By Al Giovetti
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Publisher: Enteractive
Phone: 800-433-4464
Requirements:Windows or Macintosh

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun


Jean-Michel Cousteau shared his vision of computer gaming and the ocean with us at the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Cousteau wants to make the ocean fun for children of all ages. Like his father, he feels that if you are exposed to the ocean and you see how beautiful it is you will be motivated to protect it from destruction.

All over the world the oceans and reefs are being destroyed by neglect and in many places by uncontrolled predation and wanton destruction. Third world country inhabitants are literally tearing reefs apart to sell the pieces on the open market. Countries like Japan are applying the most sophisticated technology to farming the ocean's wealth into a barren desert. Cousteau hopes that these productions, like the various television specials and series that he has produced with and without his father will help to save the oceans.

The first "game" in this series was Jean-Michel Cousteau's World by Enteractive

Company Line

Your daring undersea mission in the Pacific is cut short by an S.O.S. from a missing scientist. Clues point to the mysterious Sacred Mirror.

Strange events soon lead in all directions through eerie underwater reefs and wrecks, onto exotic tropical islands and into the intrigues of an international cast of characters.

"The Sacred Mirror of Kofun" TM combines ancient legend and underwater adventure with the brain-twisting suspense of a high tech mystery.

Navigate and explore Antares, a fully outfitted research ship. Match wits with fascinating characters like Luciana Cupucci. Pilot your Angle Shark on real underwater dives where clues and danger abound.

Game Play

You have a personal digital assistand and guide called EDWARD. You must interact with EDWARD to progress in the game. EDWARD provides you with complete background for many of the flora and fauna that you will see in the game.

Lucianna Capucci is a beautiful scientist who will also help you with the solution of the puzzle. One of the places you get to visit is the beautiful Truk Lagoon which is littered with the ships and planes sunk there during World War II. The amazing part of Truck beyond the beautiful underwater cinematography of the Cousteau team is the many varied fish, animal, and plant life that have made the husks of the old war planes their new home. It is with eerie reverence that we visit the conversion of machines of death into the genesis of new life as a new artificial reef on the ocean bottom.

You will also meet John Braddy, and archeologist who is mysteriously kidnapped, while exploring the jungles and native cities on the Micronesian islands of the pacific. Puzzles, which are not too difficult, also must be solved to complete the game. Many puzzles involve pushing the correct buttons by clicking on the hot spots in a picture.


Jean-Michel Cousteau asks you to help him locate the Sacred Japanese Mirror of Kofun due to your extensive experience. The mirror is hidden in the Pacific Ocean and you must use various tools to locate it. One of those tools is the advanced exploration ship, the Antares. Another is the deep diving lab, the Poseidon which you need to launch after a pep talk from Jean-Michel. Another nice device is the Angel Shark deep diving submarine which the author calls your own personal jetski.


Over 230 realistic 3-D settings and action are fully rendered 360°explorable surroundings .


The prior video game had rendered surroundings. Mirror has over two hours of real underwater full motion video footage shot by the internationally famous Cousteau team. Most of the footage is beautiful

Voice Actors

One of the most thrilling things about the game is that you get to meet and simulate working with Jean-Michel Cousteu, one of the true heros of the underwater world.

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

This is not a multi-player game.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

I have just arrived onboard the Antares and nothing seems to work. Conehead himself explained the first step. When you first arrive on the bridge, you need to access Edward.

I have signed on with Edward and still nothing seems to be operating. Jean-Michel Cousteau isn't going to let you use the equipment until he's briefed you in person. Once you have signed in, you must speak with Jean-Michel Cousteau.

I just finished listening to Jean-Michel Cousteau and Steve Grant but I don't know how to start my mission. Before continuing on with the game, you should acquaint yourself with the bridge. Move around and search through the various objects and places that are there.

Edward told me my card was ready but I can't find it. Edward is the best guy to ask when you get stuck. You must click on Edward after he tells you your card is ready.

How do I power up the Antares? Edward gave you your "key" now all you have to do is find the ignition... if this were a car it would be next to the ....


Kevin feels that the game quickly "falls prey to a slow interface and far too little actual gaming."


Kevin J. McCann, Computer & Net Player, volume 3, number 10, March, 1997, pg. 83, 60%.

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