Return Fire II (2) review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre:Strategy War Game
Developer: Baron R. K. Von Wolfsheild
Lead Artist: John Savage
Lead Programmer:William Ware
Producer:Phil Blood
Producer:Prolific Publishing and Silent Software
Publisher: Ripcord Games
Distributor: Panasonic

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Return Fire II (2)


Return Fire first was introduced in 1995 and immediately garnered an enthusiastic following on the PC, PSX and 3DO.

Return Fire II will only be released on the PC. The PSX version will not be made contrary to the early reports to the contrary. Many fans of the original game will be disappointed at the lack of a PSX and 3DO version.

Company Line

Game Play

Similar to the original in that you control one of six vehicles. When one vehicle is destroyed you have a choice from your garage of vehicles to determine what is best. Each vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages against the others. For example a jeep is fast and manueverable but slow on firepower. A tank is slow and difficult to maneuver but the firepower is very substantial.

There are 36 levels to challenge and play against one opponent to 16 either controlled by humans or by the artificial intelligence.

The vehicle control portion of the interface is awkward.




Glide enhanced 3D graphics

Voice Actors

Music Score

Classical music tracks are true music tracks so that you can listen to them on a music CD player. Each vehicle has a signature track.

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

Up to 16 players can play the game at one time over Mplayer, LAN, or internet. All 36 levels are available in both single and multiplayer.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

There is not a lot of need for cheat codes due to the built in cheats that come in the difficulty section. The tilde key (~) opens up programmer mode and has a few easter eggs. Try typing easter!, fubar! or joycam into the tilde screen.


Frank really did not like this game, and must not have liked the original, even though he says he loved the original. Frank feels that the game is an ineffective mix of strategy and the original shoot-em-up game coated "with liquid poop." "Like a shoot-em-up, but with the life sucked out," summarizes Frank.

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