X-Com Interceptor review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre:Action with Strategy Elements
Release:June 15, 1998
Lead Artist: Guy Sparger
Engineers:Wayne Harvey, John C. O'Neill, Lee Baldwin, Paul Rowan
Design:David Ellis
Executive Producer:William F. Denman, Jr.
Publisher: Microprose, 2490 Mariner Square Loop, Alameda, California 94501
Phone: 510-864-4550 (support), 510-864-4550 (general number), 510-864-4602 (fax)
Email: support@microprose.com for support and 76004.2223@compuserve.com for general information
Website: www.microprose.com
Requirements:Windows 95/98 with DirectX 5.0, 133MHz Pentium with 3-D graphics accelerator, 166MHz without 3-D Graphics accelerator, 16 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM, 16-bit color graphics.

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X-Com Interceptor


Company Line


It's the year 2067, and Earth's resources are all but depleted. To avert the slow decay of civilization, the major corporations of Earth have turned to the stars -- an area of space known as "The Frontier" -- to find the raw materials they so desperately need.

Unfortunately, some old friends were already in the neighborhood when the corporations arrived -- and they have plans of their own for the resources of the Frontier. Plans that could very well mean the end of the human race.

Welcome to the Frontier! In X-COM Interceptor, you take command of an elite force that has been fielded to meet the aliens on their own turf -- the depths of space. This time, you'll be engaging your alien foes from the cockpit of a cutting-edge space fighter, fighting ship-to-ship as you protect Earth's corporations and X-COM installations. But your job doesn't end there. As X-COM's commander in the Frontier, you must maintain your financial standing, manage your bases and increase X-COM's presence in the area. It is also up to you to guide the research of alien weapons and technology in the hopes of improving your own technology and discovering the reason for the ever-increasing alien activity -- before it's too late.


This time, the battle is on their turf. X-COM: Interceptor -- a new chapter in the X-COM saga. Get your copy today at your favorite software retailer!


Meet the aliens head-on as you take the controls of three of the most advanced intercept fighters known to man. Vaporize your foes with more than twenty different weapons of mass-destruction from mere lasers to base-busting, high-explosive missiles. Take a defensive role and keep X-COM and other human installations safe; then, as new technology and better weapons are added to your arsenal, become the aggressor and strike right at the heart of the aliens' supply lines, outposts and bases, crippling their operations and strengthening X-COM's presence in the Frontier. You are in complete control as you decide when to launch your interceptors and what targets to defend or attack. Every mission you fly directly affects the outcome of the game.


You are in command of all aspects of X-COM's strategic operations. While managing your bases and expanding X-COM's presence in the Frontier, you must try and stay one step ahead of the enemy by collecting research data on alien weapons and technologies. Using the information you obtain, you can enhance X-COM's arsenal and custom-equip your interceptor squadrons so that they can effectively protect Earth installations in the Frontier, ensuring continued funding and manufacturing resources to support your operations. Ultimately, you must piece together any information you can obtain to find the reason for the aliens' presence in the area and put a stop to their activities once and for all.


Think you're pretty hot when it comes to wiping out aliens? You and every other interceptor pilot out there -- but who's the best of the best? X-COM: Interceptor let's you put your flying ability where your mouth is in Death Match mode. Build your best customized ship and go head-to-head with up to seven other X-COM aces in online tests of skill and combat prowess.


  1. Battle swarms of alien fighters in a dynamic, real-time 3D universe full of asteroids, black holes, and other deadly space phenomena.
  2. Take control of three new X-COM interceptor craft -- the "Lightning II" light fighter; the "Firestar" multi-role fighter; and the "Super Avenger" heavy bomber.
  3. Custom-equip your interceptors with a wide assortment of beam weapons, missiles, engines, shields, armor, and other high-tech equipment.
  4. Hand-pick your wingmen from a pool of pilots whose abilities improve with experience.
  5. Test your piloting skills against other X-COM pilots online!
  6. Face a dynamic and challenging AI, one which changes in response to the performance of the X-COM forces.
  7. Command X-COM strategic operations in the Frontier.
  8. Build and manage up to eight heavily-armed bases.
  9. Manage X-COM finances and keep the money flowing by protecting Earth Outposts.
  10. Improve your arsenal by gathering and researching alien weapons and technologies.
  11. Uncover the aliens' plot against Earth.
  12. Use probes and patrols to locate alien supply lines and installations.
  13. Enjoy a reunion with some old "friends" -- Mutons, Sectoids, and Etherials.
  14. Meet the Aereons and the Psilords -- two deadly alien foes never before encounterd by X-COM.

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    Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

    Microprose uses a 95 cent per minute hint line at 900-773-HINT in the USA and 900-451-3546 in Canada.


    X-COM Interceptor "Interceptor retains the retro 50's look and feel screens are full of buttons, switches and dials that have a low-budget stereo equipment kind of look Interceptor retains the heavy strategic elements " Computer Games Strategy Plus, June 1998

    " I've also longed to fight the whole war, from starry nebula to ominous asteroid belt, and Interceptor lets me do all that, in a gaming universe that I've enjoyed for five years " Computer Gaming World, May 1998

    " completely and totally unlike anything yet seen in the series this is without a doubt a game you should be watching for in the coming months." www.gamespot.com, April 29, 1998

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    Computer Gaming World, May 1998
    www.gamespot.com, April 29, 1998

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