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By Al Giovetti
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Rainbow Six


Company Line

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is a classic Clancy-style story where you lead an elite multinational task force battling international terrorism in highly realistic settings. Game play is organized around a series of missions in which you must plan and execute precise assaults on terrorist installations. As your mission advances, you will uncover a larger and more sinister conspiracy, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. And unlike other games, if you make a mistake, you're gone - because in the real world, one shot counts.

To carry out a mission, the player must assemble a crack team from a pool of skilled specialists and plan the operation using an overhead three-dimensional model of the target area. Once satisfied with their strategy, the player then leads the assault using a first- or third-person (you can toggle between the two) three-dimensional view. The game will be playable by single players with artificial intelligence controlling friendly and enemy troops, or by multiple players across the internet in both collaborative and head-to-head modes.

Each mission consists of two distinct phases: the planning phase and the action phase. In the planning phase, the player receives a briefing and is given all available intelligence regarding the missions. The player then selects appropriate team members, equips them, and plans the mission.

Rainbow Six creates the best of both strategy and action game play. The action play is team oriented - perfect for Internet play. With 20 playable characters and 17 different missions in real world locations, the variety of gameplay is extensive. So carefully select your team and even more carefully, conceive your plan. Because it's time to go save the world. One mission at a time.

Game Play

One of the toughest things to get used to in the game is how the environmental buttons work (see help below). Rather than the space bar in game such as Doom or Quake, Rainbow Six uses the zero button on the keyboard or keypad to activate "environmental switches" such as doors. The button must be held down until the operative picks the lock or takes the time to perform the intended action, or the action will not be completed. I found the use of the "environmental switches" to be awkward. The buttons such as "0" should give game players a positive feel for actually working. If you do not get some kind of a clue (such as a screen message or a glowing or otherwise interactive cursor, a sound effect, etc.) as to what is working and what is not working, the game player will get frustrated. I would have preferred that the cross hairs turned to a hand when manipulating items.


You are a team leader of a counter espionage unit. You are called into rescue hostages that are taken all over the world and to provide world leaders with alternatives to negotiating with terrorists and giving into thier demands. Missions involve retaking embassies, amusement park rides, hydroelectric dams, oil rigs, and recapturing kidnapped employees and dignitaries from terrorist camps.

The team consists of up to 12 individuals divided into up to four teams with many resources at their disposal



Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


The short, 71-page, manual seemed poorly written when compared to the Mech Commander manual's over 183 pages. The Key command summary was on flimsy card paper instead of the sturdy laminated key cards used by companies like Microprose.

Multi-player Features

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Rainbow Six Cheats

The trick with opening doors is that you have to hold the zero key down on the keypad until the door opens, you can't just hit it once and let go. The other thing I found playing the game is that all team members have some capability for picking locks without a lock pick kit, it just takes some longer than others. This is also done by holding down the zero key until the door opens. It will say on the screen "opening door" or "picking lock". You also hold down this key to climb up and down ladders, not letting off of the key until you are completely done climbing or you will fall off :) Anyway, holding it down for whatever amount of time is the key. I hope that helps! Let me know if you get stuck with anything else. I'm only on the second level (I don't play it everyday) but obviously, I have the brains of the game working down the hallway so I can find the answer for you. Good luck! April Jones, Public Relations, Red Storm Entertainment


"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is going to be the game every tactical strategy fan should own," Eric Eckstein, GamePen.com

"I've never seen more realistic environments or more fluid and convincing character animations than those in Rainbow Six," Bill Trotter, PC Gamer.

"It's an awesome, awesome game. My jaw is still hurting from when it hit the floor." Maurice Fitzgerald, Combatsim.com

"Rainbow Six is by far one of the most kick-ass games we'll see released this year! There's no doubt about it, Rainbow Six is the Tom Clancy game we've all been waiting forů" Rod White, PC Multimedia and Entertainment

"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six was definitely one of the more exciting games that I previewed at E3." Mike Ragsdale, Antagonist, Inc.

Best of E3 award-First Person Shooter: CombatSim.com

Best of E3 award-Action Game: The Perfect Game

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Rainbow Six
By Devin Coley

Rainbow Six is a game based on the Tom Clancy's new book with the same title. You are part of a Special Forces group that specializes in anti terrorism. You start out with operatives and reserves in case all of your operatives end up dead, you can also plan out your attack before you go in and actually do the dirty work. To me it is a mixture of strategy and a shooter at the same time, you must be careful though operatives aren't just spare lives they all take an active roll in the combat, but then again that is up to you and your plan. Mission range from saving hostages or defusing bombs all they way to road blocks or chemical weapons and the need for bio suits, missions as delicate as keeping somebody from escaping or bugging telephones and downloading files from a computer to learn information. This title is good for those who like shooter games, but be warned don't play it like one or you will end up quitting before you got to enjoy this great game one hit one kill for you and the enemy. This one will keep you coming back for more action almost every time you look at the icon on your screen.

Rainbow 6
By Roshen Mathew

Let me start off by saying that I have hated "shooter" games, the whole "first person feel" excitement died after I beat "Wolfenstein" as a kid. Doom, Duke, all the same thing with just different weapons and scenery, Rainbow 6 on the other hand has changed my view on "first person". Being a real time strategy kind of guy I wouldn't think this game would offer me anything at all, but it seems that this game has brought the feel of "Command and Conquer" and good old "Wolfenstein" together, with a good plot. The first few times I played it I actually got tense creeping around corners, knowing that only one shot would kill me. Some of the terrorists you face are dressed up like commandos that look like your teammates, and then you hear shooting or the rustling of gear somewhere and then you end up accidentally shooting up your own guys, because you spin around looking for a target making the noise. Even set at the easiest setting the bad guys are "quick draws", a key would be if you have the auto-aim on then just shoot and don't try to aquire the target, because that wastes time. I've anxiously been waiting for C&C 2 to come out, but Rainbow 6 has actually made me not care when it does...


Emil Pagliarulo, Adrenaline Vault Review, 4.5/5.0


  1. From: XzXCrOwXzX@aol.com
    Listen I have beed playing this game for sooo long and i can't find out how to switch guys? I can switch teams but how do i change to a dif guy and how do i climb ladders? please respond asap

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