qin_medium_box.jpg - 4.0 K
by Alfred Giovetti
Price: $40
Publisher: Time Warner Electronic Publishing
Phone: 800-759-0190
Genre: graphic adventure and learning game
Release:August 96
Developer: Learn Technologies Interactive
Website: http://pathfinder.com/twep/products/qin
Requirements: pentium, 60 MHz, Windows 95, 8 MB RAM, Super VGA2X CD ROM drive

At the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, the Time Warner QIN booth was a green attractive place to rest and relax in the midst of chaos. The booth was filled with green foliage and running water stocked with free refreshment. QIN is like that oasis. It is a trip into tranquillity and beauty of a time past and of one of China’s most ruthless emperors. qin_intro_image1.jpg - 3.2 K

Plot: You are an explorer who falls in to the tomb of an ancient Chinese king, Qin Shi Huanghdi. You are blocked from leaving the tomb in the manner that you enter. The tomb is a vast underground city which covers many square miles and five realms. In order to escape for the tomb you must explore the entire tomb, discover its mysteries, and devise a way to get out. Depending on your choices are the multiple endings to the story.

Automapping: Exploration is with a compass to tell direction and a pull down mapping system that keeps track of your position in the tomb

Graphics: Actual Chinese artifacts were photographed to make up the items you will see and examine. All locations and articles are represented in a photo-realistic style, with unique texturing to take the 3D studio shine off of objects.

Puzzles: A vast database of information on ancient Chinese civilization and art is at your disposal to assist in examining artifacts and deciphering clues. Most puzzles are based on examining items and identifying them from the database. Language translations of writings on the wall are clues which lead you to the next discovery. qin_story1.jpg - 4.7 K

Music: Muscial score was recorded on authentic period Chinese instruments creating a full stereo soundscape.

Conclusion: Primarily an exploration game where you examine and explore your beautiful surroundings.

Computer Game Review
Barry Brenesal, PC Games, August, 1996, volume 3, Number 8, pages 68, B, 85%