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Screamer 2
by Alfred Giovetti
Price: $20 - $30
Release: out now
Genre: Arcade Race Game
Developer: Milestone
Pubisher: Virgin
Phone: 800-874-4607
Requirements: Pentium, 60 MHz, 8 MB RAM, 50 MB hard disk space, 2X CD ROM, DOS 5.0, SVGA

Company line:Take a ride on the wild side with the rapid-fire sequel to the internationally best-selling game, Screamer.

Howl like a banshee down all-new twisting, turning tracks from icy Scandinavian glacial death traps to treacherous mountain courses and blazing Egyptian desert spinouts.

Realistic car physics mean you feel every inch of road, every ounce of centrigugal force and every bug stupid enough to get in your way.

Don't bother to buckle up. When you're flying behind the wheel of your customized super--fast hight performance car--with a bunch of other networked speed freaks on your tail-whiplash is the least of your worries.

History: Early in 1996 Screamer was released by Virgin. The game sold well so we are back again with the obligatory sequel.

Plot: You race through towns, desert mountains, and other locals. If you race fast enough you win. You champion your team through a bunch of international road courses.

Game play: The game uses a working rear view mirror and tracks have jumps and bumps. You get to race through towns, deserts, and rural areas.

Tracks (circuits): Screamer 2 has six new night and day tracks, including Egypt, England, and Mayan. The road types include muddy, construction, and regular asphalt

Cars you drive: include four new cars.

Difficulty matrix: includes more difficulty settings than Screamer. You can set various factors such as damage on and off. With damage off the cars careen off each other and track walls.

Modes: The split screen mode allows two players to play side by side on the same monitor.

Graphics: show weather effects and more vibrant colors. There is a low resolution, 256-color mode that looks identical to the original Screamer. There game can be played in all for combinations of 64 thousand or 256 colors, and high or low resolution. The graphics in high resolution have a really nice look to them. The paint jobs on the cars and the backgrounds look very good.

Animation: Animation is smooth and logical. There are even things that move in the background giving you something to look at as you race by. Some of the backgrounds are so striking that you will catch yourself staring at them.

Voice actors:

Music score: The techno music score blasts you while you play or can be turned off when desired.

Sound effects:

Utilities: The game is compatible with the Thrustmaster T1 or T2 driving console, with or without the brake and gas pedals and gear shift.


Multi-player: The game can be played under a split screen or serial modem two player mode or with up to four players on a network.

Future plans:

Journalists: Berney complains that the game is too hard to win and therefore has no play balance.

Conclusion: The game is fun and a good buy for yourself and your friends, but it will not win any awards this year.


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