Pharaoh's Ascent review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
Marketing Manager Edwin Caparaz
Publisher: Ambertec, 4699 Old Ironsides, Suite #280, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 408-987-9630 x205
Requirements:System Requirements Computer: 486/66 or higher IBM Compatible PC. Operating System: Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 Memory: 8 megabytes of RAM for Windows 95; 12 megabytes of RAM for Windows NT 4.0. Disk Space: 22 megabytes for full installation; 12 megabytes for compact installation. Video Card: Local bus (PCI or VESA) graphics card recommended. Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card recommended. Monitor: 1024x768 or 800x600 resolution recommended. CD-ROM: 4x speed or greater recommended.

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Pharaoh's Ascent


Company Line

Life was good. Devoted subjects, adoring followers, every wish granted. That was then, and now your dead. After a lifetime of leisure are you ready to take on the challenge of a God to save your soul? If you are going to ascend to the Kingdom of Osiris you had better be! You'll need to be nimble of mind and body if you are going to come out of this one. The God Set himself has set before you more traps, trials and evil beasties than the most twisted mortal mind could possibly comprehend. Your job is to get past all of them and take your place by the side of Osiris. But this won't be just some puzzle solving mental exercise. Set has seen to it that the catacombs before you are populated with some of the foulest creatures he could concoct. So stay alert and be ready to jump, dodge or run your way past everything from undead relatives of yours to fanged spiders with the agility and speed to suck you dry before the first scream can leave your lips! Aside from your mind and reflexes, you have been given the mystical Staff of Ra, a powerful weapon in your fight for your soul. But can you wield it well enough for it to be of any use? Order Pharaoh's Ascent today and find out if you are up to the challenge! GamePlay

As the recently deceased pharaoh you must escape your pyramid tomb, venturing through the many rooms designed by your architects to entrap unwary intruders into this sacred domain. Little did they know that the traps they created to thwart tomb robbers would stand between you and salvation! But Set could not leave it as simple as that. He used his immortal cunning to twist your tomb into a challenge worthy of a god! After all, what feeble mortal mind could conceive a trap as sinister as one an immortal can create! It is up to you to decide which path to take, choosing which room to enter next. As in life, any rooms adjacent to a completed room can be attempted. While what Set has laid before you is deadly, you are agile and not easily overcome. As pharaoh you are able to push large boulders by hand or nudge them from afar with the Staff of Ra, a gift from Isis. The gameplay is a blend of BoulderDash and BruceLee updated with magnificent graphics and mind boggling levels!


  • 91 mind bending levels as you ascend to the Kingdom of Osiris.
  • Wield your mighty Staff of Ra against the most daunting creations of the God Set!
  • Duck deadly monoliths, evade sinister gas traps, leap expansive canyons, scramble over granite blocks, dodge fatal spears!
  • Stunning 256 color backgrounds that make full use of available screen real estate (up to 1024x768)
  • Supports Microsoft's DirectSound™ technology.
  • Online hints available for the Pharaoh who appears perplexed.

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