By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:


The 11th Hour Walkthrough

  1. The first game screen has three skulls. Type pp then click on the X in the left eye of the right hand skull. Click the right mouse button to bypass the boring opening credits.

    Winter Coat Worn of a Mixer

  2. Click on the top portion of the screen to look at your game book. You hear Stauf talking. He is giving you the first riddle.
  3. Go to the Library and click on the bottle of tonic water on the fireplace. Watch gratuitous clip by pressing play button in game book.

    Cash Register Puzzle

  4. Go to Brian Dutton's room. Look at your map. Click on the Cash Register Puzzle in the back, right side of the room. Both sides of the puzzle must equal 81 since you start with 162.
  5. Depress the number 25 in the top row. then depress 5,10, and 10, which are the last three keys.
  6. In the bottom row depress 10,10,1, and 10, which are the last four keys.

    Rolling Rock Bottle Cap

  7. Click on the cork of the champagne bottle near the TV set.

    Chess Puzzle One

  8. Click on the chess puzzle in the foyer on the table close to the grandfather clock. Exhange the knights postions. Put the black knight where the white knight is and vice versa, by moving them around the board.

    Artsy, excited, lecher

  9. Go to the Art Gallery and click on the grandfather clock. You will move into the a secret gallery and Stauff says "Ohh bad move." Click on the painting above the statue on the floor directly in front of you. Click on the Man-Beast thing, who is the lecher, in the center of the painting.

    Book Puzzle

  10. Go to the Library. Click on the painting on the far wall in the special art gallery.
  11. Click on the books on the shelf between the two skulls.
  12. Move the second and third books to the two spaces that are open on the shelf with the green and red books.
  13. Move the third and fourth books into the spaces left by the second and third books.
  14. Move the sixth and seventh books into the spaces vacated by the second and third books.
  15. Move the first and second books into the spaces vacated by the sixth and seventh books.

    A heart attack could put you into the ground

  16. Click on the library globe in the library to solve the riddle.

    Mouse Trap Puzzle

  17. Go to Brian Dutton's room and go through the door to the left of the bed into the Chapel.
  18. Exit through the wood door to the Lab.
  19. Click on the mouse trap puzzle on the table near the green bottle.
  20. You want to make a path for the mouse to get to the orange door on the right of the screen.
  21. Move pieces in rows and columns until the path is clear. Notice that when you move a piece in a row, all the other pieces slide over. When you move a piece in a column, all other pieces slied up or down.


  22. Click on the prescription pill box next to the green bottle near the mouse trap puzzle.

    Bars deter cuckoo bird

  23. Click on the bird picture on the other side of the main foyer from the grandfather clock.
  24. Now click on the Robin Redbreast.

    Modern art flourishes under the sun

  25. Click on the clock to go to the art gallery. Below the picture of the girl in a blue dress, click on the modern art painting on the floor. Click on the long red section in the middle of the painting. You win when you pick the last spot in the painting.


  26. Click on the desk in the Library.

    Part of the body examined in doctors office

  27. Click on the body of the white statue on the floor in the art gallery.

    Libation for an affectionate puppy called Sounder

  28. Click on the champagne bottle on the floor of Brian Dutton's Room.

    Pool Balls

  29. The pool balls must be selected in a specific order.

    Animal Sullied Street

  30. Click on the picture of the dogs in the Pool Hall.
  31. Click on the Irish Setter.

    JFCR VX QCTF. . .

  32. Click on the face of the grandfather clock in the main foyer.

    Spider Puzzle

    The spider puzzle is similar to a compas with North (N), South (S), East (E), and west (W). The web also has postitions for NorthEast (NE), NorthWest (NW), SouthEast (SE)and SouthWest (SW) for a total of eight locations.
  33. NE to S
  34. SE to W
  35. W to NE
  36. SW to N
  37. N to SE
  38. SE to W
  39. NW to E
  40. E to SW
  41. SW to N
  42. N to SE
  43. S to NW
  44. NW to E
  45. E to SW
  46. NE to S
  47. S to NW
  48. W to NE

    ZU GOTDY OD MPY. . .

  49. Click on the straight razor on the bathtub.

    Fruit Loop on Stove

  50. Click on the picture of fruit in the dining room.
  51. Click on the orange.

    Sliding Tile Game

  52. Click on the mirror next to the door in Ed Knox's bedroom.
  53. Rearramge tje tiles to form a clear picture.

    Dreams abound of arming the rebels what of nocturnal horses and schedules

  54. Click on the picture above the fireplace in this Ed Knox's room.

    A distant, ancient castle keep

  55. Click in the picture near the telescope in the Library.

    A man horse on the fly sounds like a wounded bull's eye

  56. Click on the concrete (cement) slab in the Chapel with the engraving of a triangle next to the wooden door.
  57. Click first in the middle of the row second from the bottom.
  58. work your way to the sides and down one.
  59. Make a clear path of red which touches all three sides of the triangle.

    Put an olive in a stein. . .

  60. Click on the TV in Brian Dutton's room.

    A vital instrumental part

  61. Click on the organ in the Chapel.

    Train Puzzle

  62. Click on the model train set on the floor of the attic.
  63. Spell the word STAUF by using the switch to move trains between tracks


  64. Click on the table with chess pieces on it in the Attic.
  65. Click on the white rook (castle).

    Light piece from great orchestra

  66. Click on the torch at the top of the altar in the Chapel.

    Plate Puzzle

  67. Go to the kitchen and click on the Plate Puzzle which is on the wooden block table. The object of the puzzle is to stack two plates at each of the points on the star. Now move your plates in the following manner:
  68. Move the plate at position 6 to position 9
  69. Move the plate at position 4 to position 1
  70. Move the plate at position 2 to position 7
  71. Move the plate at position 8 to position 5
  72. Move the plate at position 10 to position 3
  73. Cheesy gadget that sounds larger
  74. Click on the grater on the stove.


  75. Go to the lab and click on the 7th Guest CD ROM disk next to the box on the tray on the cart cart with a bottle and some trays on it.

    Blend a teapot shot and the pearlies won't rot

  76. Go to the bathroom and click on the toothpaste which is on the sink.

    Cube Puzzle

  77. Go to Ham. Temple's room and click on the cube which is on the bottom shelf of the night stand.
  78. Select the #4 to the right of the starting point
  79. Select the #1 to the right
  80. Select the #3 to the upper right
  81. Select the #1 to the lower right (the #4 and #6 will appear automatically)
  82. Select the #2 to the upper left of the #6
  83. Select the #1 directly above. That's it.

    Slyness holding shipment in choppe

  84. In Ham Temple's room click on the guillotine to solve the riddle.

    Poor drainage could still produce a flower

  85. Go to Mrtn. Burden's room and click on the Pyramid Puzzle on the small table.
  86. unscramble two 15 letter words. The first word is "Unintentionally" and the second word is "Straightforward."
  87. Click on the picture at the top of the stairs then on the big, white gardenia flower.

    Sounds like it got higher from wine

  88. Go to Mrtn. Burden's room and click on the red (living) rose in the vase on the night stand.

    Jewel Puzzle

  89. Go to Jul. Heine's room and click on the jewelry box.
  90. Match the colors of the touching sides of the gems.
  91. Double click the jewels to make them turn. You can move the positions of the jewels by single clicking the one you want to move and then single clicking the position you want to move to. What kind of jewelry is angrier
  92. Click on the mirror vanity in Jul Heine's roomand then on the small earring in the center.

    You might hear a well mannered cockney. . .

  93. Go to the attic and go through the wooden door.
  94. Click on the Beehive Puzzle on the ground in front of you.
  95. Like the seventh guest microscope puzzle.

    The Furniture Puzzle

  96. Click on the furniture puzzle on top of the fireplace mantel in the music room.
  97. Good luck. Instrument is sharp but is missing its head
  98. Click on the harp in the music room.

    A defective truck with a crane makes for a ball-busting ballet

  99. Go up the stairs and click on the Nutcracker figure which is just outside the Game Room door in the hallway.

    Look at key missing first misprinted label

  100. Go into the games room and click on the eyeball on the pool table to solve the riddle.

    Disabled cutting edge

  101. Go to Ham. Temple's room and click on the dagger in the headboard to solve the riddle.

    unreasonable reason

  102. Go to the attic and click on the train to solve the riddle.

    Paper used in unusual thesis

  103. Go to Mrtn. Burden's room and click on the bed sheets to solve the riddle.

    Adroit holding a sharp instrument

  104. Go to the kitchen and click on the clever in the wall to solve the riddle.

    A deserted arthropod

  105. Go to the dinning room and click on the dessert on the table.
  106. Get 4 of your candies (bon bons) in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).


  107. Click on the white lion statue at the top of the stairs to solve the riddle.

    Drink left at sea

  108. Go to Ed Knox's room and click on the glass of wine (port) to solve the riddle.

    Bishop's Puzzle

  109. Click on the Bishops Puzzle located on the dresser in the Doll Room.
  110. Swap the positions of the white and black bishops. It will take you at least 18 moves.

    Snake, baby, trap

  111. Click on the floor boards under the shelf with the ballerina statue on it. You will go through the floor.
  112. Click on the big, pink rattle to solve the riddle

    A letter from Greece

  113. Go to the grandfather clock and click on the number 11 on the face of the clock.

    This eight letter word has kst in the. . .

  114. Go to the library.
  116. Click on the desk and then on the pen and ink holder.
  117. Go to the doll room and then through the floor boards again
  118. Click on the toy doll house on the floor.
  119. Get five of your "stones" in a row (any direction) or capture five pairs of Stauf's stones. To "capture" Stauf's stones you must sandwich two of his stones between two of yours.
  120. There are three possible decisions now to the 11th hour decision.
  121. Once you finish the game, you may want to reload your last saved game in order to view the other two endings.


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