Pro League Baseball '97 review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Price: $20
Genre: sports
Compare to: Strat-O-Matic Baseball, Diamond Mind Baseball, and Lance Haffner's Baseball.
Developer: General Admission Gold
Lead Artist:
Producer: Dave Holt
Publisher: General Admission Gold
Phone: 800-334-2722
Requirements: Pentium, 60 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 32 MB hard disk space, 2X CD ROM, SVGA graphics, DOS 6.0, mouse, Sound Blaster compatible

Pro League Baseball '97


Dave Holt founded MicroSports and the Pro League series of baseball games, which is now being marketed as General Admission Gold under the MMI banner. Pro Legue Baseball has never been strong on graphics, but really shines in the ability to process huge statistical information for many games quickly.

Company Line

It's a fast paced, statistically-accurate baseball simulation with powerful rotoscoped, animated graphics for incredible detail and multiple viewing angles. Play your games at any of 32 detailed ballparks, both past and present, each with multi-screen views. Plus, every team and all players from the past 92 years of big league baseball are included! With complete batting, pitching and fielding statistics for each player and full rosters for all teams and detailed player/team statistical information.

Modem play with a chat mode is available. Compete with anyone, anywhere and anytime! Play either the full game simulation or arcade modes of play. Flexibility is yours with human or computer draft options. Licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Game Play

Every major league team from 1904 to 1995 is part of the statistical database of the game. You can rerun any date season in just a few minutes using all the statistics and see how the season comes out. Not only is the game fast, but it is very accurate.

The statistics, especially those for defense, work for the team and not for individual players, assigning putouts and assists to individual players after the game was decided statistics and all. Many overall statistics are less accurate like doubles and triples which only appear in a fraction of the cases they do in the real game.

This is not an arcade game like Hardball and Tony LaRussa Baseball. FPS: Baseball is much less accurate. Arcade play is not this game's strong suit. The general manager mode of play seems to be the game's forte and it does a solid job.


Play any game almost anytime and see who wins.


Graphics are either VGA or SVGA, neithr very impressive. Washington DC's baseball team was called the Senators, not the Readskins as shown on the Jerseys. Old style uniforms are used for the older teams. Every historic major league ballpark is represented with full statistics on batting size and distance.



Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


The manual is just over 30 pages, woefully inadequate in this day where good manuals can be ten times that number of pages. The manual does not describe how to use the game controls,

Multi-player Features

Supports up to two players in hotseat and modem play. An internet site is maintained where the users can come to upgrade player statistics. Nice feature.

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