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By Al Giovetti
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Reah: Face the Unknown


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Developed by LK Avalon from Poland, Reah is an arcade adventure which can best be described as a cross between Cryo’s Atlantis and Broderbund’s Myst / Riven. An extremely fast graphics engine (even on humble Pentiums with 4-8 speed CD drives) allows players to swiftly explore the surreal world of Reah, where numerous puzzles have to be solved in order to escape from the alternate reality in which the player is trapped. Although pre-rendered, the game’s engine genuinely gives players a feeling of freedom when they are exploring the world.

The storyline sees the player on a mission to investigate a military base on the planet Reah, where an ancient artefact is being examined by scientists. The researchers have discovered that the artefact is a portal, which allows access to another reality. Arriving at the site, the player is confronted with personnel evacuating the site, alarmed by the message that the transfer portal has become unstable and dangerous. Of course, the inevitable happens and the player gets sucked into the portal, together with the remaining scientists. From then on the player will have to find a way back to his homeworld.

With more than 150 locations, multiple endings(!), high-quality rendered graphics, an atmospheric, eerie soundtrack, non-linear story-line and a near-simultaneous release of CD-rom and DVD version (a DVD version which sees an incredible amount of extra detail), we feel Reah could well be a surprise hit when it comes out in April 1998. If your require further information on Reah, LK Avalon or Project Two, do not hesitate to contact me on the telephone number or email adress below.

Kind regards, Martin de Ronde, PR-manager, Project 2 Interactive, Tel: +31-23-5341559,

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Put your review right here by emailing us the text. From: "Arjan Wijnveen"
Hello, It seems that there are very few people that know the game. I did get some response to my cry for help and it is clear to me that these replies all came from Holland. Well, here we go.

The game is known as Reah, face the unknown. There are 6 cd roms. It is made by Project two Interactive. The adress is and there you will find more information and screenshots.

The game is like Riven and Myst, the sound is BEAUTIFUL and so are the graphics. The puzzles are sometimes confusing but after you solved them you see there always is some logic in it, but that is sometimes difficult to see when you are desperate. If I am correct, this game is made by Polish developers.

Thank you for answering my email, I hope you will be able to enjoy this game in the future. I can't imagine that I will only be available in the Netherlands, because the game is in English and on the back of the box the languages are English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. It seems to me that it MUST be available in other countries. It is a very new game, perhaps one month old.


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