shado.gif - 12.4 K
Price: $40
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Release: August 1996
Developer: Virtual Image Productions
Producer: Rick Dyer
Publisher: Interplay Productions
Phone: 800-468-3775
Requirements: PC: 486 DX, 66 MHz, SVGA, 8 MB RAM (16 MB RAM recommended), 560 KB free base memory, 2MB free hard disk space, 2X CD-ROM drive, a 16-bit Sound Blaster compatible sound card. shadoc.gif - 8.6 K

History: Rick Dyer, president of Virtual Image Productions based Shadoan on his 20 year old dream to come up with a Tolkien-like fantasy game. Rick Dyer worked on Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, and Time Traveler while working with Don Bluth who was trained personally by one of Walt Disney’s animation directors, one of the original "nine old men", the late, great Wolfgang "Wolly" Reitherman. Shadoan promises to be a feature worthy to continue in the tradition of the masters.

Graphics and Animation: Rick put together a team of 300 animators who hand rendered 70,000 hand-painted animation cells that went into making up the 70 minutes of high-resolution full-motion animation and 60 medieval locations and background paintings used in the product. Capping off the product is 30 original music tracks composed for the game by Disney musicians who worked on the Beauty and The Beast and Pocahontas animated feature films. shadod.gif - 10.3 K

Gameplay: Shadoan designers report that it will feature adjustable difficulty settings, challenging puzzles, and will be different each time it is played. Designed to be enjoyed by all ages, again a Walt Disney personal maxim from the original animated features like Snow White. Characterization and personality is the earmark of a good animated production that will be required to hold our interest for a long time, and Shadoan has a developed a cast of highly engaging characters, including princesses, pirates, hobgoblins, monkeys, trolls, and a group of Vikings.

Hints, Cheats, and Walkthoughs:Shadoan Walkthrough

PC Games, volume 3, number 8, August, 1996, pg. 35.
John-Paul Gionet,, 6.5/10 (60%)
James La Tourette, Games Revolution Review, 82%.
Shadoan Walkthrough
Interview with Rick Dyer