By Al Giovetti, 04/23/97
Developer: Sculptured Software
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Phone: 516-759-7800
Website: www.acclaimnation.com
Requirements:496DX2, 66 MHz, 28 MB hard disk drive space, 8 MB RAM, VGA graphics card, 2X CD ROM drive

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WWF: In Your House


This is a console to PC conversion and upgrade from a game previously released as WWF: The Arcade Game.

One of my most favorite games to play with my young children when they were growing up and pre-teen was an Atari 800 game from EPYX. My children would giggle as the contestants would grimace and make funny faces and their signature music would play. Then we would fight and the animations were hilarious. We both loved the game, and this game reminds me of it.

Company Line

Take WWF wrestling to the extreme with this intense sequel to the #1 arcade smash hit! It's "In Your House" mayhem with the hottest WWF Superstars and all new hard-hitting, mat pounding features! So climb out of the ring and get "In Your House" - the ultimate 32-bit wrestling is ready to smash down your door!


10 of the WWF's hottest superstars including Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Ultimate Warrior, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and more!

11 venues include Undertaker's "Mausoleum Lair", British Bulldog's "Buckingham Palace", Ahmed Johnson's "Locker Room"!

Secret Super "Finishing" Pins give a WWF twist to "fatalities"!

All-new Gadgets and moves for off-the-wall mayhem - Shawn Michaels' "Flex Aura Projectile", Goldust's "Gold Trail" kicks and more!

Game Play

You can do a number of wrestling moves while gathering powerups in the shape of the WWF symbol that allow turnbuckle slams, special fatalities, special "finishing pins" and many special moves.


Plot? Ok, Plot. Well you bop dis udder guy and he falls down, see?!


The low resolution graphics really reminded me of playing EPXY Pro Wrestling on my Atari 800 with the kids.


The stuttering full-motion video brings WWF action "In Your House"! The ten wrestlers, two more than the arcade version, were digitally scanned and full motion video is overlayed on the low resolution backgrounds.

Voice Actors

Superstar voice samples, and play-by-play commentary are the uses of voice "actors." in the product. I always knew that wrestlers were just bad actors who didn't mind looking like idiots to remain in the public eye. It is "entertainment" that many cannot do without that I just have a bad time understanding.

Music Score

The sound track is a heavy metal analog that is not as satisfying as many others used in games.

Sound Effects


Supports the six button Gravis Grip which is the only suitable controller for this game. The four button Sidewinder is not supported.

Multi-player Features

There is a four player network mode and two players can compete on the same machine with each controlling their own wrestler in the same arena. The four player mode gives the game more playability and more fun for groups of mindless combattants.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough


Jason says, the game is a "mindless brawler," the music is "Awful," the commentary is "lame," the gameplay is "aged," The graphics are "poor, low-res," and the control pad support is "lousy." Colin thinks the game is a lot of fun, and is sorry it got such lame graphics.


WWF In Your House Web Site
Jason D'Aprile, Computer and Net Player, volume 3, number 11, April, 1997, pg. 64, 60%
Colin Williamson, PC Gamer, volume 4, number 4, April, 1997, pg. 120, 78%.


From: brian reinke breinke@wizvax.net
Subject: WWF War Zone Hello my name is brian. I know this is wwf in your house but this is the same company that is making WWF War Zone. I have some sugestions on the new game coming out in spring. I took a vote with my friends on the new game just released about 2 weeks ago WCW Nitro now i have both systems N64 and Playstation they are both great systems now i to a vote and the results came out 22 people did not like the game and 4 people thought it was okay they liked the graphics but they didnt like it for these reasons they did not like the idea of haveing to punch in codes to do a move. Another reason they did not like the game was there was no bleeding but that was not a major issue a major issue was that the wrestler could not run up against the ropes and bounce off them other major isuues were can't put a grogy wrestler on the top turnbuckle and do high flying moves. Most of my friends said " WWF War Zone should be more like WCW VS NWO accept with better graphics. I have both of thoes games and i personly like WCW VS NWO 90 percent better. O i think a wrestler should be able to bring wepons and brass knockles into the ring and should knocked your oponite out cold unless it is a tough wrestler and each wrestler should have more power than the other and more powerful moves should take more lives away that opthers and you should be able to the the wrestlers special any time of the match it would be harder to put it on them though do you know what i am saying. the differant kinds of matches are great we like them all accepecialy the ROYAL RUMBLE. O back to the wepons we think that when you bring a wepon in the ring you can set them up in moves with the chair like a DDT on the chair and it would kock them out but the move they would reverse a lot if they had a lot of energy left. And another subject that people said they liked was that when people come out to desturb the matches would come out surprisingly not when i press select only sometimes. These ideas came up in the voting i had i hope you look at these. i really feel that this will make your already inprogressed game even better. Thank You Brian Reinke

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