Review by Al Giovetti, 11/10/96
Price: $40
Genre: children
Release: November 1996
Publisher: Mediola, srl
Ages: 6-10 years old
Phone: 212-647-0850
Requirements: Windows 3.1, 8 MB of RAM, 2X CD ROM drive, Sound Blaster

History: Mediola was formed by Gianluca Dettori in 1993 on the island of Sardinia. In 1994, Mediola brought out its first CD ROM, II Ballerino, featuring music by Italian rap star, Jovanotti. Il Ballerino is the third most popular selling musical CD-ROM in Europe.

Company line: Children and adults will be magically transported deep into the hidden world of an enchanted forest. Surrounded by elves, gnomes, witches and other fanciful creatures, imaginations will be stimulated by some of the most enchanting art ever created for the PC. Play games, hear stories, solve problems, and sing along with the original music. Learn facts and earn the friendship of charming woodland characters. Print and color several breathtaking scenes to extend the adventure and enhance the play value. Parents and children work together to build their own adventures, using fantasy and imagination every step of the way.


Setting: A magical forest with elves, gnomes, witches and fantasy creatures.

Game play:

Locations: Twenty locations seems small when compared to hundreds of locations in other "adult" games.

Puzzles: Twenty challenging scenes involve situation where problem-solving, hand-eye coorgination, patterning, and awareness are taught and challenged. Puzzles include matching sounds of a song, fittin shapes and objects into their correct locations, and associating objects.

Voice actors:

Music score: Original sound track created by award-winning Italian band "Tazenda."

Sound effects:




Hints: Elves and fairies give hints

Future plans: