logoray.gif - 18.9 K
by Alfred Giovetti
Price: $49.95
Developer: UbiSoft Entertainment
Publisher: UbiSoft Entertainment, 80 East Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Suite 3-E, Larkspur, CA 94939
Phone: 415-464-4440
Website: www.ubisoft.com
Requirements: 486 DX 33 MHz, Windows 3.1, MS-DOS 5.0, 4 MB RAM, 10 MB hard disk space, 2X CD-ROM drive raymanScreen2Sm.gif - 4.5 K

Rayman is a two dimensional (2D) platform game or a side scroller, which is a well defined game genre, that involves moving up and down and sideways through 70 levels and six landscapes. Rayman can run, walk, jump, change directions, and crawl. Initially, he has no special abilities but after reaching certain key areas in the game, Rayman encounters Betilla the Fairy who gives him special powers.

Raymanís goal is to free the Electoons who have been imprisoned by the evil bosses and their minions. The Electoons are little guys, that like ray man have no neck, arms, or legs, but do have heads, hands, and feet at the end of where their appendages should be, but are not. Err look at the illustrations carefully and you will get the idea. Rayman uses his fists to best his opponents and obsticles.

The audio is great, Rayman speaks short phrases, and the enemy and backgrounds make their own noises. And of course the backgrounds and the characters are highly detailed and have cute personalities that are so essential to any entertainment product with animation. A nice feature is that bosses are not killed and when bested become Raymanís friends and entertain him and the game player. rocky.gif - 4.5 K

If you find the game difficult check the hints and cheats section to get you through the annoying segments where things get very tough.

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