By Al Giovetti, 03/16/97
Lead Artist:
Publisher: GameTek
Phone: 800-426-3835
Website: www.gametek.com
Requirements:DOS 5.0 or Windows 95,

Mutant Penguins


The history of Mutant Penguins started when someone dropped an Atomic Bomb on the south pole which contaminated and infected penguin watchers. These self same penguin watchers returned home and developed mutant programming skills and became the midage mutant penguin watching programmers, who then created the mutant penguin program.

This is not the first time mutant penguins have attempted to infiltrate computers, the notorious mutant penguin virus substituted mutant penguin icons for all other icons in your graphic user interface. If this was the only thing most would have welcomed mutant penguin wallpaper and icons, but these self same icons took the GUI litterally and the Windows operating system bogged down to a new low of operating inefficiency.

Company Line

Mutant Penguins, available now for IBM PC/compatibles personal computers. Pit your wits against the vicious penguins who threaten the peaceful tranquillity of your world as they try to activate their Doomscale device the ultimate weapon of destruction. However, you are not alone. Help comes in many guises, from normal penguins who will fight the mutants tooth-and-nail on your behalf, to little worker Gremlins who can be collected and placed in the locks of bountiful treasure chests to collect the treasures within.

Treasures come as a wide variety of bonuses, including weapons, special powers and extra gremlins. Try to thwart the mutant penguins by placing traps, glue sticks or planting dynamite, or even by building your own anti-mutant penguin machines to destroy them once and for all. Pick from two main characters, each with their own unique powers ranging from Electrify, Boomerang, Super-Club, Torch Breath and Samurai. Elevated graphically detailed worlds are suspended above contrasting parallax backgrounds to create a true arcade experience on your personal computer. But, remember, it takes more than brute strength to eradicate the mutant penguins, it also takes cunning and a strategic plan (plus a slightly bizarre sense of humor doesn't hurt!). A wacky mix of frantic action and strategic game play. True arcade presentation for the home PC.

Game Play

There are thirty levles that have weapons and powerups. The game action on the level is timed and you must kill all the penguins within this limit in order to win. You get a choice of two main characters, Bernard and Rodney, each with their own unique powers, ranging from Electrify, Boomerang, Super club, Torch Breath and Samurai. The game requires you to think ahead by laying numerous traps bombs and Anti-Mutant Penguin Machines, while fully engrossed in one-on-one penguin bashing.

There are 30 levels deisned in many different ways with basically top down oblique perspective. You must collect weapons and powerups, and kill the penguins who are bent on conquering the world.


You take the role of guiding the heros, Bernard or Rodney against an invading horde of aliens who are disguised as penguins. The alien penguins then disguise themselves as humans in the plot twist of the century. Ok, I will admit that the plot is not so good.


Teh graphics are a lot worse that many others out there. The use of a one-quarter, instead of full, screen makes leading the penguins even more difficult.


Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


There is a nice tutorial that makes playing the game easier, but does not eliminate the overall tough challenge of the game.

Multi-player Features

There are no multiplayer features.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough


Shane says this one is fun and compares it to Lemmings not Doom.


Shane Mooney, PC GAmes, volume 4, number 4, April, 1997, pg. 69, 78%.

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