zork-title.jpg - 10.5 K
Price: $55
Genre: animated graphic adventure
Release:August 96
Developer: Activision
Publisher: Activision Incorporated
Phone: 800-477-3650
Website: www.activision.com
Requirements: 486DX, 66 MHz, DOS, Windows 95, 8 MB RAM, 50 MB hard disk space, 2X CD ROM drive, local bus or PCI SVGA, mouse

Overall: While this Zork does not conform to the original text adventure about the Underground Empire - Forbidden Lands, and may alienate original Zork fans. Zork Nemesis is a quality product in its own right, with spooky feel and beautiful graphics, and therefore, worthy of your attention. zork03sm.gif - 14.3 K

The plot: There are four alchemists imprisoned by Nemesis in an abandoned temple. Retrieving the four elements of lead, tin, copper, and iron will give the alchemists power to fight Nemesis. Exploration and interaction with the other denizens within the stunning graphics is another element of the game.

Puzzles: Some puzzles are very logical and woven into the story well but others are totally senseless and are better off cheated than solved.

Art: Beautiful three dimensional rendered art supervised by art director, Mauro Borrelli, who did Batman Forever and Dracula.

Interface: Interactive cursor controls the ability to pick up and move items. Cycling through inventory items is by right clicking.

Help: a special help system within the game can get you through the puzzles without much fuss when you get stuck with specific instructions that will help the most dense or confused situation.

Music: Soft mood music plays in the background through out the game. zork05sm.gif - 21.7 K

The full motion video sequences were directed by veteran director Joe Napolitano, and acted by professional actors that many will recognize. See if you can pick out Father Malveaux and Kaine.

The humor of the original game and the inside jokes and mythology behind Zork are all missing.

Next Generation, volume 2, number 19, July, 1996, pg. 87. 3/5 (60%).
Mike Wolf, PC Gamer, volume 3, number 7, July, 1996, 89%, editors choice
Glenn Broderick, Computer Player, volume 3, number 1, June, 1996, pg. 80-81, 7/10, (70%)

PC Gamer, volume 3, number 7, July, 1996, pg. 147-148.