ripper.gif - 8.5 K
Price: $60
Genre: Graphic Movie Adventure
Developer: Take 2 Interactive
Screenplay: Dennis Johnson
Producer: Take 2 Interactive
Phone: 800-728-2532
Requirements: -IBM compatible with 486 or higher processor (50 MHz minimum), 2X CD-ROM drive, VGA card with 512 K of memory, VESA compatible or VESA driver installed (PCI VLB recommended), 16 MB free hard drive space, Sound card (Creative Labs, Media Vision, Gravis Ultrasound). Ripper uses the HMI sound drivers, 6.5 MB free extended memory (XMS), Mouse (Microsoft version 8.20a or higher, or compatible)
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Plot: The year is 2040 and a serial killer resembling Jack the Ripper is on the loose. As Jake Quinlan, crime reporter for the Virtual Herald, you need to deal with corrupt police, a group of addicted cyber jocks, free-lance cyber jocks, crazed paranoid inventors and their relatives. Eventually the investigation becomes personal when, his girl friend is put into a coma by the Ripper and threatens to kill her.

Game features: There are a lot of traditional graphic adventure puzzles. Movement is Myst style along tracks in the 3D Studio Ultra-realistic backgrounds. There are objects to find and examine similar to those in the Pandora Directive.

Actors: Jimmie Walker from TVís Good Times plays a whacked out cripple cyber jock and handy man. See more on Jimmie at,+Jimmie. Christopher Walken, from movies like View to a Kill, Deer Hunter, and Pulp Fiction, plays a notorious but effective cop on the take at Karen Allenís pictures are found at, Burgess Meredithís bio can be found at,+Burgess. John Rhys-Davies films and other information is at,+John. Ossie Davis is at,+Ossie.

Music: Blue Oyster Cult dontmove.gif - 16.7 K

Next Generation says the game is confused over whether it is a graphic adventure or a movie and is mediocre in both categories.

CGR says that the game is great and gave it an award.

I liked the game but then what do I know.

Next Generation, volume 2, number 18, June, 1996, pg. 121, 3/5 (60%)., graphics 93%, Sound 89%, music 90%, gameplay 92%, interest 93%, overall 92%
Computer Game Review:, frank snyder 92%, ted chapman 90%, scott gehrs 93%
Blue Oyster Cult:
Farrell Kramer, The Associated Press: