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by Al Giovetti
Genre: Sports Game
Release: August 96
Developer: Saffire Corporation
Publisher: Accolade Sports
Phone: 800-245-7744
Website: www.accolade.com

History: Accolade has been known for their sports games, especially baseball products. collagesplash.gif - 48.2 K

Plot: Play during four great legendary eras of football: 1996, 1968, 1950, and 1932. Time travel with teams of different eras to have fantasy match ups. In 1932 there are 20 man rosters which require most players to play both defense and offense, making you risk your best players on a style that is not their best. The football is larger and harder to throw in 1932, making the choice of whether to run or pass different than in other eras.

In 1950, the rules favor the running game, and with goal post placed in front of the end zone, special post patters were used to run defenders into the posts and set up easy touchdowns. In 1968, the game got a little rougher on receivers who could be hit anywhere on the field until the ball is thrown. Big tough players like Dick Butkis ruled the field and paved the way for modern players.

Gameplay: Draft, trade, and manage players through their entire careers, and build the team of your choice.

Licenses include Players Inc., National Football League (NFL)

Stats: Track over 100 different categories in single game or full season play.

Editor: Make and save your own plays and players with the Play Construction and Team Editor. bultplayer.jpg - 5.3 K

Weather effects include snow, sleet, rain, and, of course, sunny days.

Artificial intelligence (AI): Coaching intelligence is adjusted for specific styles and strategies.

Grahics: Three dimensional graphics

Muliplayer: The Gravis Grip Multi-player adapter lets up to xx people play on the same console