo with you so she could open the gates in the high tech place north of Oasis. When the door is open choose the best party members you have and brace yourself. Go up to Miria's Station. Find your way through the complicated maze of passages. You'll eventually meet the Hybrid Chimera. The best technique in this boss is...PRAY! This boss is tough because it will make everyone in your party stop. After that excruciating fight go down and pick up the weapons, especially the dragon armor and the cannon. Rest and save before something happens!!! Now, go to the opposite path on which you fought the chimera. You will be blocked by a moving plant. Equip the cannon you got from the bottom of the cage of the chimera and use it on the plant.( Of Course, Momo should be the one to shoot it if you don't know.) Get in and bring rei along. Let him open the doors until you reach Eden. There a scene will happen, Teepo is there!! He will reveal that he too is part of the dragon clan and just turned to a dragon when their house burned down. Watch the whole thing until.

    The Way of The Dragon

  26. You will be transported to a training ground for the dragon's heart sort of scenario. On the first one a scene with Nina will start. All you have to do here is to watch then after the scene, turn back and walk around the dragon statue. Then you'll be transported to the next level. There a scene with rei will start. After that walk around and earn those levels. Ignore the treasure chest for now. Talk to the statue at the middle of two tablets. Wait. . Momo will soon arrive. Watch the scene with Momo. Now talk to the tablets so paths would light up. Walk towards the treasure and you will fall down. Get the treasure down there and leave through the path that Momo made. Now you'll be transported to the maze. Find your way until you see Garr. Watch the scene then, find your way still until you see Pecoros. Watch some more then you'll face the Hell Rider. After defeating this boss you'll watch a scene before fighting the Dragon Lord, Teepo! He is tough in a sense that he can do more than the Chimera, but after the Chimera he is easy. Get the key card A and go down. Save, breathe easy, immunise your whole party, get ready for the final battle with Miria!


  27. Use the keycard to open the door near the save point. Descend this perilous path to the depths of nowhere to fight Miria. There is a part here where you will need to fight some of the past bosses of the game( the bad part is that you'll need to fight the giant horse again but this time there are three of them!). You don't need to fight all of them but they can give some valuable experience points. Descend some more until you reach Miria's turf. This is a LONG, EXCRUCIATING, SCENE, but when the time comes that Miria would want you to choose your way: -answer the top option then enjoy the worse ending in BOF history -answer the bottom choice and you'll come face to face with Miria. Of course, after you defeat Miria, you're done!


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I've got a cheat for you. When you first start out as a human, explore the forest until you come the a man and a woman standing by a river. Stand in between them and face the river. Now search the river (X). It should give you croc tears (sometimes heals, sometimes does nothing). You can do this as many times as you'd like. COOL!!! plus, it's not much but you sell them. 1 croc tears= 2 zenny.

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