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Review by Al Giovetti
Price: $55
Genre: Baseball simulation (sports)
Release: June 96
Developer: Iguana Entertainment
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Phone: 516-656-5000
Requirements: Pentium, 75 MHz, 8 MB RAM, DOS 5.0, Super VGA, 2X CD ROM drive

History: Frank Thomas, a Most Valuable Player, plays with a distinctive style that this game captures.

Plot: You take the role of one or the other of two teams and play the other teamís artificial intelligence.

Game play: Entire game is played from the batters point of view. Even when you get to play the pitcher you look at him from the batterís box and not from the mound, making playing the pitcher difficult. Pitchers loose speed in proportion to the time they are on the mound.

Interface: The Gravis Grip is the controller that is needed for best control of the game. Keyboard control is imprecise.

Artificial intelligence: The computer pitchers and other members of the team are too smart to use tactics like throwing balls between strikes. Frank Thomas must not like balls. frankbuild.gif - 83.6 K

Graphics: 3D rendered stadiums with poor definition and resolution. The signature swing of Frank Thomas is unmistakable when he steps to the plate.

Editors: Limited

Licenses: 1995 players and stats

Manual: Barely passable.

Multiplayer: no options for null modem, phone modem, internet, or network play.

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