Spiderman 2 by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre:Action Adventure
Release:July 2, 2004
Platform: PC, X-Box, PS2, Game Cube, N-Gage
ESRB Rating: "E" for Everyone with violence
Starring: As Peter Parker and Spider-Man Tobey Maguire, as Dr. Otto Octavius or Doc Ock Alfred Molina, as Mary Jane Watson Kirsten Dunst, and the Narrator or Voicover PA Bruce Campbell
Developer:Fizz Factor, An Amaze Entertainment Studio
Executive Producer:Rodney Gibbs
Producer:Ellen Hobbs
Design Director:Scott Laing
Game Design:Matthew Mboya Crump, Marshall Andrews, Mike Wabschall
Art Director: Scott White
Programmers:Chad Goolbis, Scott Grawssle, Marshall Kunze, Jeff Lafitte, Mim Loecke, Acy Stapp
Animation Director:Blake Bush
Art Lead:Jason Gary
Animation Lead:Jeff Foucart
Environmental Art:Brennan Hornburg, David Genet, Sean Murphy, Wiley Akins
Animation:Jim Battaglia, Gabriel Valles
Interns:Austin Hiser, John Hamilton, Rey Barrera, Lance Jackson
Composer and Sound Designer:Noel Gabriel
Writer:Rodney Gibbs
Testing Lead:Joel Mccone
Executive Producers:Dan ElenBaas, David Mann
Creative Director:Paul Trumbo
Director of Development Services:Jack Brummet
Director of design:Kris Summers
Director of Operations and Finance:Mike Dean
Director of Marketing:Curtis Asplund
Executive Studio Director, KnowWonder:Lindsay Gupton
Executive Studio Director, Adrenium Games:Stephen Clarke-Wilson, Ph.D.
Executive Studio Director, Griptonite Games:Steve Ettinger
Executive Studio Director, BlackShip Games:Scott K. Tsumura
Special Thanks to Amaze Entertainment Operations:Kevin Burdick, Susan DeMerit, Christian Kimball, Stephanie Hjertager, Laura Robinson, Paul Stokes
Senior Producer:
Associate Producer:
Product Manager:
Publisher: Activision Development Team
President, Activision Publishing, Inc.:Kathy Vrabeck
Production Producer:Robert Berger
Associate Production Producers:Kelly Byrd, Matt Morton, Brent Boylen
Production Coordinator:Bryan Jury
Localization Producer:Kelly Byrd
Executive Producer:Chris Archer
Vice President, North American Studio:Dave Stohl
Writers:Kelly Wand, Rodney Gibbs
Additional Writing:Matt Rhoades, Robert Berger, Kelly Byrd
Animation:Paul Lee
Additional Animations:Paul Lee and Mondo Media
Global Brand Manager:Michael Chiang
Associate Brand Manager:Roy Alojado
Vice Prsident, Global Brand Management:Will Kassoy
Publicist:Aaron Grant
Manager Corporate Communications:Ryh-Ming Poon
Director, Business and Legal Affairs:Greg Deutsch
Senior Paralegal:Mike Larson
Paralegal:David Kay
Legal Administrative Assistant:Danielle Kim
Special Thanks:Philip Terzian, Jay Komas
Vice President, Creative Services and Operations:Denise Walsh
Director of Creative Services:Matthew Stainner
Creative Services Manager:Jill Barry
Creative Services Assistant Manager:Shelby Yates
Packaging and Manual Design:Ignited Minds LLC
Special Thanks:Matt Powers, Juan Valdes, Alex Garcia, Irwin Chen, Jeff Chen, John Sweeney, Jay Gordon, Shawn Capistrano, Steve Rosenthal, Marc "Kip" Turndorf, Gene Bahng, Brian Clarke, Todd Q. Jefferson, Peter Muravez, Larry Goldberg, Ken Fox, Ben DeGuzman, Nick Falzon, Brian Pass, Melissa Huddleston, Jeff Poffenbarger, John Heinecke, Melissa Webster, Flora Lew, Jim Desmond, Dave Dalzell
Quality Assurance Customer Support Project Leads:Brian Jury Stephen Peterson
Senior Quality Assurance Project Lead:John Rosser
Quality Assurance Manager:Joe Favazza
Test Team Floor Lead:Tim Toledo
Testers:Curt Baptiste, Adam Hirst, Stephen Hynding, Craig Schmidt, Eric Rodgers
Manager, Code Release Group:Tim Vanlaw
Lead, Code Release Group:Jef Sedivy
Code Release Group:Mike Restifo
Senior Lead Compatibility Group:Neil Barizo
Lead, Compatibility Group:Lawrence Wong
Compatibility Group:Francis Jimenez, Robert Telmar
Senior Manager, Customer Support:Bob McPherson
Customer Support Leads:Gary Boldoc -Phone Support, Michael Hill - Email Support
Customer Support Quality Assurance Special Thanks:Jim Summers, Jason Wong, Marilena Rixford, Adam Hatsfield, Jason Levine, Nadine Theuzillot, Ed Clune, Matt McClure, Glenn Vistante, Jason Potter, Sioon Rodriguez y Gibson, Indra Yee, Todd Komesu, Joule Middleton, Chris Keim, Willie Bolton, Jennifer Vitello, Jeremy Shortell, Mike Rixford, Tyler Rivers, Nick Favazza, lori Marois, Christine Peterson
Sony Pictures Consumer Products:Mike Caplan, Laetitia May, Eric Thomsen
Marvel Enterprises, Inc. Executive Poducer and Manager of Game Development:Ames Kirshen
Marvel President of Worldwide Consumer Products:Tim Rothwell
Marvel Executive Vice President Consumer Products, Promotions and Media Sales:Russell Brown
Marvel President of PublishingGui Karyo
Marvel Legal Affairs:Seth Lehman, Joshua M. Silverman, Carl Suecoff
Marvel Special Thanks:Avi Arad, Ari Arad, Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley, Chris Fondacaro, Tom Marvelli, Jeff Poulin, John Stires, Erik Diehn
Blur Creative Director:Tim Miller
Blur CG Supervisor:Jerome Denjean
Blur Computer Graphics Producer:Sherry Wallace
Blur Storyboads and Concept Art:Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Sean Mcnally
Blur Layout Animator:David Nibbelin
Blur Animation Suupervisor:Jeff Weisend
Blur Computer Graphics Animator Lead:Makoto Koyama
Blur Computer Graphics Animators:Craig Gilmore, Cemre Ozkurt
Blur Modelers:Jangwoo Choi, Sebastien Chort, Jerome Denjean, Willi Hammes, Alexandre Litchinko, Barrett Meeker, Nathan Reidt, Laurent Pierlot, Seung Youb Shin, Tim Wallace, Dave Wilson
Blur Finishing and Lighting:Jerome Denjean, Willi Hammes, Dan Knight, Tim Wallace, Dave Wilson
Blur Visual Effects:Daniel Perez Ferreira, Kirby Miller
Blur Rigging and Cloth Simulation:Paul Hormis
Blur Animation Technical Director:Jon Jordan
Blur Motion Capture Supervisor:John Bunt
Blur Motion Capture Data Clean Up:Ryan Girard
Motion Capture Actors:Gavin Carlton, Meredith Charles, Steve Gibbons, James Lee Hymes, Vanessa Vander Pluym
Blur Production Coordinator:Debbie Yu
Blur Production Assistant:Amanda Powell
Blur Programming and Systems Administration:Duane Powell, Daemeon Nicolaou, Matt Newell, Barry Robison
Music KMFDM:Mike Reagan
Orchestra Concertmaster:Bruce Dukov
Violins:Richard Altenbach, Darius Campo, Lily Ho Chen, Franklin D'antonio, Joel Derouin, Dave Ewart, Pat Johnson, Phillip Levy, Robin Olson, Claudia Parducci, Katia Popov, Jay Rosen, Haim Shtrum, Mari Tsumura, Josephina Vergara, Eun Mee Ahn, Alan Grunfeld, Razdan Kuyumjian, Olivia Tsui
Violas:Brian Dembow, Carrie Holzman, Roland Kato, Vicky Mixkolczy, Mike Nowak, Simon Oswell, John Scanlon, Harry Shirinian, Shawn Mann, Shanti Randall
Cellos:Steve Erdody, Larry Corbett, Paula Hochhalter, Armen Ksaijikian, Miguel Martinez, Celia Tsan, Vahe Hayrikyan, Tim Landauer
Basses:Ed Meares, Drew Dembowski, Sue Ranney, Ian Walker, Chris Kollgaard, Frances Lu Wiu
Flutes:Susan Greenberg, Geri Rotella
Oboes:Leane Becknell, Barbara Northcutt
Clarinets:Gary Bovyer, Ralph Williams
Bassoons:Rose Corrigan, Dave Riddles
French Horns:Brian O'Connor, John Reynolds, Steve Becknell, Dan Kelley, Rock Todd, Joe Meyer
Trumpets:Malcolm McNab, Jon Lewis, Gary Grant, Marissa Benedict
Trombones:Charlie Loper, Bill Reichenbach, Phil Teele
Tuba:Tommy Johnson
Percussion:Tom Raney, Wade Culbreath
Timpani:Peter Limonick
Harp:Katie Kirkpatrick
Piano:Mike Lang
Electric Guitar:Greg Herzenach
Phone: 310-255-2050 (24 hour voice mail - attended monday through friday 9:00am to 5:00pm pst)
Website: " title="Official Spider-Man 2 website">www.activision.com
Requirements:P3 600, 128M RAM
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Spiderman 2

Summary * History * Company Line * Game Play * Plot * Graphics * Animation * Voice Actors * Music Score * Sound Effects * Utilities * Multi-player Features * Cheats, Hints, and Walkthrough * Journalists * References * Letters



Company Line

Players experience what it is like to be Spider-Man, the world's most celebrated super hero as they are challenged to protect a 3D city teaming with activity in Spider-Man 2. With an exclusive story line and a straight-forward mission stucture for true mouse and keyboard game play, younger payers swing from buildings, sling webs on structures, dive from rooftops to sidewalks, and scall tall heights as they patrol and protect the city from the nefarious Doc Ock among other classic Marvel villains including Mysterio, Rhino and Puma.


  • Live the life of Spider-Man! – Shoot truly realistic webs that attach to buildings and swing from the top of skyscrapers to streets and sidewalks down below for the first time ever on the PC.
  • Amazing PC-exclusive storyline – As Spider-Man, players must protect the city of Manhattan through 19 compelling missions in six distinct environments.
  • More Marvel comic characters than ever before – Battle a plethora of characters in Spider-Man’s legendary Rogue’s Gallery of villains, including Doc Ock, Mysterio, Rhino and Puma.
  • Great for younger Spider-Man fans and casual PC gamers – Follow a straightforward storyline using controls based on a simple point and click swing/combat system.

Game Play


So far the plot is not very open ended. The missions have been very linear through rhino, doc ock and puma. I got stumped on puma so I will keep you informed on the progress.



Voice Actors

It is becoming more of a good thing than a bad thing to have the actual actors from the film participate in the production by lending their voices, acting and writing talents to the production of the game. In this game Toby Maguire (Peter Parker and Spider-Man), Alfred Molina (Dr. Otto Octavius or Doc Ock), Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson), and Bruce Campbell (Narrator or Voiceover PA) all added their exceptional talents to this game. The game has great talent but does not rival the use of professional talent seen in such games as Grand Theft Auto Vice City (see The Computer Show review).

Others who did an exceptional job voicing, acting and scripting include the voice talents of John DiMaggio (Rhino, Security Guard and Thug), Dee Baker (Puma, Mysterio, MysterioBot, Train Conductor, Bank Teller and Scientist), Mindy Sterling (Aunt May, Female Pedestrian, Female Scientist), Charles Klausmeyer (Thug, Security Guard, Pedestrian), Jay Gordon (Thug, Police Officer), Joe Alaskey (Thug), and William Schneider (Thug).

The game is much more professional than many others since they used Casting and Voiceover Directors (Tom Hays, Sergio Bustamante II, Robert Berger, Kelly Byrd, Margaret Tang). Point 360 Woodholly technician Larry Forkner, Sound One STudios of New York, and Oregon Sound Recording from Central Point, OR did the Voice Over Recording, Engineering and Editing.

Music Score

A professional 71-piece orchestra plays most of the music in the game. There is a Spider-Man suite and a Doc Ock suite that you just have to hear.

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features


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