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Preview by Al Giovetti
Genre: adventure
Release: 12/96
Publisher: Inscape
Website: http://pathfinder.com/@@OWH5eAQAqRuNOTGz/inscape/smartpatrol
Requirements: Windows: Windows 3.1 or higher/ WIN 95 compatible, 486DX, 33 MHz, 2X CD-ROM drive (300k/sec), 16 bit sound card, 256 colors (65,000 recommended) @ 640x480, 8MB RAM (16 MB recommended) Macintosh: System 7.1, 68030 33MHz, 2X CD-ROM (300k/sec), 256 colors (Thousands recommended) @ 640x480, 8MB RAM (16 MB recommended) ss01.gif - 26.4 K

History: There once was an alternative rock group founded on the principle that man is devolving from the human intelligent ape to a sub human ape, and loosing all the nobility of the savage beast. This is a sentient creature fallen from grace due to sloth, gluttony, and the other five cardinal sins. This is a man disgraced. But devo comes off a a nerdy high-tech group of the far future, definitely men out of time and not before or after, just out of it.

Plot: Here's the scoop. The future is getting thrashed. It's up to you and the DEVO-lutionary rebel forces of the Smart Patrol to, uh..."Whip it" into shape. Explore a far-flung netherworld seething with mega-corporate villainy, rabid techno-science, come-hither erotic naughtiness and dangerously mutated humor.

Plunge into a surrealistic, Blade-Runner-on-steroids urban wasteland where disease means profits. Lock 'n' load your trusty Spudgun and do your darndest to net the heinous recombo-DNA nightmare known as the Turkey Monkey. Or, fail miserably and watch as the dreaded Osso Bucco Myelitis disease reduces all of humanity to moaning skin-bags of pulsating ooze. Duty now!

Game Features: 12 high-intensity "hours" of action in 8 dazzling Spudland locations. Command your own personal Spudmobile, Spudgun, and Spudfinder.

You pilot and manipulate the Spudmobile, Spudfinder, Spudgun, Tubar Card, and Jelly Donut.

Music score: 2 brand new original DEVO songs, plus lots of old faves! The sound track will be released on Lolapalooza records. ss03.gif - 21.9 K

Puzzles: Solve the mutant mystery of the slime-spewing Turkey Monkey.



Animation: DEVO-lutionary live-action, animation, and special effects.

Voice actors:

Special effects:

Multi-player: The online site is pretty spectacular with many many things to do of a Devo and Smart Patrol nature.

John Patterson, Computer Player, volume 3, number 4, September, 1996, pg. 14.