War Gods review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre:Fighting Action
Developer: Midway
Lead Artist: Jim Gentile
Programmer:Robert Watkins, Tim Rogers
Designer:Joe Linhoff
Publisher: GT Interactive (N64 Williams)
Website: www.gtisonline, support
Requirements:Windows 95, 60MHz Pentium or higher, 12MB of RAM, 2X CD-ROM also N64
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War Gods


Company Line

Billions of years ago, a being from a distant galaxy was transporting a precious cargo of life-giving Ore. The turbulent formation of our solar system caused his ship to crash, and scattered the Ore over the molten surface of planet Earth. Through the millennia, ten humans came into contact with the Ore and were transformed into super-evolved warriors. These are the WAR GODS!

Game Play

The ten combattants are 8 people, one statue, and a cyborg.

There are seven arenas and ten characters, that act and move the same way without any uniqueness to them.

The 3D key is a unique feature that allows you to move your characters in three dimensions on the game board arenas.

Fight controls have duck, high and low punches and kicks, blocks, backward and forward moves and jumps.


An alien used our planet as a repository for radioactive ore. Contact with the ore caused super powers, agression, ore addiction, and aversion to wearing clothes that covered anything but errogenous zones. The characters are so agressive that they fight each other across seven arenas in a battle for the addictive ore. The tournament is culminated in a battle with two aliens, Grox and Exor, to save the home world. Plot smot this is a fighting game. Kill the other guy quickly or slowly. Your pleasure.


The character design is poor three dimensinal polygon models.


Stiff animation.

Voice Actors

An announcer calls the action.

Music Score

Sound Effects

Grunts and groans from the 10 fighters.


Multi-player Features

Two players on same machine can play against one another on the same screen. Both combattants are visable

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough


The professional reviewers did not like this one. Seems that the people who play the games have fun with it. Even Game Spot's professional reviewer disagrees with the player review. Which do you believe the professionals or the people who enjoy playing the game?

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  1. Game Center3/5 (60%)
  2. Game Spot53%
  3. IGN 64 4.3 (43%)
  4. OGR 2/5(40%)
  5. Jim Burdick, Compter & Net Player, volume 4, number 4, October, 1997, pg. 78, 50%.


  1. From: Kathleen K Krasko and Jon Fun game Keaps you bissy for a wile, Is best with two peopol as are most fighting games. To keap to the point,: If you like fighting games this is a fun one...

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